Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 25 January 2015
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The Recycled Heads and Other Fakes of the Arch-Zionist Holocaust Hoax

Regarding the arch-Zionist Holocaust fake can anyone believe it? Rather than using a multiplicity of fake head shots, that is fake or stolen images of various people, the Zionists took a short-cut. They used the same images repeatedly, essentially, recycling them with slight modifications. The latter was in order to disguise the trail of the crime.

The Chinese-appearing purported Zionist child is about the same height as the other with nearly the same kind of clothes. The face is the same with slight modifications. Here is the image with light added to attempt to determine the background more accurately. It can be seen that one of the Chinese-appearing youth images, in that image, left screen, the arm looks like a drawn pole.


It is, in fact, the same image used as this fabricated child. Note the hard white lines all over the imagery, which is surely evidence of the fraud.


One feature the Zionists consistently used was mere paint. They frequently painted the lips with black coloring, seen in the fake boy image against the wall and also the seated girl, right screen.

auschwitzarchhoax auschwitzhoaxfakeforgery1

Note how the arms of the girl are nothing more than mere paint strokes or cut-outs. Wait a minute; could the two girls be the same persons? It’s possible. The heads are the same height, the nose highly similar. Mere white and black paint would fix the rest, like paint off the eyebrows with white and the chin, either diminished with black or bulked up with white.


The lips were painted, RE: the image on the right screen. It is likely that black paint was used to diminish the size of the jaws and cheeks.

What about this hoax image? It’s a major one in HoloHoax fraud.


Notice also the background and the legs. Notice the nature of the feet and toes. All this is corrupt, extensively altered: purely fabricated. The toes in some cases look like claws or needles: ludicrous.

What kind of a femur or upper leg is that? Even in a starving person that’s not human anatomy, making this a blatant forgery.


There’s lots of recycling of arch-Zionist heads going on here. No one denies that this images could well be those of Zionist children. The issue is that they obviously weren’t there, because the images are forgeries.

auschwitzdoubleheads2    auschwitzhoaxerrecycledheads


Clearly, this is the same head shot of a child, heavily corrupted through the use of mere paint. Notice the hair-line and structure, how similar it is, as well as the chin. The hoaxers attempted to alter the tip of the nose with black matter. The fake is glaringly obvious for all to see.

Back to the original image where recycled heads were discovered, including the image of the non-existent Jew, front and to the right screen:

One again, an image was recycled from another fraudulent image in the ‘bunks.’

Thanks to the people at ElieWieseltatoo.com the following newly discovered recycled head was revealed:














There can be no doubt that it is the same image with slight modifications. This is hard proof that the entire photograph is a deliberate fake. Once again, no one denies that these were originally real photos. Perhaps these are to a degree images of actual Zionists who would later feign the role of HoloHoax survivors. Through this they could commit great fraud, spreading gross corruption on the earth.










Even so, whether he is a real person or not has yet to be determined. One issue which is certain is the fact that those eyeballs and eyebrows have been painted in. What else, as pointed out on the Website, is painted in? As pointed out by Carol Yeager it is the ear:



The ear was painted on, and, moreover, there are anomalous greyish-black marks abounding which give further evidence of photographic alteration.

According to ElieWieselTattoo, “Hundreds of forged and mislabeled photographs make up the “Holocaust'”

What else is seen? How about the two on the bottom?


It’s the same person, same Zionist image on loan, same nose, chin, lower lip, distinctive eyes – same forehead and eyebrows. Looks like the heads were attached to skeletons derived from other imagery. A most systematic, deliberate forgery, indeed.

What else and who else is seen?

holohoaxrecycledheads-provennodoubt holohoaxrecycledheads-proven

These are clearly the same heads in both images. How could these men be in two different layers of bunks at the same time? Clearly, then, the entire image is a diabolical fake. None of these men were in the area in which this is attributed, the Buchenwald labor camp. It didn’t happen, period: end of discussion.


It is certain that the head pointed out by the arrow is recycled, with the fake fez being a part of the scam. Regarding the other two heads pointed out by a straight line, this is possible, too: but not yet regarded as definitive.

More arch-Zionist loan faces. Here is an example of hedonistic Zionist Jew, Max Hamburger, who apparently did loan his photographic head for the scam:

Max Hamburger, a Jewish-Dutch psychiatrist, is the man in the above photograph taken in 2012. He is 92 years of age. The photo was retrieved from this pdf













It could well be him. Notice the sharp edge of the chin and the hook to the tip of the nose. Yet, once again, he was not in those bunks. The image is a forgery. Thus, any benefits achieved by such Zionists based upon any purported harm at the hands of the Nazi system amounts to illicit gains.

See also:

















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  1. There can be no doubt that NoDisinfo is the top leader in revealing the truth: the website that exposes Zionist corruption, fraud and terror present and past.

    There is no other site that can match such remarkable work!

    Dr K who runs the site NoDisinfo is an unprotected person like myself and few others (unlike the protected people: Mark Glenn, Michael Collins Piper, Wolfgang Halbig, Frazier Glenn Miller, Gordon Duff) who are taking a huge risk with our lives to expose the Zionist crimes on humanity which many people shy away from doing – for the fear of Zionists – because Zionists are a threat to the honest and courageous people in the world.

    Holocaust has been a major deception. Zionist narrative about late German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and German people are simply lies. Hitler is the greatest politician (and statesman) who ever walked this earth. He was the creator of the German miracle and he was a very inspiring leader whom the Germans loved! He was a terrific artist, a vegetarian and an animal lover and a well disciplined person who advised his fellow soldiers against drinking alcohol and smoking and was a deeply caring person who loved his country and people.

    It is important to uphold the truth thereby refusing to go along with lies of the Zionists, their agents and other cowards who continue to parrot lies about this unique human being. And the unfortunate thing is that these lies have totally replaced the truth after repeating them for over decades – even by otherwise well meaning people who have done that for fear of Zionists who can be very cruel. But there should be no excuse for repeating lies and it is shameful to lie or repeat lies!

