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US Government Busted Faking Capital Hill Car Chase

Note: The title should really be, “Zionist-controlled US government busted faking Capital Hill car chase.”

The Capital Hill car chase and shooting are fakes. This means that the key crisis actors, the purported family of Miriam Carey, whether sisters, mother, father, or friend, that is those who claim her death, are fraudsters.

It means, too, they are hired moles. There can be no other conclusion.

It was the perfect distraction, a story so bizarre, so inane that it had to be true, or that is what most believe conceive.

Nairobi fell apart: the Clinton and Obama cabal were clearly involved in that scam. Another hoax was necessary as a key distraction therefore the Capital Hill car chase and shooting scam.

Here is the ultimate proof, which is the fact that the car in question was not drive by Miriam Carey. Nor was it in all likelihood her car. Instead, it was driven by a man: a man with light skin. The existence of this man was first detected at where a vague outline of his face can be seen in the images and through close-ups.

Now, there is another fact first recognized by a YouTuber, videos seen below, which is that there is not merely one man in the car but, rather, two. That’s right, there is a man in the passenger seat, and he, too, is light-skinned. Therefore, there are no African-Americans, no dark or black skinned people, in the car at all.

Look carefully. There are only men in that car, yes, men, not merely a man: two men. Their facial outlines can be clearly seen and the outline of their hair.

Picture 574

They are both looking in the same direction: towards their handlers, presumably.


Look closely. The metal door rim intersects the one man’s face. The other man can be seen, his head, and part of his neck, sitting shotgun.


Now lightened and tinted, the faces are clearly seen. Contrast this to the back seat; no flesh-colored tones in a circular shape with a black outline on the top of the head (the hair). Busted: the spooks are fully revealed. Alhurra is Mossad. This is a Mossad black-ops.


The presumably Israeli moles can both be clearly seen here, with even the outline of the hair visible; there is an optical illusion, here: let the door frame act as a reference to see the flesh below and above it. The one closer has a larger head, visually, than the other.



Busted, absolutely. There is no doubt about it. The entire event was a charade, a categorical fake. These are two spooks, not Miriam Carey or any other common person towing a baby or anything else. The story lines are all fabricated: the PPDS, the stalking delusions, the erratic behavior. That means the lawyer and the family members are also fakes.

These people are telling nothing but lies:

Picture 577

With their dry affect and uninvolved nature and absolute lack of emotion, people have been suspicious of them all along, and they were right.

Picture 568

These women are hired crisis actors: absolute fakes, just as fake as the phonies who invented this fraud, filmed it, and the fabricating drivers of the cars but also the Capital Hill police fakers and all the others, all together, phonies and fraudsters to the most extreme degree. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. Nothing else to say.


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  1. One statement she said sister was excited about the child, another was about the depression of having the child.

    If there was a depression regarding the child, why was the child with her, unmonitored?

  2. Get ready for a US debt default, the collapse of the Dollar, Martial Law imposed by the heavily armed Department of Homeland Security, internment in FEMA camps. The “suspension” of the US Constitution, gun confiscation, civil war and mass slaughter of US citizens by DHS and UN hit men.
    Only patriotic military personnel can save us from this long planned Luciferian New World Order coup. They took an oath to defend the US Constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies.

  3. They sure did, Ahmed…and I truly believe it is the military’s duty to protect us and our constitution against the enemy sitting in the White House (who is both a foreign AND domestic enemy) and his cronies and cohorts in crime. They are all traitors and they trample our constitution underfoot every single day. All these people can do is squabble and fight in perpetuity, which I have come to believe is intentional and just another staged play for consumption by the American people…it’s not about Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives. They are indeed working overtime to bring us their Luciferian NWO!

  4. Hi Mary,
    I watched a documentry film by Foster Gamble of the Proctor & Gamble conglomerate. He decided to become a scientist instead of going into the family business. Anyway, after seeing his documentry film , I haven’t been the same since. The way Foster Gamble presents his case for the gradual takeover of our world by fascist global financiers such as the Rockafellas and the Rothschilds and their imposition of a New World Order with the help of their Freemasonic Zionist moles in the White House and Congress and all the leaders all around the world, left me in no doubt that this was real and imminent. And frankly, it left me worried for all our futures, especially the young people.
    He never refers to the NWO as Luciferian by name but he implies it by saying that the NWO leaders will impose on us a new false religion. Basically worshipping the devil. Below is a link to his documentry film. Please share it with your friends to help increase awareness of what is going on behind the scenes with our treacherous leaders.

