Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 02 November 2015
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The Happy Hoaxers of the Colorado Springs Shooting Hoax

With numerous revelations from our posters

Despite the fact that the purported Colorado Springs shooting where a man randomly shot and killed three people is a terminally inane hoax, despite the fact that this hoax is blatantly obvious, even so, this post has been created. It is for strictly entertainment purposes.

What the hoax does demonstrate is a deliberate plot by Zionist Jews to destroy any freedom of native rights for the American people. Yet, incredibly, what happens in the Zionist-favoring churches? The attendees support the vile Zionist cause blindly, even though these criminal elements are the Prophet killers.

Seemingly, all the fake witnesses are happy hoaxers, breaking into smiles of duping delight routinely:

coloradospringsbadhoax coloradospringshappyhoaxers

The phonies include Alisha Jaynes and Aaron Nicks.

How would the arch-smirking Nicks be believable?

One particularly obvious fabricator is Jaynes:

‘I heard the gunshots but I was not about to say around and wait it out.’


Jaynes is clearly an arch-Zionist mole. What European name could be more Jewish than hers?


There is also star witness Matt Abshire, another person with an Ashkenazi Jewish name. This star of the show was heroic beyond belief, but, as always, targeted long-guns. Per the Gazette.com:

Matt Abshire, 21, who lives in an apartment building at East Platte Avenue and North Prospect, said he heard a commotion outside while in the kitchen of his upstairs apartment just before 9 a.m. He said he looked outside and saw a man shoot another with a rifle, and he quickly went outside and followed the armed man around the corner. Abshire continued to pursue the shooter west on Platte while calling police on his cellphone.

Abshire said the shooter made it west of El Paso Street, then turned to his left and fired more shots. Abshire said a pair of females were shot, and one had stopped breathing by the time he approached her. Abshire said it appeared the female had been shot in the face. He said he took her pulse and did not feel a heartbeat.

“She was dead,” he said, noting that he then continued to follow the armed man toward Platte and Wahsatch avenues.


There is much mention of a long- gun. This is yet another terminally corrupt arch-Zionist scam, a mere gun control hoax. Yet, it is done purely immaturely. It is as if they don’t care anymore.

The (fake) gunman is also a Zionist agent, Noah Harpham. The Israeli-loving Jew lent his name and photo to advance the gun control plot.

Noah Harpham, Noah Harpham colorado springs shooting, noah harpham coloardo springs shooter, noah harpham colorado springs gunman

Naomi Bettis told the newspaper she called police twice, first to report her that her neighbor was walking around with a rifle, and then after he shot the bicyclist. Bettis said the bicyclist cried out “Don’t shoot me! Don’t shoot me!,” before he was gunned down.

Bettis doesn’t crack much of a smile. She must be a professional crisis actor:


It appears that Bettis is quite serious about her role to confiscate all American long-rifles. It is surely no coincidence that her surname is associated with Ashkenazi Jews:


Matt Abshire, 21, said he was woken up by the sound of gunshots when he looked out the window and saw a “college-aged kid dead on the road.”

As would be expected from all such fabricating, there surely are no corpses to be seen. In this image the head, feet, legs, and torso are all missing:


Masonic arch-fabricating cops, as well as EMTs, are nothing other than terminally wretched Zionist collaborators, aiding them in the spread of their venomous lies.

The entire event is infested with Zionist agents. Hoax index: not measurable.

STRICTLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Not meant to cause anyone to believe in fairy-tales.




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  1. 3th and 4th picture: Just look at his huge ear-rings. What a joke!

    • They all are laughing and smiling (2th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th picture).as though it would be a joke / hoax or as though they would be remote controlled by some god / angel or artificial intelligence which makes/forces them to laugh .

    • Exhibit N) Happy Halloween Hoax Colorado Eeevile Crisis Actor Mass Murderer Rabbi Looking Clown Fake Christian Noah Harpham alias Noah Kopp Is A Zionist Jew!
      His mother Heather Harpham is a Zionist Jew & an acclaimed Off Broadway Actress & solo show actress in New York City and international actress & has recurring plays & shows in Colorado Springs & Oregon & Washington State, California! She is also a professor in New York City & also a Professor at Princeton, NJ! For her Crisis Acting role the in this treasonous PsyOp the media is referring to her only as Heather Kopp her maiden name since she does most of her acting as Heather Harpham! This evil zionist Psychopath treasonous Gun Grabber is a major change agent serving the zionist! Busted Zionist Traitors!
      Oh she juat had atleast 3 shows in New York in the past few weeks in New York City!! LMAO! And she has more coming up! She will be a busy lying Zionist Jew doing shows and her new Fake role on TV hoax mourning her son’s fake death in his fake shootout with cops after he casually walked around a crime free Colorado Springs neighborhood Hoax murdering people with a silver Roy Rogers style revolver in one hand & an AK-47 blazing in the other hand as an Aurora Crisis Actor told in his hoax halloween tales of the eeevile hoax goyim Christian conspiracy theorist walking around blowing people to bits as he followed him…invisible I suppose! lmao!
      From Radaris Search:
      Heather L Harpham, ~51Colorado Springs, CO
      Known as: Heather La Vada Harpham · Heather L Kopp

