Boston Bombing — 26 April 2013
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Boston Busted: It’s All Fake. No One Died.

In investigating the Strange Case of Kristyle Campbell this was discovered. That was through ignoring the shock value of the Liveleak feed and merely taking screenshots. What was discovered is a crucial revelation in solving this case.

Courtesy, Royan Rosche


The eyes aren’t lying. It is a TV producer, a production manager, on-site after the smoke bomb. There she is, entirely calm, holding her camera as she looks at one of the actors. Keep in mind that this is seconds after the concussive bomb, a mere pyrotechnic device aimed at creating the necessary distraction.


Here it is again, a fraction of a second later. It is not anyone’s imagination. Apparently, instructions were given, as she was looking directly at the man sitting on the pavement.

Now he’s on the move to do his act. Who is the producer looking over at, now?

It’s another actor, also on the ground. Everyone is wearing shorts, that is other than the producers. Is that so they can splash on artificial blood? Regardless, no one is bleeding yet. Carlos Arrendondo said that, right away, limbs were ripped off, not just one limb but dozens or more: at least 30 in his count. This proves that “Cowboy Arrendondo” is an obfuscator–a terminal liar. Regardless, see any of the Arrendondo-acclaimed severed limbs lying around anywhere? There aren’t any at least yet.

Nothing wrong with this man, as he presses himself up from the ground by his knuckles. Producer looking on. What is that other man doing? The bomb went off long ago. What’s he doing pressing those hands over his head?


Yet another DHS collaborator, was this man recycled from Sandy Hook, or is he new on the job? Back to the press-up man:




He really is working hard and fast to strip off whatever he is stripping. Must work quickly, so no one catches him in the act.

What he is doing is still unknown. He does, though, seem to be striping something off of his body, leaving himself with hardly more clothing than Tarzan’s loin cloth. It’s as if he had a kind of nylons on, which, perhaps, hid whatever was underneath them.

He’s definitely taking something off. Moreover, there appears to be a great deal of paraphenelia now being exposed. What is that dark-colored matter in his his back pocket? Could those be blood packets? It sure looks like it:


What is that device he is holding tightly in his hand? Is that a sharp instrument to burst open those packs?


He ultimately goes down, but not because of any injury: producer looking on. Did that fall cause the fake blood packets to explode?


More views: he is definitely stripping some outer wear from his body. Note how he is using his thumbs for leverage to strip off whatever it is.

liveleakfeed89 liveleakfeed5   liveleakdse
There seems to be a kind of flap involved. Regardless, what are these people doing there? A ‘bomb’ just went off. If this was real, they would be running away from the area, as did many of the by-standers who backed away in shock and even ran in fright from the scene. Not these individuals. They aren’t going anywhere unless being told by their handlers.

TV producers giving instructions; each handles different actors. All such persons have signed non-disclosures. No one is talking.

Here are all three of the female TV producers working the scene. On the ground is the actress playing Kristyle Campell. No blood visible, which is impossible for the acclaimed nature of the injuries, which was the suffering of a double amputation. More on this later.


It’s all a mystery, that is unless you work in Hollywood.





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  1. Is there another Mark Bauman who ran in the race? “uninjured”…???

    • Yeah, Mark Bauman. He’s got a running shop a few miles down the road from me.

      What’s your point?

      • I read that the “injured” “Mark Bauman ” ‘s real name might be ‘Voigt.’…or???
        Is there a roster of runners entered in the race, and who gets to see this? Did this fake ‘Mark Bauman’ somehow get access to this roster of Boston Marathon entrants –or is this simply public info on a website, etc.(I don’t know anything about these running events!)–and that’s how he or his bosses picked this”alias” of” Mark Bauman”? Perhaps there’s nothing of import here, but seems strange that he has adopted the exact name of one of the race entrants……

        • What you “read” is that there is a man named Jeff Bauman who was injured/supposedly injured at the Marathon, and that there is Army amputee named Nick Vogt. Some people theorize that they are one in the same.

          As for people sharing names, specifically with a runner or friend/family member of a runner, do you not only realize just how many people were running the marathon or spectating, but also that it is entirely possible for people to share a name?

          There is even someone that shares my name, is in the same age range, and lives on the other side of my state. In doing family history research, I have come across two sets of brothers, who shared names, living in the same state. Its quite possible that there may even have been a C. Seyferth in Boston that day as well…

          • Dude, you the guy that owns this site, your A MORON and so is anyone that even thinks what your saying has an ounce of truth to it.Idiots like you should sincerely question your reason for being.

