Other Hoaxes Santa Monica Hoax — 13 June 2013
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Body at Santa Monice College.  Photo courtesy KCRW
The Fake Corpse of Santa Monica

There was no real corpse outside the Santa Monica College library, June 6, 2013, only this fake. “The coroner was too busy with the other murders. We had to leave him out there,” presumably for the buzzards to arrive. There is simply nothing there to see: no bullet hole, no gore, no blood: nothing, only make-believe.

Moreover, it is not an actor. Nor is a dead person. It is either foam or rubber: purely inanimate. Notice the casual nature of the policeman and the other individual. Why should they act differently? It is merely a dummy. Notice, too, how for public consumption and camera shoots the dummy was positioned right before the college sign.



Who in the universe would find this believable: the man who just murdered five people and pumped 70 bullets into a college libary is merely laid out to dry, rather, drug from the library, where he was previously shot dead by police pumping multiple bullets into him: now, he is drug out and dumped on the sidewalk. No trail of blood, no drag marks no entrance holes, no blood on the dummy (it was probably a rental; they didn’t want to desecrate it).


Does that look like a human? Where is the head? What about the arms: an armless, headless corpse, how macabre.smhhh
In no way is this human. Notice the boxy nature of the crotch and also the entire pelvis. It’s synthetic, foam, silcone, and more.

Clearly, this is a dummy; notice the lack of form of the legs, how they lay completely flat; in the view, below, the tubular nature of the fake legs can be seen; that photo proves that it is a non-human entity.


Party time? How much did the Department get for perpetrating this scam?


The big end of the foot, pointing up, is now explained:

All sorts of options available:

Detachable limbs and head. They could surely make the body appear real by putting on the black gear; the head, though, couldn’t be fake. Did they use a headless dummy?

A more realistic form, from Law & Order:

Caption: A very detailed corpse from Law Order Criminal Intent (NBCUniversal, 2001-2011). The body is foam rubber with multiple cuts on the upper torso and neck. The body has a goatee, plastic eyes and fingernails along with blood-soaked sweatpants and tank top. The body comes with a vinyl body bag.

They can fake anything, like the red Ford Explorer crashing into the brick wall, though the bricks were surely removed in advance, the car merely dumped off there, right there, from a junkyard:

One of the biggest fakes of all, the claim of the execution of a recycle woman. What’s the purpose of the black shoes strewn about?


A fake massacre requires fake guns, though no one saw any man walking around campus carrying any such gear, or even toting it in a back, that is except a few actor-liars:


Did the fake shooter line it all up for public consumption, just like this? Or, was it the Mossad? Did anyone out there capture the Mossad moles doing this on cell phone camera – in fact, any such footage of the shooting is conspicuously absent.

Arsenal: Police displayed ammunition believed dropped by John Zawahri at Santa Monica College during his mass shooting spree
Oh, at first it was in a bag, and then the Mossad operative straightened it out in a clear format so the world could see how devious are those “Lebanese” Arabs – how, as states fraudster Debra Fine, “ferocious” they are in their eyes and actions.

Santa Monica, then, is a wicked Zionist scam, orchestrated at the highest levels, including arch-Zionist perpetrated the Getty cabal, the AP (Rothschild) cabal -including virtually all known newspapers, TV networks, and radio networks in tis country, all telling filthy lies and doing so repeteadly. It’s a dummy, a mere creation of prop-meisters, not a real body and certainly not a corpse.



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  1. Im a lifetime NRA member and smc resident and you all are crazy! I saw this jack holes actions firsthand! I entertain conspiracy theories, but this shows you’re all whacked! BTW, heather, any school that offers a student search tool will get sued up the ying as that is a MAJOR violation of FERPA regulations (Google it). It deals with privacy…FERPA should be appreciated. Damn, please spend your time writing letters supporting our 2nd amendment rights versus this bogusness… Wait, on second thought…please don’t speak for me. The above “reporting” and this psycho’s actions are what hurts our cause to begin with….

    • I don’t think the body looks real. In fact, no one I show it to does. To add to that, everyone I show the marathon pictures think it fake too.. The possibilities of our corrupt gov’t to do this sort of fakery for our second amendment is entirely possible, and there are a lot of independent thinkers that agree.

    • Oh, and I would “Start Page it”, as Google is taking part in eavesdropping on the citizens.

    • Really? You say you saw things firsthand? You mean you saw smoke from a fire? Or possible a road shut off? Maybe some commotion?

      By the way, how does one join the NRA “for life”? How much does it cost. Did you at any time after joining (presumably a long time ago) decide you didn’t like the Second Amendment?

      You say you live in Santa Monica. Did you see Whitey Bulger? Did you decide that gun-owners were like him? As you know, that mobster with his personal arsenal would ignore all gun laws, as he ignored every other law. Banning guns would only strengthen people like him because, as with Prohibition and liquor, the mobsters would flourish in the underground gun trade.

      To me, the corpse always had big problems with it. I am sure you never got within miles of it.

      I did have a job once which involved visual analysis of data, and also learned about the same kind of thing in geology class with a famous guy who has a mountain named for him on Mars. I don’t claim to have perfect visual acuity, but I think I can tell if something looks off. None of the pictures of “John Zawahri’s” body looks like a corpse to me. I am torn between seeing a fat policeman posed and playing dead, and a dummy. Guess it is a dummy in policeman’s clothing, easy enough to obtain. There is no view of the head and no sign of blood, even fake-looking fire engine red blood. In fact, the head area looks to have been taken deliberately out of focus. See the cops shooting the breeze – they aren’t fearful of another gunman. Totally sure of what happened, no mystery to them. Because it was another drill.

  2. This is not the way dead bodies are treated…even if they’re arch criminals. You don’t drag bodies around for display like this. If the so-called ‘shooter’ was killed inside the library, as was reported many times, the LA Coroner is called in and a secure crime scene is established….this takes many hours. This whole event was a staged hoax.

    • Of course in Afghanistan they pee on them, but I catch your drift. It is unseemly in this context, and even in Afghanistan, the soldiers were reprimanded.

      • I don’t see the connection between Afghanistan and the fake shooting incident at Santa Monica college. These two events are totally unrelated.

        • It is no coincidence that in the invented identity that the name Zawahri was selected, as this man is demonized, similar to the way the name bin Laden was associated with terror in the minds of Americans. Of the countless thousands of names, Zawahri was selected?

          • Someone said maybe they burned down a junker house lost through foreclosure. I think the name is a clue in another way (perhaps), if it wasn’t just an accidental address chosen like, for instance, those junker cars. I did some background on it and found the marriage of this couple (in California, NOT Lebanon as the news tries to make someone think). Zawahri is actually a name in Ohio of long-term residents who are “Antiochian Orthodox” Christians. Last time I looked, Antioch was in Syria, not Lebanon. Interesting if the family is really from Syria, not Lebanon, and if they have something to do with the current crisis. That would line them up in a weird (“spooky”) way with the Boston Chechens, considering that they too are being armed by the rebel side in Syria, where we are drawn like a moth to a flame. What are the chances, huh?

            Dave, I simply meant to reinforce your remarks about desecration and how it is not even done against your enemy in active warfare, how it is punished by your superiors. LA cops would also be disciplined for not behaving properly with a corpse. I’m not talking about active desecration, just ignoring it.

  3. “I saw this jack holes actions firsthand! ”

    Eyewitness accounts are good. Please go into detail about exactly what you saw, when and where.

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