Paul Walker Hoax — 14 February 2014
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Tree Damage and Lack of Damage Proves the Paul Walker Hoax

Updated with title change only, updated, again, with additional commentary and photographs.

Trees figured greatly into the car crash hoax acclaimed as causing the deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. In fact, such trees have been largely blamed for the fatalities. The car supposedly struck one tree, along with a lamp pole, cutting it down. It can be viewed coming down on CCTV camera, although no car can be seen striking it.

That tree was brought down through a stunt. The same is true of the lamp pole. There was no impact from a car crash of any kind.

The second tree was just to the left of the vehicle, which was supposed to have struck it. Then, supposedly, the car spun around it and was split in half by the force, although there is no damage, as would be expected, to that tree from such a degree of force.

Nor did this object, dried in the California sun, become set on fire. Rather, there was merely some char: no fire whatsoever.

Not even the leaves were set on fire, a physical impossibility for this degree of flames, rising high, if they truly were flames resulting from a petrol-based inferno.
The char goes up considerably, yet no leaves or twigs were set on fire? A mere few pieces of paper lit on fire in a fire-place or wood stove can ignite rather large twigs and ultimately a large log. Yet, this is not even an accelerant, and with gasoline it would be absolutely expected that the tree would ignite or at least the leaves and twigs. However, that did not occur, not in the least. Moreover, this is what would be expected from a non-gasoline-based pyrotechnic fire:
In a petrol-based inferno of the degree observed these twigs, fronds, and leaves would be highly vulnerable to be lit on fire. Yet, this never happened in the least. Despite the fact that fire trucks were on-site at the time the fire was set, there was no need for any emergency intervention. Nothing in proximity was set on fire.

Therefore, categorically, based upon the lack of consumption of the close-by flammable structures there was no gasoline-based fire in this event. Regardless, that would have been too toxic for not only the phony by-standers but also for the various pyrotechnicians who were fomenting the fire. It will be observed that there were a number of people right near or virtually next to the fire. Yet, without the slightest bit of protection no such people were overcome by the smoke, which is proof that this was a staged fire with non-toxic smoke of pyrotechnic origin.
From all angles it is clear that the trees nearest to the fire are free of any serious damage.
The standing trees featured prominently featured in the car fire hoax images showing the remnants of the Porsche. That car, incidentally, was not there as a result of a crash but was, rather, dropped off there by a towing vehicle. It was all a set-up which included the placement of props such as fire extinguishers and, presumably, PW’s hat.
Then, there was that initial tree, the one that went down. It went down in a direction opposite of the line of the supposed crash:
Additionally, at a near-by tree this, below, is what is seen. Was this really due to a car crash? At a minimum a car crash would leave residues of the paint if it was going to cause this degree of damage. Yet, there are no such residues seen.
Let’s look at it from another angle/view:


The bark and pulp have merely been carved off by a machete or some similar sharp device. See the residue of the pulp pointed out with the first red arrow, the one in the center of the image, typically seen with the downward action of a sharp instrument. The bark edge is also the result of carving by one of the Fast and Furious/Paul Walker moles.


This is a carved tree as means of a cover-up and fraud, not one damaged by the impact of the car in question, the Porsche Carrera. It is a Hollywood-style fake, an attempt to mimic an actual car impact. Yet another tree was carved by a Fast and Furious mole or some other deceptive cohort, as seen, here:
The area of the carving/etching is filled with signatures of respectful, grieving fans. It is clearly carved, the notching been obviously evident, as is the oval pattern of carved out bark seen in two places. There is no splintering or other evidence of random trauma; it is simply too contrived:
In Suffolk-area, England, this more random damage was seen in a crash leading to two fatalities.
Moreover, when a tree wraps around a tree there is evidence of this:
Or, in the case of a smaller tree it may be taken down or crushed from the impact:
The damage is more random than that seen in the PW hoax, with splintering and scraping being inevitable, as well as scuffing:
Hollywood did its best. However, the PW trees lack that sort of organic, random damage as seen in real accidents, which include injuries related to ripping, tearing, and scuffing, not merely oval scraping, where in one area all the bark is removed.
No telling what would happen when a car strikes a tree at 100 mph-plus, in this case, a teen, who died as a result:
Note the fact that this scene of a real fatal crash required actual crime scene investigators thoroughly analyzing the site. Even so, the lack of scrape marks, random damage, and scuffing, as well as any residue of red, are highly incriminating, that is as proof of a fake accident. There is also the issue of the lack of any visible crash damage on the car. That is clearly impossible considering the acclaimed speed of the (non) accident, with an impact of over 100 mph.
Hollywood, specifically, Universal Studios, has, therefore, fabricated the PW crash, and the trees were a sort of featured evidence of a real car crash. To make the fraud appear realistic the PW/F&F moles went to every extent possible, in this case carving bark from trees.
See also this YouTube video for the nature of a real high speed crash of a Porsche:



