Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 16 July 2016
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What Happened in Turkey – A Staged Coup

UPDATED, Corrected, July 17, 2016, updated, again, July 17, 3:00 pm CST

The title and content of this post has been altered based on new information, that is since people were killed it cannot be merely a hoax but would, rather, come closer in definition to being a false flag. Questions are being raised as to precisely what happened on the ground in this event. Conclusions will be based on the accumulated evidence to every degree possible. Some imagery has been removed in order for the basis of it to be more readily confirmed. This does not alter the overall conclusion that this is a plot, orchestrated by the great Zionist-controlled powers, including the Israeli Mossad.

It is the Israeli secret service, along with its embedded Turkish elements, which holds vast sway over the affair and actions of the Turkish military, all supported by elements of the US secret services, including the CIA. Thus, the purported coup in Turkey could not occur without the full authorization of the Israeli Mossad as well as Erdogan himself.

For instance, the preceding event, the Nice truck attack hoax, was staged by anti-Islamic Zionist agents, including various false witnesses associated with the Council of Foreign Relations, for instance, embedded Zionist mole Mark Krikorian. Clearly, the goal, here, is the creation of a platform for greater and greater invasive action against the people of the Middle East in what amounts to none other than a war against Islam.

Even so, this is a complex issue involving much destruction of property as well as injuries and fatalities. It will take a detailed, systematic analysis to determine the precise nature of these events.

Included in this was haphazard, dangerous, and potentially deadly movement of powerful military vehicles down avenues, where these vehicles actually ran over people, killing them. It was all so reckless, as people were clinging to armored vehicles as they were racing down the streets, some of them falling off and being injured, perhaps killed. How to any degree does such behavior make even the slightest sense? Thus, once again, as a result of these acts it is the common people who suffer, not any of those in power who are the supposed targets of any such coup. Even so, it is suspected that the global espionage agencies are behind this, as it suits only their agenda. No Turkish popular group has anything to do with it.

In a revelation of the nature of this plot is the following description:

Fighter jets buzzed overhead, gunfire erupted outside military headquarters and vehicles blocked two major bridges in Istanbul. Soldiers backed by tanks blocked entry to Istanbul’s airport for a couple of hours, before being overtaken by pro-government crowds carrying Turkish flags, according to footage broadcast by the Dogan news agency.

Make note also of this, that is the fact that the French Embassy had been closed just prior to these actions:


Thus, French intelligence appears to have been fully apprised of the potential for violence and destruction in advance of the events beginning July 15. Too, this closure occurred a day before the staged French/Nice truck attack. There must surely be a connection between these events. Moreover, the closure of this embassy is hard proof of scheming and plotting by the arch-Zionist, pro-Israeli powers.

Yet, the question must also be raised, why would a coup be attempted when Erdogan was out of the country? Usually, these are done to capture the current ruler or cause such a one to become exiled as a result of such an action.

As there were actual fatalities regarding this issue, the question arises, was this a real coup conducted by actual opponents of Turkish President Erdogan or was this staged by powerful, secretive elements within the government itself? Even so, how could this occur without the fullest cooperation of powerful, secretive elements within the Turkish government?

It is the imagery which demonstrates certain elements of a staged event despite the obvious destruction of government and public property as well as the occurrence of actual fatalities.

There are two tanks, here, pointing from two sides of the road. How did they come in this position, one on each side of the bridge?


There is a white flag, there, pointed out with the small arrow. Where did it come from? What purpose does it serve? Who are they surrendering to? Clearly, this image is a part of the staging for mere public consumption and to fool the people.

Here is another angle of the same scene. This does appear to be a key staging zone:


There are seemingly no guns being pointed at them by the people before them. No one can see who is holding these military personnel at bay. Even so, why, then, would they have, if they were in danger, left off their guns and gear? Who caused them to drop all that gear? There seem to be no military people in sight who were coordinating their surrender.

Here is the back-side of the tank area, demonstrating what appears to be staging:


What soldiers drop their guns like that, ever? Yet the helmet-off element was an essential part of this element, so they could participate in the fake beating routine. Another possibility is that the soldiers freely gave up their weapons when they realize the nature of the fraud and the scam, and the latest reports do indicate this:


Regardless, who finds it believable that Turks are beating up on fellow Turks? Why do so many man have their hands about their heads and faces.


The camera-people are perfectly placed to capture this. Men who are by no means at risk for any ‘beating’ are placing their hands over their faces and heads. Who could believe Turkish soldiers could be so cowardly? How big of a bonus did they receive for their participation?


Here is additional purported Turk-on-Turk violence. By all evidences this appears to be fully staged.

Even so, some imagery is available of actual beatings and virtual lynchings of various military persons associated with this event.


The man in the center appears to be a Westerner, possible a Mossad agent.  He is surely not a Turk:


If this image is confirmed from July 15 through 16, then, the role of the Mossad is confirmed. It is likely that this Zionist infiltrator raised a beard as disguise so no one would know he is a Zionist.

