London Hoax Other Hoaxes — 22 May 2013
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The London Decapitation is a Zionist Cover-Up

Desperate Zionists will do all that is conceivable to maintain control of their wretched, dying regime. fingered the Mossad as the arch-perpetrator behind the assassination of Tamerlan Tsarnaev as well as the torment, wounding, and attempted murder of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. It can be no coincidence that, now that the role of the Israeli mole in this knife attack has been revealed, suddenly there is a great emphasis of similar attacks only in this case casting false blame upon Islaam and Muslims.

The arch-Zionist mole responsible for that hit and attempted killing has been identified. In desperation filthy Zionist Jews have now launched a campaign to counter these revelations, spreading filthy lies about supposed Muslim threats and even Muslim murderers. Hollywood-style,  they are emphasizing the all-frightful knife, the precise method of choice of those precise Zionists, like the Israeli mole, who have been fingered, here: https://nodisinfo.commossad-hit-man-revealed-photo-analysis/

It would only make sense that, now caught in the act, the hostile ones would launch more cover-ups and even perpetrate additional assassinations such as the killings of the two FBI agents and surely the murder of Ibragim Kodashev. Then, too, is the so-called London decapitation another Zionist ruse?

Now for the Max Malone analysis:

A more simple proof, categorically showing this is a hoax?


Sayanim mole, in a set up by the Jewish-controlled British media, attempts a ruse with instructions from his commanders. His purpose: to demonize Islaam and by proxy all who adhere to it:


In the minds of the unaware or easily influenced, what could be more macabre than a man wielding a bloody knife or in this case a chopping blade: right straight out of the movie script. Now, England is perpetrating the fake gore to brutalize the people’s consciousness.


As pointed out by Malone lady starts to get in the way with her shopping cart. Now, look what happens:


Boom, she’s removed from the set; her encroachment was a real threat, at least in this version. Regardless, why does the side-walk have so many colors; the wall seems fake; no definition. Something is wrong.

Editor’s note: in this edition the woman is allowed to walk right by him, see it at this link:,0,3927534.story

The Tribune, once again, demonstrates its desire to spread nothing but filthy lies by endorsing this categorical hoax, a fraud perpetrated by Zionist powerful ones to spread hate aganist Islaam. It’s a hate that leads to great tyranny in the land, even hate crimes–even brutal murder.

Does this government mole look like a trustworthy cohort as he chases any would-be witnesses from the scene: same kind of hucksters as seen in the Boston Marathon hoax.

Here is where one of the networks removed the lady from the clip as they realized how odd it would look for this man to be wielding about his fake props


Above is what is seen the moment the cameras return to the frame after the undesired interruption by the shopping cart lady, who obviously pays no heed, since there was probably nothing she could see of this hoax, since it was all based on fakery.
Here is the phony corpse with two actors looming over it:

More high-paid actors playing out the role of real fatalities or wounds. Note that the man on the left screen has his sweater pulled up over is head. Did he have time to do that after being shot to death?


Notice the men that were reportedly shot to death, the action of which can be seen via overhead camera, even with blood shooting out. Yet, with this cell phone footage there is no streaking or pooling of blood which is visible, even though the red street lines are clearly seen. The timing is perfect for a Zionist cover-up and as always direly imperfect for Islamics, who seek a reduction in oppression and the elimination of foreign troops on their soil of the lands of origin. Who benefits other than the Rothschild-controlled British autocracy? Remember, powerful ones in Britain staged the murder of Princes Diana. This would be a relatively minor feat in comparison.

Now, the Zionists are attempting to frighten people with the images of knife-wielding Muslims, when it exclusively the Mossad which slits people’s throats routinely with such knives.

This hoax, though, is having its impact, reviving the hate against Islaam and the people of Islaam. Surely, this human race is not blessed with independent thinkers.



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  1. There may be an incorrectly attached file in this post. This post is clearly about the hoax of the fake decapitation in London, that seems to be perpetuated by a lot of people and actors.

  2. The London “killer-decapitator” stood around for 23 minutes until the police arrived. He said, “I want to be on TV.” “Killer” did re-takes for TV when lady with baby carriage got in the way of his being interviewed. The story keeps changing. He didn’t really cut the head off., etc., etc.