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  1. interesting … not possible that not a single spark is not lit tree leaves … and perhaps in the USA grow the indestructible tree

    I do not know how well I write … sory for the mistakes.;)

  2. With so much bark missing from front of tree to side of tree with two red little paint brush marks, why didn’t the car wrap around this tree? The marking would indicate that a car should be there from the bark impact.

    Ok so they hit the curb first then they hit the concrete pole, then the tree.. Going as fast they were, after hitting the curb and concrete pole what was their speed then? By now from two impacts the car should have washed of a lot of speed but it doesn’t it spin 180 then hits and wraps around another tree and split in two…..
    Now after reading that does it sound a bit like a action movie.

    • Just let the poor handsome guy rest in peace u can’t believe what everybody says but if not I would love to see him again.

  3. First they said that they were going at least 60mph… Then it was 160 and now, it says they were going at least 100.. Not sure on what they have decided to stick with but I have no idea why the car had enough speed to wrap around the tree but not break away completely. those cars are made to break in half when impact is bad, to ensure the safety of the driver/passengers involved. Why didn’t the pole split the car in half if they were going 100? surely, that would be enough to do it. People keep saying “It’s a Porsche, it’s very fragile and cheaply made” well… then why didn’t it break on the first three impacts? it should have ended up over the bank by the store

  4. Kelis,

    First they said speed, then said dots on the road, then they said fluid leak, then they said old tyre, then they said speed again but larger, then they said drag racing, then they said porsche unforgivable, then they said speed again but larger then last time.

    I may have miss something as heard so many different story’s.

    I have heard the car split on second impact if so how the hell did it do a 180 and travel to another tree?

    • R,

      I don’t think our minds can handle the different stories they have told over such a short time.. I mean, I understand that they are just guessing but this story is all over the place. Porsche have said that they doubt the dots would make them lose control.. Am I wrong for thinking that the back end of the Porsche should have went another direction instead of wrapping around the tree with the front of the vehicle?

      if they did hit the pole on the driver’s side, the rear end wouldn’t have spun with the rest of the car.. I would think the back end would have been tossed into the parking lot? I don’t know. I’m no expert, I just can’t picture the accident happening the way they say it did.

      I know some people are stuck on the idea that the Porsche was malfunctioning because of it stalling during the event but I heard that it stalled because the employee was not use to handling a Carrera GT

      • Kelis,

        They rule out the tyres due to the width. Being a wide tyre makes for more rubber on the road..with the direction on which way the end may go, I have no idea. Maybe it all comes down to which way the g-force is heading. Yes I heard about the stalling and wondering how true that is.. I also heard Jim the **** said that Paul ask to go for a drive as he has not being in roger new car, just as roger was about to put it away..

    • Yes. That’s what bothers me more in this story. I’m not a specialist, but the fact the vehicle split on second impact, should have slowed down the car, and stopped it. I suppose….
      When you look at the crash scene, it seems like the car went directly against the tree.

      This video is very interesting. It shows Paul and Roger itinerary…. You could have a visual idea of what hapoened.

      • I mean you can. Sorry.

      • Lilaah,

        Thanks for that. great visual. To what I have heard the road is not flat, it goes up?

        Does anyone know what the camber of the road is? The right hand corner looks really clean and long. Watching that video just then, I’m finding it really hard believe it really happen.

        • You’re welcom 😉

          • e

  5. 1). Judging from that second silver car above that nearly completely knocked down the tree it hit with much LESS of an impact, why didn’t the tree that PW & RR hit not get knocked down completely as there isn’t much difference in size, yet the latter was strong enough to take the impact of such a crash? It’s almost like it was reinforced with a metal pole inside.

    2). Also, I don’t know anything about fires or what makes them go in certain directions, but was there a strong wind that day to make the fire go in the direction that it did and burn the leaves on the next tree but not the ones the car was wrapped around?

