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Texas Rural Church Shooting Was Scripted by US Government – Dead are Fake, Proof

Make no mistake none of the people acclaimed to be dead as a result of a deranged gunman in a rural Texas church are deceased in the least. This is a fake, and no one can demonstrate otherwise.

Look at the position of the supposedly shot-up vehicle. Look, and look, again. It supposedly careened off the road as the driver lost control, whereupon he was shot dead by a good Samaritan. A hero bigger than life followed him, then shot the shooter, whereupon he either died or took his own life. It sounds like a good movie script, and that is precisely what it is.

Where is this dead man, regardless? He was supposedly shot dead by a good Samaritan, although it was also ‘said’ that he killed himself. Even so, what is the purpose of the white sheet or whatever it is on the ground? Why isn’t there any blood to be seen?

Supposedly, the car was lost in control and the car when through the ditch. That is not possible, as there are no marks in that soft ditch.

Yet, because of this treacherous lie the extended family of the fake dead, in this case, the Holcombs, have received some $215,000 in extorted, fraudulent, deceit-based donations.

Here is that arch-fake preacher, Holcomb. Supposedly, he is a ‘good Christian man, devout.’ It’s a lie. This was a mere movie set, fully staged. He never died. Instead, he worked as an arch-government operative for the terminally hideous arch-Zionist controlled DHS. Nothing that he says is real.

He spouted these words a week after the Las Vegas shooting hoax. This is merely a set-up as part of the staging for the upcoming scam, where he knew full well he would become enriched through fraud.

Like Sandy Hook it’s an elaborate fake. All the relatives are fabricating their grief, for instance, this couple, where it was acted out as if they lost purported relatives, as if they were so sad, that is that they had a “long night with the grand-kids and the children they have left.”

Do they look like grieving relatives? No one finds this plausible in the least. Yet, here is the hard proof of scripting and hoaxing, in this case regarding purported local preacher Frank Pomeroy and his wife. The name Pomeroy itself is commonly Sephardic Jewish. What a convoluted web the Zionists weave:

Here, the fake crying can be seen followed by what is obviously no tearing or crying to any degree. This is an arch-fake, make no mistake.

Here can be seen the hard evidence, which is the actually passing to the actress woman, known as Sherri Pomeroy, of the government-issue cell phone, which has the needed script and text for repeating verbatim to the media. It was based to her through deception, covered by the cowboy-style top hat, which can be definitively seen in the video:

Noticed the arch-DHS woman coordinator in the background with the playbook, sunglasses as part of the disguise:

She reacts to the cellphone, obviously so:

Then, she pulls it out from the disguise arena, that is the inside of the cowboy hat:

Then, she begins reading from it, that is the pre-designed and written script, that was passed over to her via the man, right screen:

This is clearly the case. There can be no mistake about it. Absolutely, this is true:

By no means can anyone demonstrate otherwise. It is clear and categorical that this was a set-up and that it is nothing other than an arch-fraud and a scam. All the players involved are in on the hoax and are either paid agents and/or government moles. The key perpetrators of this lie are the criminally minded arch-Zionist elements, the treacherous, lying, thieving agents of the world Zionist government.

Moreover, it can be no coincidence that these criminal Zionist minds selected that rote number, 26 of Sandy Hook fame, for the elaboration of their treachery and lies.

So, therefore, Annabelle Pomeroy is not dead to any degree. Regardless, her daughter is so insignificant that she must read about her by following an arch-Zionist, DHS-installed script?

Annabelle Pomeroy

Annabelle Pomeroy was the daughter of the pastor, who was traveling at the time of the shooting.

“We lost more than Belle yesterday, and the one thing that gives me a sliver of encouragement is the fact that Belle was surrounded by her church family that she loved fiercely, and vice versa,” Sherri Pomeroy said Monday.
“We ate together, we laughed together, we cried together, and we worshipped together. Now most of our church family is gone, our building is probably beyond repair and the few of us that are left behind lost tragically yesterday.”
NOTE: who in the world speaks to the cameras like this before a national audience after losing a loved one? Don’t the people of this world sense the degree of the scam and arch-fraud?
Here is a heavily altered, digitally corrupted image of this individual. Notice that she has clearly been installed into the scene. Notice the heavy use of the PhotoShop blur tool and also the existence of cut lines, notably about the upper lip. It’s obviously digitally altered:

Notice the dot pattern on the nose, a triplicate one, a standard of PhotoShop corruption.  There is, as well, no light on her face compared to the image in the background.

