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Two More Cosby Fraudsters Exposed Completely – Linda Brown and Lise-Lotte Lublin

Among the more obvious fraudsters who are claiming false witness are the fabricators Linda Brown and Lise-Lotte Lublin. Desperate for money they have taken cash bribes for their roles in this arch-scam.


Make no mistake about it there is no evidence that the claims of made by these women have any basis. How can anyone believe that they are representing the truth? By no means do their actions make sense. She is strictly reading from a script. While doing so she acts as if she is breaking down, but she is not; no tears of any kind are seen.


Now, see what happens. She gets a signal. That signal is to look into the camera for a clear shot. Yet, just before this she was acting it out as is she was too full of anguish to even survive.


Who in the world believes that real rape victims would dryly and casually speak this way, always reading from paper:


Dry, dry, dry as a bone, both in her aptitude and speech but also about her eyes.


In the process she clearly becomes frustrated at her next role in the script, and frustrated is the correct description. She could be seen to inhale and exhale in that frustration.


No wonder she had to get into character for the coming story line:


Obviously, Ms. Brown is not telling the truth, confirmed by her need to read from the script as if she was doing an acting role.

Next is Lise-Lotte Lublin, who claims a 1989 incident, making the actual claim in Feb. 12, 2015:


Like Brown, she acts as if she is dying in anguish but never seems, afterwards, the least bit distressed and surely never cries: ever.

nodisinfo-analysis-cosby-1 billcosbyfakeaccusers-222

When describing her interaction with Cosby she added that she requested if he would agree for her sister and mother to join them, at which time she shutters her eyes and breaks into a smile.

That claim appears to be related to the following photo, which appears to be manipulated or staged.

Bill Cosby accuser Lise-Lotte Lublin



Lublin said her modeling agency connected her with Cosby when she was 23. She said the comedian invited her back to his hotel room for what he described as an audition, later asking her to put on an acting display.

She said the comedian then fixed her a shot of alcohol to calm her nerves. “I told him I did not drink, but he insisted, so I drank it … I trusted him because of who he was, and how well he was respected around the world,” she said. “My next memory was waking up at home, and for me, it felt like several days had passed.”

Lise-Lotte Lublin and Gloria Allred
Lise-Lotte Lublin (left) was accompanied by lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents several of Cosby’s accusers

A woman who claims she was assaulted by Bill Cosby has asked law-makers in Nevada to repeal the statute of limitations on reporting such crimes.

Lise-Lotte Lublin says she passed out after the comedian gave her two alcoholic drinks in 1989.

She tried to file a police complaint in January after hearing similar allegations and concluding something had happened while she was unconscious.

Note: the entire issue appears contrived. Why attempt to create a police report only in 2015? Clearly, she is being used as an agent in the plot. She is now a political tool for so-called women’s rights, all at the behest of feminist and known lesbian Gloria Allred. She is clearly driving it. Her presence as a political agent, a kind of feminist sledge-hammer, is exceedingly suspect.

But she was told victims were required to file a report within four years.

“I now understand that the law prevents the victim in my circumstances from seeking justice,” she told a Judiciary Committee on Friday. “Why would the law want to prevent me from seeking justice?”


It’s clear that this is mere posturing, a kind of distraction to take away from the real issue, which is that this is all a lie, fully staged. This brings the total number of proven fake accusers to some 10, nearly 25% of all those claiming allegations. Among these known falsifiers include Janet Dickinson, a woman called “Kasey,” Linda Kirkpatrick, two people with unknown names, Sunni Welles, Lili Bernard, Cloe Goin, now adding Linda Brown and Lise-Lotte Lublin. That’s ten down and 30 to go.




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  1. Fraudster Zionist Jew Crisis Actor so-called Lise-Lotte Lublin with husband bragging on her face book about destroying Cosby!

    • That’s very good but can you flow the exact link in here? Thks!

      • So was pulled I believe or made private but this remains:
        Benjamin Lise-Lotte:
        This is why lise and I fought for victims rights, this is why there will never be a doubt or question as to if he is a rapist, we are elated and vindicated by this deposition. We look forward to the future with the truth on our sides.

        Kathy Picard
        To tell the (zioLies version of) truth is the way it SHOULD be!
        More · Jul 6 at 7:38pm

        Judith Bullock Thompson
        You have created a CULTURE SHIFT NOT EASILY DONE
        (This is what zio change agents & change facilitators do with their lies & deception, shift culture to a zionist agenda thru deception. Destroy their enemies, destroy all family values, portray perversion as the norm, change real patriotism, etc. change reality. & Witch Judith admits that changing people’s perception of reality & morals & common sense is hard to do.)
        More · Jul 6 at 8:05pm

        Denise MacKinnon
        I’m so happy for the survivors!
        (aka $$$$$)
        More · Jul 6 at 8:15pm

        Susan Eshleman
        Finally, a modicum of justice. Now we have to go out and get the rest. ( ZioSpeak Translation: Now let’s finally take everything from this uppidy N&%#$ Goyim animal/Cosby!! & leave all the blacks demoralized & confused & ready to be led to slaughter in mutual destruction we create: a race war between the hated black & white goyim animals!)
        More · Jul 7 at 1:08am

        (These evil greedy, zionist jews are licking their chops, and circling Cosby like vultures, foaming at the mouth, tasting the flesh in their twisted minds & counting the sheckels they are getting & the sheckels they hope to get by extracting all of Cosby’s wealth. Hoping to break & destroy him completely & everything he ever did to show a positive example of a stable married black family on American television.

