Boston Bombing — 29 April 2013
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More Evidence of  Zionist Involvement in the Boston Bombings
Salman an-Noor Hossain, contributor

NOTE: It is now known that there were no actual deadly bombs planted in the Boston Marathon smoke bombing hoax and that it was all a fake, merely a smoke bomb. The claim that anyone planted a real bomb is now known to be false. Yet, still, this act was perpetrated by Zionist Jews, who orchestrated the entire event through their assets in the pro-Israeli DHS entity.

Note: does not independently confirm the findings of its contributors but publishes articles which contain valuable and contributory information. Many thanks to Mr. Hossain for his efforts at bringing new views to the findings.

According to Russia Today about two days before the brutal execution of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the arrest of his younger brother, Dzokhar, Israeli police proclaimed they were headed to the US to aid in Boston Marathon bombing investigation. This is standard operating procedure with the Israelis whenever  their operatives are involved in Black Operations. For instance, this was true for the 1998 US Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. In 2002 Israeli security arrived after an Israeli-owned hotel was bombed by Jewish terrorists, killing over a dozen sub-Saharan Africans.


Thus far there are a minimum of three main suspects that are involved in planting the kettle bombs in two separate locations, two men and one woman (and possibly another woman as well). Notice the woman in the second picture below with a wig and sun glasses. Who says Jewish women can’t be violent? In 1946 a female Jewish terrorist,  Sima Fleishhaker-Hoizman, otherwise known as the “Girl in Red, was arrested by British police for carrying out terrorist bombings against civilian targets. She was caught after bombing a Jerusalem railway station. In the Boston attack a female can be seen slowly and covertly placing the bomb in the brown duffel bag onto the ground after having it passed to her from a man inside the crowd.



These three–or four–individuals have been caught on CCTV camera planting the explosives (nodisinfo addition: or dust/pyrotechnic bombs) near the crowd. Notice that in the aftermath of the explosion none of the two women and elderly Jewish man are anywhere near the barricade where the brown bag with the bomb were planted.


Look carefully at the picture above. Where are the individuals who were caught on the recording cameras planting the bomb? They are nowhere to be seen anywhere near the site of the blast. What appear to be a few burns here and there but no casualties are seen. Furthermore, where can the pictures of the three individuals, two females and one male child, that are supposed to have died from the two explosions be seen?

A Jewish Terrorist creeps his way into the crowd seeking an opportunity to plant the backpack bomb. Whether patsy or deliberate bomber look at the way he squirms into the mob, moying to find a good place to case the explosives.

The Sayanim terror helpers

So far two Jews, among potentially dozens of others, Andrew Kitzenberg and Daniel Glenck (FBI agent and liar), were involved in falsely laying the blame on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as the “terrorist.” A key part of the terrorist attack against this man it was both Kitzenberg and Glenck who put the false blame against Dzhokhar by claiming he engaged in a firefight with police officers. Kitzenberg, a Kazakh/Russian Jew, no doubt, nothing short of a congenital liar. Daniel Glenck, another Jewish liar in the FBI has been involved in the framing of at least two (or more) other innocent Muslims as terrorists.


However, I was able to pin another Jew to this event, one who is just as culpable in the frame up as the other two. His name is David Green. According to the Las Vegas Sun, April 20th, clearly, Green is implicated in framing the brothers:

“Seconds after the bombs exploded, David Green pulled out his smart-phone and took a photo of the chaos developing a couple hundred yards in front of him — the smoke, the people running in panic.” How convenient that an alleged Jewish marathon runner pulled out his smart-phone just in time to catch Dzhokhar running away from the blast site. In fact, David Green is a Jewish businessman from Jacksonville, Florida. So,. what is he doing hundreds of miles away in Boston? Just in time to witness the explosions?

Read more:

Now, here’s the smoking gun proving that numerous American Jews were active collaborators in this terrorist attack. The picture below shows Dzhokhar running away from the site. However, Dick Eastman has already proven that the white bag was photoshopped, his hands, fingers, and forearms moved out of place. The pixels around his hand are also out of place and consist of different contrast compared to the adjacent texture in the image. The amazing thing about this edited and manipulated picture is that it was provided to the “Mainstream Media” by the Jewish “runner” cum “amateur photographer,” David Green. This is additional evidence that Jews were involved in the frame up and accusation of terrorism against the Tsarnaev brothers,  Tarmerlan and Dzhokhar.

