Boston Bombing — 08 August 2013
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Two New Nodisinfo Videos – Roche Fraudster and Adam Lanza Photoshop

Adam Lanza Fake School ID and Photoshop Alteration

See these videos on fraudster and arch-fabricator, Boston hoaxer Beth Roche plus another on the faking of Adam Lanza’s ID.

Fraudster Beth Roche’s Fake Injuries with Fake Prop (External Stabilizing Device)

Miscellaneous screenshots from a variety of sources:

The terror is by the Zionists inflicted upon all the people of the world using their Sayanim Jewish collaborators and other hoaxers and associates:  rochefraudsters

The Zionist fraudsters simply lie: there is no other description.


The moles feign grief and agony, while Mahyudi monsters brutally murder people all over the globe, especially Islaamic people but also countless Christians, even Jews.


“Exactly where was your mother when the bomb detonated?”
“Please, honey, don’t screw up: don’t act quite so surprised.”

More lies and obfuscation.

How about this as evidence of lying before the whole world, the lies of faking injuries and even implicating innocent people for crimes that didn’t even occur.

Hucksters and fraudsters galore; an unending litany of lies, the same lies which led to the murder of the innocent.


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  1. E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T.

  2. What struck me immedietly was if those rods were going through those bandages, how do they take the bandages off to replace with clean ones? Do they have to take the rods out and put them back in every time? LOL.This is so fake! Those rods are just resting on top of those bandages! Notice the examples of real procedures, no bandages precisely for that reason!

    • on rods over bandages doesnt make sense at all.

  3. Just to let you know, guaze is never used over pins like that. Or, rather, what appears here to be pins through rods. They leave it open to air and clean it regularly throughout the day. You can see this with the many other true pin pictures shown here. None have guaze. Total fake.

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