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US and Zionist Governments Stage Duma Gas Attack as Pretext for Invading Syria

UPDATED: April 10, 2018

By no means are the Syrian or Russian governments or their supporters responsible for any poison gas attacks on the common people in Syria or anywhere else. Trump is a fabricator as are all his collaborators. There was no gas attack committed by Assad or the Syrian government, and he well knows it. Any war drums that are being beaten based upon this are based on what are nothing other than fabricated events, false flag acts, which are not based on the claims spewed in the Zionist-controlled media.

They are imaginary claims, like all other now discredited ones of gas attacks of the Syrian army on its own people. What a deception it is. The gas and those elements needed to produce and weaponize it were brought into Syria from the outside, all to demonize its leadership and army: all to create the basis for continued Western intervention.

Syria did not intervene in any other country’s affairs. It is this country and its people that are victims of intervention, all plotted by terrorist elements in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Here is an image of Syrian forces advancing the region of the purported attack, Duma, early April, 2018. Then, coincidentally, there is a chemical attack by this same army on April 7th? No one finds this plausible.

Syrian government forces are seen as they advance towards the town of Douma, the last opposition holdout in Eastern Ghouta, on April 7, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

Here are the same, standard images seen in previous false flag gas attacks blamed on the Syrian government. Nothing about this appears to be an actual attack by, as acclaimed, chlorine gas.

The White Helmets are propagandizing this. Who are they other than terminally corrupt, extremist arch-Zionist moles? Here is an image released by these arch-pro-Israeli propagandists:

This image released early Sunday, April 8, 2018 by the Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets, shows a rescue worker carrying a child following an alleged chemical weapons attack in the rebel-held town of Douma, near Damascus, Syria. (Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets via AP)

Let us take a close look. Clearly, this is pro-Zionist propaganda.

Caption (ours): no evidence of injury or death to this child, while the Israeli criminal agents are murdering countless Palestinians as they protest against Zionist tyranny.

That large, US-issued gas mask is proof of the propaganda-based claim of Syrian involvement in a gas attack, a mere attempt to create fright and indignation in the public, that is for support of further arch-Zionist schemes and machinations. Here, it should be recalled that, once again, it is the Zionist-funded White Helmets which uploaded the image.

Moreover, there is no evidence from this imagery that this child is injured and/or is a victim of a gas attack. Here is what the Zionists proclaimed, which is no surprise:

Israel on Monday accused Syria of committing “crimes against humanity” over an alleged chemical attack on a rebel-held town, saying President Bashar Assad’s regime was responsible.

“Israel strongly condemns the chemical weapons strike carried out by Syria on April 7…”

Who are the Zionists to condemn anyone. If there were any gas attacks in Syria, it is they who are responsible. It is they who created the ISIS terrorist entity and by proxy supplied its various elements with poison gas making material. Per the Syrian government are the following images captured after driving ISIS from the land. These are derived from videos shot by government media regarding the finding of underground poison gas producing labs:

How could the terrorists bring in such highly potent chemicals on their own capacities? It is patently impossible. They could only do so with support from pro-Zionist Western and Middle Eastern governments. These images were from Eastern Ghouta, a terrorist stronghold. The evidence was extensive; even potentially explosive poison gas devices were found. The terrorists are, thus, the Zionists and their collaborators. There are no other murderous, devious terrorists in the world at this time.

The chemicals were traced to Saudi operatives, working on behalf of their Zionist masters. There was no doubt from the evidence at-hand that these noxious chemicals were delivered by foreign elements.

It was as a consequence of this evidence that the Syrian government predicted that there would be further plots against the people, all on behalf of the terrorists and their sponsors.

The prediction was precise, and just as the Syrian army began to become victorious in the region the terrorists and their collaborators struck, then blaming any attack or death on the Syrians and their president. That prediction is proof of a plot by world Jewry and its lackeys, and it is they who are responsible for all poison gas-related injuries and fatalities. ISIS and its offshoots have all been created and armed by pro-Israeli elements. The Syrian government and its leaders, as well as the Syrian army, have nothing to do with it. Claims otherwise are nothing other than propaganda.

Therefore, hard evidence points to the so-called rebels, in fact, hired mercenary-like terrorists who are culpable for any and all gas attacks upon the Syrian people. Meanwhile, no one can mount evidence in the least of the Syrian army or air force plotting any chemical attacks against the terrorists or the people of the land. This is categorical so much so that no one can deny it.

Whether people died or not on April 7th from poisonous gases is yet to be fully confirmed. If so, it is strictly the hypocritical Zionists who must be held culpable, not the Syrian government.

Image result for syria; douma; gas attack; images; wounded; injured

The place in question is under the control not of any Syrian troops but, rather, an entity known as the ‘Muslim Army’ or in Arabic Jaysh Al-Islam, as stated by Syrian comedian, known as
Treka Zn.

The Syrian government also made the following prediction:

Who caused this child to stage grief in the following manner? These children were obviously made to act before the cameras. There is no evidence that they are, regardless, gas attack victims, though their images are listed as being those of victims of either sarin gas or chlorine gas attacks.

