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UPDATED: Passport Staging Proves MH17 Crash is a Hoax

Note:  an error was made on the original post. That error included a Google image of a person who is not the person listed at the end of this post. Upon realizing the error the photo was immediately removed. Apologies to the individual and his family.

It is the pro-Zionist newly installed Ukrainian government which is behind this hoax known as the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17. There is no possibility that this crash is real, as advertised, that is as a destructive crash as the result of a missile attack on the plane by Pro-Russian separatists.

Many thanks for the video by TruthStreamMedia for confirming the staging of the passports.


The passport hoaxer-in-chief begins shuffling the deck. These are fake passports, mere creations of spy agencies, notably the Israeli Mossad in collaboration with its Ukrainian assets. This Mossad mole has two stacks of phony passports, all created by Israeli forgery agents well in advance of the hoax.


He begins to unshuffle the passport decks, strewing them on the ground.


Meanwhile, he picks up one in particular and shows it off, a brand new forged passports of a fake Netherlands national:


It is pristine. Compare that to the wreckage and burn site. In fact, they are incomparable.

The shuffling continues. Keep an eye passport with the two boarding stubs. Note, too, as pointed out by one of our posters the passport with the punch hole. This means the item has been deactivated.


There can be no doubt about the fact that this is what it is.


Here is the final image shown globally for public consumption, with passports being in perfect exterior condition:

The perfection of such passports is hard proof of staging of the crash by pro-Zionist Ukrainian agents. Moreover, it is the Mossad which is the routine forger of passorts. It was all coordinated by this treacherous clique through the Zionist-controlled Schipol Airport. Make no mistake about it this is an Israeli plot meant as a diversion from the murderous Zionist acts in Palestine.


The ticket stubs are clearly brought out  by the deck shuffler for public consumption, purely for purposes of the photography.

There is no way, regardless, that such passports could survive in such a condition after a 35,000 foot free-fall in a missile-struck plane.

As well, could they have dropped down from the sky in the following condition? How much more ludicrous can it get?

This is planted material for sustaining the hoax – placed their by arch-Zionist agents.

There is also this image, which is evidence of clear and categorical staging. Just like the passports, the outside of the luggage is free of any obvious damage.


As the outsides are in perfection, so it is true of the insides. People were paid significant money for the use of their identities and names.

Only the Mossad is capable passport forgery on such a massive scale. These are brand-new documents, produced just for the Malaysian Airlines crash hoax.


Here is yet another example of the staging before the camera of a passport, brand new, made likely just before the hoax crash:

There were hucksters offering passport imagery, as well as images of boarding passes, well in advance of the fabricated crash. It is Regis Crolla who is the primary perpetrator, uploading the unheard of, an image of his boarding pass and passport to InstaGram. Not only this, he uses another passport as a backdrop, plus a map, proving that his photo was staged.

PHOTO: Regis Crolla, a passenger on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 which crashed in East Ukraine, posted this photo to Instagram on July 17, 2014 with the caption, AMS --> Kuala Lumpur --> Bali. Hier zo veel zin in !! Adios amigoz.

PHOTO: Regis Crolla, a passenger on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 which crashed in East Ukraine, posted this photo to Instagram on July 17, 2014 with the caption, “AMS –> Kuala Lumpur –> Bali. Hier zo veel zin in !! Adios amigoz.”

Who is Regis Crolla?

Note the logo on the shirt. Kenzo is a Zionist operation:


Clearly, Crolla is a Netherlands-based Mossad operative. The is a hoaxer is directly involved in the fabricated plane crash. Moreover, like the other listed passengers he is alive and well.

Is he not, then, a dual national of the Netherlands and the Zionist strip, in other words, a Mossad mole?

This appears to be a beach in the Zionist entity, perhaps at Tel Aviv or Haifa.



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  1. DrK – some interesting discussion at Godlike here.
    Not an endorsement of that site, but an interestng conjecture
    how did that almost identcal high res version of the Cor Pan MH17 image surface via Reuters?

  2. Regis’ Facebook page. Notice what he said: “Going back to my roots”. What roots is he talking about? He went back to his Mossad masters, now that his mission was done, this is what he meant by “his roots”. Back to his Zio Jewish crap. And btw his instagram pics page doesnt exist anymore, no wonder…..


    • he must have logged in and taken them down.

  3. Thanks again for the additional evidence and links / cites.

    Here’s a credible http://www.PressTV.ir report, alleging outright ethnic cleansing by the Israeli terrorists and war criminals, now being hauled in to the International Criminal Court by French lawyer GILLES DEVERS, of Paris. He’s representing GAZA / PALESTINIAN OFFICIALS.

    See http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/07/26/372902/israel-after-genocide-in-palestine/

    We are now regularly calling out cowardly Americans for remaining silent in the face of these atrocities. They will regret their cowardly inaction when these thugs come for them. Of course, then it will be too late.

    Pity our Zionist owned and controlled countrymen and women.

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent

  4. The Malaysian Airline MH17 Crash: Sixteen Central Issues Which Cannot be Ignored


  5. Oh, those fuckin rebels….

    AP Journalists Saw Rebels With BUK Missiles Hours Before MH17 Crashed


  6. These passports landed safely from the stricken plane with the aid of a special passport parachute. How they all ended up in a neat pile, haven.t figured that out yet?…. Oh and plus some baggage. SOD the passengers they can sky dive.

