Boston Bombing — 06 December 2013
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UPDATED: Three Lying Boston Hoax Doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hosptial

Do these Boston hoax doctors lie to their patients, too? What a trio of hoaxers and fraudsters to the extreme, lying for the benefit of Israeli machinations.

Even so, there was plenty of fakery around. The doctors didn’t really need to get into it, but the Zionist power-brokers had ordained that they would enter the fold for purposes of authority figures.

Boston Marathon Injuries Report

Note the cell phone. What a bunch of Zionist moles and fakers they are, all together, the city of fraud, Boston, MA.

According to the Huff and Puff Post:

Following two explosions near the finish line at the Boston Marathon today, Ron M. Walls, chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women’s told reporters that his team was looking after 26 patients, two of whom are in critical condition. He said that eight to 10 have serious injuries. The patients were split evenly by gender and ranged in age from teens to 62 years old. There was a three-year-old who was transported to a children’s hospital earlier today.

(They should have records for that, wouldn’t one think?)

Injuries ranged from burns — including one patient with significant burns. Minor injuries include typical blast injuries like ear drum ruptures and the type of bone fractures you’d see during car accidents. More serious injuries include limb injuries and burns.

Walls said that his team had never seen anything like this before, but they’ve practiced drills over and over again and felt prepared.


They were fully practicing that day, too, but were also likely intimated by the Police State-like activities, as seen in this video. The facility was militarized with long-gun toting militants in order to prevent anyone from determining the real truth of what happened that day, which is the fact that there were not any actual trauma patients related to the Marathon:

Original full length footage shown, here:

Per the CBS article:

Patients began to pour in around 3:30 p.m., with injuries mostly to the knee or ankle. Many had significant leg, muscle and nerve injuries, and open fractures. While there were some near amputations, none of the Tufts patients lost their limbs.

Four patients immediately needed surgery, with two more who underwent additional evaluation following soon after.

The hoaxers in action

First, trauma surgeon Ja0qium Havens, rabid Zionist agent, who using his medical credentials saw fitt to spread great lies in the land:

“Shrapnel wounds on the face, to the neck, and to the upper extremities” Really? He’s the only one who saw such wounds?


When he is asked a simple question, essentially, ‘Doctor, what injuries did you see?’, this is the facial reaction that occurs:


Note the IV bags as the prop:


Regardless, he should surely be able to handle such a question without looking like he is going through shock. Major whites around the eyes visible:

“Significant amount of burns as well as penetrating trauma from shrapnel to the face and to the neck and to the upper extremities. There were traumatic amputations from the blast, um, very sick patients that needed help.” Yet, how bizarre: even in all the fake injured patients there were no fabricated injuries almost without exception to the “upper extremities” and absolutely no moulage fakes to the neck.

The man is an absolute fabricator, which can be seen in his eyes. Who can prove otherwise?


This Israeli-Firster is the most aggressive and relentless of the three in making claims of actual bombs being planted, attempting to drive home the claim of a terror attack, presumably Islamic.

The head of the hosptial’s Emergency Medicine Department, Ron Walls, is not shy to get in on the act:

They bits of metal/etc. were “obviously planted,” I mean “they were a part of the device.


Now, for Zara Cooper, Chief trauma surgeon.



The only war that is/was going on was by Internet researches attempting to unwind the scam, like the finding of the scissors moles and blood drizzler Zionist producers in action, now leaving the scene of the crime.


‘Were lives saved by all those heroic efforts of the people on the streets?’


The doctor doesn’t look too thrilled about playing this role. She should have trusted her gut feeling and backed out.


A major jaw jut, about as obvious as could possibly be, is seen here. Regardless, it is already established that the statements by these doctors are fabrications.


All these facial expressions and head thrusts merely to respond, “Absolutely?”