    3). Those trees look weird, anyway; are they different types? Reason I ask is because one has naturally lost nearly all it’s leaves (not from fire damage), yet the others haven’t.

    4). One last thing, I’m presuming the bodies were under the tarp (daylight photos), but when the tarp has gone (darkness photos), the car damage is extended backwards (not so wrapped around the tree), is this because the back part of the car would have been moved when removing the ‘bodies’?

    • Motley I know u were also visiting anuts blog like myself and I noticed it was gone of you know what happened?

      • Kat’s Post: “Motley I know u were also visiting anuts blog like myself and I noticed it was gone of you know what happened?”

        Kat, Adorably Nuts moved the website and changed name to:

      • Yep, deethereader got there before me. 😉

    • That’s exactly right. I could never understand why the car never rolled. You would hope that Porsche are taking data from that second link into account in their investigation.

      • The tyre marks left from the porsche indicates a roll over. The markings are yaw marks which means the tyres were side ways or the car was sliding side ways. Once again the split should of happen at the first impact as this was where the speed was at its greatest.

        • R, I agree with you. So imagine this scenario- the car was sliding side ways, and due to speed, it hit the pole. Depending on the angle it hit the pole, it slided further and then finally crashed against the tree, almost uprooting it as well. Thoughts?? If I believe in this hoax, it would be more on where is Paul. I don’t deny the accident unfortunately. No one plans a perfect accident. And unfortunately the emergency people who came to the scene just took it like ‘eh, another accident which could have been avoided and sad these people died. But we got to clean this up and do our job’. And they did it and left- nothing special about a fatal accident for them just coz it was a celebrity. Just saying.

          • With a tree or without a tree, it doesn’t really matter. The car has to hit the curb before it hits the tree. They said the car was going 100 on impact. Hitting a curb going 100…physics calls bullshit on this accident. It should’ve at least been in mid-flip from the curb before even touching the tree.

          • It’s been said that the cops that arrived on the scene went white in the face when they found out that Paul was in the car since he was known as a very nice guy around the neighborhood, so I don’t necessarily think they were blowing it off as nothing.

          • There is video on this site by the public showing a red liquid being dumped on the “bodies” and it leaks through the white sheets thrown on top of the “bodies. Forgot where it is sorry!

  6. I wondered about those trees too. It doesnt seem like they were as damaged as they should have been. Where did those pictures come from of the police? Are those the ones from the scene or an example?

    I have been over to this page as well. Looks like they moved the blog for anybody that wants to check it out. Some of their stuff is weird, but maybe worth sharing.

    • I ran across the PW tribute video again and it still brings me to tears. Do I believe hes alive? About 70% percent yes but it just is upsetting
      to think about if he is , we may never see him, unless he gets caught slipping up*I hope) Paul if youre reading this: I HOPE YOU ARE SAFE..MUCH♡♥

      • Pwbleliever,

        We all wish that he is alive and well. I’m a fence sitter which is not my norm and with all this information coming forward it throws you both ways.

        If this is a hoax then they should be ashamed of themselves as this is so cruel to the fans.

        I’m not a fan of anyone but I like the movies of F&F till now. I really didn’t know these guys/girls before this or even their names but I can not get my head around this accident.

        The only thing we can do is keep on digging to find some truth in all this confusion or when F7 comes out then we can have some kind of closure.

      • ****, the heading was from another post that piss me off. Sorry Pwbeliever…

        • My post about, don’t come here then, has been deleted of the other page of PW sitting down. If Drk has taken that off I will be pissed. The only reason I said this is because I really dislike people degraded others opinions. I have full respect for negative and positive post but not smart *** post. Sorry guys if I have offend anyone.

          • Sorry Drk I take that back it is there now.

