Other Hoaxes — 27 May 2013
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Fake Blood and Clothing Shears Confirmed in Woolwich

This so-called Woolrich beheading, that “sickening” example of supposed Islaamic terror, is hereby proven as a total hoax. The proof is in this post. It’s a fraud. No one died, and no one was injured. The Islaamic people in England are under siege for a crime that didn’t even happen and surely that they didn’t commit. All that is said by the Zionist-controlled media is categorically proven by this information alone as filthy, devious lies. For the original post on the fake blood and more see: https://nodisinfo.com14163/

In this fake terror attack, the so-called Woolwich beheading, no one died, and no one was injured. It was an orchestrated fake. No blood was spilled. No one was beheaded. There is no head anywhere to be found. Nor is there evidence of any arterial spurt nor the clotting and congealing of real blood. Yet, in many respects that is irrelevant. The hostile ones behind this can be uncovered in their own actions.

While it was somewhat difficult to detect the devices of fraud in the Boston bombing hoax, clothing shears and fake blood packets, in this case it was easy. There were no women of great girth to block the way, no smoke bombs, no attempted disguise. It was all done in broad daylight, right out in the open, making the degree of the scam obvious.

Despite the fact that it is a total fake and that the culprits are obviously not devout Muslims the Islaamic people of England are now under siege. Demonstrations incited by the Zionists, including their on-site operatives who pose as Muslims, are being conducted to accelerate the hate and false blame. Fomenters of strife, such as Zionist assets Anjem Choudery and Omar Bakri, the latter a known Mossad mole, have fueled the strife, rather, largely created it. Mosques are being attacked, and people of color or certain dress, Muslims or otherwise are being harassed and even assaulted. Yet, it is all because of filthy lies: all that hate misplaced. It was the people’s own British government–Zionist run as it is–that was responsible not any actual Muslims or Islaamic group.

The hoax and scam will be now proven categorically through the Zionist regime’s own photos, right from the Jewish-owned tabloid, the Sun:

Two men down by gunfire? Even that is a hoax: they used air-guns: it can be heard in the pop. Video showed on of the fraudsters charging the police car. Those wild-eyed ‘Muslims’: what else would anyone expect. Yet, now that they are playing wounded, the real action starts:
One the men are down on the ground, the men in the police gear (and a woman) loom over them. Cohort brings the black case out of the hatch back: they are working fast, like the Boston hoaxers. Note: the arm is being blurred because on other images it is undamaged and free of any blood, plus this could not be a crime scene with the man being allowed to move his arm about freely? Handcuffs anyone? This is a hoax: no doubt about it. These men are associates of any real police or, rather, MI6 on the scene.

First, pull down some of the heavier layers. It might appear at first glance that he is checking out the person for abdominal wounds. Yet, the photographs prove that is not the case. He is preparing this hoaxer for the scam:

Policeman or actor-policeman now works towards the next step and searches for the key tool, the shears, and starts cutting away the clothing. This is apparently what he is reaching for, now:

Shortly thereafter he can be seen in action, shearing away:


These are clearly shears. Moreover, the policeman is clearly stripping off the clothes.

The results of the shearing: skin exposed on the upper body, sharp edges of the clothes clearly noticeable.

In this higher definition photo both actions can be seen, the stripping off of clothes through cutting shears and the preparation of the fake blood for application:

Moreover, it can be seen that there is nothing wrong with this man and that he is merely acting. This means that the Mirror footage showing blood bursting out of their backsides was doctored.
See the moulage kit with the fake blood packet, here. This is definitive evidence of a hoax. By this time one or more of the packets were already in his hands:
Now the skin is partially exposed, time to move to step number 2: the application of fake blood. Collaborator hands him the Ziploc bag, the upper edge of which is just visible in his left hand; man is obviously not injured and is play acting for a considerable fee or favor; the goal is to dump a big load on the belly for purposes of photo-ops and public consumption.
Now, with the bag fully in hand he slices off the upper edge, that hard white plastic that zips and holds the fluid inside:


The shears/scissors make fast work of that upper edge of the Ziploc bag; tips of scissors are stained with blood. Now, the fake purple fluid can be freely and quickly dumped on the abdomen; with the flow of gravity, it moves rapidly and can be seen pouring down the belly and towards the pavement. the flow is already happening at this time and begins to reach the pavement.