      Has lived in: Colorado Springs, CO · Springfield, OR · Sisters, OR · Lake Stevens, WA· Ames, IA · Princeton, NJ


    • Cowboy on October 31, 2015 at 6:46 pm
      Exhibit 8) Russian Sinai Egypt Hoax
      How’d this Israeli Jew Mossad agent Amichai Stein get these picture of smoldering fires at before 9 am with guys just standing around loafing, huh?
      How did this Jerusalem Mossadomite Israel Jew Reporter get there & get these pictures & videos before 9 am & posted at 9 am & shortly after ? Huh? Did he take take it out with a missile?… No, lol, but he’d have loved to have done so! But he still is completely involved in this PsyOp!

      Amichai Stein– ‏@AmichaiStein1

      #BREAKING: 1st pictures of #7K9268 crash scene in #Sinai: All 224 passengers of Russian plane confirmed dead

      9:00 AM – 31 Oct 2015


  2. Exhibit O) Colorado Halloween Hoax Mass Murder Roving Random Ridiculous Fake Rampage on Foot PsyOp & Going out in a Blaze of Glory, Both Gun & Rifle Blazing ZioHollywood Style in Shootout with Cops at Wendys!
    Ok this is a Bio Zionist Jew Actress playing the mother of shooter Noah Harpham as Heather Kopp. Her name is Heather Kopp Harpham & she mostly goes as Heather Harpham especially doing acting & as a professor outside of Colorado. I think she is a adjunct professor or professor at atleast 6 or 7 colleges including Manhattan Univ. NYC & Prestigeous Princeton in NJ! And who knows how many Universities in Europe! This is major Zionist Change Agent Facilitator (thru decpeption), Actress & Dancer, Dance & Acting teacher & Mossad agent!
    Heather Harpham is a writer, performer and teacher of physical theater/improvisation. She grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California,  where her young imagination was  imprinted with the wild, varied landscape of ocean and mountain. Since moving to the East Coast for graduate school at New York University, in 1994, she’s lived and worked in the thrilling urban kaleidoscope of the metropolitan area; while teaching and performing throughout the US and in Europe. In New York City,  her solo work and collaborations have been presented at Theater 80 St. Mark’s, the Brooklyn Museum, the Irondale Center, 3LD Art & Technology Center, the Ontological Incubator, Triskelion Arts, the CAVE, Dixon Place, Dance Theater Workshop, Movement Research at Judson Church, the Joyce SoHo, the Ontological Theater, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, and Solo Arts Group.
    Most recently, Harpham was invited to teach and perform at the 2013 Notafe Festival in Villajande, which brought together physical theater artists from across Europe and America. Previous international work includes presenting her solo piece, Happiness, at Theater Gurukul in Kathmandu as part of the 2007 International Theater Festival of Nepal.  Just after college, Harpham had previously spent a year in Nepal teaching theater. While there, she was inspired by the seamless interweaving of spiritual life and ritual into the everyday; including the highly theatrical dance and dramas that accompany many holy days.   
    Harpham is a Senior Teacher of Action Theater, a physical improvisation form, which synthesized her early training in both theater and writing. Physical improvisation continues to be a generative source for her solo performances and collaborations. Together with Cassie & Danny Tunick, Heather performs as part of the improvisational dance/theater company Second Nature. Heather is also a core member of the critically acclaimed physical theater group, Company SoGoNo, under the artistic direction of Tanya Calamoneri. 
    The universities and  conservatory programs where Harpham has taught master classes, or appeared as a guest artist, include New York University, The Neighborhood Playhouse, Muhlenberg College, the Pratt Institute, Oglethorpe University, Sarah Lawrence College, and at Manhattanville College, where she is an adjunct faculty member. 
    Harpham’s performance and writing have been acknowledged with grants from the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, an Independent Artist Grant from the Marin Arts Council, the Brenda Ueland Prose Prize, The Herbert Rubin Award for Creative Writing and a nomination for a New York Innovative Theater Award (as part of Company SoGoNo). 
    Heather holds an MFA in Theater and a MA in Creative Writing, both from New York University. 