One has light and reflection, and the other has no such reflection. Notice also the cut lines surrounding the black hair’s edge and the addition of black coloration.

It is also said that the actual preacher who died, who really didn’t die at all, was a ‘stand-in’ for actor-preacher Frank Pomeroy:

They also include the stand-in pastor for the Pomeroys, Bryan Holcombe. Witnesses say he was the first victim to be struck by the shooter’s gunfire.

‘Bryan was filling in,’ a witness told ‘He was walking up to the pulpit when he was shot in the back. He was an awesome Christian.

What in the world is an “awesome Christian?” Clearly, this is an attempt to solicit emotional reactions from the American Christian population at-large.




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  1. Ex1) Tehama CA Carjack & School Shooting Hoax Worst Cisis Actor EVER seen! “His not well unfortunately, his dead”.. Insane Script!

    & most bored Crisis Actwhore, Hoax Whore As Well!

    He actually utters that idiotic statement after horrible reporter asks, “How is your roommate?” He says:
    His not well unfortunately, his dead”..

  2. Ex2)Tehama Reserve CA, 77 Coded Remote Rural School & 7 Locations Shootings PsyOp Is Fake Beyond Belief! Peaceful Town of 1500 people 130 mi from Sacramento! & 160 mi from San Francisco!

    This town is so remote & rural it’s might as well be a fake shooting in Montana or Wyoming! Zero chance of this being a real shooting at all!!!

  3. Ex3) Tehama Fake School & 7 Locations Shooting Rampage PsyOp- This Town is in the middle of No where yet FBI & State Police & DHS are there immediately so you know it is 100℅ Fake!

  4. Ex2b) Tehama Assistant Sheriff Hoax SpokesLiar:(after 1:45mark) After shooting 7 people On the “7th Scene” of this Rampage Shooter was killed in a ShootOut with Cops!

    So 7 were shot after 7am in 7 Scenes for a 777 Hoax Code!

    5 dead & 7 shot for 12 aka 66 code & dual 33° code!

  5. E4) DHS Casting Director Uses Rocker Jeff Lynne Look-a-Like / caricature Crisis Actor Kevin Janson Neal as the Fake Shooter in Remote Tehama 7 Locations Fake Shooting!

    We are supposed to believe this was the only picture they could of this silly Crisis Actwhore clown???

  6. E4) DHS Casting Director Uses Rocker Jeff Lynne Look-a-Like / caricature Crisis Actor Kevin Janson Neal as the Fake Shooter in Remote Tehama 7 Scenes/ Locations Fake Shooting!

    Real Jeff Lynne of 1970’s & 80 Superband ELO:

  7. Hey Cowboy, in all seriousness…

    Has a single person other than the handful of nutjobs on this board ever acknowledged your “research and revelations?”

    Anybody? Like academia? The news media? Political organizations? The alt right? Activists from other countries?
    Has your “research” and “revelations” ever been published anywhere other than the comments section of NoDisinfo?

    Have you convinced even one person of anything you’ve claimed? If so, who?

    Are you just talking to yourself, hour after hour, day after day, year after year?

    Can you understand why everybody here thinks you’re a lonely, friendless pathetic loser?
    Do you think that maybe you could benefit from some professional psychological help? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

  8. ExA) Roy Moore Senate Race Cosby-Style TakeDown by Mossad Agent Gloria Alred & her paid Crisis Actwhores! False accuser liar Debbie Wesson is a campaign volunteer for Roy Moore’s Opponent Doug Jones & Joe Biden’s Campaign Interpreter & longterm political operative & ziopuppet trash & scam artist & gold digger!

  9. ExB) Roy Moore Senate Race TakeDown Agent Ziotrash Jewish Liar Leigh Corfman is another operative of Mossad Agent Gloria Alred!

    This despicable lying ziotrash crypto jew woman has a history of making false accusations against innocent men! A real pig like her handler pathological liar & defamer & zioscammer ziotrash Gloria Alred!

    And ofcourse this slimeball Fake republican sleazebag crypto ziotrash puppet Senatwhore Mitch McConnell of Kentucky who repeatedly defamed Ron Paul & Rand Paul is on the side of Gloria Alred’s paid Actwhores! $$$$$$!!!

