**Breaking News** — 21 May 2018
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The Fake Wounded and More of the Santa Fe High School Shooting Hoax

It is hard to imagine a more glaring example of a fake shooting than Santa Fe. How in any way does this look like anything other than a fake and a drill? Who could possibly believe that this represents a real high school shooting? It’s military and military-industrial complex, as well as law enforcement, overkill: that is overdone to the extreme, which is obviously the case from the imagery at-hand.

Photo: HCSO Texas
It was a mere drill, no doubt about it. There is no reason to be concerned about ‘violent America’ or ‘gun control’ or anything else related to the need to intervene to safeguard students or children.
Yet, if it could possibly get even more inane there is the video, demonstrated, here, of a person claiming he was shot through the back of the head but that, incredibly, he didn’t even realize he was shot. This type of commentary is typical of these fake shooting scams. The individual also claimed he was shot right through the back of the head, with an exit wound just beneath the angle of the jaw. Yet, despite this, he is seen giving interviews to numerous media outlets, including the local affiliate for Fox News.
Here he is stating that he had no real impact from the bullet strike so much so that he was able to do the unfathomable, which was to apparently leap over a seven foot-high wall. No one can find this plausible in the least. This is hard proof of the fake, make no mistake:

Moreover, the interview occurred a mere four days after the purported blast to the head, a physical impossibility. He would likely never have survived, let alone have made it out of both surgery and intensive care over such an incredibly short period. It is hard to fathom that anyone could find this to be true: anywhere in the world.

Sure, a lot of people don’t believe it. That’s why FOX News is insisting upon yet another interview. Who will they convince through such an amateurish effort? This is a hack-job, a most sophomoric act. Only a fool would believe it as true.
Once again, why would anyone believe it when it represents nothing other than the impossible, a bullet to the head without any visible damage and also without any need for prolonged hospitalization? As well, what about the risk for infection, including of the brain matter? Why is this not considered? Both the reporter and the mother freely finger the site repeatedly.
There is not a single grouping of hair or tissue that is matted down with blood residue. There are no bandages.
For those who might still question this the following is an enlargement of the screen-capture. It can be seen, categorically, that rather than a wound this is a mere fabrication, a make-up job, poorly constructed:
There are numerous other fabrications related to this scam. For instance, who finds the following so-called eyewitness claim plausible, that is that the purported shooter, was able to go about a public school and shoot some 23 people, all with a shotgun and pistol. Yet, this is without the slightest evidence of even a single gunshot wound. Despite this, it is said per a sophomore, Zachary Muehe:

…Pagourtzis entered his art classroom armed with a shotgun and was wearing a trench coat and a shirt emblazoned with the slogan, “Born to Kill.”

Then, there are the doctors and their spokes-people, no less credible than the fake wounded students. For instance, University of Texas Medical Branch through its spokes-people claim, without evidence, that two victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting are recovering after being shot in the leg. Another going into surgery for wounds to the chest.

Spokesman: “One patient is in critical condition in the OR, a middle aged male, one patient under the age of 18, has been admitted to the hospital, also a gunshot wound to the leg, and then we have a female patient, also shot in the leg in good condition also.”

“We have social workers and others standing by, in case family members show up.”

Reporter: “How long has that critical patient been in surgery up till now?”

Spokesperson: “Well, we have a briefing about 40 minutes ago, so, I would say, about, I don’t know when they actually went in. I don’t want to speculate.”

Reporter: “Can you bring us into that waiting room, obviously, chaotic…what was happening?”

Spokesperson: “You known, I’m so proud of these folks. We just had a mass casualty drill several weeks ago…they are very well prepared, well organized


It’s yet another control, manipulation agenda, complete with a gun-grab agenda, as per the following Instagram poster:

erica polo@TheEricaPolo


Dimitrios Pagourtzis Jr. made sure to NOT shoot the students he “liked”, to make sure his “story was told”.

How do you respond to something SO heinous?
We MUST have & be kind to one another.

Right away after this hoax there was call for major gun legislation action.  There will be more and more of this, as each hoax and fake is systematically revealed and as the criminal elements responsible for this fail to achieve their treacherous aims.

Image result for student; wounded; santa fe; texas; school shooting; injured

Right away, gun control false witness of Parkland fame, Emma Gonzales, went into action, demanding that people rise up on the basis of this filthy lie:

Santa Fe High, you didn’t deserve this. You deserve peace all your lives, not just after a tombstone saying that is put over you. You deserve more than Thoughts and Prayers, and after supporting us by walking out we will be there to support you by raising up your voices.