  3. Exhibit P) Zionist DHS Happy Halloween Hoax Mass Murder Rampage in Colorado to Get the Hated Goyim Amerikans Guns!
    This Story mentions atleast 5 NYC Theaters where Hoax Shooter Zionist New Noah Harpham’s mother Mossadomite Heather Kopp (aka) Harpham has worked acting dancing, etc at.. but now as I will show in other posts she has been getting bigger shows as reward for her and her evil son agreeing to Take part in this Treasonous PsyOp against the American people to destroy the American Bill of Rights and Usurp more power for the zionist enemy which is bent of complete tryannical & genocidal dominance over the hated American goyim masses! And ofcourse Gun Confiscation against the American people and a Race War and an all out mutually destructive war between USA & Iran (and then others) are foremost zionist agendas all being orchestrated against the American people right now by these zionist Psychopaths!
    And None Dare speak their names and None Dare call Treason! Well it is treason and yes I dare say it is the Zionist Jews behind it and all their sayanim, lackeys, Freemason servants, zioBanksters, crisis actors, etc… Stop worshipping your worst enemy they are not holy chosen master race they proclaim to be for you to fear & bow down to! Get off your knees!

  4. Exhibit Q) Zio-Twisted Hollywood Happy Halloween Hoax Mass Murder Shooting Rampage In Colorado Springs
    Fraudster Heather Kopp Harpham pretended to have an sick 11 old daughter just a few years ago and did a play about it & claimed her age was 45 just 2 years ago in 2013 (even though she is atleast 51 years old) and has a 35 year old son Nathan Harpham and her Hoax Mass Murderer Hoax Dead in Shootout son is 33! Shat an evil lying zioScamming zionist witch! So the Lying PsychoB$&# would have to have been 12 years old when her son Nathan was born and 14 when Double Guns blazing fake Goyim fake Christian fake Conspiracy theorist Noah Harpham was born! Lmao! What a lying piece of ZioTrash Treasonous Scum!


  5. Exhibit R) DHS Colorado Happy Halloween Hoax HoaxStar Hoax Mass Murderer’s Mom HoaxLiar Heather Kopp Harpham
    Did I mention Hoax???!!!
    Here are two shows Heather Kopp Harpham just did in NYC on October 3 & 4th 2015. With a New York City & New England Improv & Dance Theater Company she has been part of for 25 years! She also had atleast 2 or 3 more shows in NYC around the 15 & 16 of October 2015 which found yesterday.

    Triskelion Arts Presents… Action Theater’s Present Company

    Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 4pm

    Sunday, October 4, 2015 at 12pm*

    at Triskelion Arts’ Muriel Schulman Theater

    106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (enter on Banker Street)
    Triskelion Arts is pleased to present Action Theater’s Present Company this October in the Muriel Schulman Theater. Working for over 25 years within landscapes of improvisation, the company (John Burt, Lorraine Grosslight, Heather Harpham, Eric Huther, Carolyn Shakti Sadeh, Cassie Tunick, Trisha Zembruski) joins a deeply physicalized imagination to a spare ensemble mind.


  6. Exhibit S) Colorado Mass Murder DHS Hallowen Hoax PsyOp To Get the hate Americans Goyim’s Guns!
    Here are shows of Colorado Mass Shooting Hoax Fake Christian Crisis Actor Zionist Jew Heather Kopp Harpham in Off Broadway in NY City on October 19th 2015 upcoming shows in November 2015! So she will be playing her roles in NYC theaters & DHS PsyOp Psychological WarFare Theater Treason Against the American people simultaneously..atleast during the same period of weeks..

  7. Exhibit T) T ain’t for Texas..T is for Treason & Zionist Enemy Traitors like Heather Kopp Harpham in the Colorado Springs Mass Murder Hoax PsyOp!
    So in her Heather Kopp of Colorado persona this mossad agent devil leaves out her entire acting massive resume! LMAO! She doesn’t even mention her acting in Colorado Springs!! And doesn’t even mention her book authorship since that quickly leads to her acting and dancing career in NYC & Colorado & all over!
    And with all the colleges he is associated with & even teaches at Including Princeton!!–What college does this fraudster demon zionist enemy agent list here??? Lane Community College! LMAO!!! What a piece of Gun Grabbing ZioTrash Traitor Filth this witch is! Busted you evil genical Zionist!


  8. What the sheep need to understand is this:

    Comments made on the television are considered HEARSAY and are NOT admissible in court! This was well documented in the recent FOIA hearings between Wolfgang Halbig and respondents from Newton. The commissioner/judge REPEATEDLY warned Halbig’s attorney that any statement made by a TV anchor or TV witness was “HEARSAY” and would not be considered.