  7. Yeah im on the fence some days than others but @R its okay, I understand im not offended

  8. I found a post from another person on a site which was quite interesting..

    i c what u dont

    now for the reveal..REAL DRONE SPOTTED….in the TASC camera footage of the tree/light being downed , an object is seen flying away to the left top of last tree hit , the one the car came to rest on , when the car hits the tree it sways to left and an object is seen flying away from its top , going left in a trajectory which would of taken it over and above the car in its final seconds ! it isnt a bird as the bird would of flown when the 1st tree was hit! was it a flying platform that electronically disabled the car or steered it into the trees or a flying eye for walker to watch his own faked death? ive couple more points which need more looking at….1. how can the cars size instantaniously take down the pole and tree?….2…the full crash is on an omg insider footage as a reflection on one of the windows in the farthest from crash footage…..3…paint transference on rodas side wheel body part or damage from a swipe which should of tore the part off as rest of body panels were….4…the skid marks lead to the pole but the tree to the right of it has a swipe damage meaning the car would have to of been leaving the car park just before,turning right swiping the tree then light/tree then rest on last tree…..5…different colours in skid marks show that the brakes werent being consistently pressed as if a fight to press brakes was happening….6…tyre damage to drivers wheel shows force great enough to bend magnesium tyres but not burst tyre? plus angle of hit on wheel shows an angle of hit facing away from crash….7…the 2nd tree hit that snapped leans away to the car park showing that the car hit high up on the tree but must of been ‘ flipped’ onto last tree or car would of landed in car park behind also showing the car was airborne…8…michael schumaker was gonna spill beans on unsafe carbon melding process by porsches much lauded carbon oven moulded frame…9…the lightpost broke in a way that would of slammed down on car explaining the damage to the steel tubed reinforced windscreen also the recovered roof panel that was stolen shows damage to part as if wrenched off car…did the light post act to lever back of car off/

    JAN 28, 2014, 4:05 AM

    • Even though there’s some interesting points made in that comment.. I cringe every time someone says Paul walker was assassinated. I’m not a theorist type but with this whole accident… I can force myself to believe that yeah, a lot of facts are pointing to him faking his death but to thin someone wanted Walker dead? Why? I heard about that Birth Control thing but I don’t thin anyone else would waste their time on killing a celebrity that was not popular. Walker was mainly to himself. No one noticed him (except fans of course)

      Maybe some of the production equipment was caught on film?

      • The assassinations and the Illuminati plot claims are a scheme of disinformation; you are correct.

      • Shayne,

        I’m the same as you and agree. Just thought some point were interesting.

        • R,

          I agree that there were some interesting points. I have seen that “flash” everyone who believes in the drone theory see’s in that video but I’m pretty sure it’s not a drone strike. I’ve been trying to figure that flash out. might sound small but might also be a good lead to the truth.

      • I’ll jump in here and add to the birth control thing. It isn’t something that has been discovered recently. I knew about it years ago. They talked about it on here… So if anyone is going to be murdered for blowing the whistle on that, it would’ve been someone on that show in ’09. Not PW.

        • That looks pretty interesting; I’ll have to watch the whole thing when I get time.

  9. I am sorry to bring this up again but I was wondering if you look at the ‘charred bodies photo, doesnt Paul’s right leg look like it melted and is huge or is it more like Khaki pants. Skin can’t hang that low from leg can it?? He was wearing tight fit jeans.. Just looks odd. Thoughts ??
    (Thanks to the person who pointed that out, you know who you are ;))

  10. Another few points-
    In the video that shows the pole and tree falling, you will notice the pole seems to be falling towards the parking lot. It’s very clear that the tree they finally crashed into and stopped is on the left. But in crash photos and videos, you can see the pole laying in the direction of the crashed car. Did someone move it??

    Here is the video of the pole and tree falling.

    Even in this photo (first crash photo on the link below) shows pole is away from car.

    In the video below, you can see the pole fallen towards the car from .08 onwards.

    Now, we all have seen photos of friends either by the car, or walking away from it. We don’t see emergency crew. The guys are just walking away very casually right?!

    Here in this video you can see guys by the car at mark .20. A guy in white pants can be seen clearly.

    Here you can see guys walking away in the photos of car on fire in the middle of the article

    Bare with me for a sec. I promise I have a point. Now in the video the guys had time to drag ‘them’ out as the fire was still on the back side. Did they just wait for more people or give up and walked away casually?? And then while they are walking away, the fire is now an inferno.

    So when did this happen?? When did Nute come in and be able to see Paul and a Roger burning in that inferno ?? How did he even see them in that fire. And as compared to initial photos of the fire, there is no way anyone would try to put their hands in. So all that was just made up?? Coz at this time the emergency crew was there as well.

    Link of Nute struggling with a merge emergency crew

    Wasn’t it said that Nute was one f the first few to get there ? And he burned his hands?? With the way that fire is, he would have burned more Han his hands.

    Does this make sense?

    • Has Nute spoken to the press, yet?…Given ANY interviews about what happened?

  11. Say what,

    Link leads me to a blank page. Bummer… Can you get the pic on another link?

