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Texas Rural Church Shooting is a Terminally Corrupt Arch DHS Hoax

Updated, Monday, Nov. 6, 10:00 CST, again, Nov. 8, 10:00 CST

The arch-criminal DHS is at it again, now, with this supercilious, terminally inane rural Texas massacre hoax. Despite this, it is made out as if it really occurred, as if people were actually shot dead inside a church. What kind of funds were exchanged to gain the church’s cooperation? As well, what were the perks given to local law enforcement as well as the DA and sheriff’s office? Surely, significant money was exchanged in order to ensure the cooperation of all local parties.

How can dozens of people be slaughtered without the slightest degree of consequential panic and/or fear?

Make no mistake it is a vile fake, like all the others. Nothing that is claimed bears any resemblance of reality. All the players are paid actors.

Image result for shooting; texas church; 26 dead; images; rural texas

It can be seen that it is all highly casual. No one is in a hurry about anything. No one is in the slightest degree of panic or shock.

Yet, it is said that the shooting was committed, once again, by a man bearing a long-gun, specifically an “AR-556 used in the shooting,” where, already, even the source was known, incredibly, from “an Academy Sports & Outdoors store in San Antonio,” of course, according to anonymous law officials.

Too, he was “ex-military,” a member of the “US Air Force,” said Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek.

It is also stated that he was convicted of assault on his spouse and child, again, according to the Air Force.

What in God’s name is this supposed to represent? How is this evidence of a real, horrific, deadly shooting? Yet, people are fully bamboozled by it, fooled by such staged scenes to the extreme:
Image result for shooting; Baptist church; texas; 26 killed; church shooting; images; gunman;

Even so, it’s always the same, actors galore, fake hugging, phony grief, fabricated heroes, and plenty of government agents; in fact, the area was swarming with them.

Image result for shooting; Baptist church; texas; 26 killed; church shooting; images; gunman;

Then, too, there is the arch-fake hero. At one point it is said that he shot the (faux) gunman or at least wounded him, at another that, perhaps, he didn’t. Can’t the story-line agents make up their minds?

According to

Bystander Johnny Langendorff watched as Devin Kelley traded gunfire with a neighbor who had grabbed his own rifle and engaged the gunman as he tried to flee the scene at First Baptist Church.

“I pulled up to the intersection where the shooting happened and I saw two men exchanging gunfire,” Langendorff said, according to the San Antonio Express-News. “The other gentleman said we needed to pursue (Kelley) because he shot up the church. So that’s what I did. I just acted.”

The pair followed Kelley until he lost control of his vehicle and ran off the road. Authorities were there moments later, according to KSAT.

It is still unclear if Kelley was shot by the armed resident or if it was self-inflicted.

Here is one of the purported dead, the pastor’s daughter. Why is her image so dark, with the background being far more bright? This photo appears to be anomalous.

Image result for shooting; church; texas; 30 killed;

NOTE: These images under review for assessing previously described defects.

Such a supercilious facial expression is commonly seen in digitally altered images, especially those offered in fake mass shootings. The photo is clearly corrupt with anomalies galore. The image has been artificially installed into the background: a poor job at obfuscation, indeed.  Cut lines can be seen about both arms. The light is strong in the background. She could not be this dark if the image was natural.

There are prominent cut lines across her nose. Clearly, the entire image is categorically corrupt, a cut-and-paste PhotoShop hack-job. It can even be seen that the background imagery bleeds into the image, as seen in the forehead and more:

The preacher is a fake dead person. No one knows were he is, but, surely, he is alive and well. His post-Las Vegas hoax words were not an omen but are, rather, proof of a scam and a hoax:

See, above, the psyop-promoting, arch-phony government installed pastor smirk as he says his supercilious words. Sure it is, right: absolutely. The Mossad might use box cutters and take over a jet, but, more likely, these treacherous elements would fabricate it, as they did on 9-11, using it as an Islamophobic lie.