    As long as politicians, journalists, columnists, bloggers etc choose to remain ignorant about Adolf Hitler’s government and German people Zionist Communist Jews and Jewish owned Mainstream media will continue to spread false propaganda about the so called Jewish “Holocaust” and innocent people like Ernst Zundel will be in prison for doing no harm to anyone but for having spoken the truth. The time has come where all these ignorant people and those who lie on behalf of Zionist Jews and Israel need to be exposed and or boycotted for being irresponsible about presenting factual information to the world. Justice will not be served to its true extent by merely saying what Zionist Israel does to people in Gaza and Palestine is wrong as long as these same people refuse to learn the truth and/or continue to deceive the world about what happened in Hitler’s Germany by saying Hitler killed millions of Jews which he did not. How difficult is it for these people to learn the truth about what really happened during and after WW 11 to Germany and German people?

    Are they waiting till Holocaust lies fill the heads of every little child in every remote corner of the globe?

    A Jewish woman by the name of Ann Ranasinghe (supposed to be herself a Holocaust survivor) who married a Sri Lankan professor (who is also a MD) few decades ago is going around poisoning the minds of people in Sri Lanka including school children with lies about the Holocaust. Sri Lankan newspapers (owned by Zionists and their agents) are giving her a lot of publicity to spread the Holocaust propaganda.

    All we hear repeatedly is about the “6 million Jews” who were “murdered by Hitler” and we are supposed to believe these lies. Jewish Holocaust is a lie which has been kept alive through the continued deception by Jews who have made an industry out of this Holocaust hoax.

    Now is the time to dispel these lies while claiming back all the funds that have been collected on behalf of Jews for the fraudulent Jewish Holocaust Industry and these funds need to be directed as reparations paid to Germans who live in and outside of Germany and Muslims and Christians who have been the victims of the so called “war on terror” which is another Jewish hoax.

    Jews have persecuted countless other people based on lies about the Holocaust which Zionists have turned into a big industry running into millions of dollars for their benefit at the cost of people in Germany, US and other countries. Bishop Richard Williamson is among few other courageous people who said that no Jews died in gas chambers during Hitler’s Germany. He also said that Muslims didn’t do 9/11 and after he made these statements Zionists caused him a lot of grief.

    Bad things are known to happen to countries and people who oppose Zionist Jewish bankers, Zionist Jewish orchestrated wars and Zionist corporations (the US tax system known as the IRS, companies that manufacture GMOs, pesticides, toxic drugs and vaccines etc) and/or criticize organized Jewry, the Jewish Holocaust and/or Zionist Israel for the crimes committed on innocent people in Gaza in the occupied Palestine. It is strange that Israeli planes never crash and Jews don’t die from accidents like non Jews.

    Some people have paid a heavy price for having done any of the above and one such person who has greatly suffered is the German Artist and Activist: Ernst Zundel who is still sitting in a German prison for having committed no crime. His prison sentence was orchestrated by Zionist Jews who hated him for having challenged the Jewish narrative of the Holocaust. Ernst Zundel hired a US engineer and with his expertise scientifically proved once and for all that there were absolutely no gas chambers (which was only a Jewish fabrication) that were used by Hitler’s government to kill Jews in Germany. This enraged the Zionists who used all their arsenal against him to get even.

    Under the Patriot Act he was secretly taken away from his home in the US which he shared with his wife Ingrid Zundel.

    Ernst Zundel’s house was fire bombed by some Jewish extremists while he was living in Canada several years ago.

    Ernst Zundel’s story is a heartbreaking one where the Zionist controlled corrupt Judicial system and the corrupt government in three countries (US, Canada and Germany) conspired against an innocent and decent individual.

    To learn more about the talented Artist and Activist: Ernst Zundel


  2. “The Untold Holocaust : Allied Forces treatment of Germans” by Shenali Waduge

    “We are told enough times about the terrible crimes committed by Germans but why is there stoic silence on the crimes committed by the Allied forces (UK, US, FRANCE and SOVIET UNION) on Germans? Germany was defeated in May 1945 with that ended World War 2. What gets conveniently hidden from history’s tell tales are the horrible crimes that covered destruction, looting, starving, rape, ethnic cleansing and mass killing of the vanquished German people. Why were innocent German men, women and children persecuted and thrown out from their centuries’ old homes? If there was ever an example of triumphalism it was seen in the manner the victors ” the US, UK, France and Soviet Union treated the losing nation and its people. There is no other more suitable word to call it other than holocaust and it remains ‘unknown’ or ignored because the perpetrators like to depict themselves as magnanimous victors and not the barbarians they really were. When the story is written by the victor would they include their crimes? They want the Allies to remain Heroes and the Axis to remain the Villains. Now some of the same Victors have written the international human rights laws that do not apply to them as they continue the same crimes….”

    Read more:


    • You are depriving some poor village of its idiot.

  3. Deception and lies of Communist Jews long before Zionism came into being!

    Is 6 million a magic number?

    SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD




  4. US has funded Holocaust Museums at the cost to US citizens. So many innocent people from across the globe have gone to prison for disagreeing with the Jewish narrative of the Holocaust and here are some facts about this historical event.

    Hard Facts of The Holocaust



  5. “Zionist Appetite for Destruction (Part I)” By Columnist Jonas E Alexis

    Zionism cannot exist without the blood of the Goyim

    Zionism never stops looking for blood. In fact, it was born out of blood and violence. Even before it was actualized in the Middle East and America by the middle of the twentieth century, the Dreadful Few were already preaching the overthrow of Western Civilization and Talmudic ascension. For example, Baruch Levy, one of Karl Marx’s correspondents, wrote that

    “in this new organization of humanity, the sons of Israel now scattered over the whole surface of the globe…shall everywhere become the ruling element without opposition…

    “The government of the nations forming the Universal or World-Republic shall all thus pass, without any effort, into Jewish hands thanks to the victory of the proletariat…

    “Thus shall the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, that, when the Messianic epoch shall have arrived, the Jews will control the wealth of all the nations of the earth.”[1]

    In order for the “Messianic epoch” to take place, the old tradition—and that is Western Civilization in all its manifestations in art, music, science, history, philosophy, politics, economics, international law, etc.—must be pushed aside and supplanted by essentially Talmudic ideology. This cannot happen without the shedding of blood—most specifically the blood of the Goyim.

