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Terrorist Attack Against Florida Homosexual Nightclub is a Total Fake – Complete Fabrication

Could it get more inane than this? What an arch-Zionist, sophomoric, terminally corrupt hoax it is.

It’s the same, standard fake, make no mistake about it. This is tied, though, to a real shooting in Tel Aviv, where a professor who had written two books, Dr. Feige, exposing the settler movement as a failure, was assassinated. This would be the last person a dedicated Palestinian resistance fighter would do: that is to kill in cold blood this professor.

Feige’s conclusion in his books is, essentially, that the Jewish fundamentalist “Greater Israel” project is doomed to fail. This would not set well with rabid extremist Zionists. Like Rabin, he was taken out.

The two are tied together, one real and the other absolutely fake.

In the above photo the two men appear to be holding up a poorly dressed dummy. There are pants, there, but no legs!

That does appear to be a pair of pants with no human inside.

It’s merely a staged hoax. There is nothing to see, here.

The blood is fake, too, as is made clearly evident by the following image:


There is no doubt about it this is mere tempura paint. There are no injuries that could account for the red matter. Moreover, there is no way a person with gunshot woulds would be standing about upright, and there would be a pattern to such wounds: entrance and exit lesions. There are no such lesions on this paid-for fake blood actress. She has no worries, though. It’s water-soluble and washes right off, even those ‘stains’ that were dabbed onto her dress.

The witnesses are arch-phonies, too, which is clearly evident from even the most rudimentary assessment.



No one can find this man’s words plausible. He squints and then flashes his eyes to the right or left to the extreme, then makes all manner of faces, when concocting his tall tales. Moreover, it is no coincidence that he is wearing clothing adorned with an image of the US flag.

It is no surprise that as a last hurrah Obama would leverage his compliant homosexual community. It is one last, supercilious attempt at ‘gun control.’

The damage to the ‘nightclub’ is also fake, fully staged, which is clearly evident from the following image:

It is an obvious fabrication; anyone can see that this is staged, Hollywood-style fabricated damage.
Hoax index: countless trillions to one, in fact, there is no means to assess it, as it is so evidently fake.




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  1. Wow, look at that first comment.

    It’s like the paid trolls in Langley and Tel Aviv are just WAITING for this website to put something out.

    Anyhow, it is pretty obvious to anyone with a brain capable of critical thinking that this is a complete PSY-OPS.

    When I went to bed last night, the dead was listed at 20. Woke up today and it’s now at 50. That mooslim sure was good with his “assault” weapon.

    • The Perverted GAY Food Agenda – GMO’s and Chemicals that Make People Queer

      BPA, and it’s Replacement used in Plastics and thermal paper used in recipt printers

      Soy – GMO and Non GMO, it raises estrogen levels.
      includes eating Animals fed Soy.
      Feminizes Boys
      Girls hit Puberty at younger than normal age.

      Corn Syrup / Processed Sugar and Alcohol Reduce Human Growth Hormones

      Herbicide listed in video below, will post name after video part of post, just in case it is one of those words.

      Solution, Use Glass or Stainless Steel to store/drink out of, Filter/Purify your water to remove (drugs and chemicals in the water supply)
      Eat only Traditional Foods raised without
      GMO, Organic Only.
      Eat Animals that are fed Grass, and their Natural food diet and not given Vaccines, Chemicals and Antibiotics.
      If animals are not raised on Factory Farms the need for Antibiotics is much, much lower because the conditions the animals live in are “natural” much healthier.

      Unsprouted grains, sugar or fructose decrease seven of the 12 most important hormones.

      Alcohol decreases your human growth hormone (HGH), one of your most potent built-in anti-aging hormones. Having just one alcoholic drink per day can decrease your HGH by 75 percent.

      Magnesium supplements improve your sex hormone levels, including your testosterone and HGH.

      High-quality protein from meat and fish, as well as healthy fats such as egg yolk, lard, and butter, will improve progesterone and DHEA secretion, as will an otherwise healthy Paleolithic (read: unprocessed, nutrient-rich organic) diet.

      Progesterone can also be increased by several nutritional supplements, including vitamin A. As a general rule, fat-soluble vitamins will have a beneficial effect on sex hormones.