Here is another fake dead person. Once again, the image appears to be contrived:

Image result for shooting; texas church; 26 dead; images; rural texas

Why is there a bizarre-appearing brown patch between her two eyebrows? As well, as noted by a poster there are blocks of PhotoShop blur tool defects under the right and left eyes, demonstrating what appears to be the anomalous nature of this image.

This image represents hard image of a fake and a fraud, with clear cut lines and PhotoShop blur tool block defects abounding.

Regardless, no one was killed or injured. There is no evidence of any injuries or deaths.

Image result for shooter; devin patrick; kelly; images
What purpose do emergency vehicles serve if they are not even used? For instance, what is this ambulance doing just parked there without any emergency lights on?
Image result for images; dead; texas church shooting
How much did congregation members receive to participate in this fraud?
Here is the the supposed shooter’s car. How did it get precisely in that position so far off the road? If there was a shoot-out, why are there not bullet marks?
 Image result for images; dead; texas church shooting

Image result for shooting; Baptist church; texas; 26 killed; church shooting; images; gunman;

The white man did it, the white supremacist. He went out and slaughtered fellow God-loving, church going white people. Could it get more inane than this?



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  1. Some observations:
    A woman who was inteviewed stated that she had been attending the church since she was “knee-high to a duck,” yet her accent is clearly not that of a white Texan. Her accent sounds like of one from Wisconsin or Minnesota.

    The church has its services uploaded on Youtube going back about three years. Compare this lead time to the Sandy Hook event.

    Neither the pastor or his sister speak with a Texas accent. At the end of the service for 10-15-2017, the pastor’s sister says she is from Wisconsin.

    • Interesting

    • Can you post a link to the video from YouTube?

    • hmm…..wonder if the actual town and the actual church even exist or if they’re just another Potemkin-type village a la “NewTown” of Sandy Hook fame…….. [?]

      • It probably existed at some level with very low attendance like under twenty people for a couple year and no attempts to get new members since this PsyOp was long planned! One preacher probably died -maybe a freemason or retired years ago & they put this Spook agent in charge of it! They probably told some members church service was cancelled this paste PsyOp Sunday also! Or they may have had them go to a revival service or some service at a nearby town’s Baptist Church. Anyone they knew would not cooperate they made sure he was not present…even if it meant state troopers stopping their car & holding the up for hours until most of the operation was over– especially the actual shooting time frame & fake evacuation…

    • This is another Fraudulent disinfo post by Gabriel the zionist weirdo troll made by him under my name here as Cowboy…

      Gabriel ziotrash troll fake version of–> Cowboy NOVEMBER 6, 2017 AT 7:39 PM
      One day I’ll shoot up a school. One day.

    • Joseph, interesting you bring up Wisconsin. I found this drill exercise on the FEMA website this morning. Check it out

      I went on to the FEMA website and searched for crisis actors and stumbled ipln this scenario described in the same drill scenario depicted at Sandy Hook.

      House of Worship: One Sunday in 2012, a man with a history of extremist group involvement began a shooting rampage outside a house of worship in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. He then entered the building and continued firing. He ultimately took the lives of six people and injured three others, before killing himself after exchanging gunfire with police officers.

      Here’s a link. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

  2. Another terminal zionist gun grabbing Hoax busted

  3. Did he scream “ALLAH AKBAR”, sorry wrong week……WHTE GUY WEEK!!!
    I am moving to a safe African American neighborhood.

  4. How much did congregation members receive to participate in this fraud?

    Not just them! Their friends and family have to be in on the hoax also… as well as the police, fire, ambulance and other first responders. It’s a pretty small town. Pretty much everyone would have needed to get paid to keep quiet. ( I mean, if those church-folk “supposedly” died, aren’t people going to wonder why they’re still walking around?

    Amazing how none of the hoaxers ever spills the beans. The complexity of these hoaxes is utterly astounding!

