Asiana Hoax Other Hoaxes — 07 August 2013
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The Fake Heroes of the Asiana Hoax

Fake heroes are wretched. They get in the way of real heroes, who are rare. If a person is a hero, fine. Yet, if a person is faking it: that is not acceptable. Such individuals will be discerned and thoroughly exposed on this site.

One of the biggest fakes is SF Officer James Cunningham. Why he would risk his entire career to spread such lies God only knows.

SAN FRANCISCO — One of the first police officers on the scene of the Asiana Airlines jetliner crash was among those hailed Monday for how they plunged into the smoky cabin to rescue passengers.

Officer James Cunningham described an eerie quiet as he explored the wreckage without breathing equipment (b00-hoo, fake hero claim no. 1) Saturday to aid “overwhelmed” firefighters in freeing (he didn’t free anyone, lie no. 2) victims trapped by collapsed overhead bins and other debris.

Note: if that kind of trauma occurred, someone would really be injured. There would head and neck injuries. None of this occurred.

Police officer Jim Cunningham who helped victims from the Asiana Airlines plane crash in San Francisco on Saturday. He speaks at a press conference on Monday 8 July 2013

What is he doing? Looking for inspiration? He is looking in the wrong place.

Police officer Jim Cunningham who helped victims from the Asiana Airlines plane crash in San Francisco on Saturday. He speaks at a press conference on Monday 8 July 2013

Rescuers described the chaos of the scene, with passengers cascading down evacuation slides and members of the flight crew asking for knives to help free passengers.

Note: this is just another lie; clearly, knives are not allowed on flights.

Most of the 307 aboard slid down the chutes, but in the rear of the cabin there were elderly passengers unable to get out or those who were trapped (fake heroics no. 3). The Boeing 777’s tail had broken off when it struck and cartwheeled down the runway.

Cunningham, who had led a passing ambulance crew to the scene (fake heroics no. 4), says he entered the plane through its open rear section and saw that firefighters were “totally overwhelmed” in trying to rescue passengers who remained.

Editor’s note: Liar, there were no rescue people in that open rear section initially; the actors came out on their own.

At first, he tried to clear luggage and wreckage blocking exits. Then he saw the trapped passengers. There was no screaming, only moans. Some were “just scared to move” and he “ran back and forth getting backboards for people who could not move” on their own. He even took a few moments to pick up smartphones left behind by passengers, thinking loved ones would be trying to reach them (fake heroics nos. 5 & 6).

As he helped extricate the last dazed passengers, he was hit by a wall of black smoke. “I thought I was a tough guy (who could) hold my breath,” he says ((fake heroics no. 7).

Later, he had to shoo away some passengers who were trying to retrieve luggage or were too close to the plane (fake heroics no. 8) gushing fuel in a field of dry grass that could ignite and engulf them.

Editor’s note: what a grand lie he tells. Let him prove otherwise. There was no jet fuel in those engines. The jet was a prop: prove it. Prove that there was fuel spillage.If so, the whole plane would have gone up in an inferno.

Fake fireman ‘heroes’ telling lies, as follows:

Fire crews say they made repeated searches of the plane after an Asiana crew member reported that four flight attendants were missing. They used the quickest way aboard the airline — climbing up the deployed emergency chutes that passengers had used to get out of the cabin. While in the plane, they say, they had to extinguish fires and deal with fuel gushing from the plane’s punctured tanks.

Editor’s note: no, no, no: not possible for fuel to be gushing anywhere near a fuselage fire without the entire plane being engulfed in an inferno; these are all filthy, rotten lies.

Now, for another faker:

“I feel lucky and blessed we were able to get those people off in time,” says fire Lt. Crissy Emmons.

DailyMail really lays it on


The Zionist press seeks to overwhelm the people with great lies and fabrications. Nothing stated in the above summary is true. Notice, though, leading with the word “heroes,” then creating a kind of action scene of heroism for public consumption of “running” into the line of danger and fire, literally.

Yet, the fakers themselves prove their fraud by their own acts, especially their facial expressions:





Trying to collect his thoughts – the devil runs deep.

asianawentdown asianacunningham


Why? Why do this? Money, fame, buddy system, fear, intimidation? Why risk the entire career? Is serving the Zionist cause worth it? People do not take it lightly that a Fire Chief of fire-fighter would fake a fire. If it is a fake, call it that. However, don’t lie to the whole world when it is your profession to deal with this judiciously.

The are fake heroes, not real ones, and they know it. Look at the person just behind her, the smirk. Everyone else is, now, beginning to know it, too. All the various SF departments, Fire, Coroner, Police, Airport Officials, NTSB, and more – all of them are culpable for spreading–and upholding–vile lies.



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