    • Derogatory terms such as “tin foil hat wearers”, “bunker people”, and “paranoid extremists” have been in use for quite some time, and their purpose is to publicly shame us into not protecting ourselves. By wearing aluminum foil, we can protect ourselves from the mind warping powers of cellular phone signals. By now, it should be no secret that the Illuminati use the powerful radio waves blasted by transmitter towers to disrupt the equilibrium of the masses. Think about the rise in mass shootings since the proliferation of mobile devices. As these toxic radio waves fill the atmosphere, more and more people are going crazy. Between Wifi and 4G, our atmosphere has become one giant toxic field of radiation.

      For the moment, the technology to truly control minds is still developing, but it’s not far away from perfection. The Illuminati is only effective at manipulating the minds of those on the brink of mental instability, exacerbating already dangerous attitudes. Soon, it will evolve into direct mind control where the people will become mindless drones with a single keystroke. For those anticipating a zombie apocalypse, this is how it will happen.

      You can protect yourself and can do it without fear of public ridicule. One trick is to line the inside of a baseball cap with aluminum foil. Those of us here at IW will not emerge in public without our hats. Another method to keep your mind safe is to line as many rooms in your house with aluminum foil. This will keep those dangerous radioactive waves from entering. To further ensure your safety, you should consider eliminating Wifi and using a direct cable for your internet access. Even though wireless isn’t as strong as cellular towers, it can still have a subtle effect.

      All of this may sound like extreme paranoia, and to those who are so immersed in pop culture and mainstream media lies, it is. For people that have adopted the Illuminati’s mega lies as gospel, accepting the truth is near impossible. We wish we could provide you with more credible evidence. Unfortunately, all of the so-called credible sources are controlled by the secret order. Harvard and Yale will not approach this subject candidly but are likely doing secret research for their masters. The FCC, FDA, and CDC won’t do anything more than dismiss us as fear mongerers that should be ignored.


    “Beam Me Up Scotty”has been erased from ALL Star Trek episodes EVER, and all copies.

    See if you can find ANY clip of actual Star Trek scenes on youtube, or anywhere….that contain the phrase “Beam me up, Scotty.”

    It no longer exists. Not on your VHS tapes, not on the internet….NO WHERE.

    What is going on?

  3. KAT DENNINGS IS A REPTILIAN!!! and she lied about being of full Jewish ancestry!

    She said herself, “I’m a billion percent Jewish, I don’t think I have any relatives who aren’t Jewish”


    Her face is literally a copy off of a Jewish woman name Esther Rachel Cohen!!! who was born over 100 years ago who came to north America from Odessa, Ukraine, and that same woman is the REAL great grandmother of Seth Rogen! since Seth Rogen’s parents are not his real parents and Seth Rogen was pretty much adopted since his legal mother was just a surrogate mother for Seth Rogen’s real parents Matthew Cohen and Helen Muskal!

    Esther Rachel looked very similar to Kat Dennings but was noticeably more beautiful than her! had a wider and less long face than Kat Dennings, eyes that were more almond shaped and bigger than Kat Dennings eyes! and even had bright blue eyes and dark brown hair like her!!!

    Esther Rachel looks more Jewish than Kat Dennings though, she has a VERY eastern European Jewish look to her! and I have seen beautiful reptilian royals who looks like Esther Rachel too greater and also lesser degrees who literally copied their faces off of Esther
    Rachel in some cases, and most cases took Esther Rachel’s face and combined it with other beautiful faces, since most royals faces are made up of more than one human face!!!!.

    Kat Dennings ALSO has two others(or more who knows) girls in her face that are in the face a smaller amount, they are Eva Cohen who is Seth Rogen’s sister, and a FEMALE VERSION of Seth Rogen’s brother Daniel Cohen!!! LOL, yes both Eva and female version of Daniel are both very beautiful girls, “too bad” Daniel got to be such a gorgeous guy instead! haha.

    You can see both Eva and Daniel’s eyebrow shape in Kat Dennings face!!! the rest of the face is predominantly Esther Rachel but a longer and narrower face than hers, Eva’s and Daniel’s! and you can see some of Daniel’s nose shape to Kat Dennings nose in some pictures! when Kat Denning’s has an INDENTED NOSE SHAPE!