See that clearly, here, purple virtually everywhere:
Thus, the Woolwich terror attack did not occur and was a categorical fake. This was a set-up to once again place the full blame on the people of Islaam, all for the benefit of Zionist criminals. It is a people who are blameless and had nothing to do with it. Woolwich is yet another Zionist-orchestrated scam which, these vile ones believed, could easily be driven into the people’s consciousness through the scenes portrayed at the fraud and through the power of the Jewish-owned media. Once again, the Zionists fail as the world becomes increasingly of their scams and vile schemes.


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  1. These guyst\ that were shot were clearly acting. There is no doubt in my mind. You take the prior fake events and add that to their shootings and it was all faked. No doubt in my mind.

    • The maniac ”killer” has his left hand 6 inches from the officer’s pistol. I get the feeling Mr. Cop is just an actor. He seems to know nothing about real police work.

  2. More impossible claims by “eyewitnesses:”


  3. The above photos have so many blurred out areas. Why would anyone be blurring out all those areas? (also, please check the spelling in the title of this article)

    • Added to the post:
      Note: the arm is being blurred because on other images it is undamaged and free of any blood, plus this could not be a crime scene with the man being allowed to move his arm about freely? Handcuffs anyone? This is a hoax: no doubt about it. These men are associates of any real police or, rather, MI6 on the scene.

  4. You make your average conspiracy theory nutter look logical

    • 🙂

    • I always wonder if what makes conspiracy theorists appear insane is the amount of emotional investment in the news stories by the viewer. Giving up the narrative of “fact” and storing it in the part of the brain which calls it “fiction” requires work after a certain amount of emotion has come into it. The emotion itself is involved in storing memories – even false memories. Therefore, someone who would challenge your newly acquired assumptions, assumptions based on years of trust of the news readers and their carefully designed authority, must be hostile and mad. They are trying to take something away from you. If you were Boston Strong after the bombing, what are you now with the reason to be Boston Strong taken away from you? You had been an accepted member of the group, the mob of right-thinking people, and now – what? – you have to refuse their shelter, and go out from it? Doesn’t that subtract from your strength? Are you not Boston Weak? Are you not losing something? You become like the person backing the losing candidate in an election. Hadn’t you better not go there? Isn’t it too risky? Only someone crazy would take such a risk. You don’t want to examine the facts, because that is work and you never had to to do that before. You could take it on trust.

      People have died for less in believing the authorities. “Remember the Maine!” Forget yourself. It’s too much work to think for yourself.

      • Seems to me that the conspiracy theorists who think literally everything is a conspiracy or “f’alse flag” are the ones with the emotional investment.

  5. If he had been shot, I think his clothes would be cut to assess and treat the wounds. Is that being done by a firearms officer? Is that normal?
    Who is the guy (plainclothes) that comes right into this scene and picks something up and walks off?

  6. This is a canned news press release being distributed by all media outlets. It shows the van carrying one of the “killers”. It sure is convenient that they show a van and not the man. This is called propelling the story by providing no valid information at all. The entire media system is broken and these media companies do absolutely no research or investigation of anything anymore. http://tribstar.com/v?vid=ndn-24851585&sid=AP%20Editors%20Picks

  7. It happened. I live 1/2 a mile away. I saw the aftermath.

    The UK may have its faults, but it’s not the mad machiavellian police state you would believe.

    Headlines about ‘beheading’ were sensationalist and inaccurate, but, first impressions stick, so that’s what everyone ran with, but read the post-mortem report. There was no beheading.

    We also don’t have a police force that does executions.

    We do have a police force that knows how to use a first-aid kit, especially if they’re 1 of the few armed units, they’re going to be properly trained to provide emergency care to a colleague. Or a wounded suspect; that’s the British sense of fair play.

    Please stop your sh*t stirring it’s not going to make the world a better or happier place.

