**Breaking News** — 01 December 2015
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The Ridiculously Fake Planned Parenthood Arch Zionist Gun Control Hoax

With revelations thanks to our posters

Updated, Dec. 1, 2015

It couldn’t get more fake, more absolutely inane than this. Moreover, what a terminally corrupt arch-fake Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) fabrication it is, so fake it is beyond comprehension.

With the SPLC leveraging is arch-Rockefeller, criminally corrupt PlannedParenthood asset this is a Zionist-orchestrated gun control hoax, make no mistake about it. In this regard how much more ridiculous can it get than this? Really, they are loading a ‘victim’ into a SWAT vehicle? Why would anyone do that? The ambulance is right there. It’s all for effect. That armored car is only there for one reason, that is for mind-control/psyops purposes.


Emergency personnel help a victim into an armored vehicle after a gunman opened fire inside a Planned Parenthood facility on Centennial Boulevard in Colorado Springs, Colo.

In a million years in a real event no one would load a gunshot victim into a SWAT vehicle versus the ambulance, if for no other reasons medical-legal issues. Moreover, who in God’s name is this? It is none other than the white Anglo-Saxon boogeyman:


Could there be any greater over-acting than this? After viewing an image like this by no means can anyone regard this as real. The arch-criminal clique, SPLC, has orchestrated this in order to re-imprint the image of the gun-toting, radicalized, crazed white man, the lone wolf: the ultimate danger to all society.

The number three was selected for the fake dead, following the standard Talmudic numerology-based scams. Even so, it’s a hoax, though, one to the extreme, and there can be no doubt about it. The purpose of the hoax is to impose draconian gun control upon the American people: before the end of the Obama administration cabal.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.39.33 AM

One of the key false witnesses, Ozy Licano, is a mere agent, a stooge, for the Zionist-controlled Obama clique:

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.38.10 AM

(Image thanks to unnamed videographer, video on the site, above)

This arch-liar says he was shot in the neck, with blood flowing all over the place. There is no possibility that he is speaking the truth, as is clearly seen in his interviews:

Planned Parenthood clinic shooting survivor Ozy Licano describes his encounter with the shooter Friday, Nov. 27, 2015, in Colorado Springs Colo. A gunman who opened fire inside a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic was arrested Friday after engaging in gun battles with authorities during an hours-long standoff that killed multiple people and wounded others, officials said. Licano was treated and released from Memorial Hospital on Friday. (Christian Murdock/The Gazette via AP, Pool)

Planned Parenthood clinic shooting survivor Ozy Licano describes his encounter with the shooter Friday, Nov. 27, 2015, in Colorado Springs Colo. A gunman who opened fire inside a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic was arrested Friday after engaging in gun battles with authorities during an hours-long standoff that killed multiple people and wounded others, officials said. Licano was treated and released from Memorial Hospital on Friday. (Christian Murdock/The Gazette via AP, Pool)

Rockefeller mole and arch-Zionist agent Vicki Cowart headed the effort to assist Obama in seizing the guns. The venomous arch-Obama mole can be seen in the image below, smirking and milling in glee at the prospect of spreading corruption in the land:

Gun Control Issue Sparks Emotion At Vigil For Planned …


3 days ago – Vicki Cowart, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains , said that the 15 employees who were inside the health …


Vicki Cowart, back, executive director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, is hugged by Rev. Nori Rost during a vigil at All Souls Unitarian …

The Unitarian Church, active also after the Boston smoke bombing hoax, is a Zionist-orchestrated entity. Will the American public, once again, be fully bamboozled, fully fooled into believing that this is yet another example of lone wolf white violence?

Clearly, Cowart is a Zionist agent:


See her venom as she says this based on nothing other than a lie. What extremists does she speak of? Cowart knows full well that there were no extremists and that the shooting was nothing other than staged.

Preliminary post to be updated as soon as possible.




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  1. Perfectly done, doc!

    • Exhibit H (3) Colorado Abortion Mill Baby Slaughterhouse Fake Shooting Crisis Actor Ozy Licano Linked to Aurora, Colorado & Aurora Crisis Actor Studios:
      Busted Tteasonous Scumbag!