    Esther Rachel was taller than Kat Dennings, like around 5’8, Kat Dennings is like 5’3-5’4.

    If you ever, EVER see an actually good looking Jewish person who is a reptilian, IT MEANS THEY HAVE SECRET NON JEWISH REPTILIAN ANCESTORS, since “Jewish” reptilians that have no recent non Jewish ancestors are as ugly as ****!

    Like Adam Sandler!

    They have secret non Jewish reptilian ancestors because reptilians are whores who cheat on their spouses quite a bit!

  4. Again as I wrote you in the past month my own father, a Mason, was clearly behind the woman in the Starbuck restaurant that was wearing an 11 on her shirt. (I have never seen a number on anyone’s company shirt but this one.) Lawrence Harmen Senior is a part of the love Bus (Always around the prostitutes because they are targeting them for their sin sacrifices = Masons) in Regina One of 3 Canadian cities that are Killing Natives /Prostitute = Regina/Edmonton/Vancouver —>(13 British bloodlines that are killing Natives and prostitutes in the 3 western Canadian provinces/Cities.) (Those of your own Family will be your worst enemy) He is a Mason and he had said when he came for 3 days that 11/11/11 could be the date. His own Mason brothers Russell and Edward Harmen made him have sex with his own sister. This was the first indication that he was a member of this wicked Crime family that trauma based mind controls their young until they/we are completely controlled. They all sleep with their own Family/Sisters especially (Abraham Married his sister = Not of his father at all it was of his Wives Daughter from another man). The Facts remain the news is controlled and these dates are being pushed at us but the reality is everything looks like it could still be in the testing phase of Project Blue Beam . Even this Asteroid coming at us out of nowhere says they are going to pull this off again in the future. The testing of the Communications Systems was clearly a test that did not function property … says they will do it again and again next year. 2012 Sept 11th looks like the date they have chosen. It will be the 11th Sept 11 in a row. The 3 in lights and the 11 in lights (3X11) adds up to 33 and is a signature of the devils/wannabe Greek Gods/Pharaoh’s Masonic religion. They want to destroy the Temple in Jerusalem while the Zionists want to rule from it. Zionists will loose. it will get destroyed for 70 years = Daniel 9. Masons drink Human Blood like as if it is wine and God warned you will do Good as long as you do not taste Blood. Now they all do Evil continuously = Pedophiles/Human sacrifices etc. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. God chooses one of a family and two in a family but not all.

  5. Now, before you judge me as a bitter, raving nut for what you are about to read, consider
    the fact that all of what I will say is the truth and was written the day I was wrongfully
    terminated from my job at IWB. Remind yourselves that before I encountered your cowardly
    resistance to the truth these past 26 years I was the kindest, gentlest man you could meet.

    What you people need to understand is that you are all sick and have been made sick by your
    mass media. You haven’t cared about any justice for John Lennon since your weak parents let
    Chapman skip a public trial. You know, the govt. decoy they slurped down like a soda. Now
    they’d like all of you to join their farce and pretend everything is fine. Your lives are a
    complete and utter nightmare and shame on the people of America for not being well enough
    to put their foot down and care. What a weak and ungrateful bunch of slobs and brats.
    Well I’m still alive, thanks to all of you, so you can’t be all bad. But you all will have
    to grow up and do much more if this truth is to be outed. Try picketing your worthless news
    stations who specialize in keeping you weak and sick. It sure beats calling me a whacko
    just so you can feel good about your coverup. Stephen King isn’t denying my van’s claims.
    IS HE???!!! No, he’s not. He knows you’re all his silent co-conspirators. He made you evil
    with his fear campaign. Did you all know that he was convicted of sex with a 15 year old in
    Belfast, Maine in 1992. It’s a covered up fact. Your parents are still letting him molest
    you all, even now. My advice to the people of America is don’t piss off the messenger. Your
    future reputation is in my hands. If I get killed the world will know it was all your fault.
    That’s right. All YOUR fault. And, boy will Americans be hated by the rest of the world
    then. If it weren’t for me your apathy would have killed Bruce Springsteen in 1992 when
    King was palling around with, even jamming on stage with, Bruce. That’s right. My radio
    spot on WABC blew that plot up when I let everyone know why King was stalking Springsteen.
    I saved Bruce’s life and he knows it. Hey Bruce, save MY life now. The public is sick
    and apathetic and scared.
    My web address is [email protected]
    Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot

  6. The first report I heard on RT News this morning: The first man they interviewed told what he heard, and he said there were first 4 BANGS, then a pause, and the 3 BANGS. Now piece it together and look at Prophecy; The Rainbow Flag and Revelation 4:3. Are they assuming the ID of the Mighty Angel or what?