  2. Dr. K, I am posting the “dust in the wind” video here on this thread as things are moving very fast. Go to :30 seconds into this video as this youtuber slows each frame down for the viewer. You can clearly see a man standing over the fallen holding what looks like towels. He yells, throws open the towels, and a dust settles over the “victims”. As he is doing this one of the handlers turns his face away. Was this man throwing lime on the bodies to speed up the decomposition of the “victims”? Or was he setting the stage?
    This is too insane for words at this point.

  3. There used to be a gif of this scene but it’s gone now, the guy gets up and plays around with his shredded jeans and then sits back down exactly where he was before he stood up.

    It looked obvious he had to stand up to get his costume in order, whether that was getting the shredded jeans into position or finding his blood packs I don’t know, but as soon as he sorted the problem it was straight back to his original position.

    • Here’s Royan Rosche’s video showing the scene with the man getting up and then lying back down.

    • Here’s my take on it… He got knocked back due to the blast, and is stunned/dazed. Reasoning for playing with his pants could be that the blast caused them to tear away, maybe the heat singed the edges, and he’s trying to get melted synthetic fiber off of his legs. Dark item in his back right pocket is a wallet, not a blood pack…

      • I can tell you that those shorts of his were cut with the use of scissors…not a blast. How can people be so ignorant?

        The man in shredded black clothing, seen running from the blast site in another video still, is an absolute hoot. His clothes are shredded like wheat but nary a spot of blood is seen on his body.

        Please, humans, get in touch with reality.

        • I this was an elaborate set-up, wouldn’t more care be put into the visual aspects? Would clothes be torn with scissors, or would they be burned/singed/melted? Do you know the fiber content of the tan pants? Is it possible that they are synthetic, which doesn’t do well under high-heat?

          Would the “actors” and “producers” be so lazy as to leave “blood packs” just lying around?

      • If this is the only picture you’ve seen of the blood packet, it is reasonable to assume it is a wallet. But once you do some further research you will see that packets exactly like this are strewn around on the ground and hooked to the clothing of other participants. Same size, same shape, same dark red color that slants within the packet. As a matter of fact we even have footage of Carlos with one of these sticking out of his waistband. Do you wear your wallet sticking into your pants or in your pocket? These packets are all around the scene. Sorry, it’s not a wallet.

        • “Do you wear your wallet sticking into your pants or in your pocket?”

          You’re seriously asking if a man would keep his wallet in their pocket?! With this statement alone, you have shown a complete lack of common sense.

          Until there is concrete PROOF one way or the other, this is all conjecture and speculation. In a true analysis, you need to look at all possible factors and viewpoints. It is way too early to come to a definite conclusion by ANYONE.

          • No. I asked if you would wear your wallet in your pocket or sticking into your pants!!! My point is that you WEAR IT IN YOUR WALLET, NOT sticking into your pants. This was placed into his waistband for a quick grab. Your wallet could fall out if it was just stuck in your waistband. GEt it???? Sheesh! I’m done. You are wasting my time.

          • Typo in my statement above: My point is that a man wears his wallet in his pocket, NOT sticking out of his waistband.

            It is YOUR common sense level that is less than commendable. Do not reply to me. I am finished being your personal instructor.

  4. Did I send you this already? I found a picture of the double amputee right near Bauman with almost no blood. It must be Krystle. She is amputated up to her torso and not a drop of blood on her bare stomach and barely any blood under her. We don’t see this picture much because they messed up. Obviously fake.[email protected]/8677728327/

  5. So no one died; not even the children and mother named by the hospital authorities? Dang! And how about Tsarnaev?

  6. The dark red packet in the guy’s pocket is EXACTLY like the one sticking out of Carlos’ waistband. Same color, same size… and exactly like the empty ones we see strewn about on the ground in Havf8’s video:

    • Medical packs used to stem the flow of blood would look exactly how you are claiming the discarded ‘fakes’ look after they are saturated in the victims’ blood. You people are deluded IMHO

      • So you are saying that Carlos and others had these “medical packs” immediately after the blast (as he is pictured) while the smoke is still near the ground. And you are saying that medical material soaked and dripping with blood will not leave even a smudge on Carlos’ shirt or bled thru his waistband. And you are saying that he stuck a pad soaked in blood in his waistband? Come on. We can clearly see these bags are made of plastic with a liquid inside in some of the photos.

      • Shouldn’t you you be busy working on your own blog rather than shilling others? I notice you’re making quite a habit of it in more and more places these days.
        Oh, and you really DO need to get busy working on your own blog ‘cos at the moment it’s a load of Shit…!