    • My bad! Plz try this link. It’s first pic and I am talking about the main body which people think is Paul- look at his right leg (towards the tree)

      • Say What,

        I’ve been trying to stay away from the whole “body” of Paul walker just in case this is real but I do admit, that it looks odd. I did take a second look at the leg when I first saw it. It looks big compared to the other leg.. but then again, the leg is at a different angle. Paul had pretty skinny legs and if I do remember right on the Autopsy, the coroner said that the skin was just barely burned. Nothing extreme. If that’s true, then nothing should have….. well, melted or stretched such as skin. I’m no coroner Though. I think it’s safe to say that everything about this accident looks odds.

        • Thx Kelis, I do agree with you to kinda stay away from bodies but when someone mentioned that the leg basically looks like pants, thereby leaning towards hoax, I saw it again with a different view as well and thought I could share here for more thoughts as stuff like this ya been posted and dissected here . Sorry it that offended anyone but if it is pants on that leg, it’s probably not him then- wishful thinking!

          • No reason to apologize, Everyone can post whatever info they want.:) I do agree with the weirdness of his leg. I also thought the body looked a lot bigger than Paul’s body. I remember someone on here saying (months ago) compared this body to the hulk since it looked so big..

            since we are on the subject of bodies..Has anyone seen a photo of Roger’s body?? I haven’t been able to find anything on Roger except a suppose grave site and the fact that his house is for sale.

          • It was on another site where commentors were told to stay off the ‘bodies / accident photos / some family stuff’, but to me, if it is a hoax, then those exact things could hold the key.

      • Say What,

        I agree with you..the first time I saw this photo I thought the same thing. It just looks to large for Paul’s leg…

  12. Drk, I can’t find my long comment. I took time to get links and post a cement about the guys walking away from the but if car and Paul’s best friend Nute trying to save him. Hope it’s not deleted, that’s a lot of effort gone waste.

    • I’ve been hearing about this blog and the information there seems way more credible and believable, so maybe you should post whatever info you have over there. I do notice that comments here seem to get deleted all the time.

    • Very interesting. Looking at the photo, and the position of the body, that is almost like the position PW was in. If you look at the size of the autopsy table, you’ll see that the position of the legs are wider, so, how is it that PW’s body did not look like this on the coroner’s stretcher?

      • Yeah…. And when I look at Paul’s body in the car, I don’t see the pugilistic stance, they are talking about. It seems however to be, a typical caracterestic.

  13. @kelis, I’ve been asking that question since these photos first emerged (where is Roger’s body), but no-one has responded. The ‘chalk’ drawing of him didn’t make sense, and certainly not against what is supposed to be Paul’s body.

    Speaking of ‘chalk-ups’, check this out, the L.A. coroner’s office has a gift shop called ‘Skeletons in the Closet’ and look at this example of what it sells (drawing look familiar?):

    • How can anyone take them seriously. They are making money off dead people. If they’re willing to sell **** like that, then you know they’ll definitely take some money and help fake a death.

    • Motley2014,

      That’s very strange.. I never knew a coroner’s office had gift shops. Not to mention that the coroner who dealt with this case, have been involved with production. If I remember right he showed and helped with crime scenes during makings of movies?

      Chalking does look familiar.. I have a feeling that even if we do find out that this accident is real.. I’ll still find myself scratching my head thinking “What the hell?”

  14. In the fifth photo down, what is that silver coloured pole thing with the circular lights on the side (I think there are two parts)? :..Is it part of the emergency services rescue equipment?

  15. Points to ponder , good observation. It is weird how the ‘friends’ just left casually. There would be done obvious distress- they just witnessed something horrible. Could it be they were the ones who made sure the fire spread ?? And when Nute guy got there, he just performed his role ?

  16. Thank you everyone for understanding what I was trying to share. It’s def weird coz
    a- we know body / muscles shrink as discussed various times before and it is not like the body first swells up before it shrinks or does it??
    b- he was lean and def not that big.
    To me that shows the bodies were either not real or maybe not them (unfortunate for those who were in that car then)

    I think I see another body and will post something very soon

    • They are merely dummmies dressed up with moulage. The fire was a fake; pyrotechnics with blow torches (propane to ignite the materials.

