Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 27 July 2014
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Ukrainian Crisis Actors Spread Lies to Support Zionist MH17 Hoax

Like the crisis actor hoaxers in America, Kenya, and England a number of Ukrainians gave false witness to the phony M17 crash in the attempt to give substance to this arch-Zionist fraud. Do they not know their country-people are being wildly slaughtered by the Zionists? Or, was the cash offer just too good to resist?

All Ukrainians who claim to have seen bodies falling out of the sky are absolute fraudsters. Moreover, in all such cases they are following the cues of their Zionist masters, who have given them the story-lines.

Yet another Jew is seen, here, adding to the act put on by Noah Schneider, along with the photography of arch-Zionist mole Jerome Sessini.


“Russia did it.” Russia did what, stage a fake plane crash? That plane component was manually crushed; it was not the result of an accident.  At least the could have smeared some dirt on it to make it appear more realistic.


She and her husband were very concerned. They thought that the silicone corpses were fallen suicide bombers who might explode at any moment. Silicone is inert. It certainly cannot explode.


Those are some seriously thin slits for eyes; the woman is a fabricator to the extreme.

Does anyone really think that a body would fall there like that, right in the clearing?


The silicone dummies are stiff already, actually the come out of the box that way. This man also found his ‘corpse’ in a clearing. What are the odds for that?



By no means is that a human or even the remnants of a human. Compare this Zionist hoax to the bodies of the murdered Palestinians. In fact, there is no comparison.

How about this agent of the cabal. Does he looked composed at what he is about to do?

mh17hoaxukrainianmilitary  mh17hoaxukrainiamilitary2 mh17hoaxeuuscitizens

Telling tall tales like the others, this military representative gives revelation of the plot, which is to create a joint EU, US, and Ukrainian resistance against the rise and power of the Russian regime.


The Ukraine is fighting its own people, who are resisting this new Western block-installed government. It is the central officeKiev that is massacring people, not any element of so-called pro-Russian resistance.

The crash site of MH17 in a field near the village of Grabove, in the Donetsk region

Yet, then, when it is a ‘garbage,’ literally, then, what else could be expected to be spewed from people’s mouths other than diabolical lies?


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  1. The soldier seems like he is reading from a script, because it’s all one big scripted event. Good catch on BOTH “corpses” landing in a clearing. And that picture by Getty Images does look like a heap of garbage.

    If MH17 was a 777, then it can carried lots of cargo, including packages. This would imply that many customers did not receive their delivery. A subpoena of the plane’s contents of its cargo would reveal what items were shipped, and to whom. This of course creates a paper trail. So it would be very simple for any forensic investigator to dissect this scam by asking for the manifest of its cargo. However, no such investigation will take place.

    Another thing to consider. The media has shown several “seats” from the plane, but they seem all from the coach class section. Where are all the business class and first class seats? Did they all disintegrate while falling from 33,000 feet?

    Those Ukrainian crisis actors better keep checking the fields, there’s gotta be at least a few first class sleeper seats somewhere…AND with their silicone dummies intact!

    • LMAO



  2. Deleted BBC Report. “Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shot Down MHI7″, Donetsk Eyewitnesses


  3. Dr. K– Why doesn’t Putin expose the hoax? He must know it’s fake, right?

    • Because Putin is part of the same scam. Its not so hard to understand that, is it? Signs are everywhere….

      • “He must know it’s fake, right?”

        If Putin’s government has engaged in clandestine operations, then the U.S. and Israel intelligence services are most likely aware of them. So Putin has no incentive to declare this entire event as a hoax. He just needs to sit back and watch the narrative play out.

        Besides, even if he DID say “it’s a hoax/scam/fraud”, he would instantly be labeled by western media as a “nutcase/conspiracy theorist” etc, just as they demonized Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (former Iranian president) each time he made a speech at the U.N. and declared 9/11 as an “inside job.”


    • putin is laughing his *** off….of course he knows it….they all do…they are MINDFUCK THE 99% ZOMBIES/SHEEP IN THE WORLD……NEW WORLD ORDER IS COMING YOUR WAY…..SOON….!!!