Photoshopped images


The image showing him leaving the bomb-blast scene is clearly photoshopped. He was most likely not even there when the blast happened. It clearly shows that his image was cropped and planted on the pavement running away from the blast. The edges around his arm look fuzzy: a low-grade production.


The above image purporting to show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was also photoshopped. Tsarnaev’s cap had a different number (3 versus 7) compared to the other image captured by the Jew David Green at the time of the attack. In addition, the back with the white straps that Dzhokhar was carrying is not seen on the ground or being planted. The picture of the bag was planted and super-imposed, via cropping and pasting through adding layers, on he original image which didn’t contain either the bag or his head sticking out in he crowd. The above image is completely Photoshopped. This was done to make Dzhokhar appear as a brute, ruthlessly planting a bomb, as is acclaimed, at Martin Richard’s feet. Yet, added to the fraud is the fact that Richards wasn’t even there and his image was faked in, too.

Jewish mayor and asset for international Jewry and Israel pumpsup the Islam hatred


There are also two other contradictory accounts of how the elder brother, Tamerlan, died. However, none of them mentioned him engaging in a firefight with the police or lobbing explosives at them. Linda, an eye witness who testified to what she saw on local Massachusetts radio, mentioned how he was run over by a police SUV and shot multiple times at point blank range. After this, she reported, an ambulance arrived in which he was loaded, to which delivered him as is now known to Beth Israel Hospital.

His removal to this hospital also proves the scope of the plot. Beth Israel is extremely far away from Watertown compared to the less Zionist and Mossad-free hospital nearby, which surely could have been far more responsible in resuscitating Tamerlan. Additionally, well after his murder NYC Jewish Mayor Michael Bloomberg sealed the Jewish involvement in framing the Muslims by claiming that the Chechen Brothers were attempting to attack New York City and had just been stopped in time.


When looking at the map of Beth Israel, represented by a purple marker, it is obvious that it is a considerably further distance away from where the older brother was allegedly apprehended compared to the other facility,  St Elizabeth Medical Center (Landmark “I”), a highly respected medical teaching facility.

There is another issue to be considered. I do not believe that the individual who was stripped naked and taken in the police cruiser to be Tsarnaev – and this is mainly due to the fact he has no chest hair and the individual suspected to be killed by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has a good deal of it on his upper body.

Compare the pictures, below. Notice the amount of body hair Tamerlan has as a macho-boxer. Then compare it with the picture of the dead corpse in Beth Israel Hospital. Once again, lots of upper body hair. The man escorted into the police cruiser has no body hair on his chest. He was escorted by American police officers whilst Tamerlan was executed by a private Israeli hit team. The execution was done under the excuse that the Tsarnaev brothers were lobbing Improvised Explosive Devices (IED.s) at police officers but yet there are no images of IEDs or any other form of incendiary devices shown by any police officer. There is no evidence of any bombs or cocktails lobbed at the police as projectiles.


Besides the heavy hair on his chest, look at the gash on the left side of his chest. Does it look like Tamerlan’s organs were yanked by Jewish doctors in Beth Israel Hospital after he was executed point blank style by the Israeli police? (or should we call them “Death Squads”?)

Look at the image below of the chest of the individual who is forced to be strip searched by the police. Not a strand of hair nor a scratch on his body. Linda’s eyewitness account described an ambulance that whisked away an executed individual who didn’t return fire. There was no shootouts between the police and Tamerlane Tsarnaev. The individual arrested is someone else and Tamerlan’s aunt Maret has made a mistake in identifying her nephew who she hadn’t seen for over five years.

The shape of the head of the individual arrested and strip searched above is slightly more square than Tsarnaev. He also has a hairless chest. The hair-style is quite different as well. Notice the heavy chest hair on Tamerlan above and when he was executed below. The eye-witness to Tamerlan’s execution, Linda, is absolutely right. He was killed point blank without firing any return shots at the Israeli death squads. Where are the “police” that executed the elder Tsarnaev? Are they still in the United States of America or back in Occupied Palestine (aka the Jewish strip)?

I don’t believe regular American police officers killed Tamerlan Tsarnaev. I believe Israeli Death squads,  posing as “counter terrorist,” police executed him. This was a brutal execution. It is what a death squad operative would do. Not a callous police officer exercising brutality to suspected criminals. The naked individual getting into the police car doesn’t look like the dead person seen at the Beth Israel hospital in Boston (where all the injured from the two bomb blasts during the Marathon allegedly went).