    But this has to be done in a sophisticated or covert way, which means that sometimes the dumb Goyim do not even know what is happening. Sometimes they are just actors in the Zionist play. Let us look at some examples.

    When Zionism looked for blood (through the Allies) right after World War I, it ran into a resistance force—Nazi Germany. As we have documented in the past, Nazi Germany would have been almost impossible without Bolshevism and other Jewish subversive movements. Even Jewish historian Arno J. Mayer of Princeton argues that Bolshevism drove Hitler into a bloody conflict with the Soviet Russia.[2]

    There were indeed ideological forces on both sides, but the average student who has been seduced by the Holocaust establishment simply would not understand why Germany for example attacked Poland:

    As we have seen in the past, Nazi Germany was quite complicated and there is certainly more to World War II than meets the eye and ear. The Third Reich quickly saw that Judaism wanted German blood by any means. In fact, it was widely known that Judea declared war on Germany by 1933…..”

    “..Both innocent and guilty people ended up losing their lives at the end of the war, which ended up catapulting the Zionist movement. When the ideological dust was largely removed from Germany, the Dreadful Few (through the Allied Forces) ended up liquidating and dislocating and starving and sexually raping ethnic Germans by the millions.[4]…”


    • I re-posted this to caution people about Gordon Duff. He says he’s a self-hating Jew, George Soros is a good guy and 40% of what he writes is false.

    • You really are a global menace

  6. “The Zionist/Neo-Bolshevik Holocaust Has Already Begun” by Jonas E Alexis

    “Moses Hess, Karl Marx’s collaborator, postulated in the nineteenth century that the end of history will have to be understood in messianic and therefore historical terms. Hess perceived that this will inevitably create serious conflict among those who do not accept messianic ideology which he himself was articulating in his book Rome and Jerusalem. According to Hess, Jewish revolutionaries are supposed to break taboos and cross boundaries.[1] As a corollary, those revolutionaries will continually strive to break open the abyss of anarchic revolution. Hess even suggested that this revolution is “a special vocation,” and that revolutionaries like himself have carried this “messianic epoch of the world since the beginning of history.”[2] Hess, being a biological racialist and metaphysically and theologically anti-Semitic, declared that if a Jew does not follow that line of revolution, he is “a traitor to his race and his family.”[3] So, Hess’ formula is quite simple: to be a revolutionary Jew you have to go back to your roots; to go back to your roots you have to ally yourself with subversive movements; to ally yourself with subversive movements you have to go against the status quo; and this will invariably mean attacking the moral and political order.

    Attacking the moral order will inevitably create an existential struggle. In that struggle, argued Hess, the Jewish people will have to overcome their perceived enemies. Only then, Hess stated, will history come to fruition. And only then will the Jewish people dominate the entire world. Hess declared, “[T]he chosen, holy people who hitherto have groaned under the oppressor’s heel, shall in their turn inherit dominion over the whole earth. This will be the culmination of history.”[4]

    Heinrich Graetz, one of the fathers of Jewish historiography, understood Hess’ ideology quite well. Graetz wrote Hess a letter in 1868, four years after Hess wrote Rome and Jerusalem, saying, “I am looking forward with pleasure to flogging the Germans and their leaders—Schleirmacher, Fichte, and the whole wretched Romantic school.” And then Graetz dropped the ideological bomb which lies at the heart of the historical conflict:

    “We must above all work to shatter Christianity.”[5]

    Freud also understood that revolutionary ideology, and he saw Christianity—most specifically the Catholic Church—as his frontal enemy. Through sexual perversion, Freud thought that victory over Christianity was possible. Wilhelm Reich, one of Freud’s devoted disciples, picked that subversive theme up and seduced priests and nuns.

    Read more:


    • That’s a good point. Most of the psycology and psychiatry has been extensively used by the cabal to reach its sick goals. Already in the 80s most persons were psyco-addicted. The aim was clear. Using this ‘science’ as an instrument tobraiwash people. But ‘they have bbeen so careful in order to trade is as a ‘self-determination’s’ awareness bus.

      You will also note that ‘UNISEX’ fashion has long been another Troy Horse of the same infamous group. Same goes for the pro-homosexuals’ lobbying, the sad ‘gay pride’ (SIC), the illegal and unlimited immigration of different races and cultures (on the imposed, fake ‘melting pot’ there’d be a lot to say), and the cancer of ‘political correctness’ which contain them all.

      The final goal is the same: dismantling the society from the inside. Once you have killed religions and faith, the sense of sacred, the higher ideals and moral code, the culture and tradition of the Nation, you don’t have a People anymore but an atomized amount of CONSUMERS, and you have won….

      • But somehow, that wasn’t enough yet.
        After turning Ideals, Ideologies and values into rubble, something more was needed.
        They had to hit the very Biology of the man and woman. This the highest yell against Nature that any psycopath has ever cried out against the sky.

        But they are imposing it as a ‘shareable and politically correct’ stance.

        SEX is not used anymore. They prefer the anodyne term ‘gender’ to indicate any sexual personal inclination. Better if morally abject. What a coloured world it will be with man embracing man, kids sleeping with oldies, women loving multiple partners simultaneously because…’they still can’t choose…’

        Now even the paternal autority has come to an end. Too outdated! In Europe, most ‘correct’ countries call mom,as parent n. 1 and dad as n. 2 (interchangeably I guess).
        More, you have the widest choice granted to you by law, when you happen to indicate your sex on your passport or document (43 allowed modalities, is the current Giunness record held, if I dont go wrong, by current germany aka ZOG). I let you freely imagine the description list.
        Aaaah! That’s liberty!

