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Times Square Car Attack Hoax in Pictures

What an arch hoax it is, this absolutely fake car attack in Times Square. It’s a CGI fake, like all the others: a hoax, fraud, and scam. Regarding the presumed car strike, if real, this would have been severe. There would have been crush injuries and broken bones. For certain no such injuries were seen on the ground.

As one of the strong proofs of staging and hoaxing there is the fact that when the purported final crash occurred the New York Fire Department was already there. How is that possible if this was real?

Look at this cartoon-like image, below. How much more ridiculous could it get, this imagery of a car virtually levitating in the air? How is that possible with all that tonnage? Regardless, everyone who studies the full grouping of the available imagery knows this is a fake. The fact is the G-forces necessary to a force a car into mid air from flat ground are massive, making this physically impossible.

Image result for Times square; new york; car; attack; wounded; images

The smoke is added in for effect through CGI, which is also obvious.

Here is another cartoon-like image, which is the image of a ‘car’ striking a human or two: or several. These are either stunt men, or this was CGI-enhanced: or both. Notice the stunt-man doing the hand-stand near the car.

Image result for Times square; new york; car; attack; wounded; images

The car was supposed to have mowed people down: dozens of them. The crush injuries would have been brutal. Why, then, are there no such injuries? Instead, this is the type of imagery which is seen:

Wouldn’t at least her cell phone have been crushed? What about her body itself? Why are there no tire marks? The attempt is to show a head wound. There is no evidence for any such a wound. Obviously, this has been staged.

What about these men? Why are they merely sitting against the wall? Why is no one taking them away? Who would put on a neck brace for a traumatic crush injury and then simply leave the person propped-up against the wall?

None of these people appear to have been struck by a car and to have endured that degree of shock and horror. There are no tire marks anywhere to be seen and surely no evidence of blunt trauma. Notes one YouTube poster regarding the impossible nature of such imagery:

“When a car weighing a ton and one half runs over a man’s legs, he will have compound fractures of the legs themselves and possibly dislocated knee caps. He won’t get right up and walk, and he certainly won’t look as though he hasn’t even sustained bruising. Times are bad because even with the worst footage that is obvious, the masses believe it’s real.”

Here is another person who has no blunt trauma and who has, obviously, also signed up for the movie:

Notice the water bottle, strategically placed. In hoaxes these water bottles are ubiquitous.  Regardless, how was this man hit by a car? There is no evidence for this. Where are all the EMTs?

What about this man? Why is he allowed to simply sit on the pavement like that?

Image result for Times square; new york; car; attack; wounded; images

As well, though it is a standard in hoaxes, what is the purpose of the taking of a single sock off? Why are both shoes taken off? Why isn’t this man being rushed to an ambulance? Why is the crowbar there, staged like that?

Here is another fake wounded person. Notice what is seen. It appears that moulage in the form of charcoal has been applied to her legs. What happened to her shoes? If the car tore them off, there would be much traumatic injuries to be seen.

The holding of the hand is to create shock reactions and emotional charging within the minds. No one finds this plausible. The place would be teeming with EMTs and Fire Dept. agents. This is hard proof of the fake, that is was a Hollywood-style staged act, make no mistake about it.

As well, the crazed driver also looks like nothing other than an actor. What was he paid to put on that act? He was in trouble, financially. No doubt, he needed money.

Image result for Times square; new york; car; attack; wounded; images

Here was one of the people supposedly hit by the car, right at the end of the ‘movie.’ Why, then, is there no evidence of any injuries?


Even so, what about this purportedly injured woman? Why is she smiling? Why is she not hurt more severely considering the degree of the observed videographic trauma?

It’s because she isn’t hurt. It’s fake blood. There are no lacerations to be seen anywhere. Nor are there any abrasions. Nor does it make sense that such a quality HD-type image would be taken and then uploaded, not in the midsts of a traumatic car strike.

Once again, there are no wounds of any kind. Had she struck the pavement, there would be a filthy wound to be seen or at least an abrasion plus lacerations. They are not to be seen, period. This means that the entire operation was an arch-fake.

The man near her has a logo on his shirt, some type of ‘contractor.’

It reads ‘ab’ that is “Allan”, then a name beginning with a “b.” Then, it reads, seemingly, Production Contractors, Inc.

Hoax index: not measurable.




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  1. Ex8) 2017 Times Sq Car Attacker CGI Fakery Used In Video & overlaying used.

    Also most likely they did the stunt on scene previously & overlayed it with Crisis atcors at same scene with added CGI actors shown under the car…etc…

  2. Ex10) Times Square Car Attacker Boogeyman Ridiculous Crisis Actwhore Richard Rojas & Other Jerky Jewy Crisis Actwhores!

    Notice this Crisis Actor Rojas & the clown behind him with the same scripted expression on… Obviously the director was telling them/him to put on a serious, mean, boogeyman look! Likely the director put on the expression on his own face & both actors followed it!

    Watch these ridiculous Crisis Actwhores & their ridiculous names like this maniacal liar Alpha Balde!! & Annette the zio-swine Pearl!

  3. Ex9) Times Sq Car Attack Boogeyman Fake Victim Alyssa Elsman Crisis Actwhore has 33° Coded Name & is 18 for 666 code!

  4. Ex12) Times Sq Attack Crisis Actor Slips & Admits “They were staged on corner” before crash! Also photogragher caught on Film running towards scene & snapping photos as Rojas “exits” car!!!

    (I am not saying he really exited the car. Any driver was a professional stunt driver! But it was made to look as if he was.)

    It could be that a high speed wench & cable(s) setup was used to jerk the car instantly in place as if being driven & crashing. This is something they could have made an identical set of & car & practiced it to perfection at a remote stunt location beforehand.