    Of course, Newtown’s own attorney, Monty Frank also made such a statement, even though the irony is the respondents entire case rests upon what the TELEVISION said happened, not based on actual fact.

    Some key points from the roughly four hours of hearings (which are publicly available on YouTube for anyone to watch).

    1. There was only ONE logged call to “911” dispatch, it was listed as a “medium priority” for an “unwanted person” on Dickenson Drive. Yet the chief of police had to admit under oath that 22 squad cars were sent to the scene, which obviously does not correspond with such a “medium priority” call.

    2. Newtown’s representatives were unable to answer the question of who ordered the Port-A-Potties which were obviously in the area shortly after the “event” took place. Standard operating procedures require these to be ordered in advance, yet nobody from Newtown ordered them.

    3. The police chief was forced to admit under oath that the overhead chopper had NO COMMUNICATION logs with the ground troopers, obviously not practical if a real event was taking place.

    4. A Newtown assembly woman was forced to admit under questioning that she believed it was “HOMELAND SECURITY” which placed the sign “Everyone Must Check In” on Dickension Drive near the school. It was also admitted by the police chief that NO SUCH LOGS of who had to check in were found, and the names of those who checked in were of various law enforcement. Obviously, this makes no sense, UNLESS it was a DHS drill.

    5. There is NO RECORD of any local or state official ordering a biohazard cleanup for the 26 dead body parts, blood, guts from the class room. Again, NOT POSSIBLE unless no real shooting took place.

    So there is TELEVISION, and then there is SWORN TESTIMONY along with actual documentation and forensic evidence from a crime scene. The list goes on.

    The TV can blatantly lie and promote propaganda using crisis actors and paid witnesses. It’s irrelevant, and only hearsay. Yet the sheep are too stupid to figure this out, and that is why DHS can get away repeatedly with such obvious staged shooting hoaxes.

    • Of course, the above comment is regarding the Sandy Hoax, not the recent Colorado Springs hoax, but the argument is the same. TV can have crisis actors who can say basically anything. The Zionist media use these actors to sway public opinion into hating AR-15’s and the 2nd amendment.

  9. Palestine….




  10. Exhibit U) Happy Halloween Hoax Mass Murder Ridiculous Roving Around Town On-Foot Rampage with an AK-47 in one hand and a Silver Roy Roger style Revolver in the other! Randomly shooting people as he walks down the sidewalk..Then he dies in a ZioHollywood Style Blaze Of Glory ShootOut with Cops! Like the OK Corraol shootout! And some other Aurora Actors Studios’ Actor follows him around & as he shoots his way to Wendys were the final shootout scene takes place? Do you believe that insane ZioMedia & DHS script??
    Noah Harpham is supposed to be a nutty, Conspiracy theorist and Christian. But he is a zionist Jew as is his mother father & brother Nathan Harpham a lawyer in Oregon. Now look at this hoax clown Crisis Actor— can he look any more like an Orthadox AshkeNAZI Young Rabbi if he tries? And as I proved his mother is Heather Kopp Harpham (alias Heather Kopp & Heather Harpham & Heather Lavada) a prolific OffBroadway & Improv Actress & dancer in NYC and CO, CA, WA and all over & acting & lying as in this Hoax as well. And she is a big time zioScammer & Author & playwright about a fictious sickly daughter. She probably writes a lots of this zionist Agenda Race Hate & Gun Confiscation Hoaxes for the media, ADL & DHS where they hated goyim are always killing each other.
    Anyway watch this clown:


  11. ExV) DHS Colorado Happy Halloween Hoax Mass Murder Made In Hollywood & Aurora Crisis Actors Studios & with Army & Air Force Personal at Colorado Springs Air Force Academy & Aurora Air Force Base & atleast one Army Corps of Engineers/Army Combat Engineer

    Exhibit V) V is Victory of Vile Mossad Zionist Jews & DHS Their Hoax PsyOps Operations By Exposing Their Agents & Crisis Actors & Their Treason Against US Americans–>The Hated Goyim to Get Our Guns & Destroy Our Bill of Rights!

    Hoax Dead Murder Character Christy Galella is played by Zionist Jew Hollywood Horror Movie Actress Katelynn Derengowski in part & some fat pics are Photoshopped and/or of her sisters. But in this media admitted picture of Character Christy Galella it is clearly a Barely altered, if at all, picture of Katelynn Derengowski.
    And her Uncle or cousin Mark Derengowski is in on the act as well as Uncle Chris Bowman, a name in which he is also uses as a minor Hollywood Director & Actor name. He also separately plays a “real” fake Preacher & Photographer as Chris Bowman & is admittedly a Photographer under Mark Derengowski & Porsche Salesman among other things which I shall show.
    Anyway this picture is an official picture of fake dead Christy Galella where she is clearly Katelynn Derengowski. Just Compare!

