Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 02 November 2013
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The TSA Dummy and the LA Shooting Hoax

The TSA is an autocratic entity set up by the Zionist world cabal for purposes of imposing both control and tyranny upon the American people and, ultimately, people globally, a fact which is incontestable.

When these hoaxes are perpetrated, it is the TSA which is behind them, and behind them is the Zionist cabal, which is that legion of Israeli-Firsters who hold sway in both Europe and America.

From one of our posters:

The staging fabricators are all getting ready for the fake wounded or mortally wounded TSA mole. It is likely this phony who will be acclaimed as the dead man, the way the dummy looks, someone might be fooled. It is this synthetic apparatus that was reportedly shot in the “mouth and leg.”


Even people at the airport might think something really happened the way the storm troopers were brought out in force. Plus plenty of fraudsters and hacks, like Vernon Cardenas, to spew venomous lies.


The likely source of the dummy: a dummy box with two guards.


laxdummylanding laxdummyand box


laxdummycircus laxhoaxdummi

It really is a dummy: anyone can see it. It’s so stiff they can’t even keep it’s fake legs on the platforms.



Producer/director has her eye on how the roll-out is going.


They roll the dummy, now, into the phony rescue vehicle for further staging. Look at what’s coming out of the vehicle. It’s gurney.


See the legs? It really is a gurney.


It’s blurry, but they are moving the device forward towards the dummy. Getting ready to transport him in style to the warehouse.


Along the way they will pour some fake blood all over him or at least next to his fake body parts on the gurney, staining some washable sheets.


Is the marked Ben Nye fake blood kits the source of the phony blood they will pour next to the dummy?

Fraudster #2: a real live-in-the-flesh crisis actor

This crisis actor has his own producer and director, plus plenty of Hollywood-style moulage moles to dress him up when he is readied.



laxcrisisactor transferred

The man seems to have a bit of a smile on his face. Regardless, no wonder all that is available this time are helicopter and overhead views. These movie mongers knew that would be immediately caught in the act with actual close-up photography, even somewhat distant photography, just as in the Nairobi hoax.


A DHS or, more likely, Hollywood mole, bald man with glasses, is one of the key coordinators.


This man is a crisis actor, too, presumably Paul Anthony Ciancia, a likely alias. Two crisis actors, two different key roles to foist the legitimacy of this fraud upon the American people.

Doing pretty good for being shot in the chest five times. No IV hook-up? Notice how the fake blood is front-and-center, perfect for the camera-shoot and for maximum psychological effect, making the LAX shooting hoax, once again, a Zionist plot.


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  1. But using dummies is good for business – they don’t need paid or need a mobile phone or water. Plus some of the dummies do a better acting job than the real dummies.

  2. This is completely INSANE! ROFL!

  3. Photo of shooter??


  4. Watch video of “witness” Nick Pugh in NYC on 9/11/2001 and at LAX Nov.1, 2013…very odd to say the least. Both times on ABC TV.!!

  5. 1. the vic goes from being a weird shaped *** PALE, paler than any white persons *** actually, dummy with NO HAIR AT ALL > 2. to being a regular white guy, obviously not injured, thick dark brown hair, hes all happy, moving around and ****, while they prep him > 3. to being that dude they have in that pic laid up in the hospital, shaved hair that has started to grow out again (not bald like the dummy, not thick like the white guy in the wheel chair) and hes now the normal color of a hispanic dude, not *** pale like the dummy, and not the same guy they have in the chair after the dummy.

  6. That fake blood is for “transplant” use.

  7. Don’t know who is the bigger dummy… The one on the wheelchair, or the public for buying this bullcrap…

  8. You my firend (the poster) are a Roayl IDIOT.

  9. Is everybody here related and inbreeding? You must be joking if you think that is fake, right? The victim DIED. Your pale “dummy” with flappy arms is what a dead bodies improvisationally wheeled out of an unexpected attack at an airport looks like, dipshit. Tell your uncles to stop mating with their own sisters and give your mom a break, ok Princess. Google the victim, he fits the description of your “dummy” perfectly you Oaf. Stop fueling more brainless Gun Right activitists who think their guns will be taken away from them just becuase Anti-Gun activists want better security for schools, society, and tougher rules in acquiring guns, Morons. Its not a Hoax, you all are idiots if you believe this- you deserve your boxy trailer studio apartments with several fecalmatter types to lay on from your circus of cats, dogs, and rodents that crawl around while your porking your cousins, and getting your $200 disability check from the very same Government you probably criticize. Good night.

    • Certified troll.

    • If that were an actual shooting victim in the wheelchair there would be a trail of blood

  10. LAX/TSA shooting for dummies


  11. Reporters themselves said “Very sketchy information” regarding TSA shooting hoax.

    Michael Chertoff and co. asking for more TSA guards and guns

    [271] Voting Day Blues, TSA Shooting Aftermath, Stopping Stop a


  12. Check out “Operation Gladio” series by James Corbett: A trustworthy person in the truth movement.

    I think that CIA/Mossad is agitating and training people whom they can call “Muslim terrorists” to go after Islam while also destroying Central Asia region before the planned attacks on Russia and China aimed at ultimate Jewish domination of the world.

    Man proposes God disposes!

  13. Dr Deepa Kumar it is time to point the finger at the Zionists Jews.

    Here is what Dr Deepa Kumar needs to read for further knowledge:


    12 Years Post 9/11, Islamophobia Still Runs High


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