    Marion Talley @ Shadowboxer50
    6:58 PM – Nov 9, 2017

  10. ExD) The Ziotrash Washington Post & ZioMedia Is Hiding this lying Fraudster’s picture to protect her lies but I found one of this demonic creature at this wedding: “Leigh Corfman” aka Marjorie Leigh Polston on left & Husband actor/ Musician David Polston is far right!

  11. BUSTED!!! Busted!! BUSTED! Scumbag Spook MOSSAD Scumbags!!!!

    ExF) Husband of Roy Moore Senate Race TakeDown Agent Crypto Jew “Leigh Corfman” Husband David Allen Polston is Alias David Allen McMillan of ZioHillywood LA & this zioPig Connected to Unmanned Flight Murder Drones Division of Northrup Grumman!!!

    Same Tall Skinny Piece of Scum ZioPuppet Sh#t!!!

    Photos & Identity search prove it!

    See my ExD) & more posts I make showing Polston as Bluegrass musician & as husband of Fraudster “Leigh Corfman”… And identity search showing David Allen Polston to be David Allen McMillan of Tucson, AZ & CA!

  12. Lying Times of Israel Admits Female Mossad Agents Murder People Yet Ridiculously Says They Draw the Line at not having Sex with Their Targets! Lmao! They sleep with men, even for for years (& multiple targets if need be!) & even marrying them to get secrets & steal their wealthy & destroy their lives, family and reputations! Anything goes!

  13. Ex5) Tehama Remote Rural California Fake 7 Scene/ 7 Location Shooting of 7 People- DHS HSEEP & Crisis Actors Hired & Drill Terminolgy, etc used is discussed here..

    This is middle of Nowhere in remote far Northern California 130 miles from Sacramento & Atleast 160 mi from San Fran, 150 mi Oakland.. 470 mi from LA No shooting rampage happened at a school or any of the locations in this town Rancho Tehama, aka Tehama Reserve in Tahama County! Total Bullsh#t!

    & A San Francisco Newspaper is demanding Gun Confiscation over this hoax!

  14. Ex6) Tehama Remote Rural Gun Confiscation Agenda Fake @$$ Shooting Crisis Actwhore & Reportwhore Both Say: Shooter Was Firing Hundreds of Rounds & Threatening to shoot people Days before the Fake shooting! LMAO! Sure he was & the police did nothing??? Sure!!! BULLSH#T!

    As believeable as Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck having a ShootOut & Mass Shooting in 7 locations in Dodge City yesterday!

  15. Ex7) Tehama, CA HoaxWhore Fake Hero Jessie Sanders Claims He Ran To the Sound of Gunfire! Like Pat Buchanan’s 1996 Campaign Slogan! LMAO! Crisis Actwhore Says he knew all 4 People Shot at this Scene of the PsyOp & That his best friend was shot dead! Also he claims he bravely told the Gunman (who he also knew) to shoot him instead! But the Eeevile goy gunman wasn’t scripted to Kill the hero of this screen Jesse Sanders the idiotic liar who can’t manage to shed a single tear even though he saw 4 shot & his best friend die! How much $$$ & drugs did DHS give this Bozo hoax hero to Lie?? This guy needs some Chuck Norris kicks to the head until he tells the truth! lol!

    This video also contains to more Lying Hoaxwhore Crisis Actors also lying like the ziotrash trained em’ to!

  16. Ex8) Tehama Sheriff Deputies Never Have Any real Crime (Hardly ever atleast) so they have time for responding to busy body 911 calls for non crimes that old cranky control freaks make! So people can be harrassed! So no wonder these Buffoons are happy to take part in a Paid Hoax PsyOp for the criminals in DHS & The ziotrash media!

  17. Ex9) Tehama Aerial Footage Of School Shooting Scene Shows Nothing Happened At All! No Shooting, No one hurt! Nobody Died! No Ambulances! No EMS! No firetrucks! No Private Cars! No Sheriff Deputies even! Just a few of DHS & FBI Cars & Suburbans & FBI & DHS Fraudster Douchebags walking around! Horrible Director of this scene! Hopeless Hoax! As Boring as it is stupid & ridiculous! And just more treason by the ziotrash enemy to get the hated goyim guns! ..So the real Killing- zioJew commie USSR style 1917 of defenseless hated goyim can begin again!

  18. Not fake bro… I live nearby, and the father of a friend of mine was killed in this shooting. This one was very real, dude. Move onto something else.

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