Nodisinfo note: there is a difference of opinion on whether this is Tamerlan or not. Leave it said, that this still an open discussion, since the man was taken into custody near the area where Tamerlan was assassinated, along with other similarities.

Early lies disproved later on

The alleged carjacking didn’t happen. The brothers had their own Benzes. Why the need to car jack? Early video footage showed some witnesses saying (but their faces weren’t seen on cam) that a police officer was being shot at by a rifle or shotgun on campus grounds. Jewish liars never claimed that Tamerlan carried such weapons. There is no video footage showing Tamerlan or Dzhokhar as having executed Sean Collier, the MIT police officer. His colleague, Richard Donohue, was also shot and critically injured although he managed to survive a heinous murder attempt. There is not a single shred of evidence that Tamerlan or Dzhokhar ever had weapons on them during the execution and chase by police officers. In fact, there is no evidence that either Tamerlan or Dzhokhar have ever used firearms or explosives before. These are all lies and innuendo created by Jewish liars like Andrew Kitzenberg and Daniel Glenck. Every single Jew involved in the investigation and accusation of the Tsarnaev brothers must be investigated as accomplices to murder.

Richard Donohue almost killed and Sean Collier successfully executed by Israeli hit squad

There is strong evidence that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was nowhere near the scene of the crime. There is also no confirmation that either Dzhokhar or Tamerlan were together when the elder brother was killed by an Israeli hit team and immediately taken over by sayanim ambulance drivers to the Beth Israel hospital.

After being executed by the Israelis and taken in an ambulance and operated by Jewish doctors who operate as Sayanim for the global Jewish mafia, Tamerlan had his liver, kidneys, or some other organ extracted from him. This is the worst example of Jewish terrorism on American soil post 9-11. Murder, Organ Trafficking, and Terrorism – the Ultimate All In One Combo. Now, that’s what I call a triple threat.

Revenge for #Op-Israel

The timing of the terrorist attack on American soil by the Israeli Mossad can only be due to the massive attack on thousands of Israeli websites by the Hacker’s Group #Anonymous – in particular from hackers in Muslim countries. The massive DDOS, defacement, database leak, and other attacks against sites with the Israeli domain name and the irreparable (in some cases) damage to the Israeli economy and businesses is what prompted the Jewish criminals to launch a quick and clumsy terrorist attack.#Op Israel was coordinated by #Anonymous on April 7th whilst the Jewish terrorist bombings were carried out just barely a week later, April 15, 2013, I have seen the amount of information leaked and many Websites as of the writing of this report, April 28, 2013, are still non-operational. While Israel wasn’t removed from cyberspace, the damage done to the Israeli economy (particularly its stock exchange) was priceless. The attack on religious and devoted Muslims by terrorist Jewish hit squads can clearly be seen in their desire for the blood of the believers. This terrorist operation was done explicitly and brazenly to show to the Muslims worldwide that the Jews are out to get them, anywhere and everywhere.



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  1. Mr. TSARNAEV’s lawyer JUDY CLARKE and ARLENE HOLMES’ (Aurora fall guy JAMES HOLMES’ mother) lawyer LISA DAMIANI were probably hand-picked by the ZIONISTS. It appears that they will only COP PLEAS and won’t ZEALOUSLY REPRESENT their clients.

    And the corrupt courts will not consider our evidence. Very disturbing – TOTAL JEWISH / ZIONIST CONTROL.

    Here’s a pertinent press release:.

    CT Global and Dorazio Consulting – Greater NYC and Phoenix and
    colleagues at

    CT America’s Global Discussion Forum will regularly expose
    the ISRAELI MOSSAD / ZIONIST / CIA / BUSH GANG’s HIRED KILLERS at and TERRORIST ATTACKS in BOSTON (and many other false flag murder rampages) in upcoming presentations at

    Worldwide Release April 30, 2013

    To The International Criminal Court Prosecuters at The Hague, INTERPOL,
    California Attorneys LISA J. DAMIANI ([email protected]) and JUDY CLARKE, and The World Press:

    These are opinions based on known facts.

    For credible references, please check,,,, and .

    WARNING: Credible sources indicate that the ISRAELI MOSSAD and ZIONIST TERRORISTS may have SUITCASE NUKES ready to go AGAINST AMERICA.

    ISRAELI MOSSAD / ZIONIST OPERATIVE and California lawyer JUDY CLARKE of the CLARKE and RICE LAW FIRM in San Diego ( ) is representing the BOSTON BOMBING patsy Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, now TAKING THE RAP for the REAL perpetrators – the ISRAELI MOSSAD and PSYCHO-ZIONISTS, the CIA, FBI, and DHS.