      Hosea Ozy Licano 1973 graduate of Rocky Ford High School in Rocky ford, CO is on Classmates…
      Ozy Licano 1969 to 1973

      My Life
      Ozy Licano Aurora, CO Mylife


    • Exhibit H (4) DHS Colorado Springs Abortion Slaughterhouse Hoax Shooting Crisis Actor Mossad Agent Scumbag Traitor Known as:

      Hosea Ozy Licano is Hosea Schuckman! Zionist Jew Ziotrash Crisis Actor of Aurora Crisis Actor Studios

      Busted Despicable Traitor!

      Radaris Results:
      Hosea O Licano, ~61
      Aurora, CO
      Known as: Hosea Ozy Licano · Hosea Schuckman · Hosea Licano

      Has lived in: Aurora, CO · Lakewood, CO · Denver, CO · Golden, CO · Commerce City, CO
      Related to: Serena Johnson ~73 · Kelly Licano · Rebecca Schuckman ~50 · Ellaine Greer ~41 · Domonic Kelly ~26


      Rot in hell your evil, genocidal Traitor, enemy agent, gungrabbing scumbag!

    • Exhibit H (5) Colorado Abortion Baby Grinding Mill PsyOp Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor
      Hosea Licano alias as Hosea Schuckman – is a Jewish name with lots of zionist extremists- psychos sharing this name with this fraudster like Brooke Schuckman of AJC – American Jewish Congress
      (Probably the 3rd most powerful & evil warmongering Zionist organization after AIPAC & Evil Abe Foxman’s ADL.)
      from their site:
      : AJC is the world’s leading Jewish non-government organization (NGO) engaged in international diplomacy… raising concerns about relations with Israel, Jewish communities abroad and (Jewish & sex deviants & various Jewish anarchists, jewish terrorists fronts’) human rights (& no one else!)


  2. I only Did one post on this clown I think. And he has numerous aliases. And he seems to have recently removed search results from Radaris & Intelius, etc when you look up Ozy or Ozzy Licano, somehow, since caches show up & then the results are removed. However I eventually found his long time name is Hoshea Lincano and also Hoshea Schuck and he also goes as Licano Schuck. He is definately a zionist Crypto jew who pretends to be an American Indian sometimes and also is a cross dresser tranny at times as Rebecca Schuck. or is it Schmuck?? I’m going off memory from a few days ago whatever same ziotrash schmuck [email protected]$$ fuck lying treasonous piece of human garbage! He loves to posts racist talmudic hate rants against whites & Christians & Gunowners…But loves having pictures of armed indians! lol And he loves killing goyim babies in the zioPlanned Genocide Baby Slaughterhouses for Talmudic B’aal occult derived holocaust human baby blood murder sacrifice offerings to Moloch aka Satan!
    He is probably another zio married into a tribe & part indian maybe who zioscams Native Americans out their money!

  3. My post on previous thread on Sleazebag Cartoon Character & Crisis Actor “Ozy Licano” the lying caricature hoax of a man!

    Exhibit H) Colorado Springs Abortion Shooting Hoax Treasonous Gun Confiscation ZioAgenda PsyOp

    Ridiculous pathological Liar Crisis Actor Wanna Be Musician Ozzy Licano the non stop Liar claims he was shot threw his windshield by crisis Actor Robert Dear. He’ll probably be drunk & drugged up for a week after this, until his DHS check is spent!