  7. Who is the double amputee (since long time ago) putting on his t-shirt in the end of this clip?? Bauman? Where did 1LtMike get it?

  8. Anyone who believes that this was faked has, frankly, to be a complete imbecile.

    • I can say the same about those who say that this was real. Open ur eyes and do ur research, moron. Or stay and let the government feed u their lies. Be an obedient sheeple, dont even dare to think. DIFFERENTLY

      • So, if someone doesn’t believe that this was faked, they are immediately called a sheep? You can’t just slap a label on someone because they have certain beliefs or feelings. Left-wing, right-wing, liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, they’re all just catchy words thrown out by those who like to pass judgement on others.

        I believe that this was a real event (explosion, people were injured, etc.), yet some things just don’t add up. What would you label me as?

        • It’s not a matter of “believing” the finish line scene was faked. Once you have done the deep research into studying the pictures and video, it is not deniable! There is no believing or disbelieving at that point when you see what went on there. If you don’t “believe” it yet, I would not call you a sheep, just someone who has not done the research yet. Even the writer of this website thought the same thing you think at first. Articles were written on this very site saying this was a real bombing. But with further research, the conclusion changed. It had to because the evidence for fakery is NOT deniable.

          Because we have not yet figured out how they conducted EVERY aspect of pulling this off (restricting the area) does not negate the evidence that it was faked! It’s the same as 911, when people say to those who know it was an inside job: “Well then, how did they do it?” We who research these events and find them to be false flags are not responsible for masterminding these sick and twisted deceptions. We were not privy to every detail of the deception. We do our best at revealing what we can, and in the case of Boston, we have revealed a mountain of evidence. So I’m not discouraged in any way by your attempt to discredit the evidence by raising the point that we have not figured out EVERY detail. In due time we will.

          • What “research” has been done? Amateur detectives and armchair “experts” looking at grainy photographs and YouTube videos is not “research”. Having opinions of real experts and citing sources is research. Having personal or academic/scientific knowledge of relative areas is research.

            Like I said, I feel that this was a real event, yet something is not right. I’m not ready to lay all my cards on the table that this was a 100% fabrication, and nobody should be doing that yet…

          • You’re the type who’s going to sit around on said “armchair” and wait for “experts” such as the 911 Commission to fabricate their expert piece of shit book. No. the rest of us are not armchair researchers. That is a cliche term used to denigrate the people who are doing the actual detective work. Can’t you think of another phrase to try and discredit the researchers? come on… get a little creative! Sorry, nice try. Nothing you say will discourage the people who know they are exposing extremely important details. So, you can stop with the generalizations you are trying to use to dismiss this work.

            Plenty of experts were right there with all of us exposing 911, but their findings get included in the official story? No. So I hope you don’t pass out holding your breath on your armchair waiting for the “experts” to announce this was a false flag on CNN.

  9. A week ago I spent many hours looking into the idea this was all staged and while I do see some things that seem very odd, I just don’t think it was staged. My biggest issue is the fact there wasn’t much time to have spent staging the scene yet there is an incredible amount of detail and this would take pro hollywood people quite a while to set up with this amount of detail yet there guys did it in less than 3-5.. How would it have all been set up? These people were seen in the crowd before the bombing so it wasn’t like they were all prepped up for hours waiting to go. Granted, the earliest photos I have seen that show Bauman and others in the crowd are I think over ten minutes pre-bomb yet the fact is they were there.

    In order then for this to have been staged, these people would have left their cover in the crowd shortly before before the bomb went off to go into some building, get ready and then run out during the smoke cover and get into place and get some of the fake blood thrown on the ground and onto themselves and hope that during this they didn’t run into the bystanders running away. It wasn’t even minutes of smoke cover. Further, where would these people have gone to set up? The Lenscrafters store? So the Lenscrafters people were in on this too? Why? Were they paid? It isn’t like there is some “greater good” message you could sell to them like those with the Sandy Hoax.

    I think many are looking at the pictures/video and seeing what they want to see. Take the latest video at the second site showing the guy throwing something onto the people. It isn’t dust or a powder. It’s a towel with motion blur. When I saw the video (went in with the idea of it being a powder already planted in my mind) I thought it was something different like a powder but then someone said it was a towel and I re-watched (with a more critical eye) and could easily see that it indeed was a towel with motion blur and that blur can be seen elsewhere in moving objects like people so it isn’t like the towel just has it. I do understand though confusing it with something else but it is a towel.

    I am confident Sandy Hook was a hoax and the evidence (or lack thereof) supports that. The evidence that this bombing was staged just isn’t there. Instead, people are taking these pictures or video and because they believe it is fake they are just reaching and creating a strawman, You see some blood on someone who you don’t think should have it and suddenly it is they are an actor. I do think some government agencies were most likely involved.