  17. This tree looks weird and fake for sure like its been carved. Also, this is superrr random but we just finished watching Robo Cop last night and the guy Maddox(a Dr.) Looks eerily similar to Paul Walker Senior

  18. Hey guys, look at the accident photo (3rd photo from the top) in the link below. Although there is smoke, at that point, it doesn’t not even look like its a car especially when compared to what it looks like when the fire-fighters were done (in the 4th photo from the top)

    • That goes along with what I’ve been trying to tell everyone. There were 2 separate “accident scenes” filmed there. That’s why one tree, all of the leaves are gone and the tree you see with the Porsche wasn’t badly burnt. The tree with no leaves was left burning for a really long time. And the tree everyone sees with the car was distinguished early so people could tell it was a red car in the accident. After the fire, you can’t really tell what kind of car it is…but you can definitely tell it was red. Look at what FF7 filmed a week or so ago…

      • Thx A. This you tube video is very interesting! Makes you wanna think had all this had not happened, it could have been Paul driving that . And it’s not a similar model of Porche but still. Can’t wait for the movie. I wonder if we’d be able to tell at what point did this happen . But yeah I so wanna believe this is it! That they escaped in 1 car and people crashed the other but wish it was as easy

        • From what I hear, Jason Statham’s character is the only one in the movie driving flashy foreign sports cars. So this PW crash may not even have anything to do with PW. Maybe they used it as a way for promotion for the DVD release a week later. Studios are getting really elaborate with their promotion game since ’07. A lot nobody realizes. Honestly, it kinda blows my mind how nobody has talked about this PW thing being basically the last 3 movies in 1. Everyone thought Letty died in a car accident/car fire, they went to her funeral…turns out she really IS alive. Somehow there was no CCTV footage of what they want, so the Rock went to the CCTV place. What is going on here…is pretty much the **** movies but in front of our eyes and not on a screen.

      • If I could punch the creator of auto-correct right now I would. It should say “extinguished” on there.

        I do want to add something I just noticed though. At the end of the video where the car is pulled over to the side of the road (around 2:50 mark) look at the way things look next to it. Very similar to the PW crash scene.

  19. Does anyone have that link to photos from charity before the accident?? It has many photos of Paul at the charity right upto when him and Roger left in that car.
    As much as I can remember, the only time Roger was in the photos is when he was in the car and was driving away. Isn’t it weird he wasn’t photographed much in his own toy drive/car show?? Even when Paul was there. I remember seeing a photo and video where Roger was talking to someone who was in the car already and the guy in the red sweatshirt was walking towards them. Paul wasn’t there then. And when Paul was seeing talking to someone in the car in his last moment by the car- Roger was assumed to be the one was talking to. I am sure witnesses saw them at the same time but no photos.

  20. Say What,

    Here are some photos from the charity event before the accident.

    Yes strange only photos of RR was in the car. Interesting point you raise about them talking to someone each. Maybe they were checking all set up was in place and ready the go. Just a thought…..

    • Thank you R

    • I hate that this kinda sounds and comes off semi-racist…but…is is just me, or does that look like James Wan (the director) is some of those photos? If they were filming for the movie that day he definitely would have to be there. That kinda gives it away this was for the movie.

      • Dammit. *is it just me
        There should be a way we can edit out own posts.

        • What the ****. I give up. You get what i’m trying to say.

  21. You can see Roger talking to someone in the car at .20
    Notice the whitish fence behind him and curb on the right side- remember them!
    I am not going to comment on what they could be talking about, it could def be related to the car as the guy in red sweatshirt is walking to them too but notice the car was in the process of reversing- I didn’t see it stalling. The driver probably braked to talk to Roger.

    Here you can see Paul talking to someone in the same car (between .01-.11)
    Notice the same curb on the right and the whitish fence on the left of the car. So atleast we know the location of these videos was the same, I am not sure about timings. In the second video, you can now see the black car in front and more people around but the red sweatshirt guy isn’t there now.

    In the link R provided that has photos from charity, you can see Paul talking to someone about the car in the pic
    This photo also shows Roger on the driver’s seat wearing the cap so that tells me-
    a- the guy in the first video above is Roger wearing the cap
    b- the cap from the scene of the accident probably belonged to the driver as it’s closer to the driver door. You can see the cap in the second photo of this link

    Could it be to show ‘yes he can’t be identified after the fire but look that’s his cap’??
    Was he there to pick Paul up?? There are absolutely no photos of him even in the background of those charity photos.