        • Ur justing posting **** and then responding to ur own posts to make it look interesting. What a freak

  7. Dr. K. what do you think of the famous diary of Anne Frank?

    • HOAX.

      • How I missed the land of Oz.

        • LOL, he’s no Dorothy

      • Everything connected to the holoHoax is a Fraud. For example the father of this alleged victim was a zio-bankster whom had been convicted in Germany for financial crimes in the late 30s. That’s the reason why the family fled. As usual there is a lot to read about it. REAL SOURCES about the ‘anne frank diary’. By the way, it has clearly been written at least by four hands. Plus, some parts have been written with a ball pen (which by the way was invented in 1951, a certain number of years AFTER the ‘diary’ was allegedly been written).

    • The diary of Anne Frank is a fraud
      I remember this being required reading in elementary school in the early 60’s.

      • Exactly.
        The imposition of the fake diary is an old trick. Now ‘they’ have updated it with ‘LIVE’ material. In fact nowadays ‘teachers’ are often well-instructed by the local zio-lobbies. Meawhile, entire schools and teachers are ‘deported’ near Crackow, in an odd country-resort named Auschwitz . In the tranquillity of the polish country-side (quite shabby, though) they have to attend a couple session of a terrorist style stage. The kids are forced into an old deposit and compelled to hear to a tape performing horror music, screams and whatever the Holly-jew establishment finds appropriate to train the new generation in order to feel eternally guilty ..for something nobody EVER committed.

        These criminal, void, wholly staged ‘meetings’ (and similar ****) are nothing but the ‘blue pill’ for the HoloHoax faith.

        • The real battle against the Lie and the Liers is yet at its beginning. We won’t buy all the lies the cabal-media tell us, the ‘prize winner’ fake historical books report. It’s not enough. We can share the ‘real meat’, the historic, PROVED sources as long and wide as possible. Yet, it’s not enough.
          Boycott is a good tool that can and must be implemented to its full operability. The system must be fought in any possible way. Reject their Lies and their Products, being it food, music or the latest gitzmo. Send all the lies back to the sender.
          Refuse to apply to zio-led cable and sat Tvs, to watch their spiel-movies. Write letters, sms, messages to all the sold ‘representatives’ of the People, who occupy the power in an illegitimate and totally undeserved way. Oppose the lie anywhere- wherever it’s possible.
          Here, for the third time in less than two years, we have sent emails to any and each of the so called MPs, informing them in a irrefutable way, that what they have been asked to do by the zio-lobbies (crimininal laws against the free thought) it is a crime against the people, which they’ll be held accountable for.

          If more persons were just as committed as we all are, now we should be living in a much better society.

          • It would be a much better society if you were permanently committed.

  8. Dr Preston James and Mike Harris like Dr K (Dr Kaasem Khaleel aka Dr Cass Ingram) and myself are unprotected people who are taking a risk with their own lives to write and speak about Israeli and Zionist Jewish crime on America and the world.

    None of us are planning to commit suicide and/or kill other people and if you are told these things they are Zionist lies to frame/harm us and harm our families!

    “Israeli Espionage Fronts have Hijacked America!” By Dr Preston James and Mike Harris

    “The Facts of who did the 9-11-01 Attack on America are being revealed in great detail and show that Israeli did it with help from their hijacked American Political System, Congress, the Administration and elements of the US Military.”

    “On 9-11-2001, a foreign-based Enemy within our Gates attacked America with a pre-staged nuclear Gladio-style False-Flag.

    It is now known beyond any reasonable question that the 9-11-01 nuclear attack on America was an “Inside-job”, a Gladio-style false-Flag attack on America.

    What this means is that this attack was no surprise attack at all and was done with the help of some high ranking US Officials in the Administration, JCS, USAF, NORAD, the FAA and the local NYC government officials.

    It is also known that the individuals responsible for planning and executing this attack included PNACers, Top NeoCons, the President and the Vice-President and the Secretary of the Department of Defense, Several top JCS, USAF, NORAD and FAA, some Top Directors of AIPAC, and numerous American-Israeli ‘Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and Israeli Intel…..”

    “…We know how “cooperation” was obtained from numerous high USG Officials and members of Congress by these Israeli espionage fronts in America. The usual means were deployed which include huge payoffs made as campaign contributions and “set-aside allocations” as well as large speaking honorariums, revolving door jobs with huge salaries like which was used on Eric Holder. But far more sinister means have also been deployed such as videoed pedophile honey-traps and other types of sophisticated human compromise operations which are well known among Intel Insiders. VT has completely verified that these compromise operations occur and has published smoking gun evidence….”

    “..America has been deeply penetrated by Israeli Mossad and their Sayanim (assets) and has numerous active espionage programs which produce staged Terror and human compromise, pedophilia and blackmail on a massive scale….”

    Read more:


  9. From Dr Preston James and Mike Harris the following conclusion:

    “It is time for mainstream America to learn that the 9-11-01 attack on America was an inside-job, a Gladio style False-Flag pre-planned terror event, and actually a nuclear attack perpetrated by the OCC at the direction of Israeli Intel. This could have never happened unless Israel had been able to hijack the American Political System and USG by use of very well financed Israeli espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC, JINSA, Bnai Brith, the ADL and the like. The only way to break this hold and spell on America which is a result of this Israeli hijacking of America is to bypass the CMMM and get this vital truth directly to the American people which is exactly what VT has been doing.

    Once the American Masses realize that Israel and its American Traitors did 9-11-01 and used nukes stolen from Pantex, it is game over and an end to this Israeli occupation of America via Homeland Security and a captive Congress. The new US Military High Command already knows this for certain and is working hard to cut ties to Israel, but they need the support of the America masses. So get busy and share this vital information with all your family and friends and save America by helping it cut loose from this World Zionist dominated Likudist Israeli warmongers who are actually Neo-Bolshevik parasites on the World and Judaism too.”