    To me the weirdest thing that could make me think this is staged would be all the shredded clothes with no injuries underneath. However, I have not done any research to see if that is something that is known to happen from explosions so maybe it is common.

    I think those claiming this is staged need to either cool off or find some hard smoking gun proof rather than merely looking at the pictures and saying that this person is clearly acting because they aren’t running away or someone watching is a producer (I’d probably stare at people too after an event like this like the alleged producer in this post is doing) or saying this blood doesn’t match up with visible injuries (remember, it may not even be their blood) or trying to say a person is reaching into their pockets because their hands aren’t visible or assuming something in their pocket is some prop. In these stills above I don’t think that is an object but rather the guy’s underwear showing through. You can see a dark strip above the pant waistline which means some material under the pants which the easiest deduction then is his underwear. He is wearing briefs most likely…and it seems obvious he is wearing pants (khakis probably) that are shredded and the white in the front is the pocket lining.

    I fear all the “it’s staged” talk over this is going to take away from things like Sandy Hoax and future events that probably will be staged and have hardcore evidence that shows that. It’d be much more productive if people would accept this happened and instead wonder what agencies may be part of it….that or find conclusive proof it was staged. Nothing shown so far confirms that.

    • No worries. Just keep looking. Unlike the Zionist operated media, no one, here, is purposely lying. Mistakes may be made, and if found, will be corrected.

      Did you see this: https://nodisinfo.comfake-lady-in-the-wheelchair-up-close/ If you want proof of it being staged, there it is.

      • Was this a “closed set”? What was preventing those not involved from entering the area and seeing something that they shouldn’t have? If this *was* 100% staged, wouldn’t at least one of those involved have a conscience and share their inside information? There are information leaks all the time…

    • Sandy Hook was staged. We worked hard to show that to the world on this website and on YT. However, Boston has even more provable evidence. Contrary to what you said about investigating Boston detracting from other false flags…. exposing Boston is the key to opening up the truth. This time we have pictures and video that show countless details of the fakery. There is much more evidence with this event. And if Boston is exposed, then people will be in a position to accept that Sandy Hook and others are staged. Do you see? Or do you have an agenda to discourage exposing Boston for this very reason?

    • And that was NOT a towel thrown on the victims. The man yells harshly and haphazardly throws a towel over raw wounds? No. If you really watched it closely in slow motion you would see holes opening up and changing shape in the interior of your “towel”. this was not solid material of any kind. This was fluid dust… changing shape and opening holes in the center as it fell.

      • Any chance that it was a powder similar to Quik-Clot? Is there any chance that he was an off-duty EMT, and was doing his job? Until “Towel Man” comes forward and confirms anything, it is all conjecture. But even if he did, some people would claim that he was just contributing to a well-planned lie.

        • And he just threw Quik-clot over their heads where it could get in their eyes and be dispersed so thinly that it couldn’t help anyone. Puleeeease. Doing his job by hollering at them and throwing dust over their heads which would make them cough? Puleeease. An EMT is supposed to keep a victim calm, stay quiet, and assist the most dire injury first with specific care. He was not “doing his job”. I’m done conversing with you.

          • I don’t know how that substance works, do you? I was simply trying to show SOME WAY that the “powder” could be explained. How do you know that he was “hollering” at them, just by looking at a poor quality, sound-free video?! Puhleeese!

  10. Since “Injured” “Bauman ” might be ‘Voigt’ etc, how did he or his bosses pick out the fake name of “Mark Bauman”?–from a race entrants roster? Who has access to this , anyone–or if only certain people did, then this could be a clue. Seems very strange that he has the exact name as one of the race entrants, but may not be significant ….just a possible clue.

  11. cseyferth should get a life….besides serving cointel for DHS, CIA, Mossad or whoever he works for. He “protesth way to much” and his fabricated arguments against the obvious truth are way too shallow and transparent to hide his real identity. if he doesn’t find a life soon he will rot in hell.

    • Wow. Sounds like Ann has anger issues! I don’t work for “DHS, CIA, Mossad or whoever”. I’m just an average guy who has common sense. I have arguments, both for and against, because I’m logical. My identity is real; I don’t hide behind an anonymous internet presence. Have fun trying to prove that I am who you think I am!

      • Hey cseyferth,
        No one here cares.

  12. For Anyone who has an inkling of doubt of the official story or other past events, and/or if you want to know why and how such events are staged, I implore you to watch this 11 minute video.

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