  4. That reporter is Simon Ostrovsky of Vice News [another suspicious reporter there is 25 year old Harriet Salem of the UK]

    Ostrovsky was allegedly kidnapped, imprisoned and beaten by Russian separatists – his story is here.

    I don’t believe a word of it – just another ploy to ratchet up the fake conflict. Where are his injuries? STandard ploy well used in the fake Arab Spring.
    On Monday April 21, VICE News reporters Simon Ostrovsky and Freddie Paxton were stopped at a checkpoint by armed pro-Russia forces loyal to the self-proclaimed mayor of Sloviansk, Vacheslav Ponomarev.

    They were pulled from their car along with three other journalists they were traveling with. After a thorough search and questioning, Paxton and the three other journalists were released. Ostrovsky was held in a basement cell where he was blindfolded, beaten, and accused of being a spy.

    I feel really great to be released and you know I wasn’t hurt badly I was just beaten a couple of times, which is bearable.

    so, probably not beaten at all…
    looks great there on release…

    meanwhile – just who was videoing these smoke bombs in Gorlovka? Seems like they knew it would happen…..total hoax

  5. Cui Bono? – Who Benefits From the #MH17 Catastrophe?


    • Good link and video. I particularly liked the following line around the 6 min mark:

      “The Donetsk People’s Republic does not possess the resources to down airplanes from that altitude. The altitude of the plane was more than 10,000 meters.”

      IF there was an actual MH17 commercial plane shoot down, then it shouldn’t be very difficult to use the process of elimination as to who had the military capability to fire off a rocket to such an altitude. Also, to claim that the flight control dispatchers “steered the plane” into the conflict zone is laughable.

      Many parts of the video reminded me of the Hollywood film “Flight 93.” Even before the movie was made, it was repeatedly mentioned by early 9/11 researchers that “fighter jets” shot down #93, with Cheney giving the order. This was of course pure baloney, as there was no such shootdown order given, since there was no commercial plane crash in Shanksville, just as there was no shoot down of MH17, either by Ukrainian rebel forces or Russian separatists.

  6. The prior videos posted by Dr K and are available here and on YouTube regarding the MH17 crash site clearly depict Hollywood style props and special effects for propaganda purposes. Therefore, any “witness testimony” regarding MH17 being shot down is rendered moot.

    • YOU TUBE:steve brown-dutch ministers laughing….(21-7-2014)…YOU TUBE:martin vrijland-mh 17 hoax(both or 2 dutch truthseekers)

      • (are)

        • Excellent link. Red Pill Revo does a good job with his videos. Although I don’t agree with his comment regarding the “cadaver bodies” on the ground being those of MH370, his analysis of the worldwide media being involved with interviewing crisis actors cannot be debunked.

          What we are seeing is the SAME scam being played out over and over. The foundation lie, repeated by the media pundits, and then the crisis actors to seal the deal. One simply has to observe the media clips, and make their own conclusion.

          This video is certainly a good wake up call for those who are not aware of how they run their scams using crisis actors. Here is the direct link. (Warning: “F-bombs” galore in his videos).


          • Correction: The video above was by “Free Radio Revolution”.

          • thanx wake the sheep…look also at this video on you tube:SHOCKING:DUTCH MINISTER AND SECRET BOSS LAUGHING AT MH17 HEARING(3.00MIN)STEVE BROWN….WAKE UP THE SHEEP,CAN YOU PLEASE PUT THIS VIDEO ON THIS PAGE…I CAN’T SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH MY LAPTOP….GREETINGS ANTI-GATEKEEPERS….PLEASE LOOK ALSO NODISINFO PAGE: MOSSAD CLIQUE EXPOSED FAKING IT AS MH17 PARENTS AND PASSENGER(26-7-14)look please at the links other crisisactors from the netherlands,australie,uk etc…(if you don’t understand dutch speaking…no problem look at how they acting(no,tears,no pain,no trauma….only happy,laughing,blablablabla….(enjoy watching because i’m laughing at these BASTARDS/CRISISACTORS/SCUMBAGS…..PLEASE PUT THE SHOCKING DUTCH MINISTER AND SECRET BOSS LAUGHING VIDEO ON THIS PAGE,,,OR OFF AL THE NO DISINFO PAGES…HOW MORE PEOPLE WE CAN WAKE UP!!!