    • When you have a trained eye one of the many areas that will stun you is comparing faces in city government such as the mayor, city council and school boards, even in some of the small towns. You have no concept of how deeply we are buried in illusion. The trained eye is the first step for us to crawl up out of this pit of delusion.

    • The whole town is only 370 some people but the church has less than 50 members. & Select Corrupt greedy people were brought in from nearby San Antonio area & from Crisis Actors <- (many Embeded in Air Force especially from Colorado & AZ & CA & NM even) & FBI & NSA & EMS etc & police always have plenty of greedy Corrupt cops- not all are but many are! And of course zionist Jews & higher level freemasons live for this type of deception & lies & $$$$$$!

    • well….the Vegas “narrative” has pretty much collapsed … mainly from contradictory accounts;
      personally, though, i think that the complete lack of mobile ‘phone footage may well have played a part….
      so…this time…they pick an isolated, out-of-the-way rural ‘venue’ where they don’t hafta worry abt stray passers-by with android ‘phones recording it all….
      of possible interest…. seven Vegas shooting “witnesses” die in mysterious circumstances

      • Yes and the cops, DHS, FBI & TX DPS were all there ahead of time KEPT people away who were not in on it!

  5. No blood photos, no shots of the church interior, no shots of bodies, I don’t see a drop of blood, no shots of dead perp,……..why?

    • Ex 19) Yes no blood anywhere! Especially proveably no blood outside in any footage even though 2 local citizens ( Lying Crisis Actors) each engaged in a shootout with him & one shot him before he got away & supposedly wrecked down the road from his shootout injuries!

      And all this Bozo Crisis Actwhores in ADL provided KKK comedy style all white bioweapons/biohazards suits have not a drop of blood or dirt on them! Squeaky clean Hoax PsyOp men in white! Not even any fakey blood on them! This whole moronic, insanely ridiculous & completely mathematically impossible script scream Stinks to hell like rotten fish of Denmark! Evil Buffoon Abe Foxman must be laughing endlessly Satanic delight! Even Harvey harass the goy biatches Swinestein must have gotten some comic relief from this one! Don’t worry he’ll never spend a day in prison they’ll let him fake his death & come back as a bearded long haired, thick glass wearing hot new eccentric homo movie producer/director from Iceland or somewhere!

      • Cowboy, you wretched piece of filthy excrement. You are a putrid stinking pile of ****. Your parents should have aborted you. Or are you actually a living abortion? That’s probably it. Nobody will attend your funeral, loser- because nobody in the world loves you, likes you or cares about you in the least. I will be here, though, while you rot in a morgue, telling the other posters about the hoax of your death and how you are actually still alive and sucking dicks in Tiajuana. The problem with psychopaths, like yourself, is that they’re sometimes immune to insults and common sense. I fear that’s what we’re dealing with here, with you. Your little brain is a Dense plug of petrified faeces. You **** up everything that you touch- most assuredly this website. You single-handedly take all of the webmaster’s hard work and turn this site into your own little pedophilic playground… Who did you inherit your sickness from, shithead? Your whore mother or your transvestite father? Or don’t you even know who your parents are? I know who they are. You wouldn’t want to know the truth about them. Ok, cowboy, stay here… Rub your ***** until it bleeds tempura Moulage while you type your posts and keep this website a piece of **** with your three little friends… Because anywhere you go, anything you touch, turns to ****… I think you know that.. Unless you’re too far gone to realize it. Good night son- don’t stay up too late. You have electroshock therapy in the morning.

        • what are you trying to say ?!?

    • Correct. And that is ample evidence that it is a controlled psyop. But don’t stay in that box. There are holes all over the story but you are a fool if you think those holes exist because the creators of the psyop messed up. You are greatly underestimating the enemy. All those things that shouldn’t be there and all those things that aren’t there but should be are purposely built into the psyop. And there are many fools who endlessly point out those ‘mistakes’ but mostly it is psyop agents making sure we see the holes. Pointing out the holes is an extension of the psyop.