    • @ Cowboy and Dr.Kresearch

      Please burn all your proof about hoaxes on DVDs, CDs or USB-sticks and disibute/donate it to students of politics and history at universities or places where many students meet each other. Sometimes you can buy DVDs, CDs or USB-sticks for 10 cent per piece/unit/exemplar.
      You can reach far more people on the street than in the internet, because the flow of information in the internet is controlled / censored / manipulated / blogged in many ways / measures.
      If you distribute it at 50 universities (in 50 days), then the USA will be awakened.

      • This is a very GOOD idea and a GOLDEN opportunity to reach the younger population since many sites not only are blocked but taken down as well.

      • Educated people will reject this nonsense. Go ahead, throw away your money.

    • BS, dude! I don’t see anything, your the fraud, Holmes.

      • If you would recognize the big picture of the game, than you would be on the side of the truthers. Unfortunately you dont even recognize what they have done to you to make you so blind that you cant see it. If you would only be aware of your own wounds / scars and lack of knowledge (which were caused/ committed by them), then you would be very angry about them. It is a crime t keep / detain a good education from a child. If only you would know what knowledge, awareness, warmth and happyness / contentedness they have detained from you. It is far more than you could bear, believe me.

        • Christina D Money is a Ft Quantico,VA PsyOp & Bethesda, etc mind control specialist, military psychiatrist from Maryland. She doesn’t give a rat’$ A$$ about the truth! She is hardcore evil! She’s probably programmed shooter & assasins herself & is a handler of people just like G WH Bush’s John Hinckley Jr.

  2. Her real name is Lisa Lotte Izzard aka Lisa Lotte Lublin but I’m being blocked from posting the proof. Her & husband are connected to Clark County/Las Vegas School System.

  3. A bunch of aliases of this slimey mossadomite zionist agent, fraudster & Crisis Actor.

  4. Ziopuppet Crisis Actor, Crypto Jew,
    Mark O’ Mara of the Zio
    Zimmerman/Trayvon Hoax Murder Race War PsyOp..
    says basically that Cosby should admit guilt…yes just admit guilt so the ZioMafia can extract all of his wealth and obliterate him from history and of anything good!
    And Then let the zionist Jews–the true enemy of US–zioDHS & zioMedia & zioHollywood & all the zio controlled foundations & ZioBanksters & zioWall Street, etc– the true enemy of all Americans & Mankind take their orchestrated Race War PsyOps Operations full scale

  5. Jennifer Goldstein O’ Mara Zionist Jewish Trophy younger wife of ZioPuppet Lawyer Mark O’mara. She runs a pilates gym in Florida.
    The zionist jews are circling the wagons bringing out all their big guns & actresses to finish of Cosby & then take the race war full scale. One of the evious zionist goals of this orchestrated take down of Cosby PsyOp & blackmail Operation is to put the idea in millions of whites’ & others like black woman minds that even the seemingly best of black males cannot be trusted & are likely to be rapists & criminals. You cannot get more evil & devious than this zionist psychopaths!
    These devils are licking their lips with satanic, evil joy & tasting the blood of Cosby & the coming dead goyim in the coming race war they are orchestrating through fake race hate & cop shootings.

  6. SC Idiot ZioDHS Trained Police respond to home invasion & drive past the invaders & shoot the homeowner! Could be a hoax or could be real as cowardly as cops are now DHS trained to over react anytime a citizen is armed –ziotrained to be trigger happy anytime the citizen/peasant has a weapon, shooting first & asking questions later since only the kings royal knights lives are important not the mere peasant citizen.
    Stay armed, stay free, defend your own home from invaders.

  7. (Hoax DHS) Gun used in February (DHS PsyOp) shooting connected to other (Hoax) shooting incidents in Frederick, Md…Which never has real shootings!!!
    When this PsyOp Took place in peaceful Frederick, MD I predicted a major PsyOp would take place in Baltimore area. Amd then we had Freddie Gray Shooting & both DHS Hoax & Provateured Riots & looting.

  8. Slime Bag Zionist Cosby Hitman
    Zionist Warmonger Jewish Supremist Racist Judd Apatow really likes casting (only) Jewish people in his movies.
    Also this degenerate animal Apatow bum, total hippocrite treats portrays woman as sluts & trash to be used, abused and disguarded trash in his movies.