  5. Ex13) Times Sq Car Attack -Hi Res Picture Proves Hoax! No Blood, No Guts, No bodies on Car, under car, nor on ground anywhere!

    No One Hurt! No One Died!
    1 billion percent Fake! Ziotrash DHS Fearporn Hoax!
    Pure ZioHollywood Fakery!

  6. ExA) Chris Cornell’s Fake Death By Hanging Hoax & Roger Ailes Fake Death

  7. Ex14) Times Sq Car Attack Happy Hoax Crisis Actwhore Alpha Balde Duping Delight Buffoon Loves To Lie!

    Also see the CGI EVIDENCE..

  8. Load of **** from start to end. Cowboy is the biggest hoax this website has ever conceived.

  9. Ex15) Times Square Car Attack False Witness Slimely Crisis Actor Andrew the ZioJew

    Watch this little Paul Simon arrogant impersonator lie..

  10. Ex16) Times Square Car Attack Boogman Richard Rojas–How many trips to the Wardrobe Dept Trailor did he make during the shooting of this PsyOp??

    ….To change his shirt!! He’s wearing atleast 4 different shirts in various staged pictures!!

  11. Ex16) Times Square Car Attacker Boogeyman Rojas has red t-shirt with no seams in this staged picture & arms look Aaron Hernandez style inside shirt…

  12. Ex16-b) Times Square Car Attacker Boogeyman Rojas has red t-shirt with prominent seams in this staged picture with arms coming out sleeves! Also his face is fake scuffed-up here. Still this shirt is perfectly clean like the other different red shirt…& unlike the sometimes ripped-to-shreds Hulk Hogan, Incredible Hulk brown shirt!

  13. Ex17) Timed Square Incredibly Ridiculous Staged Car On Fire, Flames Burn High, Long After Crash with fireman standing right next to flaming motor!!! LMAO!

    Total BS picture! And fireman would not be standing right next to flaming engine where the block could explode & kill them both! Especially with no one to save! Firemen’s hoses are high flow & hi pressure with nozzles that are designed to shoot water from 100 feet or more away for safety!

    Pyrotechics 100%!!!

  14. Ex18) Times Square Car Attack PsyOp- This Overhead Staged Picture Proves Firemen Not Spraying Any Water On Red-Flaming Car Hood So as To Not Interfere with Pyrotechnics at work for all the staged Photoshoot pictures! Pure theatrics! Pure ZioHollywood tricks!

  15. EX19) Times Square Hoax Has World’s Most Staged Picture of the Year 2017!

    1)Amazing! Assistant Director Blue jeans & shirt gray hair guy playing multiple roles!

    2)Car Crasher Attacker Boogeyman doing his Times Sq Boogeyman man impression!

    3)SE Asian Woman with 2 kids in middle of scene…while…

    4) Crisis Actor Rescuer is already at work instantly bent over VicSim!

    5) Victim/VicSim who supposedly just got run over by a car is unhurt, unbloodied, undirty, clean as a whistle!

    6)People shopping, unafraid, like they are galking at a movie filming scene..because they are!

  16. Ex 20) Times Sq Hoax Little Ziotrash Jew Andrew Mossadomite Crisis Actor Tells Reporter: It’s the Kind of Terror Attack That’s Being Going On In Europe & Israel The Last Few Years!!!

    This angry little Israeli, goyim-hating, bloodthirsty zionist Jew couldn’t help himself! He had to try ad lib & to gain simpathy for Israel into his know-it-all paid act! Just like Harley guy he knows it all immediately!

  17. Ex21) Times Square Car Attack Hoax- How They Faked It with CGI, layering, Stuntman! Tutorial How To Do It!

  18. Ex22) Times Square Car Attack Proof of Staged Event: Crisis Tape & Barriers Already Up, Crisis Actor Badges, Civilians Hoax Treating Fake Victims!

  19. Ex23) Times Square Car Attack Boogeyman! I’m gonna’ scare you the best I can goyim! I’m you’re Boogeyman!

    I’m you’re Boogeyman!

  20. Whoops. Here’s the multiple camera video showing different views of the hoax.

  21. Ex24) 44 Coded Times Square Car Attack Hoax Dead ZioPuppet Crisis Actor Alyssa Elsman ZioScams $11,000 in 2 days!

    Coded ages of Alyssa Elsman VicSim 18 (aka 666) & Boogieman Hoax Killer Richard Rojas is 26 (dual 13’s) Combine 18 & 26 & get 44 The Talumudic/ Kabbala Death & Destruction kill number –44!

    • Thanks for that; was just on the hunt for it.


  22. You people are retarded. EVERYTHING is just one big fucking hoax all the fucking time. Please, you can’t possibly believe that with 7.4 billion people in this world with millions of them doing god knows what drugs ( I.e this attack where the man was high on pot laced with PCP) along with the masses that take prescription psych meds that this sort of thing isn’t possible? Wtf is wrong with you people. I live in Manhattan and I can assure you THIS DID FUCKING HAPPEN. it’s like the second you guys see something on the news you need to debunk it . However all your so-called proof is a joke, your explanations don’t even make sense nor could be taken seriously for even a second. FAIL. It’s sad to know there’s people that fucking ignorant and stupid out there and even sadder knowing there’s people that believe your bullshit. If this was just one person who committed an attack and only hurt one or two people then you’d believe it. What’s so impossible about someone in a vehicle speeding into crowds of people on the sidewalk? fucking hoax my ***. The thousand plus witnesses, the police, the EMTS, the victims, the CCTV footage from the businesses = all part of the hoax ? FOR WHAT REASON? Why? What could possibly be the reason to go through such fucking lengths just so people could think that a man high on pcp ran a bunch of people over and killed people ?? **** off and don’t come back you uneducated hillbilly scum.

  23. The logo on the t shirt says “electrical contractors”

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