      Once you pull the curtain back that far the next step is figuring out why they want us to see all the holes which make us come to the solid conclusion that it is a psyop. We are dealing with masters of deception.

      And as we pull that curtain back we should soon realize that what the media is presenting was created in a studio the same way they create a movie. And as you know TV and movies can make anything you can imagine seem real and there is no excuse for that not happening with these psyops other than they don’t want it to look real.

  6. Google image this event. Notice how the majority of the pictures don’t let you compare facial features usually by presenting the faces from different angles. However, there are some comparisons that can be made and you can sometimes see the sameness even when presented from different angles. Also, the Google images are much clearer than what is dragged to this forum. And remember pay no attention to the size of the facial feature but look at the shape.

    • Remember, it helps to cover all the face except the feature you are comparing. When you Google image this event be sure to cover everything but the eyes you are comparing. In many cases the sameness will jump out at you. Comparing some of the eyes should convince you that I speak true.

    • Certified Zionist troll.

      • Yep! & It’s just Ziotrash Gabriel in his latest pitiful but slimey new troll tactic of really the same old tactic– he tries create a new character with a disinfo theory to sidetrack & confuse people but he can’t resist attacking me & this site due to extreme anger & hatred of anyone exposing his tribe & their scams & warmongering so he exposes himself before he can trick any new readers & posters with his new disinfo tactic & troll character! LMAO! Gabriel is as ignorant as he is arrogant but persistant as a troll comes! Dumb as a rock maybe but persistant! I’ll just crushing him his into lies into sand! And his dim brain is like a self- refilling box of rocks! LMAO!

        Anyway great post!

        • I have no idea who this Gabriel is. I am new here. And the controllers of this forum know I am not this Gabriel. They try to verbally destroy me to destroy my exposure of the one face playing multiple roles and the fact that the psyop extends to wanting us to see the holes in the story and the holes in the pictures. The magicians are masters of deception and don’t accidentally make those ‘mistakes’. Those holes the story are purposely put into the psyop and then they make sure we see them. You are being had real good. We are living in a media presented world of illusion and delusion. The only way to crawl out of that pit is to take the first step of training your eye to see one face playing multiple roles. Do that and the entire show falls apart. The psyop agents are correct in.pointing out the holes in the psyop and I agree with most of what they are telling us. And you already know that disinfo is presented along with truth to sucker you in. The truth is the holes in the story. But they want you to stay at that level and not see that it is all created in a studio using one face playing multiple roles. They don’t want you to train your eye as I tell you to do. Think about it or better yet don’t believe me or the psyop agents. Train your eye and see for yourself.

          • You can’t fool us you shill.

      • Another Fraudulent & troll disinfo post made under my name here as Cowboy by ziotrash Jew extremist Gabriel the fraudster & lying deranged troll. He is also posting disinfo troll comments on this thread as Chas ring.

  7. EX17) TX Super Shooter Church Massacre PsyOp! They may have photoshopped a different young woman’s eyes & glasses onto this woman’s face & maybe she was wearing glasses too so they tried to overlap most of it and blend in the rest where the glasses’ shapes did not quite match… That would also explain the large eyes since they were trying to match up the glasses’ frames to each other & to the face instead of the just matching the eyes or eyes & glasses to her face! Anyway this way they create an unrecognizable new fake person aka VicSim!

  8. Photoshop blocks all over that blonde girl with glasses image. Whole right side of glasses has giant square as well as her nostril having a peculiar block

    • Correct, now posted updated.

  9. Ex18) TX Super Shooter Greatest Ever Church Massacre PsyOp- This Is fake Shooter Devin Patrick “Machine Gun” Kelley’s 1st Wife Danielle Sheilds aka Kelley who I discovered is also Danielle Brassfield the Granddaughter of a Texas Billionaire from this area named JD Brassfield a Crypto jew zionist!

    See my other posts on THE NYC City Fake Truck on Bikes & a Bus where I show proof fake dead Crisis Actwhore Danielle Kelley, 22 is also Danielle Brassfield, 22!

