Zionist Terror — 19 June 2013
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The Zionist Murderous Organ Trade


Posted on June 13, 2013


While Netanyahu blamed Israel’s critics for delegitimizing state of Israel at the recently concluded 4th ‘International Conference of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism‘ and comparing Hitler’s “Final Solution to Europe’s Jewish Problem’, Israeli daily YNet (June 9, 2013), reported the following “Blood Libel” news item from Italy.

Last week, Italian airport security officials at Rome arrested Israeli Jew, Gedalia Tauber, 77, for running a human organ harvesting ring from Brazil to South Africa to Israel. Tauber, who collects money from German funds for surviving the Jewish holocaust, is a former member of Israel’s elite Navy commandos (Shayetet 13) and former head of Tel Aviv district police fraud investigation unit.

Tauber, a fugitive from a Brazilian jail where he was serving an 11 year sentence for his role in country’s organ harvesting trade. In January 2002, an international warrant for Tauber’s arrested was issued by a Brazilian court.

According to Brazilian media, “the ring enlisted poor Brazilians, enticing them to “donate” their organs for relatively small amount of money and then, together with an additional Israeli conspirator, the ring allegedly sold the organs to Israel, which had no knowledge of their shady origins for close to 20-times the amount paid to the donator.”

Israeli and American Zionist Jews top the world’s organ harvesting industry – from Haiti to Kosova to United States. On April 7, 2010, BBC reported the arrest of Israel’s three-star General Meir Zamir and his five accomplices being investigated for their role in an international organ-trafficking ring.

In 1998 Scottish Alisdair Sinclair died under questionable circumstances while in Israeli custody at Ben Gurion airport. An autopsy performed at theUniversity of Glasgow found out that Alisdair’s heart and a tiny throat bone were missing. At this point the British Embassy filed a complaint with Israel.

In 2000 Dr Yehuda Hiss, former head of the Abu Kabir forensic institute near Tel Aviv – admitted that his staff was involved in harvesting skin, corneas, heart valves and bones from the bodies of Palestinians killd by Israeli soldiers.

Israel daily YNet reported on May 22, 2012 that Israel Police’s National Fraud Unit has arrested ten Israelis including one physician for allegedly part of an organ harvesting network operating in Israel’s two Muslim allies – Azerbaijan and Kosova.

In 2009, Solomon Dwek, a bankrupt Jewish real-state dealer helped FBI to nab several rabbis and pro-Israel politicians for money laundering and organ harvesting.

On August 17, 2009, Israeli writer, Donald BOSTROM, in an article entitled, Our sons plundered for their organs, claimed the Israeli soldiers have killed Palestinian kids just to collect their body organs. The author was hunted down by Jewish military apologists and Israeli Hasbara goons, calling him an antisemite.

In August 2010, Ukrainian police, busted an Israeli-run organ trafficking network illegally recruiting organ donors to send their body parts to Israel. In 2009, Ukrainian professor Vyacheslav Gudin, had claimed Israel had brought around 25,000 Ukrainian children into the country over the past two years in order to harvest their organs.

In September 2010, Israeli-linked organ harvesting ring was busted inside South Africa’s largest healthcare company Netcare.

In January 2002 Nessim Dahan, an Israeli cabinet minister admitted that organs taken from Palestinian victims of Israeli soldiers could have been used in Israeli hospitals without the knowledge of victims’ families.

Update. Her name isn’t Marie it’s Desirae K Salter. She works in corrections. She has a public Facebook page.

More information about the Syrian Sayanim Zionist connection: are these Sephardic Jews funding the so-called Free Syrian Army?



From Brother Nathaniel at RealZionistNews:

“A KIDNEY BY ANY OTHER NAME WOULD SMELL AS SOUR,” can be said of the organ-trafficking and money-laundering FBI sting operation which implicated five Talmudic rabbis from New York and neighboring New Jersey.

This international rabbinical operation spanned from Jewish-entrenched New York to the Jewish state of Israel.

The FBI used an informant, a Talmudic Jew named Solomon Dwek, to approach the rabbis — who were from the Syrian Jewish community in Brooklyn NY and Deal NJ — to help hide his assets. Deal is a wealthy oceanfront borough of New Jersey where the rabbis and their Jewish accomplices have posh summer homes.

Solomon Dwek, a bankrupt real-estate developer was charged in 2006 with scheming to defraud PNC Bank out of $50 million. The FBI enlisted Dwek in 2007 in a plea-bargaining arrangement due to Dwek facinga penalty of 30 years in prison. As a co-operating witness, Dwek was used to expose illicit charity operations run by the rabbis.