  10. Holocaust is not the only fraud/deception Zionists have orchestrated. They are also causing division between Christians, Buddhists and Muslims in various countries about which the people in these countries have no clue.

    Zionist Jews are the ones behind Myanmar Muslim genocide while blaming the Buddhists.

    They are orchestrating something similar in Sri Lanka too by instigating violence against Muslims and blaming it on Buddhists.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was right about Jewish orchestration of WW1 and WW11!

    Iranian officials are spot on this Jewish scam where the Zionist Jews are killing Myanmar Muslims while blaming the Buddhists but Iranian officials seem to lack the proper knowledge and understanding about Buddhism.

    Nevertheless it is important that the world understands that Buddhism by no means is a Zionist tool but a sacred and precious true religion founded by Gautama Buddha who was born as Prince Siddhartha.

    But the Zionists are capable of making every effort to subvert Buddhism (just as they subverted the Catholic and the Christian Church) as well as bring disrepute to Buddhist monks aimed at destroying Buddhism in Myanmar, Sri Lanka,Thailand, Laos and Cambodia etc.

    Theravada Buddhism is strongest in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (former Burma).

    Zionist Jews want to destroy Christianity and the fond memories we Christians hold of Jesus Christ as well as destroy Islam and Buddhism.

    It is up to the Christians, Muslims and Buddhists to wake up to this truth so as not to allow the Zionist Jews to use these religions as tools to achieve their end goal of Jewish domination of the world and total annihilation of other religions and destruction of people who practice these three religions.

    Zionist Jews also must not be allowed to cause division between Christians, Muslims and Buddhists.

    Some one to also watch is Dalai Lama who is a fraudulent individual being a Zionist tool as well as a CIA asset. He is not a real Buddhist leader.

    The only true Buddhist leader is Gautama Buddha.

    And it is important not to pay homage to ordinary men who act as Buddhist leaders which can be a huge mistake.

    There is no man whether it be (Pope, Dalai Lama or anybody else) who can be a substitute for Jesus Christ or Gautama Buddha and there should be no statues built on behalf of these ordinary and worldly men who are trying to make a mark in the world as “spiritual leaders” without achieving true spiritual growth and harmony.

    “Iranian Officials: The Jews Are Responsible For The Massacre Of Muslims In Myanmar”

    As part of their policy to present the Jews and Zionists as aspiring to take over the world, Iranian officials consistently claim that they are involved, overtly or covertly, in every international event and crisis. For example, Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi said in June 2012 that the Zionists were to blame for the Bolshevik revolution and for spreading drugs in the world, and added: “Every war and conflict worldwide necessarily have Zionist roots.”[1] In August 2012, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the Jews of planning World War I and II, and explained, “the Zionists are behind every [act of] widespread moral destruction, war, conflict or massacre.”[2]

    Ayatollah Ruhollah Qarehi: Judaism, Global Zionism Behind Myanmar Genocide


  11. Great work, doc. Really how much Photoshop a picture can take?

  12. So the holocaust is also a hoax now? Oh well…

    • Is not only a simple hoax. It is the Mother of all Hoaxes, of all heinous Frauds.

      It is the basement of that rotten building which is infamously known as the ‘ghetto of Palestine’ aka i$rae£.
      It is the basement of Yalta, it is the root of all evil brought to the world by the apolide-predator-zio-corporations. It is the source of all wars, violent occupations and mass murders in recent history and the slaughter of Palestine. It is the root for the destruction of free Nations and Peoples. In a word it is the hugest, criminal Lie the recorded history remembers.

      • ahhh i see, so this means my great grand dad is lying about it? you know, whatever.

        • If he’s telling about gas chambers in which persons got holo-gassed, yessir! It’s a mere Lie.
          Sorry for you to find it out this way.

        • “…whatever?”

          • Yes. Somebody would say:
            USS-zio Battle Cruiser ‘ The ever Lie’ hit and sunk….

  13. yup whatever nothing more nothing less.

  14. Zionism is a global threat and here is why!

    Zionist hijacked US has done disastrous things to many countries. US installed Russian Jewish Shah in Iran. Orchestrated regime change in many South American and other countries including Egypt. Zionists ousted President Morsi. Did they do the same thing in Sri Lanka?

    And who is creating the troubles in this same country: Sri Lanka between various fractions while also trying to subvert the country and destroy its sovereignty?

    “Sovereignty under threat”


  15. Learn more about history of Germany:


  16. Another fraudulent event staged by the Zionists to benefit from it at the expense of non-Jewish people in the world


  17. Australia’s former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser in his book has expressed concern about America being Australia’s ally and he has labeled America as “a dangerous ally”. He and other Australian leaders fear that America will drag Australia into unnecessary conflicts.

    Australia’s former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser’s concerns appear to be legitimate based on USA policies of endless war, occupation, infiltration and subversion. What he has failed to address is America’s relationship with Israel which being the source of all conflicts.

    Australia (and China) also need to watch out USA/Israel controlled India that has played dirty tricks all along against the neighboring small country: Sri Lanka that include the terrorism staged by Indian trained and funded terrorists on people in Sri Lanka.

    The latest is the attempt of India and Western powers to divide this small country: Sri Lanka in order to please the minorities who are related to Tamil Nadu Indians. India can resolve the Tamil problem once and for all by having back the Tamils who left India for a better life in Sri Lanka which could be the best solution for their grievances against Sri Lanka.


  18. Tell me Doc, are you bringing this up because its on tv right now for whatever reason you have? I guess for views but i can be wrong about it of course.

    • I see you are coming quite often.
      It is likely because you find quite interesting the subject we are discussing .

      May I ask you why don’t you take the chance of reading just a handful of the many links indicated above?