    Also I prove the media is lying about 2nd wife Crisis Actor of Fake Shooter Kelley named Tessa Loge & she is not the daughter first wife of Therron Loge ((Named Adriana Loge) but is the daughter of his 1st wife Sandra Durling Loge who is also alias as Sandra Martin & Hoax died in 2009 proveably! Also she is a high level NSA & FBI linked spook & she committed fraud & got naturalized as a US citizen from Canada even though I have proof via searches she was born in El Paso Texas!

  10. What’s weird is that I saw those same girls in a videotape on the news station… how are they able to share the same face in moving video?

    Yowee! This is getting wild!

    • Yes, it’s not just still pictures. Pretty much the entirety of tv land and the movies is one face playing multiple roles. The truth is so wild it can only be believed by training the eye to see it.

  11. Ex20) TX Massacre Happy HoaxWhore Hero Langedorff Longhorn Bull Tattooed Neck Cartoon Clown complete screws up his lines even the the reporter tries to correct his lines & feeds him the script he still keeps screwing it up big-time! The ZioHollywood story script is that he and the other guy both had a shootout with the Fake Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley right at the church and then chases him more & more shooting but he never admits to any of the three shooting after he arrives! LOL He does finally say he persued him in his car & when the reporter as did you go really fast he says not really or something & then he says we got up to about 95 miles per hour! LMAO! Then after saying they forced him off the road & held him at gun point…The reporters asked if he was injured seriously or dead he says I don’t know we never got close enough to see him that well! HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU HOLD A SHOOTER GUNPOINT without knowing if he is dead or alive or even injured or bleeding! LOL! Yet another Cartoon character Crisis Actor as dumb as they come! Just wanting to get paid, get drunk & get some new 40in big tires for pickup truck that cost him more than his house!

    • Your looking like a Dr. K ball licker, I pray you state your sovereign position or accept the sack.

  12. Shades of Sandy Hook, and extreme ridiculousness again, that the dead bodies were not removed from the church until the day after.
    This is a very interesting video explaining computer generated faces and what the government is capable of doing to make those photos of the departed when they never existed:

    • Shill. You can’t fool us.

  13. I’m hearing there are going to be a bunch of open casket funerals if anyone wants to join me down there. I’m sure they’ll be dapper cadavers- which will prove the hoax.

    • I expect pictures from you.

  14. Dr. K, you just got added to my **** list! You censor people for having “unapproved” views. All respect lost. Good job, idiot!

  15. I cannot definitely prove anything to you and I do not ask you to believe me (it’s unbelievable until you see it yourself) but I am pointing the way. I have not knowingly given any false info. Do not take my word for it. Prove it to yourself that one face playing multiple roles is standard fare with nearly everything presented by the media including tv land and the movies and don’t forget these never ending psyops. Train your eye by comparing one facial feature at a time from the same angle. It is hard to see at first but starts to open up after an hour our two of practice. Don’t allow any psyop agent to discourage you from this. Why are they so adamant that you don’t train your eye? You know the answer. They don’t want you to see one face playing multiple roles. And also keep in mind this is designed so you don’t see it. But I promise you that with a small amount of effort it will open up. Now if I am a bullshiter what will I gain by asking you to look deeper into what is right in front of your face. How can I be fooling you. You will find the truth. Train your eye then see who is lying to you. You can’t lose anything and at a minimum you will be much better at observation. And if I am telling truth your world view will never be the same.

  16. Don’t pay any attention to either cowboy. I see both as psyop agents and maybe even the same person. The second cowboy is trying to make us believe there is nothing to the conspiracy. Any fool can see that the events are psyops and the stories are ridiculously full of holes. The first cowboy is correct about that. But pay no attention to all their distractions. Keep your eye on the ball. The one face thing is the ball. Follow it and see for yourself. Get distracted and you will forever flop around up and down back and forth until your fking head spins.