The Erdogan government staged it in-part, so it is claimed, to undermine this man, Mr. Fethullah Gulen, now a US resident. It was Gulen himself who said there was  a possibility that this was staged by the Erdogan government.


Who is Fethullah Gulen? He appears to be a fake Islamist, as clearly denoted by the image above. What’s the purpose, regardless, of holding the Qu’raan in such a manner. According to some reports he has been an embedded CIA/Mossad agent for some 40-plus years.

 Bortcine: The Judaist Imam Fethullah Gülen’s servants asked me to join their Judaist Muslim Sect. Fethullah Gülen has been working for the CIA since 1964. Their sect is the biggest in Turkey. They rule AKP (the governing Justice and Development Party), Turkish police, army & intelligence agencies and much more. I refused. I researched Terrorism, New World Order, 9/11 and more. I noticed that I was being followed by some strange men. They were spies of the Illuminati Jewish-controlled Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT). I was expelled from the university by the order of the Turkish Military Forces. In Turkey the MIT are behind all political assassinations. They created and supported all terrorist groups.

The ties of Gulen and his group to the Clinton cabal and, thus, international Zionist appear to be quite clear:


This is highly suspicious, indeed.


Yet, the ultimate reason for the action has yet to be revealed, although it is surely an attempt to increase the stock of the Erdogan government amongst the Turkish population, while also creating much chaos, all of which supports the agenda of the Zionists. It is also a part of the plan for the plot to commit World War III, all through a litany of hoaxes, scams, and false flag attacks.



UPDATES: Post-Coup in Turkey – Erdogan’s Revenge


Crypto-Jew Recep Erdogan: Restoration of The Osman Empire with Western Technology. Putin an Obstacle




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  1. What completely moronic staged event from the Neo Ottomans. Remember these hoaxes serve some greater purpose.

  2. What purpose? It’s Satanic propaganda. 666. Satans symbols are thru all the crafted mug shots. The beast and the 2 Satans are fooling the world again. Will I see the Crescent Moon and star flying in Jesusalem?
    Of course using hoaxes and false flag attacks.

  3. Of course Satanists and suicide bombers will not be admitted into the paradise of heaven, despite popular beliefs.

  4. Short but great analysis

    • Seems (to me) quite amazing. The Neo-Ottomans are the beast of the abyss, and it’s deadly head wound was healed. Satans Kingdom (NWO) must have its flag? Look at those pictures above! I know it’s the known symbol of Islam yet Satanists have stolen the crescent moon logo and added their false Islamic religion to it which is Satans religion.
      And all the world wondered after the Beast. I’m afraid Satans propaganda is very powerful I said before events would quicken in Satans throne in Turkey and Satan will use Turkey as his propaganda utility. But it means we are nearing the end of a chapter. An evil chapter.

    • A supposed “white flag”, men covering their faces,..

      That’s what you call “Analysis”, Christinne?
      What a dumb cunt you are.

      Cowboy- go get her,boy! She has no standards whatsoever.

      • You do realize you make no sense in English, right?

  5. Cowboy!
    This is right near you!
    Please provide live coverage!


    • I will not be lured out into the zio engineered sunlight to be ambushed by you and your Massodomite cohorts Gabriel!

  6. Watching local New Orleans news live and just saw a Baton Rouge police officer laughing and then a smirk after realizing cameras were on him.

  7. Just another anti-white/police/gun piece of crap, Im sick and tired of them.

  8. This Cowboy character is so much fun to play but surely he is not 4 real?

    • Cowboy is the most difficult character to play. In order to play him well you have to get into his head which, quite honestly, is a fucking crazy-ass place.

      Rudolf is the simplest after Christinne (to play her, just whine and post links).

  9. More Fraudulent disinfo comments posted by zioJEW troll Gabriel under my name:

    (Brokeback Fag Gabriel fake version of:) Cowboy JULY 16, 2016 AT 11:49 PM
    Observe the obvious Zionists scatter like rats. Lol


    (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of:)
    Cowboy JULY 17, 2016 AT 3:38 PM
    I will not be lured out into the zio engineered sunlight to be ambushed by you and your Massodomite cohorts Gabriel!

    (Brokeback fag Gabriel Ziotwisted fake version of:)
    Cowboy JULY 17, 2016 AT 4:43 PM
    Cowboy is the most difficult character to play. In order to play him well you have to get into his head which, quite honestly, is a fucking crazy-ass place.

    Rudolf is the simplest after Christinne (to play her, just whine and post links).
    Gabriel, you pathetic zionist jew freak fag, you can’t imitate anyone real & honest because you are fake, dishonest ignorant, arrogant & coward. Being real & authentic & with any honor, any virtue is something you will never understand ziotrash Gabriel!
    You are like a sewer rat trying to imitate a squirrel… or a buzzard trying to imitate an eagle. No one is falling for your garbage buffoon!

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