  3. Just like at sandy hook and boston, no one was killed, or hurt in London. This is basically a movie with actors and nothing is anymore real than the television show Law and Order or The Family Guy.

    Acting and Directing people need a little more experience, training, and education to get things right so we don’t see all their obvious errors. Maybe the next hoax will be better.

  4. Hey, the guy with the knife and butcher knife – I didn’t get a good angle the last 2 takes. Do you think we can do this again so it kind of looks convincing to the rest of the world? No, you don’t need to pretend to cut the guys head off because you did a good job with that acting segment on our first take. If it looks like you are fake stabbing the guy, I will cut it out in the editing room. Don’t forget to stop off at the office and collect your $1100 fee for services rendered, ok?

  5. I would think the most reasonable thing for 2 guys that has been alleged to have decapitated someone is to hang around for almost a half an hour so the police don’t have to expend any extra effort to find out who did it. That way they can be shot and disposed of right away. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I should be taking notes on how to do things the right way. If anybody in London or the world believes this hoax, they are dumber than I could have possibly imagined.

    Why do our governments stage this kind of stuff? Our governments seem to be involved in a bunch of drama all the time. Drama and faked events – it’s getting rather old.

  6. Correction: In the longer BBC version …. It appears the lady is walking by the “killer” with a food cart. She casually walks past him while he’s holding two knives in his right hand. Both hands are covered in “blood”? Who would get anywhere near this guy…especially a woman?

  7. They report the man who took the video was on a bus heading to a job interview. Well, he’s clearly not on a bus. The media just doesn’t seem to be able to apply logic and common sense to these hoaxes anymore. It really seems convenient that nobody providing fake video wants to ever be identified. Maybe these video people aren’t good at dealing with people that demand the truth.

  8. Same fake ass blood from the Marathon! This is ridiculous!

    I really don’t think it is a coincidence that this news is breaking literally right after the news the FBI shot one of Tamerlane’s “associates” under interrogation. This is proving to be part of a very large scale, anti-Islamic psyop. They are leading the sheep by the nose toward something.

    *Coincidentally* the Israelis have begun taking fire in the Golan over the last couple days and Hezbollah is kicking ass and taking names with the Syrian army in Qusayr. Those would be the names of CIA assets like Tamerlane Tsarnaev and his fellow NATO assimilated, secular Turks and their insatiable horde of highly expendable, highly indoctrinated Salafist barbarians.

    • Its very interesting that now US ally UK is involved in this vitriolic anti-muslim campaign. They are both probably planning a military action against some Islamic country and need a willing population to wave the flags.

    • I forgot to mention the “victim” was a soldier. What could be more inflaming than that?

  9. No blood after a head being decapatated? The fake blood was probably out of stock due to being all used up in MA. All I have to say is wow, great catch.

  10. Here is the shopping cart lady fully walking past the “perp” actor. The news in the above vid did cut the shopping cart lady. Second video down.

    Still, no blood.

  11. Dr. K,

    Even better, check out this video:
    Blood on Hands then No Blood on Hands – London “Terrorist Beheading of British Soldier” 100% Hoax

    • It’s in the post, now. Thanks.

    • Someone has edited the coloring on the video that shows “no blood” on his hands. I have attached a video that illustrates this modification, but the video does not address the cut/retake with the woman and the cart. There is an overhead shot of blood on the sidewalk but the blood trail ends mysteriously at a certain point.

      • Thank you RonK. These videos are at least showing that there is intentional wide spread video manipulation going on to confuse the investigating mass that no longer believe in the mainstream media. It’d be interested to locate the original source of the “no blood” video for the decapitating incident yesterday.


          Great review of the fakery, with plenty of people walking casually next to the Zionist mole, as if he isn’t even there. There is no blood of any kind found anywhere. People, we must be doing something right. The server is being maliciously attacked to prevent the authors from posting anything. It is a definite attack, right now.