  8. Simon, you say “it happened”. To that, we concur Woolrich is a real location containing streets, sidewalks, street signs, and buildings. It seems there is dispute about what “it” is. You claim because you live there that it was real. We too believe it was real. The divergent ideas about what real is to you is – a soldier died and 2 suspects hung around for 15-20 minutes, then charged the police and were shot. We believe this was a staged event with fake props, fake talking points, fake death, fake shootings, and essentially fraud to promote a specific agenda against muslims.

    The organization that plans these events – including the corrupt news agencies that report the tainted story line – are the ones stirring things. Being able to see through the lies and deceit is a requirement of every single person on this planet.

    • RonK,

      I write it’s ‘real’ – because there’s no doubt in my mind that, give or take some inaccurate* reporting at the outset the murder took place as you’ve seen it in the UK’s media.

      “Soldier murdered, 2 suspects hang around, 1 delivers a manifesto into the camera phones of rubber-neckers and both are subsequently shot and arrested”.

      That’s the story as the 2 suspects chose to orchestrate it.

      Not in a 100 years would you get me to believe otherwise. It’s just not the way this country works.

      Can I see an anti-Muslim agenda in the UK? There’s the odd bit of bigotry, but there’s very, very little public sympathy for EDL’s hate-filled agenda.
      Does Islam get bad press, from time to time, but so does the Catholic church.

      Maybe the only thing you and I will agree on is that: the show boating by the PM and the Home Secretary, the convening of the crisis committee known as COBRA and labelling the murder as terrorism was pure politics – but only because all our politicians have been taught to think first and foremost – PR. PR. PR.

      You can be sure Cameron’s first thought was ‘I need to make ME look good’. It would be beyond paranoid to believe he even stopped to think ‘Oh, excellent this makes Muslims look bad’. Really. He can’t even be nasty to the back-benchers in his own party.

      I’ve seen spin, lies, deceits, half truths and all the rest of it and I’m, mostly, disapproving of the self-serving Westminster crowd, but they’re not murderous thugs.


      *1 of the BBC’s senior reporters had to apologise, very publicly, for having reported the suspected murderers were of ‘Muslim appearance http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10076799/Nick-Robinson-says-sorry-for-saying-suspected-Woolwich-killers-were-of-Muslim-appearance.html.
      The ‘Beheaded’ headlines were sensationalist rubbish – but, that’s what sells newspapers…

      • hey simon it didnt happen…goto chris spiveys site to find out what did happen…peace and love brother

  9. All this page proves is that the author is a idiot. The medic cut open the wounded suspects clothes with shears. If the author new anything about first aid they would know that cutting of clothing to gain access to a wound is standard practice in the field and in hospital emergency rooms. The idiot author would also know that it is common practice to apply a topical antiseptic such as Betadine to the wound area as a first line of defence against infection. Low and behold, Betadine contains a large amount of iodine which is brownish/red/purple in colour. Do a quick image search for Betadine on Google images and you will see bottles and packs of the stuff looking remarkably similar in colour to the fluid in the bags shown in the photographs which the author in their ignorant stupidity claims are bags of fake blood. If the author is not feeling like an idiotic moron for posting this drivel as “definitive proof” of a hoax they are obviously to stupid to realise what a total idiot they have made of themselves.

    • You’re a tool. How can you say this is real? Blind to the truth … Sheep

      In which image is there sign of blood?

      A gun lay beside “a killer”


  10. BTW you may want to rethink your content on your “Purpose and Goals” page.

    “Purpose & Goals
    Our mission is to provide information that isn’t twisted. To provide pure facts. To provide intelligent commentary on the facts. To never distort the facts. This is so people can make up their own minds, without corruption. Another purpose is to unravel deception and disinformation, so that a true understanding can be achieved. This is so people can compare the false information with real and uncompromised information.

    It’s just pure truth. If we make a mistake in real truth, let us know. We’ll correct it. That’s why it’s called nodisinfo.

    Thus, this site is committed only to facts. This may include theories based on these facts. Feel free to add to these truths and factual data.

    Comments are accepted. But the use of foul language and slander is not allowed.”

    You clearly are not coming close to reaching them with the kind of drivel you have published on this page as “Proof” of a hoax.

  11. You made a mistake. I am letting you know that you made a mistake as requested. Lets see if you correct it and recant the drivel published on this page.

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