It’s a terminal hoax, and the hoaxers are still attempting to play this out. A fraud of the most extreme degree, absolutely and undeniably no one was hurt, and no one was killed. Moreover, all the people claiming to have lost a limb are prior amputees and, therefore, they played the role in the hoax as amputee actors. There are no exceptions.

Moreover, let us not forget this agent of the hoax, Allen Panter. He was on-site helping to set up the fake (or real) amputees:

“All in all, it was a pretty controlled environment,” said Dr. Allan Panter, a physician and spectator who helped treat serious leg injuries in the medical tent near the marathon finish line.  Surely, there is no way to feel confident about Panter as being an honest broker. Not much to see, here.

Here are additional lies from the war- and Zionist-promoting New York Times:

Some victims arrived two to an ambulance, some with huge holes in their legs where skin and fat and muscle were ripped away by the bomb and with ball bearings or nails from the bombs embedded in their flesh. Others had severed arteries in their legs or multiple breaks in the bones of their legs and feet. The shock wave from the blast destroyed blood vessels, skin, muscle and fat. And at least nine patients — five at Boston Medical Center, three at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital and one at Brigham and Women’s Hospital — had legs or feet so mangled they would need to be amputated.

Some of the attendant medical professionals, said Julie Dunbar, a chaplain at Beth Israel, were faced with “more trauma than most ever see in a lifetime, more sadness, more loss.”

End of NYT inanity.

What a crock of filthy lies told by the Times. No one in this universe should ever purchase that lying rag or advertise in it: no exceptions.


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  1. Whether these doctors provided these lies under coersion/threats or due to their signatures affixed to a nondisclosure agreement, their statements and assertions are criminal to the citizens of the United States. What we have is either voluntary compliance or forced compliance. We have to assume their statements and lies are voluntary because they could have refused to participate or say anything. Since they didn’t refuse, the information they provided is voluntary. The interviewer is also knee-deep in this fraud upon this country.

  2. Crimes and hoaxes orchestrated by the Zionists have no end. Here is a dangerous crime perpetrated by Zionists:

    The Myth of the Knock-Out Game | Weapons of Mass Distraction

  3. 26 victims here and also Sandy Hoax, 26.2 miles for the marathon, a mile each for Sandy Hoax victims.

  4. Off topic, but Sandy Hook 911 calls released today.

  5. The weird looking doc labelled above “zionist mole” is Dr Joaquim Havens MD – he needs naming.
    original footage here:

  6. I don’t think it was fake anymore.

  7. More hoaxes from Zionists:

    “Yet another Jew caught red-handed manufacturing “anti-Semitism”

    “Most of you are probably familiar with the many examples in which Jews themselves are caught red-handed spray painting “anti-Semitic” and anti-Israel graffiti, slogans, and symbols in public places in order to manufacture “anti-Semitism”, perpetuating the Jews’ “victimhood” and “persecuted people” status – a central aspect of Jewish identity.

    Once again, a Jewish student in New York was found guilty of spray painting “anti-Semitic” graffiti in public, as the Jewish Telegraph Agency recently reported.”

    Read more:

  8. CIA, FBI and Mossad are the terrorists who are destroying the world and they are getting caught in the act.

    US Attempts Twitter Coup in Cuba | Big Brother Watch

  9. This is how people’s lives are destroyed by security forces by getting them to be informants and then getting them involved in false flag operations.

    “I am a British citizen – not a second-class citizen”

    “Coming through passport control is an ordeal, I am followed on the street and hassled by security services. Not all citizens enjoy the same rights

    During the past five years I have also been repeatedly approached by security services trying to “recruit” me. The incentives they offer range from a “handsome salary” or a “nice car” to a “big house”. I have even been told that they “could help me marry four wives”. I have declined all their offers. Their psychological tactics include telling me how easy it is for them to take away my British passport and destroy my career – and even my life.

    I have received regular phone calls from people I believe to be Special Branch, who invite me for a “chat over coffee”. “No thanks, I don’t drink coffee,” I reply.”

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