    • Exactly, makes one wonder. All planned from the start till the end….

    • also on every “victim”FRAUDS/LIARS who did there pittyfull actingjob at the boston marathon hoax-“schrapnel”was NR 1 word in this marathon hoax…schrapnel here,schrapnel there”,everybody was kung-fu-schrapnel fighting”;)

      • spot on – stands out a mile. The mile-high shrapnel club.

  7. lol bullshit

  8. WTF shut up about things you don’t know about…this is just one the victims, nothing more nothing less

    • how do you know that’s it is no hoax?there is only proof that it’s a 100% HOAX-NOT TO DEBUNK!IT ISN’T ROCKETSCIENCE?there 1000.0000000 vids,proof,photo’s that mh17 is a 100% HOAX!!nodisinfo is just 1% of the 10000.00000000 proof/links,photo’s,video’s.,blog’s that proofs mh17 is a 100% not to debunk HOAX!

      • but DR K is one of the best 1% truther of all truthers out there,just like:jungle surfer,max malone,dave johnson,peekay22,livingonplanetz,free radio revolution(ultimate!),the paulstal service,kate slate 11,russianvids,dr carlo amodeistackpot!god bless them all!

        • and:the black child channel and yash qaraah….not to forget of course …god bless them too!

        • good list, good sources. no nonsense, no disinfo. See and cut through the MSM BS, all of them.

      • you really need to get your mental health checked mate. serisously go see a doc you are sickening!

  9. This is SO sick, judging the poor guy who was simply going on a vacation, like all other passengers

    • he’s still on vacantion with a big bag of money$$$,for the rest of his fraudlife in a big house,in canada or australia,new zeeland,malaysia etc..and a good job over 1 year and another name…(i hope his last name is FRAUD OR NIXON;)

      • or HE IS ON VACATION IN…..IBIZA!!!!with 1million dollar in a big bag or he get’s every month 50.000 dollar??just like the other 300 frauds,liars,freemasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOBODY DEAD,NO PLANE CRASH,NO ROCKET ATTACK,NO NOTHING IT’S A PSY OP MINDFUCK HOAX!

      • or his last name is LIAR or FRAUDIO or BAUWMAN or PARKER or COOPER or ROSEN…;)——————————or PINOKKIO;)——————————————————)

    • ABC judging the POOR guy ?this FRAUD/LIAR = A FUCKING MILIONAIR FOR THE REST OF HIS FRAUD LIFE…poor guy,hahahahaha,now he can buy more illuminati fashion clothes,maybe this time with butterfly’s symbols,or devils horn signs symbols,or a aleister crowley clothing line;)poor guy?hahahahaha

  10. by the way fuckers, this beach picture is at Ibiza you fucking dumb people

    • how dd you know?

      • b ecause he is maybe the guy?or a friend?familie?who knows?

    • abc,you know that mh17=a hoax!you are just another trolll!just like good old gabriel!why is mh17 NO HOAX IN YOUR EYES AND OPINION ABC??


  12. you guys are sick, i fucking know the guy he had no zionists bonds whatsoever. He was just visiting south east asia because he loved to travel.

  13. You are complete idiots really.

    Unburned passports and luggage? Yeah obviously, the plane burst into pieces mid-air. At a height of 11000m the items have plenty of time and distance to spread out over a large area, just look at shooting fireworks into the air, pieces end up in a large area. This is clearly much higher, much more powerful. Luggage and passengers will end up all over the area. Only where engines, fuel tanks, electric equipment etc land will fires break out. Luggage doesn’t incinerate by itself… Nor do luggage or people splash apart upon impact, especially with the cushioning effect of farmland rather than a parking lot. If you think a body/bag explodes into pieces you’ve played too many video games. Or go and ask the Ukrainians who had bodies crashing through their farm roof whether it was real.

    And the large number of passports? That’s just what they’ve collected from bags/bodies, again, nothing strange. One of which is punctured, not valid? I’ve taken an old passport along on a flight before. Then what?
    The passports look new? Yeah, because most people take care of it, put it in a holder, only bring it maximum once a year on an intercontinental flight, since in the EU you don’t need a passport to cross borders. Sure they will look new. Up until this year Dutch passports were even valid for only 5 years. Besides some avid world travellers most people barely use it. I already told you why they wouldn’t be burned, in what other way would they be damaged? It’s just falling from a broken plane, hitting the ground. There is nothing ripping it or whatever, just hit the ground. Paper doesn’t explode.

    The guy’s roots? He is partially Indonesian, plenty of Dutch are due to the colonial history, nothing strange about it, and many of them look rather white.
    Posting photos of his tickets and passport? That’s the most common photo for travellers to post ever. And the thing in the background is obviously too large to be another passport. Its just some visa stamp decorated item, perhaps a passport cover, document holder, whatever. Many travel items are decorated with such stamps. If you look well, you can also see the ‘visa’ dates are in the 1990s, obviously too long ago for a current passport.

    It all really isn’t that hard to understand if you just think for a moment. You are terribly disrespectful by speaking of the deaths of 298 fellow humans this way, and even more for picking out one guy and publicly defaming him. What would his grieving family feel if they read this? You should be deeply ashamed of yourselves!

    • Certified Zionist troll

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