  17. This is the first and last time I will visit your site…you cannot even ban a jackass who posts nonsense like this moron cowboy…adios boys! This site stinks and invites psychopaths to post. No matter how good your reporting may be you have discredited yourself!

    • I suspect this is a bs post. Notice how it suggests that the reporting of the forum controllers is good. Then complains that the forum refuses to do bans when the latest thread before this one the Nevada thread was completely wiped out before a ton of posts we’re deleted. This forum might not ban yet but it has no problem deleting entire threads when they are confronted with real truth. This fake *** complaint about not banning is a good indication that some truth killing is about to take place on this thread also. Let’s see how they get rid of the one face truth this time. Do they dare wipe out two entire threads in a row.

  18. Go to the beginning of the thread to the group picture of all those females. There are four faces with a good view. See the girl to your left of the picture. Put some lipstick on her and some eye makeup and pull her hair back and you will see the made-up girl in the middle of the picture. And look at the older women on your right of the picture and compare her to the next one over in the middle with the black shirt. Match.

    • Btw you can find a much clearer picture of those women on Google image.

  19. just wondering if any-one here thinks that the “truthseeker” site (Henry Makow) is dis-info of some sort ?
    i notice that they’re now spruiking the official story on this “incident” @ the Tx church;
    they done the same with Vegas but, then, back-tracked when social media was flooded with ‘conspiracy theories’….. i think that they’re now claiming it (Vegas) was a false flag but may have been an actual hoax…..

    i must commend this site for always “calling it” on these incidents although, to be blunt, they don’t seem to present much initial evidence per se ;

    never-the-less, i suppose that its a matter of ‘drawing-the-inference’ ….
    viz: if several other mass shootings have been hoaxes,then, its pretty reasonable to assume that the next-cab-off-the-rank will be also!

    infowars, of course, seems like total controlled opposition although their ‘narrative’ is usually ‘gutted’ in the comments section… of their articles on the Tx incident got over 3000 posts! … most of which seemed to favour either a false flag or a hoax with, maybe, the former predominating…

  20. Just gotta say to you Cowboy (the one who is impersonating the other one)..stop being a big mean bully and leave him alone. These psyops are truly pathetic and those who participate in them are nothing but a bunch of pitiful beings who are nothing but mind controlled order takers , and the ones behind them are quite simply full of demons, whether they realize it or not. Now if anyone needs to clean up their act, it is you because you can’t stand the fact that this guy on here can see through your sick evil bullshit. Well, I got news for you buddy, he isn’t the only one. So go somewhere and examine exactly what you are doing because it is TRULY PATHETICALLY SICK.

    • Only someone such as yourself would click on a link from an obvious possessed individual. You have a rude awakening bud when you leave this world.

  21. No, you are not a gay truther, you are a pathetic little twit liar who thinks he/she is funny but is truly a lost soul and one day will realize it but then it will be too late for you. Sad but true.

  22. Need some blood fotos. So far all we read are words. We have NO idea what the interior of the church looks like. We also need some fotos of the dead perp. Otherwise I can guarantee you that people will offer theories for the next 50 years.

    Remember that there were no blood fotos of that classroom at Sandy Hook school…..and it was later demolished and turned into dust. Is the church going to be razed?

    • I wanna spill the blood of a hippy.

  23. pffft!

    if you want to confiscate people’s lawfully-acquired property from them, then, you better have some **** good reasons!
    so far we ain’t seen ‘shite’ ;

    oh, yeh!
    ask most AUssies if they’re happy about their only means of self-defence being confiscated, ex post facto on the basis of a BS hoax!
    the controversy over the bogus “Port Arthur massacre” is still @ fever-pitch in AUstralia and getting hotter all the time!

    any major changes in US gun laws is sufficient justification for a CIVIL WAR……..

  24. Who was the Bio-hazard contractor that cleaned up all the blood and guts. I bet there was not one.

    • Not even a detective or forensics unit on-site. Minus-zero.

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