    • This means it’s the time that you will be marked and sealed in your mind. This is rooted in the changing of ordinances in American law by the women’s liberation movement in 1848. The NWO ushered in and the world followed it. This is when you must renounce the NWO of 1848 and it does affect the entire world. It’s the mark of the beast coming down upon your heads. All rich and poor, free and bond, etc receive the mark of the beast as it is written in scripture. Discussion threads in other forums are being deleted and there’s a conspiracy to cover up this marking of the beast. Grab this info and run with it before it’s banned and deleted from even this site.

      God bless you people who have an ear to hear.

  7. Articles about shooting in Orlando posted on-line the day before they happened. This has been “corrected” now as I did a Google search for the articles.

    In the comment section, Mark Bartkowski’s take refutes the timezone excuse. Millsmost had this to say, “i thought about that but in in nyc and is in London which would be ahead of us. I am looking right now to see if either of these publications have offices in California.” The heavy article would not have been breaking news. It would have come well after the event.

  8. Interviewee on CNN is actor Luis Burbano.

    • Not my post about Rudolf – the imposter strikes again. Too bad user names can be co-opted here, but it tells me the information is damaging to “them” when there is so much trolling happening. Why troll unless there is good truth?

      • You can’t fool us shill.

      • Shill!

  9. Note how the guy in the interview is wearing a US flag shirt. Reminds me of Carlos Arredondo making a big deal of waving his US flag at the Boston Marathon.

  10. Mmmm this conspiracy has me so wet that scratching my flaps in the morning will be like pulling apart a cold toasted cheese sandwich.

  11. Stop watching tv and play video games, and wack off alot if yur broke i don’t want to here yur mindless jibrish

  12. Numerology proves again that the Orlando GAY Nightclub shooting was another fabricated Zionist / Freemason hoax.

    50 dead, 53 injured in worst mass shooting in US history.

    Reduce 5+0+5+3 = 13

    Alledged killer: Omar Mir Seddique Mateen November 16th 1986

    Reduce the Date: 1+1+1+6+1+9+8+6 = 33

  13. All meds aew agenda 21 u’m on a shot where i cant cum but i’m sort of ok with that becuse im poor i can still enjoy sex but just not cum

  14. Test

    • My AIDS test returned positive.

  15. Good to be back, me and u both, doc…. Anyway, I have no words for this over the edge cretin hoax. Check out another hoax that happened Saturday also in Orlando, Florida, where a gunman, afterwards “killed”, allegedly shot singer Christina Grimmie. These 2 hoaxes are connected and its all so predictable it hurts….

  16. It’s happened to all of us. Some friend we had in elementary school or from an old job is all of a sudden making super weird comments on Facebook, or you’re in a bar and some random is trying to talk to you about fluoride for some reason. It’s not always immediately clear. Like, I realized one day that people saying crazy things were always following it up with “Do your own research!” and then finally discovered that it was sort of a “buzzphrase” for conspiracy theorists.

    So, I thought I’d compile a list of the ways to know that someone in your life is starting to head down to tin foil hat alley.

    1. Says insane thing (probably about chemtrails), and if you dispute, insists that you “Do your own research!”

    This is one of the earliest signs of this type of crazy- and it’s also a major Glenn Beck-ism. I don’t know about you, but when I state a fact, I’m usually able to explain that fact. Especially if it’s something that may be controversial.

    For instance, I do not so much believe that Joan Crawford beat her children. This is a thing that most people believe, because of the movie “Mommie Dearest”– however, when asked to explain, I don’t yell “Do your own research!” at people, I explain that all of the other children (save for Christopher) have refuted Christina’s book, as well as Crawford’s actual personal assistant, and Myrna Loy, and pretty much anyone else who was around during that time. I’m not saying I’m 100% definitely correct on this, but I err on the side of “probably not.”