          • With the overhead views of blood on the sidewalk, the full film of the woman walking past this guy with the meat cleaver, and the confirmed manipulation of the red color on the guy with the meat cleaver, I right now find this story more convincing than I originally did. I still am concerned why there is no footage of the police shooting, why the “attacker” did not use the gun he had, and why there is not more video of this incident if it lasted nearly 30 full minutes. I also question why the blood flow stopped just before the curb while the guy was being dragged to the center of the road.

          • Hi DrK- I had issues earlier that would confirm a Denial of Service attack on NODISINFO.COM. I had several 503 errors. “Service Temporarily Unavailable
            The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”

          • Yes, we were attacked after, seemingly, posting that battery of articles last night: the Tribune, Mr. Todashev, and the decapitation hoax, which is a hoax, by the way.

  12. Absolutely ridiculous. Is anyone actually supposed to believe that this was a real event? It’s almost as if they’re intentionally flaunting the absurd, terribly scripted fakery in our faces, just to mock us. It’s like they’re intentionally making it as unbelievable as possible, just to illustrate that the media will STILL report it as true, and people will STILL swallow the story.

  13. Why do we see only three cops at this scene? I suspect the ”victim” was actually a dummy body filled with fake blood. If this was a real killing there would be a hundred cops on the scene.

    • Because as you known they are paid operatives to perpetuate the hoax: great point. No ambulances?

  14. you people are [email protected]#$ idiots!!!!!!!! this was posted before even any facts came out, how can you believe this idiot who writes these articles. He has no facts he’s a joke, leading you all down the wrong path.

    Look at what he’s posted above – read it, read it, read! drkresearch is an idiot! Read his useless previous articles – all based on bullshit.

    Why no blood here where the body was? it’s because these [email protected]#king idiots hacked this man to death at one scene then dragged him to the road later!!!!

    where was the woman cut out – it was whoever edited the clip for the news. It shows here later – this is not evidence just some thick twat making things up.

    You only see cops because thats all that was allowed there not even normal (unarmed) police but armed police – they were the only ones allowed on the scene. These photos where taken at time of arrest. Thats why no ambulance.

    MICHELLE you are the biggest and most ignorant twat i have ever seen comment, just [email protected]#k off you are stupid! yes stupid! yes that’s right you’re [email protected]#king stupid! Take a long hard look at yourself, there’s something seriously wrong with you. i hope that hurts you because it will not even be close to the hurt some of these people go through when they lose family.

    Drkresearch you are an idiot with an agenda, you haven’t got a clue what you are saying. You are misleading people who are mentally ill, are you proud of that???? probably yes as you’re f#$%king clueless.

    These things HAPPEN not everything is the government. Go back into you little hole and [email protected]#$k off as no one wants you in society!!! Believe me, take your evidence to court and guess what you’ll be laughed out that how [email protected]#$king stupid and sick this is. Thats why you can’t do anything and all you can do is post on a pathetic site. ‘Oh no i cant take this to court because the powers that be would shut it down’ – no they won’t – they just don’t take you seriously, your sh#$t is based on rubbish – Yes complete rubbish.

    Don’t bother with your horrible replies to this as i wont log on here again after this pile of complete shit!!!!!!!!!!!! you win in your minds but thats where you live so there’s no reasoning.

    People posting above are horrible bitter people! Remember something… Karma! Those who slated these dead people, i hope it comes down strong on you. Shame on me for biting back at this but i don’t care you deserve to be told.

  15. I applaud the researchers here for providing the truth and for providing excellent research.

    Thank you for doing such hard work on behalf of humanity for truth is more important than anything else.

    I also like to thank all truth-seekers who are visiting this informative and valuable site as well as posting their comments.

    I highly recommend the book on 9/11: ‘Wrongly Blamed’.

  16. The Plumstead police station is 1.39 miles from this scene. I measured it. A blue-light police van can drive that distance in about three minutes or less. Why did it take them over 20 minutes to arrive? It would be even less time assuming there was a police car in the area from that station or Lewisham Station which is three miles away and the largest police headquarters in Europe.

  17. The Jew is the Genetic Enemy of Every People on the Planet

  18. Israeli drone fires missile into northern Gaza

    The Israeli military frequently bombs the Gaza Strip, claiming the attacks are being conducted for ‘defensive purposes.’ However, disproportionate force is always used, in violation of international law, and civilians are often killed or injured.

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