**Breaking News** — 04 February 2017
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Trump Radical Islam Speech Proven to be a Hoax and Scam

What is Mr. Trump doing blaming Islam for mere hoaxes orchestrated by Zionist criminals? Is he not doing anything other than feeding the mechanism of hate and destruction, those destructive elements causing great corruption in the land? How many fake events could he possibly wrongfully blame Islam for in a single speech? It’s incredible the degree of deception seen in only one dissertation.

No doubt, Mr. Trump is a plenty intelligent man. So, how does he think this will produce anything other than chaos? Before the American people he is continuously demonizing Islam, either directly or by proxy.

By doing so he is spreading great hate and doing so as a means of distraction. What a monstrous crime it is to do so, while, in fact, disguising the nature of the real criminal elements responsible for this treachery: terminally rabid arch-Zionist Jews. Listen to this, and listen carefully. He is an indentured servant for the Zionists, make no mistake. Thus, let it be known that all such inferred hate speech must be stopped.

In the speech Trump leverages the following ‘events’ as evidence against Islam, as proof that the world must fight this faith and its followers. He begins by leveraging well known hoaxes and arch-fakes staged by the Zionists and their litany of moles in the DHS:

  • the Ft. Hood staged fake massacre
  • the Boston Marathon Smoke Bombing Hoax
  • Chattanooga, TN, marine recruiting center hoax shooting

In the video Mr. Trump holds Islam or some supposed perversion of it culpable. Yet, he never provides any evidence in this regard. Moreover, there is no spirit in his speech. Yet, people applaud it, even though it is nothing other than lies.

In this regard Mr. Trump must be asked one question. What is the purpose of stating all this? What is the purpose of polarizing the people? It makes no sense to constantly repeat lie upon lie. Yet, this is precisely what the Zionists do through their all-powerful media sources.

Regarding these fake events he gives some details:

Ft. Hood: “13 were murdered and 38 wounded…”

Boston Marathon: “wounded and maimed 264 people…and left five dead, including two…police officers.”

Chattanooga recruiting center: “5 unarmed Marines…shot and killed…”

San Bernardino: “14 innocent Americans were gunned down at an office party.. 22 very gravely injured.”

Pulse Night Club: “49 Americans were executed…another 53 were badly injured, the worst mass shooting in our history.”

Trump goes on to say, “We can never, ever allow this to happen, again (much applause)…”

People are heard applauding nothing other than lies and deceit. He is creating hate. He then leverages the fakes in Europe:

In Europe was seen the same carnage and bloodshed afflicted on our closest allies (paraphrased below):

Charlie Hebdo: “attacked for publishing cartoons (on the Prophet Muhammad); 12 were killed…and 11 wounded…two days later four were murdered in a Jewish (with emphasis) delicatessen.

Batlacan theater: “terrorists…slaughtered 130 people and wounded…368

(Then, he blames these ‘Islamic’ acts as a source for a decline in France’s tourism)

Brussels Airport: “terrorists detonated a bomb, killing 32 and injuring 340 people…”

Nice, France: “an Islamic terrorist turned his truck into an instrument of mass murder, plowing down and killing 85 men, women, and children and wounding 308 people (terrible) …among the dead were two Americans, a Texas father and his 11 year-old son

Germany: “refugee armed with an axe wounded five people in a gruesome train attack…”

France: “an ISIS killer forced an 85 year-old priest to his knees before cutting his throat…”

He then talks about the actions of ISIS overseas, mass execution, rape, desecration of holy sites, hunting Christians for extermination, committing genocide. Yet, he never mentions the source, which is the Mossad, Haganah, Shin Bet, and more, which is the source of all ISIS acts,which funds it and upholds it through their Middle Eastern and US proxies, as it stands as everyone knows for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Yet, Mr. Trump knows this, and it is known that it would be “political suicide” to mention the real source, which is the rabid, extremist Zionist mob.

Trump is, thus, causing much corruption and chaos in the world, including tyrannizing and inconveniencing travelers:

Even so, let us look at his proclamations to see if there is any basis for his claims:

Ft. Hood

Ft. Hood was a hoax, totally faked: yet another Islamophobic scam. The following are various agents of the fake, including people supposedly shot up and recovering in the hospital:

All the players involved were crisis actors. You can see this clearly in the following images:

Image result for images; ft. hood; shooting; massacre; wounded

This is fake blood, which is obvious. Notice the taking off of the shirts, which is standard in these hoaxes. It’s obvious that this is a drill.

Fake blood and phony wound confirmed

This is clearly fake blood applied on. Notice the lack of any tearing in the shirt. Once again, Trump is categorically wrong on this one. Will he set the record straight, as he demands others to do, and let the world know it is a lie?


The marathon smoke bombing was an obvious fake. No one can demonstrate otherwise. Look at these hoaxers moving about just after the letting loose of the smoke bomb. Why are none of these people injured by the ‘massive’ blast that was powerful enough to blow off entire limbs?

Look at these Hollywood-style producers, including the woman with the shears who shred the clothing and the other one with the ear-piece getting instructions: what a terminally corrupt hoax it was.

Look at the Ben Nye moulage kit for making fake wounds found littered all over the site.

Trump is categorically wrong on this one, too.

Chattanooga recruiting center

What about the five dead Marines, poor men, unarmed. Is it true?

Image result for chattanooga; marines; recruiting; shooting; images

What in the world is this image supposed to represent? It couldn’t get more fake than this.