The Zionists of Parkland need plenty of fake goyum voices to make their dirty scam more credible. Here come the Zionist scam artists in-force to perpetuate the previous lie and arch-scam that was Parkland:

So, it is proven. Santa Fe is a lie, just like Sandy Hoax, the Boston smoke bombing fake, and Parkland.

Moreover, it is indisputable, that is no one can demonstrate otherwise.




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  1. These endless fake shootings are like old-time radio shows from the 1940s. All you hear is Bang Bang Bang, bodies fall and some actor says , ” yes Martha, he’s dead.” Its all just a scripted scene. The blood, the gun, the dead…its all in your mind. Its your imagination that fills in the gory details. Nothing has to be actually seen….its all in your mind.

    Vile, atrocious NDAA propaganda is now a part of American life. Its all very tiresome and sickening. A month from now there’ll be another one…..and a month after that another and another and another……..

  2. Month after month for the next 50 – 100 years… those are the rumors.

  3. The Libs and Democrats will do anything to destroy the US. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson feared one thing…..not invading armies but INTERNAL enemies.

  4. Fake ”Doyle” has nothing but sh-t to write, so pretends to be me. Obviously a pathetic loser clown troll.

  5. Ex10) Baltimore County Fake ShootOut / Car Attack Cop Killing PsyOp- Zio Jewish Crisis Actor Gail Fiedler Is a Liar A Does Not Live in Perry Hall like she says in her Script! But She Lives In Pikesville! Proof! She does & her Crisis Actor “friend” Joyce Defoor also lives in Pikesville & Not Perry Hall & both told me they lived in Pikesville last year!

    From Intelius search:

    Gail Lynn Fiedler
    age 48

    Pikesville, MD; Ann Arbor, MI

    Word Of God; Radical Sheep Ministries

    Doxa School Of Ministry


  6. Ex11) Perry Hall Baltimore County Fake ShooOut /Car Attack & Cop Killing Is Hoax! Zio Jew Crisis Actor Joyce Defoor Used in This PsyOp Is Liar & Does Not live in Perry Hall MD But Provenly lives in Pikesville where mostly jews live, like adjacent Reisterstown & Owings Mills, etc. And again she told me last year she live in Pikesville!

    Despite whatever threats or preconcieved notions you may have deciding this was a real event, or threats you want to issue, it was & is a hoax!

    Joyce Darlene DeFoor
    age 70

    Pikesville, MD

    Jesse Baublitz


  7. Ex12) Baltimore Police ShootOut & Killing of Cop By Car– Crisis Actor Tim Caprio Husband of Cop Amy Sorrells Caprio under picture of his & wife & ridiculously says: “1st Date I can’t believe this is real”. This only 22 hours after she is supposedly murdered! And after he did sports comedy radio show!

    You really believe a guy goes on a radio show 15 hours or so after he’s wife is brutally murdered??? Not!


  8. Another perverted faggotry disinfo fraud post by Ziontrash jew Gabriel falsely projecting his own perverted faggotry onto other!

    (Gabriel fake) –> Doyle MAY 23, 2018 AT 11:06 AM
    Cowboy would you like to suck my schlong?

  9. Ex13) Perry Hall MD Fake Cop Car Attack Death Crisis Actor Tony Kurek in His Brand New Trump: Make America Great Again T-shirt from WARDROBE Prop Dept. Delivers Most Ridiculous Line Yet: “Every Bone in her Body Was Flattened Out on the Ground!”

    LMAO! & the he claims “only her hand was upright still pointing her glock 40cal like she was still trying to stop the killers!”

    Gave that Crisis Actor an Oscar in the best lines in Comedy Action movies category!


    Now he can go back to his beers for that awful hangover he appears to have! To early in the morn for this Crisis Actor probably getting a disability check!

  10. Ex14) Watch Baltimore Co. Fake Female Cop Killed by Car Attack Happy Hoaxer Crisis Actor Heather Place @30sec mark & especially after 37sec mark where she really loses it Laughing in Duping Delight!


  11. Ex15) Balto Co-Dead Cop Amy Sorrell Caprio played by Crisis Actor /Writer/ Actor/ Life Guru Amy Fiedler who’s Info was suddenly removed since this morning from Radaris Search!!!

    She is somehow related to Crisis Actor Gail Fiedler. Also some pictures of her I believe are of her supposed Sister Kristine Sorrell Fitch. But there is no facebook account or linkedin for Fake dead cop Amy Sorrell!