  9. Sleazebag woman demeaning, racist, zionist (self profressing racial & intellectual supremist) Jewish movie makers Judd Apatow & Mel Brooks.
    Racist, Sexist extremist Zionist Jew Judd has been constantly attacking Cosby & Whoopi Goldberg lately with intimidation & threatening attack messages to try to intimidate, embarrass & shame her into condemning Cosby for the zionist orchrstrated destruction of him.

  10. – It appears a little bit as though there would be a litte cartoon-creature between the two alleged sisters. It looks like this creature is wearing an ax and a popes hat and is whispering in the ear of the right sister. The hat of the creature reminds me to a cartoon of a “Mantis religiosa”.

    – The alleged sisters look almost like twin-sisters. One could create the photo of one sister out of the photo of the other sister with a graphical software (by stretching the face and by turning the ears up side down).

  11. She may tell the truth, but lets not forget she was a 19 yo teenager and he was in his early 40’s when it all started. The stench behind the glamour….

    ‘He never drugged me’: Bill Cosby’s ‘mistress’ DEFENDS him from dozens of rape allegations, saying shamed comedian was ‘respectful and didn’t need to use sedatives to get sex’

    • Ofcourse not….except..Except all the Jade Helms PsyOps events that are currently taking place & being portrayed as real school shootings, real Eeevile whitie goyim killing innocent blackie goyim events, Eeevile cop killing innocent black man, Eeevile just converted to Muslim (mossadlim) shooting or beheading someone! Etc..etc…etc..
      So again, they won’t show them invading little towns & practicing breaking in homes to do gun confiscation… But they will show you lots of race war & Gun Confiscation Agenda events that are done in conjunction with Jade Helm that are portrayed as real shootings & murders etc.

  12. Hollywood producer Nathan Folks says Boston Bombing was false-flag fakery

    • From this link you posted Christinne, this clown Sean Flattery posted at the bottom of the story about the Boston bombing hoax being a hyper-realist psyOp/false flag—claiming it was a real event & lying that he had real friends who lost limbs from Cape Cod MA.
      Well the stupid lying idiot has pictures of himself doing Crisis Actor victim training on his own facebook account which he linked directly to his posts!!! ..since he used FB to sign into the reply/comment forum! And he has other pictures with actors/re-enactors! What a stupid lying zioPuppet idiot. & he is embedded in the Air Force as I find so often! lmao!

  13. Islamic State (= ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service = Mossad) militants have said they were behind a deadly explosion that severely damaged the Italian consulate in Egypt’s capital, Cairo.”
    So why would a real Muslim Terrorist Group have to gain by attacking & murdering Egyptians & Italians??? Nothing.
    What would mossad & the zionist have to gain? Everything As Mossad’s ISIS works at setting up Greater Israel from it’s bases in zioPuppet Turkey & Israeli occupied Golan Heights Syria– defacto Israel. Israel needs more demand & support within Europe to have Zio Puppet USA “bomb ISIS” in Syria. Which ofcourse ISIS will never ever be bombed or missile attacked but instead Ziopuppet USA via military bombs, carpet bombs & missiles,& CIA & NSA drones will actually bomb Syrian homes, Syrian Army & syrian bases, the militia and Hezbollah– which are the good guys fighting Israel’s & USA’s murderous Al Queda, ISIS, Turk & Jordanian & other mercenaries. Only if & after USA & Turkey & ISIS & Israel manage to obliterate Syria & Iraq & other Middle East countries to nothingness would Israel decide to then have USA destroy zioPuppet ISIS. But they’d want to take out Iran first too, and only USA could defeat Iran & that would take a brutal genocidal relentless bombing campaign followed by a deadly, brutal occupation of Iran which Psychopath Israel would love since hundreds of thousands of USA troops would die in the invasion & occupation & 30 million or more innocent Iranians would die. & Israel would be constantly committing terrorist/spiner attacks against US troops in Iran to keep American troops angry & provoke them into murdering & starving more & more innocent Iranian people. The best thing for Iran to do if attacked by zioPuppets of Israel would be to do a massive land attack of Israel & completely occupy the entire country with millions troops & militia everywhere throughout Israel so USA could not bomb the troops. In every home. Then Occupy it & negotiate the complete nuclear disarmament of Israel ( or better just takeover the nukes) of Israel & removal of all of the the so called Israelis from Israel & Palestine. or just let Palestinians rule over them with million of Iranian peacekeepers! But maybe psychopath Rothschild would just say nuke them??? Meaning Iranians, Israelis & Palestinians.

  14. Lise-lotte Lublin is my PE Teacher

  15. All you fools that chose to believe this OBVIOUSLY DEMENTED PREDATOR might want to examine YOURSELVES and your own moral compass!

    Reading all of your nutty comments of support for this sexual deviant makes me wonder what motivates people like you to “defend a pig” like Cosby? Mr Cosby was “KNOWN” for doing this despicable stuff.

    How do you think an unknown comic (Hannibal Burress) could ignite this firestorm if it never existed prior to him calling Cosby a racist on stage? He KNEW it because it wasn’t a secret!

    Cosby got the karma he deserved.

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