    What a filthy lying old zioPuppet! Did I mention he’s a liar??? lol

  4. Exhibit H (6) Colorado Abortion Baby Grinding Mill PsyOp Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor
    Fraudster Traitor ZioTrash Hosea Ozy Licano alias as Hosea Schuckman’s Linkedin as Ozy Licano:


  5. Exhibit H (7) Colorado Abortion PsyOp Shooting Hoax
    Some of the many Aliases of Crisis Actor Hosea Ozy Licano alias Hosea Schuckman’s girlfriend or wife & fellow sayanim-mossadomite:
    (Also from Radaris search)
    Licano R Schuckman, ~50
    Wheat Ridge, CO
    Known as: Licano Rebecca Schuckman · R Schuckman · Rebecca Schuckman · Rebecca Schukman · Rebecca L Hammontre · Rebecca L Licano · Rebecca L Schuchman · Rebecca L Schuckman

    Has lived in: Wheat Ridge, CO · Lakewood, CO · Golden, CO · Aurora, CO

    Related to: Serena Johnson ~73 · Carl Shefferd ~67 ·

    • I left of all these aliases from Exhibit H (7). I want to be fair to these despicable mossadomite Traitors & give them credit for as many aliases which they have as I can! lol
      Another series of aliases of this Fraudster cohort of his:

      Hammontree R Utz ~43 La Mesa, CA
      (So she got this one HA crossing a popular potato chip “Utz” in PA & MD with Toys R US!)
      Known as: Hammontree Rebecca Utz Rebecca Utz Rebecca E Hammontre Rebecca E Hammontree Rebecca Eiena Utz Rebecca H Utz Rebecca I Hammontree

    • He looks like a Shuck-Man, as in Shuck and Jive.

  6. Exhibit J) Colorado DHS Abortion Mill Hoax Shooting

    Hideous Vicki Cowart
    Why does abortionist murderous fraudster, hideous Vicki Cowart Zionist Jew look so much like her cohort even more hideous looking Hosea Ozy Licano Schuckman? Were both these psychos spawned from the same demons from hell? LMAO Seriously.. Are they brother & sister? We know from experience these criminals have so many aliases, especially the women that they can & often do use relatives in hoaxes- PsyOps playing supposed non relatives or different relatives.

  7. Exhibit K) Colorado Abortion Slaughterhouse Hoax PsyOp

    Notice Every ZioHoax PsyOp has a “Stand With our Hoax” Bull$HIT Symbol, image & twiiter # & trademark! lol
    Official Stand With Planned Parenthood PsyOp image:


    Stand with our zionist Jewish holocaust of 50 Million Hated Goyim Babies in USA! And call it choice & freedom you dumb zioBrainwashed Goyim! Obey the Satanic Babylonian Talmud you hated Christians & Muslims & all goyim as we the self proclaimed Master chosen race of psychopaths murder & genocide & enslave you with it!

  8. And back to the AIRASIA bollox:


  9. IDF Soldier Throws Knife Next to Palestinian Student and orders her to pick it up and prepared to murder her


    • This. Will produce this.

  10. As I said before, sheeple must get used to that – ‘Terror’ on the streets of London: Chilling footage shows Met firearms officers take on gunment and ignore the dead and dying as they hunt ISIS extremists in training exercise following Paris attacks


  11. Emma Parkinson The Happiest Hoaxer Crisis Comedy Actor In History

    Crisis Actor #10) France Friday 13th Multi-Simultaneos PsyOp Hoax Attacks by Zionists
    Mary Poppins Actress Emma Parkinson was Hoax Shot in The A$$ yet healed zioMagically instantly & is happy as a Lark that she was shot. She’s joyfully joking & quite excited close to delirious in her satanic joy & happiness to be on TV worldwide & getting her big break doing this treasonous PsyOps for the Zionist Psychopaths! She is happy as can be that her lies are now allowing France’s corrupted zioPuppet Leaders & Crypto Zionist Jew Hollande to bomb innocent people in Syria for Israel to help Israel set up their emerging Greater Israel in what is now Syria by exterminating the people of Syria. This is a demon disguised as Mary Poppins!

    And remember France is not bombing ISIS, FSA nor Al Queda (Israel’s Terrorists servants) & never will but are only bombing the goods: the Syria people, the Syrian Army & militia & Hezbollah who are fighting for the very survival of the Ancient nation of Syria, it’s people & culture against the most evil power on earth the zionists & all their terrorist hordes!


    Note: I have not named even 10 Crisis Actors yet in this PsyOp but can’t remember how many so numbered her 10 so as not give her the same # as another zioCrook puppet actor.

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