Boston Bombing — 18 May 2013
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Updated with additional photos and commentary, updated, again, May 22, 2013

The Adrianne Haslet-Davis Fraud in Pictures

In the enduring drama of the Boston bombing hoax the identity of the individual known as Adrianne Haslet-Davis is a kind of CIA-like psy-ops creation. Pictures really are worth a thousand words, and, thus, at least initially, rather than quote what are largely lies the pictures surely the photographs alone could e relied upon to demonstrate the truthfulness or lack thereof of Haslet-Davis’ claims.

It is, nevertheless, clear that she was not where she said she was on that day, that is milling around at the Marathon near or at the Forum restaurant. There are no photos of any kind which place her at the scene.

For now, the pictures with brief commentary.

Notice something right away? What is her boyfriend doing secreted away behind that wall? Where is his right leg? News reports have him as having two legs, one of which was severely injured in the incident. It is known that such injuries are a lie, thus is even the existence of his severely injured leg a fabrication? There are other pictures, which show him having a wounded leg in the hospital bed. Because of the Photoshopping now detected in this case, all photos will be analyzed and others will be posted, shortly. Even so, the image of the person behind is not sufficiently clear to know who he is:


There is no evidence of a leg of any kind in this view. He is using a walker–and it is not because of any injuries sustained at the smoke bombing site. Is this man also an amputee actor? (It is not being ruled out that his leg is off-screen and that he has two legs; however, the combination from the lack of its presence plus the walker indicates that the possibility that he simply doesn’t have a right leg). Plus, the pant leg appears to be flat. Regardless, he appears to be attempting a disguise. Did he want to watch Haslet-Davis in action so badly that he slipped up, accidentally exposing himself? Is he nothing more than yet another amputee or double amputee actor?

Here is the picture in the same room (note the flowers in the back in both scenes) of both of them in hospital beds, three apparent unamputated legs showing clearly:

He’s wearing a similar blue shirt, but the shorts are not visible. Who are the four men in the red shirts? Their res

See any shrapnel wounds? Moreover, what is that patch of red on that ‘leg’. And what about the three lines? Brush strokes? What happened to his shorts? What’s the purpose of the diaper dressing? Nothing is even remotely oozing? This is a phony. He has no such injuries, as described by the Zionist-controlled media. There is no such radial line in human anatomy. Could these legs be merely silicon/Teflon sleeves? With that demarcation and the alteration of color from the stumps these appear to be silicon/Teflon sleeves; in other words, he is likely an amputee. It all just seems so bizarre. At a minimum it can be said that the gore is fake:

That’s paint, not a wound: a perfectly square bloody lesion? Blood but no oozing? No lacerations, indentations, cut/opened skin; it’s a make up act. Clearly the other three dark-colored regions are brush strokes. Someone came in with the moulage kit before the camera shoot. Yet, what is that line that can be seen radiating around the upper thigh?

Here is a another photo showing what appears to be a real left leg:


Too lovey-dovey for a pair of bomb-blast victims? Moreover, why only show one of his legs? The suspect one, the one missing in the photo where he is disguised in the other room, is off-image.

Here is a shot of the feet, for reference:


This, too, is fake: there are no injuries which would justify the placement of such feet in such splints.

Screenshots from the AP interview

hasletfakery hasletfakery2

Coming up with the story line. Trying to collect her thoughts?
hasletfakery5 hasletfakery8

Awfully happy for a person who just go her legs blown off. The purpose: to create that heroic status to solicit emotionally charged reactions, even the solicitation of money.
hasletfakery9 hasletfakery99
hasletfakery0 hasletfakeryarm
Telling the story about the smoke bomb, even though she wasn’t there to experience it.
hasletbutsad hasletfake5
It is all an act. Perhaps she wants to be an amputee dancer perhaps not. Regardless, how much was she paid to participate in this scam?

The photos ARE used as evidence, because they are being used precisely as a kind of tactic, a false tool, to create the guise for and appearance of a mass killing and injury event based on random ‘Islamic’ terror. Thus, Rothschild-controlled AP news never misses an opportunity to drive its scam home. While the camera-men and interviewers are there, she just happens to need to get up to go to the restroom.
hasletwalker hasletfakery6
Standard hospital procedure to use a bed with fresh linen as a staging area for purses, camera bags, and more? Is the hospital merely a staging center? Was money exchanged there as well?

They even film her inside the restroom.

haslet fakery5

Pictures are shown of her as a dancer, the attempt being to demonstrate the existence of two legs before the event, to justify the claim of the bombing as real and destructive:


Incredible as it may seem, all the dance pictures are fabrications. It’s merely make-believe, with all the figures being brought into the image. The dancer story was perpetrated to solicit emotional reactions from emotion, as a means of control and corruption. The man in the above photo is in a most odd position for a dancer, about to tip over? Sharp line noted on his neck, back, and highly sharp line on the back of his legs. Curvy cut-and-paste possible on the front of his pant leg. Haslet-Davis has an anatomical distortion on her wrist; blurred cut line appears to be visible above the distortion. Haslet-Davis’ left arm is exceedingly straight. Head and black strap show cut lines, the cut line on the head actually being under the chin going toward the black strap. Shadowing is abnormal for the face and neck, which ends at the diagonal cut line. Haslet-Davis face has poorer resolution, though she would seem to be the subject of the photo, than the instructor.

What appears to be a bracelet on the wrist may well be a glaringly inadequately disguised cut line; use of paint tool clearly noticeable on the front of the wrist as an attempt to disguise the artifice.

