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Times Square Crash is a Hoax Moulage and Fake Blood Confirmed

With thanks to numerous You-Tubers who have been diligently working on this hoax

Make no mistake the purported Times Square killer car crash where a crazed driver wildly ran down, injured and even killed individuals, is an arch-hoax, just like all the others. This is proven by the discovery of the use of fake blood and moulage on the supposed scene. A reasonably good job was done developing the fake scene through the use of apparent stunt-people and amateur actors. Even so, it looks fake because it is, just like a Hollywood-style movie.

Just like movies are made realistic, so are these purported spontaneous scenes given a sense of realism by the Zionist-operated and -influence schemers and arch-plotters. Yet, upon any mere casual analysis the fraud and fabrication becomes clearly evident.

The following is the most glaring example of all, the mere use of fake blood and various other means of moulage, in this case, a charcoal rub, to simulate a car crash or car-run-over victim:

Image result for times square; victim; alyssa ellsman; images; photos; killed; 18 year old; tourist

It is clearly moulage, that is there is no other possibility. By no means was this woman run over by a one- and one-half ton vehicle.

That red matter on the pavement does not relate to anything. The woman is faking it, like all the others. This means that all the claims of injury and death are mere lies, just as in Nice, Munich, London, Australia, and more.

Here is a close-up image. It’s a total fake, no doubt about it:

Do you remember this scene? This has all the evidence of staging. Before this, what was seen on one of the so-called amateur videos?

It appears, clearly, that this man is fake dressing his (non-existent) wound. Regardless, at this time no wound of any kind can be seen. There are no puncture wounds, abrasions, tire tread marks: nothing of any kind and, surely, no fractures or compound fractures.

That does appear to be a packet of fake blood in his hands; here is a screen shot from one of our previous posts visa vis the Boston Marathon smoke bombing hoax:

Image result for blood packet; zip lock; image; fake blood

Definitive evidence of a fake and a hoax: use of fake blood packet to create a phony wound

See this hard evidence that the Times Square car attack is a total fake, completely staged, with crisis actors, stunt men and women, and amateur hour extras:


The man has red matter on his right hand and a packet of what appears to be fake blood in the left. There is no red matter on the pavement that is noticeable. There is very little such matter on the leg. Now, see what happens:


Yet, of course, as is the case in many of these low-budget performances, the crisis actor dresses his own (fake) wound.

Here is another example of what is clearly a staged scene, with more crisis actors and additional fake blood, in this case the attempt to mimic a head wound:

Notice the man calmly waiting to be staged in the background. Notice, also, the lack of evidence to any degree that anyone in the scene was struck or run-over by the massive tonnage of a car.

Of course, this image has already been shown where the fake blood is clear and obvious:

Can anyone image how she could be run-over without the slightest filth or marking on those brilliantly white pants?

So, it was all an elaborate fake, as many YouTubers have pointed out, an absolutely inane scam, conducted by a variety of producers and directors on-site: combined with videographers behind the scenes and an endless litany of amateur and professional photographers: a fake and fraud to the extreme.

What about this scene? What about it looks like a real car-crash and hit-and-run aftermath?

Why don’t these cops move this person off the street? What are all these good Samaritans doing there? They are doing the arch-Zionist, standard Masonic double teaming, double holding of the hands. It is purely a fraud and scam, proven, categorically, here:

Yet, what else could be expected from an ‘event’ sponsored by the combined cooperation of Chase Manhattan and Walgreens, giving ready and immediate access of their CCTV camera footage? This is yet another Zionist plot against the people, a distraction hoax, a lie, a mere corruption. All aspects of it were staged. Nothing was real. Obviously, no one was hurt, and no one was injured, including the fake dead woman, Alyssa Ellsman.





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  2. Ex26) Times Sq Hoax Car Attack Did Little Mossadomite Andrew also play a militarized SWAT COP HERE???

  3. Ex 20) Times Sq Hoax Little Ziotrash Jew Mossadomite Crisis Actor Tells Reporter: “It’s the Kind of Terror Attack That’s Been Going On In Europe & Israel The Last Few Years”!!!

    This angry little Israeli goyim-hating bloodthirsty zionist Israeli Jew couldn’t help himself! He had to try to gain simpathy for Israel by ad-libbing it into his know-it-all scripted paid act! Just like Harley guy he knows it all immediately!

  4. This video shows how they faked it!!!

    Ex22) Times Square Car Attack Proof of Staged Event: Crisis Tape & Barriers Already Up, Crisis Actor Badges, Stuntman, Director cutting the scene, Civilians Hoax Treating Fake Victims!

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    Also 44th for Death & Destruction code & 7 for short version Order out of Chaos code!

    As I said during the Taiwan fiasco they will use better & better CGI & filming technics in these PsyOp Hoax Events! But that doesn’t make them real!

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    This clown gray haired blue jeans, blue shirt, Crisis Actwhore looks like his hair is longer in this picture than in others also! Also this Black Happy Hoaxwhore Jamaican actor seems to have more buttons here!

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    See the comments! No one believes this little ZioTrash Bloodthirsty Fraudster Jew!

  14. And facebook page of Alyssa is a Fake too

    You re pathetic…
    You do not respect the victims and their families. . .
    Just like teens a manchester or kids of Nice. . .
    I am French. And Nice was really real. . . And horrible. . .
    I hope that all this will never happen to you…
    Or maybe yes….i hope….

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  16. Please show me your face. Alyssa was my daughter. No conspiracy…no hoax. I would love to meet you in person. Anytime you chicken ****. Please face me so after I kick the **** out of you head back to your mom’s basement and tell the world I faked beat your ***…pathetic ****. That’s my daughter you are disrespecting….pos

  17. They won’t show their faces. They’re all cowards led by the biggest coward of them all, Cowboy. Don’t worry, the authorities are on to him and he’ll have what’s coming to him soon. And it won’t look pretty.

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