Boston Bombing — 29 April 2013
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The CNN Fake Massacre Photos – DHS Mole Detected

Note: new finding, DHS mole detected at fake Boston bombing site by embossed emblem on shirt.

Here are the CNN Fake Massacre Photos for your reivew. They are highly revealing in a number of ways. Commentary will follow as soon as possible.


Editor’s note: More commentary later, as these photos will be analyzed. Your comments and links will be appreciated.


Evidence of DHS control and involvement, per psyops news (CNN):

Rep. Bill Keating of Massachusetts, meanwhile, said two more were found.

One unexploded device was found at a hotel on Boylston Street near the bomb site and another unexploded device was found at an undisclosed location, Keating, a Democrat and member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said. He called the bombing a “sophisticated, coordinated, planned attack.”

Note: the whole article is filled with lies, and many of the key scoundrels behind this act are revealed by-name, including numerous Zionist moles. Here are the photos provided:

A victim of the first explosion is helped on the sidewalk of Boylston Street.

Note that there is what appears to be blood on this individual but no evidence of lacerations.

An injured person is taken away from the scene in a wheelchair.

Victims lie on the ground at the scene of the first explosion.

More blood but no obvious wounds. Woman in the red and black outfit holds same position for many minutes. Has filth or other matter on her legs, holes in her shirt, but no bleeding wounds.

A man's blood-stained feet hang outside an ambulance.

The CNN caption for this was “blood-stained feet.” That they seemed to have gotten partially right; there are merely stains, no wounds, but there is no evidence that this is blood.

A bystander who was injured in the first explosion is wheeled across the finish line while receiving medical attention from rescue workers.

Woman with what appears to be a knee injury, again, no obvious bleeding. One of the few people who was actually rendered recumbent.
Victims are helped at the scene of the first explosion.

Looks horrible but up-close inspect will reveal the fakery.

Passersby put pressure on a victim's leg to try to stop the bleeding at the scene of the first explosion.

A man lays on the ground after the incident.

This man is a fake victim. DHS (taxpayer)-supplied water bottle in-hand. Careful analysis of this from various vantage points will prove it. They are applying a fake tourniquet with a scarf. Where are the real emergency care workers? Marathons contain legions of them.

Two injured women are taken away on stretchers.

Two fake victims in a row.

An injured woman is loaded into an ambulance.

Zoom in closely to this. What do you see?


It’s as expected a DHS mole. Note the blue badge; different colors, different roles. The whole operation was run, incredibly, by the so-called federal goverment, paid for by American taxpayers. Here is the code which identifies these moles, useful, especially if all that is visible is the color of the badges:


An area infested with various Zionist operatives masquerading as DHS agents and play actors, all working for the same Great Satan:

First responders load injured people into an ambulance.

More moles and operatives, as well as fake injured.
An injured man is prepared to be moved from a stretcher to an ambulance.

Acclaimed by CNN as an active runner in the Marathon, this cannot be. No runners were injured with bloody injuries. This is a total fake.
A runner in a wheelchair is taken from a triage tent after the explosions went off.

More fakery. Notice the flag bag for effect.

Emergency personnel respond to the scene.

See something? CNN blocked out the face of one of the individuals with a Red triangle is merely a flag (correction).
Police and emergency crews tend to victims.

This woman is also an actor: fake injury, once again.

An injured woman is carried away on a stretcher.

Fake smoke and dust bomb. Jungle Surfer was first to discover another crucial finding: the area of the smoke-dust is empty. It must have been corydoned off from the beginning. After all, as can be seen by the downed runner, this is the area of the initial bomb. Where are the people?

Officials watch as the first explosion goes off on Boylston Street in Boston.

Officials watch as the first explosion goes off on Boylston Street in Boston.

Post-Hollywood skit scene before the street cleaners got to it.

Police inspect one of the blast sites.

Another DHS agent representing a bit of fake pain before the cameras:

An injured man is loaded into an ambulance after two bombs went off near the finish line of the fabled Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15. For the latest details, <a href=''>read CNN's developing news story</a>.



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  1. Let them who have eyes, SEE!

  2. Good stuff, however I think the “red triangle” is a flag attatched to the wheelchair!

    • OK, could be. Will adjust. Thanks.

  3. In the 2nd (and repeated in the last) pic, I love how the guy continues to hold onto his DHS-provided bottle of water ala Sandy Hoax.

  4. The make up artists made a terrible job, I demand that the US government gets its money back…

    I just love how they overdid the cutting of all the pants but forgot to add lacerations to the skin. It is actually hilarious.

    You know what you guys should do? You should send these pictures to all EMT-stations you can think of and ask these real professionals for their opinion. You don’t even have to say where the pictures are taken, most of them probably never payed much attention to them when they were published. Add some questions about double explosive amputations that stay wide awake with rosy red lips, sitting up in a wheelchair for 3½ minute or more without professional medical care.


    By the way, they should start one for Sandy Hook as well.

  5. In the 5th picture from the top with the woman in red and black that seems to be in at least half of all the photos taken that day…I would really like to know who her hairdresser is. Her hair looks like she just styled it in all of the pictures. Hard to believe she just survived a bomb blast!

  6. The blue ID badges were for ‘Controllers’.

  7. Two pics above the “flag bag” photo, I count 2 ear-pieces. Why would either of these men be pre-equiped with ear-pieces at this event?

    • They wouldn’t be, unless it was an operation and they are operatives.

  8. It looks like Jews frightened James Tracy. If you are for the truth you cannot afford to be frightened of these people.

    This is how they manage to keep people divided. People have to not allow that. Unless you are willing to stand up to the real criminals you cannot do justice to the real truth.

  9. Sorry for the off topic post, but I have updated my photo essay on Krystle Campbell, it demonstrates, among other anomalies, that the EMT who is photographed taking her pulse spends less than 48 seconds with her and then walks away as soon as the photos are taken.

    • I have worked with trauma and seen hundreds of unconscious or dead people. I know what it looks like. None of the more seriously injured “victims” in Boston show any of the typical facial signs of chock, blood loss, etc, you would see. Red lips, nice color of the cheeks and so on. And look at the expression in the eyes on both Krystle and the black woman lying on a stretcher… They look like children pretending to be dead.

      But it is not easy faking autonomous reactions like periferial vasoconstriction, especially when you are in a situation where your blood pressure is high on the premiere day of the show.

      • No truer words could be said. Would love to put your post in the thread. Please approve. Also, have a look at that arch-liar Heather Abbot, a smile as wide as horizon. Seems to relish heaping her lies upon the American people. All the so-called amputees are fraudsters.

        • Thank you. No problem, approved. On one condition – that Nodisinfo goes on Youtube. Your research deserves more attention. Especially that on Sandy Hook.

  10. Want to tie Boston Marathon to Sandy Hook? Here it is:

  11. And what about this – the hooded guy with the sunglasses, who put on “Bauman’s” prothesis, has now with girlfriend set up a fund raising page:

    Listen to this crap:
    “Their legs were shredded by the blasts and Christian’s right hand was also partially “degloved”, meaning he has no skin left on his last three fingers”.

    Really? The EMTs messed up somehow and did that to you? Because your hands and legs look perfectly fine the first minutes after the explosion..

  12. And at his prison planet tv show, Alex Jones just emphatically said that he thinks that our government is allowing Muslims that it has helped fund to be radical, into the USA so that they could do the bombings that they have done. I kid you not; he so reported, with no ifs ands or buts.

  13. Oh, and so to be absolutely clear, I am writing that AJ was referring to Muslims as the “they” bombers he was accusing. Jones needs to be called out, as the scoundrel, to put it mildly, he is.

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