Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 05 July 2015
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The Hoax Eyewitnesses Tunisian Beach Resort Shooting Hoax

Through reviewing videos of purported eyewitnesses of a shooting in Sousse, Tunisia, it becomes clear that the entire claim of it being a real shooting is an arch-fraud. There can be no other conclusion. It is merely a simple as that. In this regard it should be kept in mind that one of these crisis actors, the woman who was doing the solo, was in Tunisia at the time of her interview and yet she showed no evidence to any degree of a person who experienced a mass murder.


My God are they terrible actors. The woman doesn’t seem to know what to say next. They make American crisis actors look like virtual professionals.


She really gets animated when she talks about this element, that as soon as the (fake) gunman arrived, people started “stampeeding.”


Is this the stampede she is talking about? The man with the water is walking with a backward slant. How is he stampeding?

tunisia-8s0s tunisiahoax-222111

Smiles, smirks, and the most extreme examples of furtive glances; who in this universe finds this believable? Could her eyes pop out of her skull to any degree greater than this? Does she not look like the most unsure, insecure person about what she is planning to say?

This woman says she didn’t directly witness the shooting but, regardless, she was frightened, of course that commentary being made on the urging of the reporter.

tunisiacrisisact-222 tunisiahoax2321

Does she look like she’s in shock or in fright to any degree?

tunisiacrisis hoaxer

She feels sick, sure she does, sick of waiting for her big crisis actor check.


There is no possibility that people would act this way in the event that this was a real shooting. Therefore, the shooting was faked. This means that the deaths were also faked, including that of the shooter. It means that all those who bear witness to this being a real shooting are fabricators. It also means that regarding those who say they were wounded, they, too, are bearing false witness.




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  1. Your use of swear words reveal that you’re a typical shill. Swearing, name-calling reduce all of your comments to less than zero value. Nice try anyway.

    • Just an Ad Hominem troll.

  2. Check the expression of the man with the water and his female companion wrapped in the towel [for extra modesty] It’s like he’s embarrassed to be there and wants it over quickly.

  3. Disney Actor & DHS Crisis Actor named Devon Staples Who Hoax Blow His Off Yesterday & Died! Supposedly with a Fire crackers/Fireworks In Special 4th of July Edition DHS PsyOps — Hoax! Hoax!
    Maine joins the rest of New England in doing a retarded DHS HOAX!
    1 Billion percent Hoax & nothing but a hoax. Let zioTrolls raise hell that it was a real event. Yes I “mined” the web & found this picture of the goofy fraudster in his Disney costume in violation of DHS orders. F#%&k DHS & THE zionist Psychopaths!

  4. Look At this Insane ZioHollywood Script performed his sister Cody:
    “There was no rushing him to the hospital. There was no Devon left when I got there,” said 25-year-old Cody Staples, who called it an accident.
    “Devon was not the kind of person who would do something stupid. He was the kind of person who would pretend to do something stupid to make people laugh,” he said.
    Staples’ death is the first fireworks fatality in Maine since the state legalized fireworks on Jan. 1, 2012, authorities said.
    Lawmakers had voted to repeal a 1949 law banning fireworks, reasoning the industry would create jobs and generate revenue.
    …So poor Devon just
    disintegrated from the fireworks!!! LMAO!!!
    So did you just put his ashes in an urn & have a few more beers to drink with you buddies to his unfortunate spontaneous demise Cody?

  5. Hoax Dead Devon Michael Staples incenerated according to his brother Cody by Eeevile Firecrackers/Fireworks he set off upon in head! So says the DHS & zioMedia Hollywood Screenplay of this hoax. This is his official facebook page set up just recently, “earlier this year”. So a young Disney actor had no facebook account until just recently! Right! Yes I dared post a link to yet another Crisis Actor’s facebook account..OH No the mossadomites will get me!


    • So there really was someone in the US who was a bigger dumbass than you, Rabbi Cowboy.
      Now that he’s gone, the dubious honour is yours.
      Congratulations, fuckwit.

      • The only dumber idiot than him is you ziotroll Dishonest John ZioJew if you actually believe thos Disney actor actually killed himself with firecrackers on his head. Why not just post as Dougster in you attacks on me?

        • Dougster is too mild-mannered to use profanities when addressing a mental deficient as yourself.
          I, on the other hand have no qualms in reminding what a dickhead you are.

        • Methinks that you would piss your pants if a real ziomossadomite confronted you, cowboy.
          You’re all piss and vinegar. No substance at all.
          Do you go outside? Mix with the public? Do you actually interact with real people? After you’ve opened your mouth and ranted for a while about your insecurities and prejudices to random people do they look at you in a repugnant manner like they’ve just stepped in dog **** and then walk away?

  6. No words can describe the amount of fakery and deceit shoved down our throats by such scums

    • Just one word: Nodisinfo

      • You are either blind or dumb,or both,many subjects on here can be checked on Jewtube or Google search.IF YOU cannot see we are all being played by an entity who`s demise against the GOYIM or GENTILES of this world,you are either a payed AGENT,or the words i mentioned at the start of my message,you NEED HELP,don`t worry,God will take care of YOU.

        • Nodisinfo is an island of lunacy amid an ocean of sanity, inhabited by the castoffs of society.

          • IF YOU CANNOT see for what it is,WHO controls the world system,airport staff,cctv,recruitment of staff world wide is owned yes,by a Jewish CEO,Serco is one of the main players.OUR system is ran by Jewish people who have no other reason than to treat us GENTILES or GOYIMS like we are,animals,3rd class,why do you think over the last 1000-2000 years they were kicked out of world countries.They make you think its non other than Muslims V Blacks V Whites,and when the Semite card comes out,its because they need a cover to hide the fact what they are indeed doing.You are being blind or infact a PLANT/AGENT,that is clear.God will have mercy on your soul,trust me,i`v ask him for that.

  7. 3th and 4th picture: at the left, lower corner:”omen”

  8. Hey there is some ‘shooting’ at Walter Reed Medical Center…I am watching NBC4 in DC. The reporter on scene just said this: “We do know they are calling this an active shooter drill or event.” There was some other crazy response the other day, I think in DC. to ‘sounds of gun shots’ in some building. Must have been a drill also.

    • All are drills, as predicted for the 4th and thereafter.

  9. We are the Gentiles,OR GOYIM of the world,that`s why they can control us the way they do.

  10. I am certain that when they take the money they also sign papers that contractually bind them to keep their mouths shut or face criminal charges.

  11. Oh piss off.

    • Oh dear,Laughing at crackpots comments have gone,ROFL.

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