    Also, notice in the first video ( in the beginning you can see many people on the scene. I guess this is when Nute tried to save him as you can see the emergency crew there too. Then who were those people who walked away from the accident ?
    Here is the picture of the guys walking away (in the middle of the page)

    • The cap at the accident scene looks like it was folded in half. On some photos by the car, Paul was seen carrying a folded cap. I think it was placed there on purpose, because 1) how could it fly off Roger’s head? 2) especially land that far away? 3) given the extent of his head injuries, wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) the coroner have taken the hat away for evidence? 4) if Paul was still carrying it, how, again, could it have landed where it did?

  22. A,

    I think he does resemble him a little but to me he’s different. I cant be 100% sure though because I haven’t seen a recent picture of him.

    Oh and don’t worry. I have many posts on here that I would like to correct. Wish they would add a “Edit” or “Delete” option.

  23. A,

    I understand.. some people are way too sensitive. I don’t see anything wrong with how you wrote it though.. I viewed both of the pictures and they do look a like.. Does the ears and nose seem to match? His hat blocks his hair making it harder to see whether or not they have the same hair line/style. I think his nose match

  24. This photo was taken at the charity event. There seems to be 3 red cars!!

    • I don’t think that was taken on the same day as the event. I think it was taken at the same time as this picture in early November.

  25. Thanks A for clearing that up for me..

  26. @A: What the hell?! That car looks like the Porsche!! And I agree it’s weird how FF6 depicted Lettys supposed death and what you said about Cctv and the Rock just like what happened with PW

  27. So I’m just wondering.. Who believes this is a hoax? I’m on the fence about this.. Only because faking a death sounds extreme and not a lot of people do it. So when the idea comes out, It’s hard for me to gather a good reason for Paul doing it. I really don’t think he’s doing this for a movie like some may believe but it’s possible. Another thing that keeps giving me doubts is that he was excited about his acting career after he appeared in Hours.. He said himself that he was finally getting job offers that he’s always wanted. He was so excited. Why would he drop out now and miss out on such an opportunity?

    I do want to believe this is a hoax. I can’t push myself to believe this is a real accident just because of the way it was handled, the messed up coroner reports and how his family and Hollywood friends have reacted. Just figured I’d ask what everyone else thinks? 🙂

    • In hoax, everything is an illusion. Maybe the fact he was excited for new movies coming, was part of the “thing”. If that’s true, they had to keep it real as much as they were able to. Don’t forget, that’s hollywood, they’re masters of manipulation.
      Paul was a bit ambivalent. He couldn’t stand hollywood anymore (according to family and friends), wanted to retire to take care of his daughter, and at the same time, was happy for new movies project….
      I’m maybe wrong, but I still don’t understand this accident. Well, that’s how I feel it.

      • And he was an actor…

  28. Kelis,

    I’m a fence sitter which is so not like me, cause I don’t like fence sitters. I’m very black and white but with this I have been getting wips lash which is so unlike me. One minute I’m saying yes this is a hoax, then next minute I’m saying, god I’m wrong it’s true.. Then I see something else and get thrown to the another side again.

    With everyone second guessing everything we have seen and heard, that to me tells me their is so much more to this story. With other Hollywood stars I have never question their deaths or thought to look into it. Why now does this one bother me. Maybe this is why- As humans we calculate sight and hearing but with this accident our calculation is not adding up, so this is why we are not letting this go. We won’t let it go till we are shown the correct calculation.

    So Kelis that is my thoughts 🙂

    • R,

      Lol That explains how I have felt for the last (almost) three months. I’m so tired of going back and forth but every morning I start my researching again.. My brother keeps saying I’m in denial and he almost convinces me until I come across yet another question left unanswered. I found Tupac’s Theories interesting but like you, I’ve never doubted a celeb death or even gave it much of a thought like Paul’s.


      I never thought of that, Some of his friends are so convincing but I do forget that this is Hollywood.. making people believe what they want us to believe is what they want.

      Than you for your thoughts guys! I’m glad I found this webpage. I don’t feel so crazy ^_^

      • I meant Thank you***

        • If you are crazy, so I am. 😉 You’re welcome.