Over the course of two years, Dwek arranged to buy a kidney from the rabbis and hid $3 million in assets from creditors through the rabbis’ tax-exempt charitable organizations — all with the blessing of the FBI.

Saying he needed to hide his assets so “he could live,” Dwek convinced the rabbis to accept payments made out to various charities they oversaw. The payments were cashed into the rabbis’ charity accounts and handed back to Dwek, keeping a portion as their cut. Rabbi Nahum told Dwek that he should spread his money through a number of rabbis. “The more it’s spread the better,” Rabbi Nahum said.

Video recordings reveal that negotiations between Dwek and the rabbis took place in parking lots, back alleys, diners and boiler rooms, with thousands in cash being stuffed into Apple Jacks cereal boxes before being passed on.

In summary:

The “goy” and “Muslims” are lower than human, right? Then, why this (from one of our posters)?

“THEY PLUNDER THE ORGANS OF OUR SONS,” reads the headline in Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, The Aftonbladet, which devoted a double spread in its cultural section to the article on August 17, 2009.

The reporter, Donald Bostrom, quotes Palestinian families whom he interviewed that young men from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank had been regularly seized by the Israel Defense Forces and their dismembered bodies returned to the families with missing organs.”

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  1. “THEY PLUNDER THE ORGANS OF OUR SONS,” reads the headline in Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, The Aftonbladet, which devoted a double spread in its cultural section to the article on August 17, 2009.

    The reporter, Donald Bostrom, quotes Palestinian families whom he interviewed that young men from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank had been regularly seized by the Israel Defense Forces and their dismembered bodies returned to the families with missing organs.”

    –The above is taken from Brother Nathanael of Brother Nathanael Foundation.Org and Real Jew News.com.



    These are huge crimes against humanity that cannot be allowed go on.

    One other tragedy of America is Mossad infiltration for which US politicians are to be blamed.


    US aid to Israel has continued despite the fact that millions of Americans have lost their homes and jobs. Illegal wars have also continued costing billions of dollars to Americans although most Americans are against these wars that also have killed millions of innocent people. War on Iraq was based on lies. Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction” were not found.



    US aid to Israel, wars for Israel based on lies and exploitation of America by the Jewish bankers have destroyed America causing America’s decline.


  2. There have been several false flag events orchestrated by Jewry since 9/11. The most recent ones being Sandy Hook ,Boston Marathon Bombing, Woolwich in England, Santa Monica Event.

    There also have been various explosions in chemical plants. Recently there were two: one in Texas and one in Louisiana. There was also an explosion in a train carrying hazardous material.

    In Palestine school buses have been blown up on several occasions.

    Another common thing is car bombings in the Middle East as well as in various other countries where Mossad move around freely.

    Prior to 9/11 before the Mossad blew up the twin towers Mossad agents have been working in a moving company called “Urban Moving” which was a front operation for the Mossad.

    I see this same pattern around where I live in providence RI on the east-side where I frequently see white trucks that are being driven by men who look like Israelis. There are also Israelis and American Jews who are their friends living in several buildings near our apartment and it is definitely a risk to have them nearby.

    It is not a pleasant sight to see these people roaming around when we know they are terror agents who could easily blow up any place. When I hear noises in the basement of our apartment complex I make it a point to look carefully.

    If any reader happens to read/hear about an explosion taking place in Providence be sure to read the details and also know that the culprit is Mossad or their paid agents. There is no body else who would cause such hateful destruction.

    Few years ago a White police officer from the state of Massachusetts returned to his home after a night shift and was resting before there was a huge explosion which injured him severely. If a White, Black or Hispanic officer refuses to go along with the Jewish program Jewish violence could be the end result in an attempt to eliminate this individual.

    Israelis are well known for their terror activities. In 1946 they killed many people (British, Arabs and some Jews themselves) during the bombing of Kind David Hotel in Jerusalem. In 1954 there was another bombing and killing which was called the “Lavon Affair”. In 1967 Israelis bombed the American ship: the USS Liberty killing and injuring many American sailors who are still waiting for justice.



  3. ‘Jewish control of the White House’ from American Free Press and Victor Thorn:


  4. What is the plight of children in Palestine who are being arrested by the Israeli soldiers?

    Could it result in murder and organ theft?


  5. “Violence, Instability, Torture and Deaths in Libya”

    “Wherever America shows up, mass slaughter, destruction, instability and human misery follow.

    Today’s Libya reflects Washington’s deplorable legacy. North Africa’s most developed country was ravaged and destroyed. Anarchical charnel house conditions replaced it.

    Disinformation.com listed 16 things Libyans lost. They include….”

    Read more:


  6. Mass anger builds in Libya after US Special Forces raid


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