    CLARKE’s California Bar Association profile is included below.

    The BOSTON MASSACRE was a staged production, and CLARKE knows all about it, because she has the IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE and RESEARCH at, and the websites listed above.

    CLARKE’s San Diego colleague LISA DAMIANI ([email protected]), another MOSSAD / ZIONIST SHILL, is representing AURORA FALL GUY JAMES HOLMES’ mother ARLENE. DAMIANI has the evidence that can vindicate her client’s son; however, she is UNDER ORDERS to CONCEAL that evidence.

    We will be filing formal CALIFORNIA BAR ASSOCIATION COMPLAINTS against both CLARKE and DAMIANI, who are committing numerous FEDERAL and STATE FELONIES in the cover-up. They can run, but they cannot and will not hide.

    Brad DeShane, Media Agent, for CT Global at and CT America at

  2. My colleagues have placed the following ad in the NEW YORK CITY / MANHATTAN CRAIGSLIST, and recommend that others place similar ads NATIONWIDE. These ads are FREE also.

    Please see

    Brad DeShane, Media Agent, for CT Global at and CT America at

    • I agree that the Jews are planning to do a lot more bombing in the US. and worse. I wonder if the CNN reporter, who today sitting in the front row at the televised press conference, impishly asked their Obama if Americans could feel safe to go to public events, was herself Jewish.

      Thanks to all who are alerting America, as CT has done in this ad. I am sure that Thomas Jefferson, who wrote THE JEFFERSON BIBLE, THE LIFE AND MORALS OF JESUS OF NAZARETH, is crying in his grave.

      • Jews are tribalistic and Bart Torvik is a Jew blogger who links his vicious blogs to other Jew bloggers who then post lies online about non-Jews. The targets of these blogs are always innocent Gentiles. Bart Torvik and his Jew co-conspirators are brainwashing the vast, unwashed masses with their lies. Bart Torvik is actually a high school dropout who has no morals and no conscience. But Bart Torvik is part of the Jewish drive to take over America and subjugate the American people.

  3. I love your site and all the info it provides but I gotta ask: how do we even know this is a “real” dead body? Looks like to me right and left side is EXACTLY the same wounds. How do we know the so called “witness” to the running over and shootout is legit? I have read and heard Husseins sons bodies were fake. I do not know. I am just thinking it is ALL fake. Oh how cynical I’ve become!

    • No one knows for sure. It’s a real rarity for these criminals to offer up REAL pictures of a patsy, that is after murdering them. Yes, Hussein’s sons are gloating in the 50 billion-plus of their daddy’s assets. Daddy, too, was likely never killed, as he was a chief Zionist agent, despite claims otherwise. How do you easily kill 50 billion net worth? Khaddafi? Is he sitting in the House of Rothschild?

      • Yes!!,what you are saying could be a possibility.

  4. You have “argued in the alternative” in stating that some stone cold killer Israeli woman planted “the bomb” – but elsewhere you understand perfectly there was no real bomb at either location. I feel the same way about alleged Israeli “death squads” allegedly killing Tsarnaev – if the bombing isn’t real, then the chase of “suspects” cannot be real because nothing about it seems real – especially their motive for killing a policeman. It’s a movie from start to finish.

    By the way – they may state that 9,000 cops had Boston and 6 adjoining towns in lockdown. Evidently not. My brother drove from Cambridge to Newton the day of the “voluntary lockdown” and encountered no resistance until he arrived at his destination (a college) where they turned him away because of their compliance with the “voluntary” shut-down. But even that was a Potemkin village – all those cops swarming everywhere. The streets were empty though and the subway shut down.

    • Yes, it is now known that there was no bomb. Such posts need to be amended. If Tamerlan isn’t dead, that raises issues. Does anyone have any info to indicate the faking of the autopsy pics?

      • Let’s save time, shall we? To sum up Dr. K’s “research”, for virtually any incident whatsoever:
        “See the filthy Israeli Jews placing the bomb……We can all see it…right? How obvious that Jew terrorists placed that bomb there. It’s as plain as the hook noses on their disgusting lying filthy Jew faces.”

        “Yes, it is now known that there was no bomb. Such posts need to be amended.”
        hahahaha!!!!! Nobody is ever going to confuse you with Albert Einstein, Dr. K.

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