      • Yup i’m here once and a while but stil don’t see any proof towards most of the so called hoaxes over here. More then a year ago i was here the first time because of the possible Paul Walker hoax but after i read a few other articles over here i was done with most of this site because in MY opinion its BS. I still try to figure out how this is proof because i really don’t see it no matter how hard i look at the evidence people are bringing up and no matter how many vids i look at i still don’t see any proper proof ( sorry! ) and believe me i’m not dumb or stupid so don’t even accuse me of that. That is also a thing that keeps me away from this site, if you give your opinion and ppl like Christine don’t agree with it we are stupid dumb sheeps, giving us nicknames to offend us etcetera, very immature if you ask me so its for the best to keep my opinion away from this site not that i care that people are calling me a dumb sheep but because i reffuse to put my energy in something thats not worth it. I honestly think that Christine is one of the most dumb people over here for spamming this site with BS articles, but no offense of course 😉 she’s calling everybody over here a troll or a sheep ( be original for god sake ) except if you agree with her so don’t be mad at me now i say she is the dumb one over here. I would love to talk about the sick world we live in, and discuss different point of views but that seems to be impossible these days. I’m waiting for another comment saying i’m a sheep, troll, dumb ***** etcetera and don’t forget to mention my shitty grammar ( i’m aware of that but at least i have the decency to speak English at least i try to and not in my own language, believe me Dutch is a difficult language if you don’t speak it 🙂 )

        Cheers and keep up the good work *cough*

        • Well, at least I’m glad to read a ‘full’ message, though not yet a reply to my previous question to you. The inquiry was not so much “why don’t you believe in Paul Walker article” (although I must secretly confess to you that as a motorsport lover, I’ve taken away the paul walker sticker from my race helmet as soon as I have read that specific article and methabolized its content), but WHY don’t you read some of the multiple quotes that you can still see in many posts, just above and below your mexs.
          As you say, your grand-grand father has been in a labour camp ( and he made it back since he told ‘something’ to family and friends). Now, I feel it to be your moral duty to examine the proper historic sources on the matter, which are scientifically based on FACTS and evidence, not on tales or memories, given also that you have not met your relative in person and all stories have been REPORTED by somebody else. Note that what I call as ‘sources’ are mere proof that NOBODY EVER has been able to dismantle. More, let’s say that in court, they have represented ‘insurmountable’ obstacles for the holoHoaxers, the times they have been produced as evidence.
          Now, in your place, I would be very curious .
          As you can see we dont offend you, as long as you do not offend any of us, and do not pretend you become an immediate supporter in the fight for Truth. Only, that you ‘take advantage’ of the few but important things that are being told here.
          Start reading the articles of Prof. Faurisson, Dr. Juergen Graf, Prof Mattogno, Prof Rassinier (who has been interned in two camps himself Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora-but this, didn’t prevent him from telling the truth about the holoHoax), Dr Valli, Dr German Rudolf or, if you prefer Israel Shamir.

          • First i want to say, thanks for responding in a normal way without name calling.

            What i try to say about the Paul Walker case is that i do know that many things are not right about it but i’m still not convinced he did faked it.

            About my great grad dad, yes he’s dead for years and i can’t ask him about this anymore but i really doubt he was lying and i don’t think that all the other old bags are lying about it, there was a memorial on tv remembering the holocaust yesterday and i can’t imagine that all these people are lying about it.

            I read many many articles towards different claimned hoaxes, yet i’m stil laughing about most ”evidence” i can’t see all the vague crappy things here and on other sites as proper evidence and i’m sorry to say that. I see evidence in a totally different way. not proof of creepy websites or words from creepy people. Many sites that people are calling over here are just BS sites and i can’t believe that many people are falling for it, pretty naive. I’m calling it brainwashing.

            I’m not a fool and i do know that bad things are happening in the world but to say that everything is a hoax goes way to far in my opinion.

            In my eyes evidence that proofs 100% that something is fake is evidence, and most articles over here prooves nothing, maybe 10% or less. For example, i don’t believe for 100% that Paul Walker is dead, if he shows up at my house heck yeah then i know he did faked it but i doubt that gonna happen. Same for the other so called hoaxes. I’m hard to convince, maybe a bit to hard but i need good proof, no BS or vague nonsense that actually proofs nothing.

            I’m not here to offend anyone except the people that offend me several times because i do have my own opionion about it and like i said before its a sad thing that its not possible to discuss things in a normal way without attacking and assaulting eachother. I don’t wanne pity myself but the reason i do have grammar errors is because my brain has some sort of damage and its pretty hard to concentrate and also i my memory very bad ( its because of a disease ) and i do make grammar errors in my own language so its kinda rough that people are making a fool out of me because of something i can’t do anything about.

            Its like a relieve to see that there are a few good people over here that can act in a normal way so thanks again. Its hard to explain what i really think about things and to give my opinion because my English isn’t that good with or without the spelling errors and google translate is a bad program to translate my words so i do this without translate programs. I guess i paid attention in English class years ago haha but still its diffucult to tell everything thats in my mind about this.


          • Well again, Luna (by the way Luna means Moon). You sound pretty young, though.
            English is not a problem. Even mine is faulty.

            I see your reasons, but yet you fail to answer to my topic inquiry:

            why don’t you look at the links some of us have edited..?

            Now, i’m going to type some link. Take the chance of reading them, at least when you have time. I do not want to force you, to convince you by force.
            The links I am reporting contain Historic Proof, Evidence, that can be used in a Court. Things these, that no holohoaxer has ever been able to produce ore counterargue correctly!
            Now, you cannot say that you do not find them convincing. Faurisson, Mattogno, to name a few, have challenged the zio-system for years, asking them to prove that what they were saying was false. THEY FAILED, ever and ever. More: they avoid any comparison with these historicians as they know they’d be wiped off.

            Ok, now check what you want on http://www.ihr.org/

            Later we can even discuss. BUT FIRST take vision at least of the indicated links.

          • Thanks for the link, i will check it out tomorrow, right now i’m off to bed its already pretty late over here. I’ve got some news, something happend over here in the Netherlands 2 hours ago. A armned guy invaded a tv studio over here, he wanted airtime, trying to tell us something BIG/ worldnews, i think he is from that hackers collective Anonymous. Looks pretty fake to me, he was so chill and relaxt and he looked like a decent guy in a toxido, a bit like a second Charlie Hebdo but this time wihtout victims.