Yet, here is seen a man who has lost his arm, God give him strength, as a result of Zionist-sponsored missile and cannon attacks on Damascus. This is a real victim, not a mere staged fake gas attack victim.

Therefore, any assault by the Syrian army against the Duma region was a result of the continued bombardment and murderous acts by the terrorists holed-up at this site. It is merely self-defense against vile, devious Zionist agents. With US-backing these terrorist continue to commit murder in the land, invading, attacking and violating, torturing and tormenting until their last drop of hideous blood. Moreover, it does not need to be reiterated. Everyone knows that the ISIS elements, regardless of their country of origin, even if their names are Muhammad or Ahmed, are Israeli moles:

Image result for Israel; golan heights; ISIS; wounded

See, here, how the murderous, cowardly Zionist army cowers over the wounded Wahabi terrorist criminal. This is how great is the deception and treachery of the blood-spilling, vile, terminally devilish arch-Zionist mind.

Image result for Israel; golan heights; ISIS; wounded

It’s a distraction by Zionist criminal elements and their US-based lackeys. Moreover, greatest distraction of all is all the buffoonery of the Trump presidency. People somehow think this presidency is a positive element and that it should be supported. They are being deceived. If the US, therefore, murders additional Middle Easterners in order to serve its Zionist masters they will believe that this is necessary and that Trump is a ‘strong leader.’

Meanwhile, innocents truly are being slaughter, once again, by Zionist criminal elements:

Gaza buries Palestinian journalist killed while covering mass border protest
Caption: Journalists and other mourners carry the body of Palestinian journalist Yasser Murtaja during his funeral in Gaza
Murtaja is a hero. He died as a martyr serving his people. In contrast, when the Zionist dies in battle, he or she does so as a criminal element, a thief, a murderer, while serving no other master besides the Devil himself.
While the vile Zionist-controlled CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and BBC continue to spew their hideous lies the one man who could disseminate the truth, Yasser Murtaja, was shot dead, martyred by Israeli cowardly guns. Yet, it is all being done to fool the people, to bamboozle them, as the above video shows, so they cannot realize the facts on the ground, which is that it is the murderous, godless Zionists who are the bloodthirsty terrorists, no others.




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    Are you sure? I’m quite certain that’s his grand-daughter Jenna and a photo at least 3 or 4 years old.

  8. What the hell? I came here following links about the Syria attack but there’s nothing in the comments about this. Just some loony raving on about Barbara Bush. What in gods name is this site?

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    What the hell? I came here following links about the Syria attack but there’s nothing in the comments about this. Just some loony raving on about Barbara Bush. What in gods name is this site?

    You know damned well ziotrash jewboy Gabriel that Christinne posted about Syria & the crooked ” White Helmets” and then I also made several posts about Syria & these scumbag white helmets & the Zionists & their ziopuppets genocidal terrorists/mercenary invasions & bombing campaigns against Syria & it’s people. And you know those posts & other research posts & links I posted were deleted, as happens over & over. It is stupid & non-sensical but it is the truth & it hurts this site very much.

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    I post libelous unfounded accusations against innocent people all while hiding behind my computer screen.

    I don’t have the ballls to personally present my “evidence” to the accused, to the media, to academia, or in legitimate forums because that would mean I would have to disclose my true identity. Which I won’t do, because I am a big pusssy, and know my “evidence” would be summarily laughed at, ridiculed and ripped to shreds, exposing me as a fraud. Plus, I’d be immediately charged with defamation, libel and slander. So, anonymously hiding behind my computer like a coward is where you’ll find me.

    A lot of people are fascinated by my zealous hatred of Zionists and my prolific postings on NoDisinfo. Today, I am going to open up and reveal some truths about me — the man, the myth, the mysterious character known as Cowboy.

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    Anyway, because I don’t work, I have limitless hours each day to comb through sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and people-finder databases like Intellus to cobble together morsels of so-called “evidence” identifying secret “crisis actors” who get paid big bucks to make believe they are victims of violence and terrorism. It’s hard to believe, but there are literally thousands of these folks in this clandestine program. And they’re a loyal bunch. In all the years they’ve been operating, not one of them has ever come forward to rat out the program.

    My methods for uncovering a hoax are really quite simple. I cherry-pick items associated with a horrific event or Islamic terrorism, then look for ways to string unrelated incidents together to support a pre-conceived narrative that “proves” the event was a scripted PsyOps hoax perpetuated by Jews. Jews, by the way, are also to blame for my lot in life as a societal outcast. You see, as a coward, I will never take responsibility for my own personal failings, and always blame someone else. Because I’m a coward, and that’s what cowards do.

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  33. Hey! The cruise missile assault on Syria was the epic failure of the pompous English and the arrogant French. They wouldn’t like it if somebody did it to them lol!

  34. Are all goyim as dumb as Cowboy?

  35. Cowboy

    I often wonder if there is anybody as stupider as the Trans Atlantic pervert Gabriel?

    He spreads Zio propaganda here and confuses the most intelligent ones like myself.

    Hes faster than a ME 262 in a firefight

    Shoot him down in flames.

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