          • WAKE THE SHEEP:YOU TUBE:MARTIN VRIJLAND MH17 HOAX…….(+_30 MIN)MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!please if you want put this video nalso on this page(s)greetings anti-gatekeepers

          • wake the sheep…i think there are cadaver bodies and dummy’s…look at the matin vrijland video on you tube…..

          • martin vrijland video on you tube…mh17 hoax(+-30 min)…muste see!!

    • everybody that says a plane was shot down and +-300 dead people in the media is lying..everybody is in the SCAM/HOAX!!every witness,”journalist”(scumbags) etc..etc…is lying,with steel faces!!how they do it…..ULTRA MINDCONTROL,$$$$,ZIONIST,NOT HUMAN,….

      • the “cadaver bodies”mabey 3 or 4..”are frozen bodies from ukraine or??and the rest are 100% dummy’s…”crash test dummy’s”;););)

  7. Is THIS what it is ALL ABOUT?


    A $114 billion Rothschild lawsuit against Russia? Awarded $50 billion by a DUTCH panel?Who controls Malaysian Air?? Rothschild. Where was the flight origin? Holland.

    My god.

  8. Go away: collect your money from Bibi for a job done half-assed.

    • oh my farang,oh my lord who must collect money from bibi,oh my lord did you hear it farang says somebody must collect money a half-assed,oh my lord oh my lord,have mercy.

  9. YOU TUBE/GOOGLE:mh17-false flag crisis actors completely revealed!(1.15.22min)by free radio revolution ultimate!…ENJOY WATCHING…;)



  12. oh my lord mh17 is a hoax,oh my lord why?

  13. Yes, of course it’s a hoax. Ten nations created fake citizens to make “disappear,” including high-ranking Dutch senators, famous Malaysian actresses, an Australian author and six AIDS society delegates. And I guess all the famous people who were killed are now going to live in hiding the rest of their lives in order to perpetuate the hoax.


    I mean really, have you done even a shred of actual research? Do you think you outsmarted every single qualified expert and doctor around the world? Or do you think that every single educated person is part of this zionist, reptilian, one-world-order scam?

    All of the evidence you discuss above (and in your other rambling blog posts) can be countered easily by a ten year old with internet access.

    If it was a hoax, don’t you think they would claimed the plane was filled with less famous people so that, you know, it would be easier to fake their deaths?

    Oh of course, planes don’t ever crash. Terrorism never happens. Murder isn’t real, unless it’s the zionists. But the zionists are so humanistic, they simply fake mass atrocities as opposed to killing actual people.


  14. Andre took the thoughts out of my head. I was just thinking .Of course! Russian rebels and Ukraine who are actually at war put aside their differences to create a hoax because it would have to be carefully planned and would require a huge amount of logistics and co-operation something neither the Russians nor the Ukrainians have ever shown the slightest talent for. Ukrainians who would normally be fired upon were allowed to ship tons and tons of debris and elaborate fake bodies to scatter around over several square kilometres. No body minded the massive amount of money and organisation it took because of course they’re not short of money or anything. They got a lady to agree to have her roof destroyed and have a fake body put in her house. They then let the Ukrainians get away. They then paid everyone in the area to act really well. Presumably,

    They got everybody who works at Amsterdam airport to agree to pretend this plane existed. Everybody who works for European air traffic control to pretend they’d tracked a non-existent plane. Finally, they got literally thousands of people to pretend they were relatives and invent lives and photos and documents etc. I saw recently a Coast to Coast programme in which a couple who supposedly died on the plane appeared and there was dedication at the end of the programme. Obviously, the BBC killed them and buried the bodies. Oh, no sorry the BBC is working in tandem with everybody else!

    If I believed that YOU truly believed all this I would dismiss you as mentally disturbed. But of course, you don’t believe a word of it. Your paper thin, ridiculous hoax theory is the real hoax and your motives are obvious. Nearly 300 people lost their lives, many of them children and you use this tragedy to further your deluded political agenda and gain some personal notoriety and fame at their expense.

    You are not mentally disturbed. You are evil.

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