            Link: http://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20150129_01500890

            And i wonder why do you think i’m young? I’m in my late 20’s so i don’t think thats that young.

            I think i will be back here tomorrow or saturday.

            Nighty night.

    • Once again an appallingly written piece of analysis, if you people were half as intelligent as you seem to think you are, you would be pointing out the glaring holes and blatant speculative statements that are made in this article.

      • Change ur nick into “TheFAP”

  19. “It’s time for a Big Terminology Change” By Dr Preston James and Mike Harris

    “For too many years Judaics have been able to deflect any appropriate criticism about their dysfunctional Tribal Behaviors and the anti-social actions of Israel by invoking the false charge of anti-Semitism.”

    “In this article you will be shown how this term “anti-Semitism” is a misnomer and is being mis-used by Judaics and Israeli espionage fronts to deflect any appropriate criticism for their unacceptable behaviors.

    Note: This article is written for non-Judaics who have significant background understanding what World Zionism (WZ) is and how is functions as a toxic anti-social virus called Judaic Tribalism that generates death and destruction everywhere it spreads and takes control like an octopus (which is what it used be called by insiders). If you are Judaic or have a strong Judaic identity, your mindset and cultural programming will probably block you from understanding this article, so don’t waste your valuable time reading it or trying to comprehend it. The main part of the article is contained in Part I. Part II is optional reading for those who wish to acquire more specific knowledge of how this lethal virus spreads and produces death and destruction everywhere it goes.

    It’s time to correct this gross mis-use of the Term “anti-Semitism” and begin honest discussion how Judaic Tribalism emerged. And it is time to clearly explain what is responsible for the mis-use of this term almost every time the Israel or World Zionism (WZ) are criticized for their criminal and anti-human acts.

    It can be demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that not only is criticism of Israel for its Apartheid and Genocide against Palestinians NOT anti-Semitism, but this criticism of Israel is also NOT even prejudicial against Judaics.

    Criticism of Israel’s acts towards Palestinians and others is not well justified and can now easily shown to NOT be be anti-Semitism at all.

    Why? Because this criticism of Israel for its massive land-theft, tyranny, Blockading, Apartheid and genocide against Palestinians is well justified and must be increased until Israel stops these crimes against Palestinians which are serious crimes against humanity.

    Yes, Israel’s crimes against Palestinians are very serious, but its recent crimes against America are also deadly serious. More on that later at the end of the article.

    In fact these crimes against Palestinians are so serious that eventually when Israel gets tried and convicted in a suitable international court of law at some future date, they will have to pay massive reparations to Palestinians and return all of their land back to the 1947 UN set borders and pay massive reparations to Americans also.

    Ponder this, after WW2 when the Judaics had about 200,000 deaths in the Nazi Work Camps. These work camps were actually Slave Labor Camps for the fascist Corporations that supplied the Nazi War Machine and this included many western Corporations including at least one Wall Street Bank, Union Bank, AT&T, IBM, Ford and Standard Oil and many others.

    Judaics were able to obtain massive Reparations and Damages for these crimes of the Nazis and their supporting western corporations and banks.

    It took many years but they were able to obtain very large reparations. Certainly Palestinians should be able to do the same thing in regards to the Israeli’s crimes against Palestinians which are serious crimes against humanity.

    Yes, it is blatantly obvious to any normal person that genocide, massive land-theft, tyranny, oppression and blockading of Palestinians are very serious crimes against humanity and violations of numerous UN Resolutions. And these criminal inhuman acts against Palestinians are inhuman and evil beyond imagination.

    Israel must be brought to justice in an International Court of Law and stopped forever for its crimes against Palestinians, and made to pay serious reparations just like they received from the Germans after WW2.

    Israel must be brought to justice for this and be made to return all the land they illegally stole from Palestinians and for their blockading and genocide against Palestinians. And they must be made to pay massive reparations and return the land they stole back to the Palestinians…..”

    Read more:


    • I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ***.

  20. Don’t miss this program!

    Professor James Fetzer on Radio Fetzer and his guests:


  21. Zionist Crime factory exposes Joshua Blakeney and Professor Anthony Hall

    Joshua Blakeney also promotes Zionist agent Mark Glenn as being real!

    “A so-called anti-Zionist, Joshua Blakeney, and a so-called truth seeker, Anthony J. Hall, spout Jewish propaganda and support Jewish agendas”

    “Joshua Blakeney Swallows Zionist Pill on the Protocols”

    Do you honestly believe the Jewish-trumpeted conspiracy theory that the Protocols were “faked” in a vast “anti-Semitic conspiracy”?

    As internet writer Banjo_Billy so eloquently elucidated in his superbly written essay [53]–which handily refutes the Zionist-trumpeted conspiracy theory that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were a forgery by conspiring “antisemites”– the Jews ironically exemplified and utilized all of the sinister stratagems and treacherous tactics outlined within the Protocols in their ceaseless campaign to discredit the Protocols. The author commented: “The Jews of the world proclaimed the Protocols to be a forgery. But rather than prove them to be so by the honest methods of logic and legal reasoning, they resorted to murder, bribery, blackmail, liable, slander, deceit, perjury, swindles and lies in their efforts to disprove them — not at all the methods of honest and innocent defendants but certainly the methods of criminals trying to evade their guilt.” [emphasis added]

    In Kevin Barrett’s June 8th 2011 No Lies Radio broadcast [54], Joshua Blakeney confessed: “I’ve never read that book [The Protocols of Zion] in my whole life.” A little over a month later, on July 13th, Blakeney published an article within which he hastily and ignorantly endorsed the official Jewish narrative, stating as fact that the Protocols Of Zion are “fraudulent and false.” [55] Wow, going from not having read the Protocols to declaring them “fraudulent and false” a month later. Was this astonishing epiphany a month later the result of an in-depth study of the origins of the Protocols or lack-thereof? No objective truth seeker would rush to a definitive conclusion that quickly on a disputed issue like the authenticity of the Protocols Of Zion. He certainly didn’t reach his conclusions about what really happened on 9/11 within a month’s time-frame….”