    Still, I don’t throw out something weird, get mad at people for not immediately taking me at my word, and then yell at them to do their own research. I mean, if they want to, that’s fine, but I’m usually quite able to support my arguments.

    2. Freaking Flouride

    UGH. These people and their fluoride. They love to make up **** about how the government puts fluoride in the water to keep us dumb and rebellion-resistant, like no one has ever seen “Dr. Strangelove” before or something. This is usually what they start with, probably because it sounds slightly more realistic than like, Lizard People.

    It is not, however, true. At all. And yes, I’ve “done my research.” But don’t tell that to these people, especially if they are drunk at a bar, because they will, in fact, start screaming at you about it. Fluoride and the “vaccinations cause autism” thing are like the gateway drugs into tin-foil hat land.

    3. Rejecting the tyranny of paragraph breaks

    I swear to god, this is a thing. Whenever I see a comment that’s just a giant block of text with no breaks in it, I immediately just go “Welp, this one’s gonna be crazy” and I am pretty much always right. I don’t know why this is a thing, it just is.

    4. When a person who you already kinda know isn’t too swift starts trying to pretend that they are some kind of intellectual who is totally going to school you on “how things are in the world.”

    I hate to say this, but it’s true. It’s always the dumb ones. I feel bad, because like, they’re usually just coming across this stuff for the first time and it is totally blowing their minds. Like, I already know that some people think that the Rothschilds control the world and that there are Mason things on the dollar bill and also THE MOON LANDING WAS FAKED or whatever. I’ve known for years, and I’ve already figured out that it’s all bullshit.

    The more you read about history, the more you realize that people are so not getting it together to form a whole “New World Order” anytime soon. While there have been “conspiracy” type things throughout history (MKUltra, Tuskeegee, Project Paperclip, the COINTELPRO that actually existed and not the one people pretend still exists), they have been discovered fairly quickly. Because someone always has a big mouth.

    5. They use the term term Big Pharma (or Big Anything) in all seriousness

    There are about a 1000 problems with the pharmaceutical industry, for sure. However, when your friend is talking about “Big Pharma” they are not usually talking so much about overpriced cancer medication as they are like, vaccines causing autism and things like that. Also, sane people, when discussing the problems with the pharmaceutical industry just do not say things like “Big Pharma” because they like being taken seriously.

    6. “Wake up, Sheeple!”

    Being awake or being asleep is like, tin-foil hat code for being hep to all kinds of nonsense. Which is why on those weird personal ads for Infowars everyone was like “I’ve been awake for 4 months” and things. Sheeple is what they call people who do not go along with them.

    See, usually, these people are kind of “new.” Like, they think that the information they are about to rock you with is A) Nothing you have ever heard before or B) Something you are going to buy wholesale, immediately, because their “evidence” is so vastly compelling. If you do not believe them, you are obviously a sheep of a person.

    7. You lose!

    Um, just some weird thing that they always seem to say when they think they’ve trumped your logic. Because they are that mature.

    8. They say things about ZOG or “Zionist Occupied Government” or “The Rothschilds are controlling the world!” without understanding that that **** is pretty anti-Semitic

    I have actually had to explain, on several occasions that, yes, the term “ZOG” is an anti-Semitic “the Jews are controlling the government!” thing. And also like, a Randy Weaver/ Ruby Ridge thing. I imagine they just hear the term a bunch around the Infowars type sites and think is a real thing? I don’t know. Like I said, not the swiftest bunch of humans.

    At this point, however, it is probably best to start avoiding these people. Not much you can do to help their mental slide. Next step after this is Lizard People, and I’m not sure there’s much hope after that.

  17. Can someone just go there to Orlando and video tape that club zoom in if you have too and post it on youtube to see what it looks like now?

  18. Clearly this is all the government’s doing. No way could one retard perpetrate all these things right. Government is taking over everything, I guess you should all blow your brains out before they get you too. Fucking stupid shits.

  19. Knock knock you dumb *** liberals need to shut the **** up. Guess who the fucking lamp rubbing carpet riders are coming to kill? You the feminist, the heterosexually challenged, gun grabbers, and mamma’s boys. I know you like to act out to get attention because you did not have a daddy or had one that would not beat that ***. Here is the deal. We put up with you and your crybaby **** because we are tolerant. These sandies do not play that ****. I totally think we should start a GoFundMe for you assholes to be shipped to Syria and Libya. Go blow kisses to some Syrian rebels you love so much. Wouldn’t that be quaint. Anyways get with the program or shut the **** up.