    • R, these are my sentiments exactly. I am so not over this whole crash thing. One part of my brain tells me he is dead and the part will say it is a hoax. I have read all the posts regarding the “death crash” but obviously there are more questions than answers. My gut feeling is that Universal (in competition) with other production companies wanted the top spot and as DrK mentioned they decide who is A list or not. The dramatic exit of PW could have been beneficial to all parties concerned including PW. I see it that he was given Hobson’s choice and had to bow out while still in an upward spiral. The sad thing here is that he cannot go into hiding for the rest of his life as he had and was building up an incredible fan base.The upside is he gets to fulfil his interests as he had many. Marine Biology and spending quality time with his daughter Meadow which he lost out for so many years is only but a few of his interests. Paul if you are reading this I do not hold it against you for the decision you have had to make.

  29. Kelis,

    Thanks sweetie.

    I bet you do this as well – you get to point after researching and lots lots of reading and photos after photos, you keep hitting dead ends or someone’s comment doesn’t go down well. Then you go – that’s it I’m over this and I’m not doing this anymore I’m out but then later you can’t help yourself you have to see if anything is new…

    I have quit many many times..and driving my family crazy but I just need some clear answers to put this to rest.

    • R, I don’t mention to my fam that I check the sites regularly for updates otherwise they would think I am nuts. I too cannot move on until I have complete closure. It reminds me of cold case crimes which cannot be solved. Absolutely frustrating. I think we all would have accepted his death had there not been so many slip ups by the parties relevant to this case.

    • R,

      Quit reading my mind haha That explains how I’ve been for the last three months. My mom Keeps saying “Just leave it alone. it’s getting annoying.” But then I’ll ask her “does this really make sense to you?” She says no but doesn’t question it? why are some people so afraid to look into something when it doesn’t make sense and so quick to judge others when they do?

      So many times I have said “I’m done! He’s gone and there’s nothing that I could have done to prevent this. I gotta go to work” Then 10 minutes later.. I wonder if someone came up with any more ideas on this site.. Then I get back online. lol

  30. Guys, I am in a quandary. All the information at our disposal points to a hoax but now I see PW’s dad has been made Executor of his will. Is this just a publicity stunt with the press?

    • It’s just a part of the cover-up and fraud. Of course, there would be an attempt to substantiate the phony.

      • Thanks for pointing that out. I wonder if there would ever be absolute proof that he is still alive. I didn’t trust his dad’s comments as his body language gave him away in interviews. Hopefully DrK someone will be able to provide proof of his legivity. Don’t get me wrong like many others I want him to be alive

        • Lor,

          what body language gave him away? I haven’t seen update information about his family lately.. I’ve been trying to dig further into Paul’s past and studying the accident pictures.

          • Kellis, It was one of the interviews. He was chewing gum smiling while talking to the interviewee and did not appear to be a father in grief. It could be the vid where he spoke about Tyrese and little about the accident. Should I come accross it again I will let you know.

          • Hi Kellis, Everything seems to be quiet on the PW front. No further news regarding the hoax so maybe this is exactly what the PW team wanted

        • Hi DrK is there any further updates on the PW hoax? If so where does one check?

          • Oscars remembered him so I guess he is dead.

  31. Ryan Dunn of Jackass fame, crashed doing 100+ in a Porsche, which also caught on fire. He didn’t hit a tree, but went through a guardrail, and NOTHING was left of the car. If this car was going anywhere near/over 100mph, there would have only been pieces left. Porsche’s have no traditional frame, and they tend to disintegrate when going that fast. Or, it would have been wrapped so far around that tree, they would have had to chop it into pieces to get it apart.

    • What everybody is forgetting is the engine was in the back so the accident would’nt be the same as a front engine accident . Plus the car was made out of completely different materials

  32. I love you forever,Brian!

  33. What i don’t get is when the car hit the light pole
    Why i’snt there any damage to the hood of the car??. The car hit the lightpole first right
    Then the trees but i just cant understand
    The damage is mostly on the passenger side

    There is so much to this.
    But i guess we will never know
    What really happend

    Plus. Why does roger have a
    Headstone. Or grave marker

    But paul don’t all paul has is

    His last name on the brick wall

    • hey DRK check out the info on autopsy it has roger as 164 # and 63 “which is 5″2″and a very long report where they have paul as 173 # and 71″ which is 5’9” with a shorter report but it also says paul had head damage also only one coronary van brought both bodies in and the same driver and they also had anthony sanchez as a witness to rogers autopsy but in paul’s there was no witness
      and on roger they had his wife listed ,the last 4 of her ss# ,and her phone number….and on paul every thing is blacked out

  34. Paul walker you will be missed! These 5 paul walker tribute posters will leave you speechless

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