Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 22 May 2014
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Two Headed Dummy Detected in China Market Bombing Hoax

No doubt, Mahyudi monsters – the criminal elements of the Mossad – do murder people, primarily Middle Easterners, including Iranians. They often do so with car bombs. These vile ones murdered Rafik Harriri through in that case a bomb planted in the roadway. These same Zionist murderous ones have also detonated countless car bombs in the occupied territories, Syria, Iraq, Islaamic Iran, Pakistan, and more.

While they have murdered countless people in Muslim countries through such devices, they create fake terror acts, claiming death and injuries when no such deaths and injuries occurred. In this respect they create a diversion from their ultimate criminal acts, which is the senseless murder of innocents. Yet, by broadcasting phony terror attacks as real they make light of the real traumatic events, which is the Zionist-orchestrated butchery of the people of the Middle East, Africa, and the Near East (Pakistan and India).

However, they didn’t do so in compliant China. In this case they faked it.

How could it be fake? There are bodies lying in the street, and they look dead.

Are they, though, real bodies? The DailyMail says it a man, “allegedly.” Is it a man, or is it something else?

A picture allegedly from the bomb site, shows a man lying on the street after explosions rocked through Urumqi in China's north-west

A picture allegedly from the bomb site, shows a man lying on the street after explosions rocked through Urumqi in China’s North-West district (so says the DailyMail)


The legs are pocked-out. How did he ride the bicycle laying askew in the street with legs like that? He has nothing functional above the knees. Moreover, knees are necessary to ride a bike.

The two-header must be a “very important,” as antique dealers say, dummy. Look at the level of police and paramilitary presence associated with it.

Police stand guard near a blast site in downtown Urumqi, where a terrorist attack occurred earlier today
What are those riot police afraid of, that the two-header will come alive and fling itself at them?
It is laughable, a mere farce – a vile hoax of the most extreme degree. Who says that it is not a Zionist world?




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  1. Shame on China for joining the Hoax Gangster Club.
    It doesn’t do it’s standing in the world any good whatsoever.
    Also explains the ‘super duper Irate’ bogus Chinese next of kin of MH370 from virtually the moment the flight tyres supposedly left the ground, all ready and primed for the farcical show on que.


  3. As long as Israel promises to make China look like the victim and keeps giving them military & industrial secrets stolen by Mossad spies from America, and keeps moving every US factory to China, then China doesn’t mind some Mossad terror attack against it’s own people–even if they are real! After all China is Israel & the zionists & the criminal Banksters’ modern day vassal country of slave plantations where a zionist can be a real racist zionist & kill any innocent helpless, defenseless, disarmed goyim at will, as the evil Babylonian book says. China is Israel’s dream government & country & blueprint for the world! China is the template of the ruthless Zionist world Empire where the goyim can have his head stomped on forever like in 1984 with the bloodied zionazi jack book just as psychopath zionist monsters Marx & Lenin & Moses Hess & Herzyl & Trotsky & David Horowitz & Erving Krystol & Meir Kahana& Sharon, & Dov Zakheim & Nathan Rothschild & FDR & Eisenhower & Stalin & Ergan & Meyer Lansky & Koganovich & ever other zionist Talmudically twisted insane freak ever dreamed! No more holding back the truth!

    • Interpol, NSA, DHS, CIA, MI6 are all on to you, Cowboy. Have you peaked out your window lately? Computer acting strange? You know your phone transmits a GPS signal, right? I’d lay low and watch your back if I were you. Just sayin’.

      • Except www world is full of cowboys, and you must be the usual troll-ey. ha ha

      • Who are you kidding? Nobody, here, cares about those miserable spies. Let them spy and infest all they want.

      • I have special silver bullets to feed those spies…Well atleast those Mossadomites. Except they are lead instead of silver. Maybe they catch them with their teeth like Superman? Go to hell Mossad murderous cowards & your Homeland Security established in Israel in 1997. If only every Palestinian had a rifle like your murderous Babylonian Talmudically poisoned settlers/terrorists ZioNAZI’s from Brooklyn & IDF GOONS you racist monsters would learn to stop murdering innocent people. Millions of Americans will not disarm no matter how many fake or real staged mass shooting your zionist run Homeland Security enemy traitorous crime gang commits. And we aim small & miss small when shooting enemy redcoat invader/traitor gun gun grabbers!


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