    “Professor Anthony Hall of Canada Embraces Discredited Holocaust Propaganda”

    Read Don Heddesheimer’s book, The First Holocaust, on fraudulent and phony pre-WWII holocaust claims by deceitful Jews, and their obsessive use of the number “6,000,000”.

    Professor Hall’s failure to cite the many examples of venomous Jewish hate screeds directed against Gentiles illustrates his clear bias in favor of the Jews. In Professor Hall’s article [3] he espouses the belief that: “We must never forget the very old legacy of religious and ethnic violence culminating in the industrialized genocide of 6,000,000 European Jews sent to their slaughter by fascist regimes throughout Europe.” The obscene falsity of this statement is vomit worthy. He theatrically recites the phony Zionist Hollywood Holocaust script like a choir boy singing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve. It is blatantly obvious that Professor Hall has not read one single revisionist article or revisionist book. If he had he wouldn’t blindly spout such discredited nonsense.

    For starters, the “Six Million” figure and story originated as a Judaic religious prophecy that prophesied “Six Million Jews” vanishing before the Jews could reclaim the land of Israel, which they accomplished after WWII. [9] The cabalisitc 6,000,000 figure that we are all so familiar with has been used by Jewish-Zionist propagandists continuously before, during and after World War I. See Don Heddesheimer’s excellent book The First Holocaust which delves into fraudulent and phony pre-WWII holocaust claims and Jewish fund-raising campaigns associated with those claims…..”

    Read more;


    • How many times do we have to flush to get rid of you?

  22. “Blakeney, a Fervent Communist”

    Astonishingly, it is not frowned upon in Western societies to openly support Communism, an ideology whose adherents have wiped out over 100,000,000 people. I wonder why that is?

    Joshua Blakeney has, on a number of occasions, proudly proclaimed himself to be an “avid Marxist” and a Communist. In one of Kevin Barrett’s previous radio broadcasts in March[56], Blakeney praised Jewish Communist mass murderers as “the smartest Jews” because they were, Blakeney said, “assimilationists.” He iterated: “I always say, I think the smartest Jews were the Communists because they were the most ultra-assimilationists … Jewish people who wanted to work with non-Jewish people to emancipate themselves and rid themselves of class-rule, cuz obviously whenever you have a ruling class they need to divide and rule the working class based on ethnic and religious lines … by ending a system that requires divide and rule, requires ethnicity to be emphasized, doing away with that system would be very good for everybody.” This interpretation of Jewish Communist motivations is downright false. Firstly, Jews in Communist Russia and Communist Eastern Europe did not fully assimilate and were thus not “ultra-assimilationists” as Blakeney asserts. Kevin MacDonald, a courageous professor of psychology at the California State University-Longbeach, accurately discerned that Jews maintained a strong secular Jewish identity and constituted a “hostile elite” in the Soviet Union and in other Communist countries. [57] Stanley Hornbeck’s review of Kevin MacDonald’s excellent book Culture of Critique noted:

    “Prof. MacDonald emphasizes that although Jewish Communists preached both atheism and the solidarity of the world’s working people, they took pains to preserve a distinct, secular Jewish identity. He reports that Lenin himself (who had one Jewish grandparent) approved the continuation of an explicitly Jewish identity under Communism, and in 1946 the Communist Party of the United States voted a resolution also supporting Jewish peoplehood in Communist countries. Thus, although Communism was supposed to be without borders or religion, Jews were confident that it would make a place for their own group identity. He writes that despite the official view that all men were to be brothers, ‘very few Jews lost their Jewish identity during the entire soviet era.’” [58]…..

    Read more;


  23. From Zionist Crime Factory:

    Conclusion – Hall and Blakeney Are Dishonest Frauds

    In closing, the evidence presented herein incontrovertibly demonstrates that Professor Anthony J. Hall and Joshua Blakeney are not sincere in their skepticism. Their support of the conspicuous fraud of Holocaustianity and dismissal of the Protocols of Zion are clear examples of dishonesty. Blakeney’s vivacious support of evil Communism proves that he is not really opposed to Jewish domination, despite proclaiming to be anti-Zionist. It is apparent that Professor Hall and Josh Blakeney are not genuine skeptics, and have undertaken a limited hang-out or politically correct approach to seeking the truth. I advise readers to beware the disinformation of these type of phony truth seekers and activists, they are no friends of the truth.


    • These phony truth seekers are agents of the global-zio disinformation cabal. The infamously known Hasbaras..
      They jeopardize (or try to compromize) the Valuable information shared online, with different modalities, such as the neuro-linguistic programming .
      You will have noticed that very recently both i$rae£ and the fake EU have incremented their budget for their ‘network and internet operators’ aka Trolls.
      Whenever any ‘forbidden’ issue is discussed over social networks or information sites, they pull in.
      The most sophisticated ones do create their own internet site, faking the one they want to hit and polluting heavily the contents of the latter.
      Trolls’ skills may vary allowing them to simply disturb the ongoing discussion or attack (assault) the issue or the hosting site in a multiple way.

      • You sure do a good job at disrupting this site – shill

  24. For the benefit of Joshua Blakeney and other truth seekers who doubt the Protocols of Zion!

    The Illustrated Protocols of Zion by Dr David Duke



  25. Everyone has heard about the Jewish Holocaust while the mass murders of other people have being ignored.

    Please spread this far and wide. It is time to expose all crime!


  26. More deception about the Jewish holocaust: fake starving Jews and photo forgery


  27. It is very important to expose the deception about the Holocaust before Zionist Jews spread this lie to all the corners of the globe!

    “New film demonstrates how “Holocaust” narrative was faked”


  28. Please check these out



    • This whole page is one person posting under phony names and talking to himself

  29. the holocaust was real they could have been twins too

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