Sharp edges noted on the shirt of the dancer in white behind her. Dark, hard edges around he arm of the man behind her; sharp edge of Haslet-Davis top near the neck line; head cut in and pasted. Sloppy use of the cut tool evident on Haslet-Davis’ black gown, left edge of gown, right screen. Notice, here, the hard, straight edge of the dress gown along the neck. Notice, too, the color defect against the wall near her left ear. Cut lines are also evident following the top edge of her left arm going up.


Cut lines virtually everywhere. Notice another important finding: a white wedge of white matter starting mid-left side of her chest line, then cutting down, another glaring cut-and=past defect, as is the hard, black edge along the man’s hand, front of screen. Note, too, the poor job at color correcting the defects of the woman’s peach-colored dressed along the white sleeve. This is not a natural picture and is clearly a fabrication:

The gross anatomical distortion between the two legs is clearly evident. The legs were simply cut-and-pasted into the frame; all of them have the cut line borders. Once again, without doubt, Haslet-Davis, along with all others, have been brought into these frames. She was not a dance student at this institution. A pseudo reality has been created for her as a disguise. Cut-and-past lines are found throughout, as well as the use of the blur and paint tools. The shadows are painted in. Hard lines along the legs prove cut-and-past, as do the angular anomalies and bizarre anatomical impossibilities. Note in particular the angular cut-out to the left of her right leg:


There are also sloppy cut defects all along the left leg (right leg on screen), which re clearly and glaringly evident. It is as if they cloned her existing leg and modified it into a left-appearing one; note the curved cut line where tissue is removed from the photo on the inside lower left leg.

Grossly obvious cut-line clearly evident in the middle of the left thigh with bizarre circular defects on either side; use of the blur tool clearly evident. False painting of shadows. Cut line on the lower left screen. Cut lines along the inner thighs. Blurring through Photoshop along the leg edges; impossible anatomical distortion on the background leg; leg is bent in the middle of the tibia or lower. In fact, all the people in this image were put in artificially. Regardless, the distortion in the anatomy alone of these lowers, especially the glaringly obvious one of the woman with the strap shoes and Haslet-Davis around the knee–especially the cut defect surrounding her inner left knee–is categorical proof of gross and malicious fraud. Let anyone attempt to prove it wrong.


This picture, too, from Facebook is a fabrication. The left leg was likely cloned from the right and inserted into the frame. Note the great difference in coloration and light on the two legs, along with the hard black line adjacent to the left shoe.

Note: we are working on getting the photo to set. See comments for link.

Blatant fraud?
Additionally, there is the anomaly of her right hand, noticed by a poster:


The above is an in the face corruption by the Zionist criminal regime, which surely fits the modus seen in the Sandy Hook hoax; with this devil’s horn sign on Haslet-Davis, the middle two fingers are not in view. In fact, they are simply not there. Not the cut line, a kind of wedge, still visible on the distal index finger. Also look closely on the right side of the dress in this image. There is a circular cut-line going from the dress on up. In the process a defect of black was created that is drawn out from her dress at about a 50-degree angle from the plane. Follow that black, triangular defect and the cut-line becomes clearly evident, as does the smudging defects between the line and the dress.

Note: photo no longer available.

Therefore, the identity of Haslet-Davis is an espionage creation and has no relevance to reality. It is, rather, a false reality created for public manipulation and influence, just like falsehood of her purported injury at the Boston Marathon Bombing hoax, an injury which never occurred.


It seems incredible but even the certified photo shows her in the suspect frame, same Masonic hand sign. Plus, as noted by posters look at the stance in the image: all the dancers are in motion, legs crossed or bent in a partial squat. Not so with Haslet-Davis. Both legs are like poles, no flexion of any type.


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  1. BlueDevilGirl,
    Yeah, there sure are a lot of amputee actors who pretended to be injured in a comfirmed drill. That alone supports these people are crazy to pull this off, but the deceit also makes them criminals.

  2. F#$k you all! As her Husband (the so called boyfriend above), I feel sad that you are all so low in life to spread such drastic and libelous information. Both Adrianne and I went through a lot that day along with over everyone else watching mad running that day. I invite you all to call and/or email. None of you can talk about the experience without firsthand d knowledge.

    Adam Davis
    [email protected]

    • This paid shill can’t even write a coherent sentence. To quote you: “Both Adrianne and I went through a lot that day along with over everyone else watching mad running that day.”

      Say what??? You two had a difficult time watching mad people running a marathon?

    • Adam Davis’ phone number is California number. These are the search results for Adam Davis in California. I don’t see any military service for any of these people. I do see an Adrianna Davis (not Adrianne). We have found that many of these people participating in these frauds have aliases wherein they change their name by a letter or two. So which one of these guys is you Adam?

    • Is that first entry you, Adam? I see there is no age listed and that one has lived in S. Walpole, MA. That person also attended:

      Brent Street School of Performing Arts and Newtown Performing Arts High School.

      We found a whole list of people involved in the Boston bombing that were registered with performing arts agencies, so this would not be surprising.

    • Now let’s keep those tight bright leggings wardrobe changes coming. No swelling, no pain pulling them on and off for a new pair in each interview. She’s thinks she’s quite the hottie doesn’t she? Despicable liars.

  3. “Adam”,
    You are a liar, just like your imaginary wife. Your imaginary name is also telling. At least you were able to provide a CA number – but hey, wait, doesn’t the liar Adrianne live in Boston? Probably her boyfriend lives there too.

    If Adrianne was injured on that day in question, she would be one of few people to have been injured from a FEMA/DHS drill in which pyrotechnic explosions went off. Also, because the fake bombs only “blew off” her left leg, she must have been standing by the “left leg bomb” because her right leg was completely unaffected. Please stop lying, dude. You must not realize how dumb you come across to the entire world.

  4. You are insane if you believe this is a hoax. I have known Adrianne for 10+ years, and what happened to her is very real. Your “theory” is SICK and disgusting.

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