    • Not interested in your *** videos jerkwad. You’re just one of the homos who dodged a bullet.

  20. Part 3

  21. Comment found randomly:

    ““Of course it is a false flag with crisis actors: look at the coincidences: no photos, the killer never survives to tell, the killer always shoots on legs (see how false the tourniquets are). The father of the killer is already there to declare to the news. But if this is not enough look at those actors at the press conference dressed as FBI, Police, Nurse and the doctor who made the surgeries oh he is so busy that he stays with his hospital hat there smiling and agreeing with all what the other actor colleagues are saying…
    How convenient:
    -touches gun agenda
    -touches transgender agenda
    -touches muslim (and other religions but the satanic ) agenda”

    • i write a lot about touching because no man would want to touch me. 🙁

    • Yes, good assessment.

    • Thanks, Rudy

      • Although it is unsubstantiated **** I will still accept your accolades. 🙂

  22. Part 4

  23. Sitora Yusufyi = Sitora Farmonova?

    • R u still shopping for a mail order bride Rudy? Plenty of desperate sluts in Romania. I will sell u my fat *** if it will get me into Italy.

  24. Ever since the 1500s my city in the USA has always been the killing fields for one the inner city itself is a 3×2 square mile of a city densely packed into a small area it is very hard for driving the main drag in town has always been a clogged roadway it is so easy to run someone over on the penisula my city was founded in 1522 my ppl where the first on the boat but they came down from the north and moved to the area my ppl originally came into halifax but this aint halifax my branch of familty moved to the usa from canada in the early 1900s into northern in souhern part 3 british bloodlines ruled the city and did the cleansing,i cant say which for fear of my safety.because all of us hear in this town the irish the italians the jews have all been victims of this terror i dk know the history of other british bloodlines in my town but ii was soft as a youngster everybody was poor recently the city was trying to be ripped a new one working class there is no working class anymore but whatever agenda 21 bla bkla bla bla , anyway it was a mill town the earliy settlers where loggers ship builders then in the ealy 1900s there was paper manufacturing most ppl who live on the penisula are tatooed hardcore montsters living on the dole hardcore drugs are rampint everbody is nuts ppl are skinnahs its zombie central usa. i heard an outter stateor talking load at the sandwhich shop the other day boy she must of been asking for it with her self importance.

  25. Being in Florida (home of the Jewish snow birds), I bet the MOSSAD was heavily involved in this one.

  26. My friend died and you think it’s fake. This **** happened. Look at all of the videos. Look at the victims list and see their Facebook. If they killed 49 people they would have their family and friends de to be quiet. One guy had 2011 friends. So you think the us would pay 2011 people to shut up? You guys are crazy.

    • So, then, pray tell, what is the name of this “friend?”

    • ha ha the same old thing! my friend or I know someone who had a friend BS!

      • I am totally alone in my family, church and community as I am looked at like a crazy person with wild beliefs. So called wise men of God who are asleep and look at me and treat me like I am crazy. I am totally confused on what to do now. Is there anyone else out there who is being treated like this and feel hopeless?

  27. i cant say anymore there are ppl trying to save me and ppl trying to kill me iff i get in with my fathers real clik from back in the day the real players there probably gonna atleast slice my arms a little bit for running my mouth so thats this is scary **** now .

  28. This actor shows up in some strange places…
    check out the one minute mark

  29. OK, I’m in the army, the lady with the “fake blood” on her dress, come on now, you don’t think all the people getting shot blood could’ve splattered?or that she maybe tried to help a wounded friend?or the fake damage to the wall, I’m a combat engineer, THATS HOW WE BREACH ****…this is not fake.whoever is dumb enough to come up with all of this nonsense is pathetic..or the unclear dummy wearing pants with no legs. Yea that would be a good point if you could Cleary varify that was true.this is sad.**** whoever poasted this and whoever believes it

  30. its because evrybody is pissed off about facebook

  31. **** a hoe don’t get married they want your $$$$$

  32. please fix the name on there to say fireball whiskey not most aiused europeans on the planet

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