    Amy Fiedler age: ~36

    Known as:
    Amy G Fiedler, Amy Mis, Amy G Metnick
    Related to:
    Rebecca Fiedler, 64 Concetta Fiedler, 75 Morgan Delack, 34 …
    Has lived in:
    Barrington, ILBoston, MAOrinda, CA
    (also addresses from Northern VA. & DC & MI)

  12. Ex15) Deleted/ Removed!!! Balto Co-Dead Cop Amy Sorrells Caprio played by Crisis Actor /Writer/ Actor/ Life Guru Amy Fiedler who’s Info was suddenly removed since this morning from Radaris Search! (Correction Sorrells not Sorrell)

    She is somehow related to Crisis Actor Gail Fiedler. Also some pictures of her I believe are of her supposed Sister Kristine Sorrells Fitch.


  13. Ex16) Perry Hall MD Fake Car Attack Death of Cop Crisis Actors Logan Kurek, Dakota Kurek & Tony Kurek their father! Logan is “by chance” a paramedic!

    1st woman cop killed in 144 yrs of Baltimore County Police! 12 x12 is 144 & each 12 is 6&6 like dual 66 or dual pairs of 33. also 144 is 24 6’s or 8 triple 6’s aka 666.


  14. ExA) Did Zionist Jew Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz fake his own death to get out of Governor’s Race while also avoiding criminal investigations & prosections over criminal dealings & malfeasance in contracts with Caves Valley Developers & other ziocrooks & election campaign donations irregularities involving Caves Valley & other ziocrooks??? It sure looks like it!


  15. NY Times: Alex Jones being sued big time for promoting bizarre falsehoods, conspiracies, lies and slander.

    Sound familiar Dr. K and Cowboy?

    You two nitwits are the next to be taken down. Expect prison time where your asses will be reamed daily. Or at the very least, financial ruin.


  16. The still living kids from Sandy Hook will be subpoenaed and brought into the Court room as proof that they are still very much alive.

    recent photos of the kids…now in their 20s….all grown up, alive and well.

  17. https://assets.nst.com.my/images/articles/texas-2605_1527292641.jpg

    Christian Riley Garcia, 15…had an open casket service in TX today. The problem is that the person in the casket does not look dead. Either its a Dapper Cadaver or the person’s face is covered with shiny Vaseline. The picture link is above.

    • Good pick-up. Wax dummy. I’ll look further.

  18. Ex51) Santa FeAKE School Shooting Another amazingly ridiculous dumb scripted interview with Buffoon Rome Shubert Lying Fake Bulletproof Goof Student Crisis Actwhore! THE idiot claimed he ran 200 yards & jumped a 7 ft fence before released he was shot in the head!!! LMAO! And he went and played a base ball game the next day! SOME CRAZY A$$ Hollyweirdo Ziotrash writing these insane scripts for these PsyOps!


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  21. YET Another fraudulent post by ziotrash jew troll & fraudster Gabriel!

    Brokeback homo Gabriel fraud posting as Rudolf Friedrich 01MAY 26, 2018 AT 1:13 AM
    Ode to Cowboy

    Let me tell you something, in rhyme. Maybe it’s easier for you, undercultured psyco:
    Hoax! Alarm! Stage and Fraud!…
    yet you ignore what’s all about!
    Cheat-Chat jabbin’ and your mental Bats
    have no clue with actual Facts.
    Photo, Frames, Vids and Pics…..blah…blah..blah…blah….blah…etc..etc…etc

  22. Ex52) Santa FeAKE TX Fake Dead Student Christian Riley Garcia & Cohort Amber have stolen over $27,000 off Gofundme… Alone!!!

    NO telling how much more a schools & churches in additional findraisers/zioscams!


  23. Yes Gabriel aka Bob! SAME Jewish actwhore. Some pictures are here & some are Kristine Sorrells Fitch I believe. The are probably cousins or half sisters. The Sorrells are related to the Fiedlers!


  24. Ex53) More Idiotic Santa FeAKE School Shooting Dumb Script Buffoonery! Lying Sack of $hit Trenton Beasley Also claims he was shot & did not realize it either until he was done Breaking into a Pottery Kiln saving everyone from the Eeevile Shootwhore & treating a girl’s wounds! And the football player/Reportwhore of course coaches & feeds him his lines/LIES!


  25. Ex54) Santa Claus Faery Tales of Santa FeAKE Shooting- Listen to this little lying Slimeball Trenton Beasley Sleazely actually tell us the fake shooter was rapping rhymes & singing “Another One Bites The Dust” Each Time he shot another student! This Ziotrash Hollywood reject writers can write some dumb crappy scripts!


  26. Ex55) Santa FeAKE School Shooting Crisis Actwhore was an obvious talentless obnoxious ziotrashy spawn of satan just like his mother at a young age! Already full of $h#t with a Talmudic obsession with poop!


  27. Some of the most sensible stuff Rudolf ever wrote, right there.

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