    Also What led me to this Zionist Jew Family of Actors- Derengowski was indentity search connections…not magically randomly finding pictures. And I discovered Mark Derengowski was playing the fake Uncle before I even knew the name of his Character! Because in many of these PsyOp news reports they don’t tell the false witnesses/crisis actors/family members names in subtitle or voice announced.

  12. Exhibit V-1) Colorado Halloween Mass Murder Shooting Rampage & Shootout With Cops
    This is the story with the media admitted picture of hoax murdered character Christy Galella which she clearly looks just like zionist Jew Hollywood Horror acteress Katelynn Derengowski who I first linked her to via indentity searches.


  13. Exhibit V-3) Colorado Happy Halloween Mass Murder Hoax Rampage & Final Shootout at Wendys- Corporate Hoax Sponsor?!
    ZioScammer of Fake Murder of Katelynn Derengowski character Christy Galella. Just passed $4,000 a few minutes ago! Wealthy zioAcamming Mossadomites aren’t too proud to beg/scam money from the dumb goyim based on complete fraud & lies. Hell await these scumbags… …Whether they believe in hell or not…! And reguardless if they think the self chosen supposed master race is allowed to lie, steal, cheat & murder the goyim and never get their just deserves..Justice shall come..sometime or other..eventually!!! You may not like but “you **** sure gonna’ get it” @$$Holes!


  14. Exhibit W) Colorado DHS Halloween Hoax Mass Murder
    Colorado Mass Shooting Hoax Sleazebag ZioClown Actor Zionist Jew Mark Derengowski Playing a Hoax Halloween Priest– he plays Uncle Chris Bowman of Murder VicSim/Fake Victim Christy Galella played in pictures, mostly, by niece or cousin/relative Katelynn Derengowski. Chris Bowman is also his longtime Hollywood acting & director name. Separately he also has uses a Chris Bowman identity this Synagogue of Satab demon has were he plays a Christian Minister in Virginia & elsewhere! Many of these zionist Jews pretend to be Christian ministers where they mislead, zioScam & ripoff & zionize/hatemonger /warmonger churches which they either set up or manage to usurp & takeover using Freemasons & Crypto(secret) Jews within the church already trying to detroy the church, etc.


    • ExV-4) Happy Halloween Mass Murder Hoax In Colorado
      Katelynn Derengowski from a TV Episode.

      • Exhibit V-5) Colorado DHS Happy Halloween Hollywood Hoax Mass Murder Shooting Rampage & ShootOut With Cops At Wendys!
        This is Christina Derengowski aka SAG Horror Actress as Katelynn Derengowski and playing Christy Galella as Hoax Murder VicSim in this Treason Zionist DHS & zioMedia Hoax Murder! I am still trying to determine her relationship with another family member named Derengowski Zionist Jew female who owns a media company operating in Colorado Springs & Denver CA (& Michigan likely ) & elsewhere who probably has lots of DHS Contracts to help with these PsyOps especially in Colorado in California.

  15. Exhibit X) Colorado DHS Halloween Hoax Mass Murder Shooting Rampage & Western Movie Style Scripted Shootout With Cops!
    This is Zionist Jew Crisis Actor Peggy Bettis of Aurora Colorado & Aurora Crisis Actors Studios– she is using the first name of her sister-in-law Naomi Bettis I believe for this character in the PsyOp as a False Witness Naomi Bettis to help the zionist psychopath Enemy Traitors try to destroy the American people’s 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution!
    I can link both the real Naomi Bettis(who looks different than this fake PsyOp witness Naomi Bettis) & Peggy Bettis to Ken Bettis so this is how I know they are related & how I found this Mossadomite Traitor Peggy Bettis!

  16. GUYS, what up with the ears of guy ? Are the rings glued to his ears or grown on to the ears??? Play the video, they do not move.

    Video above with woman wittness, GREENSCREEN. CHeck the background and perspectives….


    • I do not understand what incistated means. Your name sounds German, can you say this in German ? I have no idea of this particular shooting as one loses overviwe over all these events. But does someone agree that the video footage looks greenscreened ? Or the background seems fake. ??

      • Hi,

        I mean both videos above (interviews with earring guy and girl)….you know what greenscreen means ? It is also called croma-key. YOu need to compare the background image(s) with the foreground (probably interview – foreground made in studio and background added later)

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