Notice the heavily manipulated photo of the dead Marine. It’s simply more evidence of a fake and a scam.

San Bernardino

Trump leverages San Bernardino as an Islamic attack, even though it was committed by its enemy, the Zionists. It’s not very compelling, but he seeds the hate, regardless. Yet, this is an arch-fake like all the others, no other possibility. Notice the fake blood. Everyone knows this is not real blood from arterial spillage:

Image result for san bernardino; shooting; radicalized muslims; images; wounded; injured

There is no clotting and separates. Blood doesn’t do that. There is also no arterial spray. Doesn’t Mr. Trump know anything about blood dynamics or crime scene analysis?

A law enforcement source confirms to CNN’s Pamela Brown that the image is San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik.

Cut lines are found about the scalp but also exist under the eyes. In this regard it is clear that the images of the purported shooters are PhotoShop fakes. Why use digital processes to manipulate the images if this was real? Once again, Mr. Trump gets it horrifically wrong.

Pulse Night Club

Is this one of the homosexuals who Trump says was badly injured? Or is it this one? What in the world is he talking about?

Now, Mr. Trump, let it be know, pray tell, how could these people be actually “badly wounded” by a purported Islamic terrorist?

Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo needs no edification. The entity was at that time owned by Zionist criminal elements, notably the Rothschild cabal.

Recall the light-skinned shooter, speaking in broken Arabic with a Hebrew accent, and how he fake shot the fake cop with mere blanks?

It was all staged, where no one died, and no one was injured. Yet, according to Trump “12 were killed and 11 were wounded,” a direct quote.

Bataclan theater

Trump claims the slaughter of innocents, once again, creating paranoia and hate, in this case with the Jewish-owned Batlacan theater massacre scam. He attempts to attribute actual dummies as if real dead people:

Image result for bataclan; theater; images; dead; wounded

All these entities are dapper cadaver dummies and no one can demonstrate otherwise. Moreover, in all cases this is fake blood, and it was moved about and spread about with mops or brooms. Yet, Trump erroneously claims that some “130 people were slaughtered,” again attributing this farce to Islam. Trump’s score is getting worse, not better.

Image result for bataclan; theater; images; dead; wounded

Here is some fake blood added to the pavement for effect, with a glove as a prop.

Brussels Airport

In Brussels in order to maintain the lie of Islamic terror an entire airport terminally was staged in devastation, all for a fraud and a lie.

Where are the actual wounds on this individual that could account for the red matter seen? Why is she allowed to wonder around like that? As well, notice the image, right screen. That’s a dummy, not a real human.

Yet, it was a total hoax, and there can be no other conclusion. No, Mr. Trump, ‘our European partners’ did not suffer a rash of Islamic terror attacks: another wretched lie is being spread.

Nice phony truck attack

Doesn’t Mr. Trump get intelligence briefings? Doesn’t he know that Nice was a staged event, like all the others?

In the early stages of the phony the above image was captured from a video. Where are all those dead bodies? Where are all the shattered lives? The truck is there. Oh, then, it is in the following image, too, same truck, same street:

Here is an actor who had just popped a blood packet on the dummy. Notice there is still residue of the fake blood on one of his hands:

Germany staged ax attack

This is one of the most ridiculous of all. There is no proof of any attack to any degree. It’s a scam, like all the others:

Image result for germany; refugee; axe; images; attack

How about the above for a staged photo. As well, regarding the image below it’s just fake blood drizzled about, like all the others. It was a poor drill, not even made to be realistic.

Image result for germany; refugee; axe; images; attack

French priest

This, too, is a fake. No ISIS mole went into the church and did this. The video is staged. Here is a screenshot showing the use of CGI imaging to make it appear that there is blood on a (fake) cut-off head:

It’s clear that that is mere computer graphics in action and that by no means is this an actual blood-soaked head.

Then, what about 911? Repeatedly, Trump has also blamed this on the Islamic people. When answering a question from a Muslim woman, he said “…the World Trade Center. Go outside. Look at Paris. Look at that horrible — these are radical Islamic terrorists.”

Then, how are these bombers Islamic terrorists? Are they not anything other than Jewish extremist terrorists?

Image result for Dancing Israelis; image

The score is clear. In all cases where Mr. Trump has laid the blame on Islam and/or its followers he is in error. Is it not curious, then. Why didn’t he get to the real issue and hold culpable the source: the arch-Zionist rabid, extremist criminal mob? Yet, what does Mr. Trump say in town meetings.It is none other than to solve the country’s issues you must be truthful. You must name the source of the criminal activity, of the hate, treachery, and more:

“Now, to solve a problem, you have to be able to state what the problem is or at least say the name.”

Then, go ahead, Mr. Trump, do it. Do as you speak and command. Say it, and say it loud and clear. The problem is Zionist extremism, rabid, extremist Jewish terror. Say it if you are a man of your word. Moreover, say the names, just as you have advised, Larry Silverstein, Jerome Hauer, Frank Lowy, David Rockefeller, Douglas Feith, rabbi Dov Zakheim, Ehud Barack, Ariel Sharon, Bibi Netanyahu, and countless others who plotted and perpetrated the greatest criminal act on US soil, 911. This is the undeniable truth. Let anyone prove otherwise. Moreover, let it be known that America is a very big place with plenty of tolerance. There is no need to isolate it further by wrongly blaming people who are innocent of all such accusations.



















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