  5. I have to point out that when you have a baby seat in a car, you have to put the front seat forward. I think this is what you think a passenger is Sherlock.

  6. More Zionist crimes

    RCMP Respond to First Nations Fracking Protest with Arrests, Snipers:


  8. “Native Americans Declare War on Fracking. Canada Declares War on Native Americans.”Videos – #Rexton Oct1713 Melee, rubber bullets and pepper spray as Chief and Council are arrested

  9. NSA head to quit after lying, failing to explain spy overreach

  10. Harper Government Regime Of Canada Deploys Sniper Units On Peaceful Civilian Protesters

  11. FNSAIPS: Make Your Data Vanish If Viewed By The NSA — (Copy/Paste The Code)

  12. KIRO 7 TV Interviews Underwater and Foreclosure Homeowners on How They Fought Back.

  13. US Government must also be busted for giving aid to Israel and taking Israel’s side against Muslim, Arab and other countries.

    Recently the Sri Lankan Government deported an Australian senator and a MP from NZ for conducting illegal activities in order to help Tamils who have bribed them. This is what South America, Austria, Hungary need to do. Deport Jewish politicians who are causing trouble.

    Zionist Jews are friends of Tamils and the Jews are the ones helping Tamils to rob Sri Lanka just like the way the Jews robbed Palestine. This is the reason for the following illegal and deceptive activities of the Australian senator and the MP from NZ who were deported from Sri Lanka.

    “Deporting the Australian Senator and the New Zealand MP is the correct move”
    Posted on November 11th, 2013
    By Asada M Erpini

    “The Sri Lankan Immigration authorities asking Australian Senator Lee Rhiannon and the New Zealand MP Jan Logie, as reported in the media on 10 November, to pack their bags and get out of Sri Lanka is the correct response to their engaging in activities not permitted under the conditions on which they were granted visas. While the two deportees state that they had received tourist visas in the ‘Special Project’ category issued by the Sri Lankan consulate in Australia, they seem to ignore the fact that the Sri Lankan consulate in Australia is a representing body of the Ministry of External Affairs based in Colombo and that the latter has every right to override the decisions made by its embassies or consulates abroad.

    Anyone who has ever obtained a tourist visa to visit another country knows clearly that the visa allows the visitor to visit places of tourist interest: it is illegal for him or her to get engaged in any activity that falls outside those of “tourist interest”, such as getting employed, being involved in any trade, participating in political activities, etc.

    The two Australian and New Zealand nationals concerned must be thinking that all Sri Lankans, as well as those in the latter group, who have had the opportunity to travel abroad, except the Tamil separatists who support them, are babes in arms. The two ‘tourists’ are reported to have met representatives of the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi, TELO, PLOTE and EPRLF, and that their talks centered on the government taking over land, disappearances, those in detention for long periods, war time atrocities, etc., according to a report in Island on 10 November. Even a primary schoolchild knows that these matters do not fall within the ambit of those of tourist interest.

    The most hilarious aspect of the whole story is that the two individuals concerned who had travelled to the North of Sri Lanka were planning to use the TNA Office in Bambalapitiya to conduct their illegal news briefing to the media.”

    Read more:

  14. Tamil Tigers were a terrorist group trained by the Jews and their agents in India to destroy Sri Lanka and Sinhala and Muslim people in Sri Lanka. They were defeated by the Rajapakse Government.

    “Understanding the Tamil Tigers”
    By Dr Romesh Alagaratnam Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

    I am making a series of documentaries titled “Understanding the Tamil Tigers”, based on my inside knowledge of the organization and research I have done into the LTTE over the past 20 years that I have been fighting them. These are the first 4 parts:

  15. Understanding Tamil Tigers by Dr Romesh Senewiratne of Australia

  16. Understanding Tamil Tigers by Dr Romesh Senewiratne of Australia Part 3

  17. Do Tamils Control the Indian Government?
    By Prof. Hudson McLean

    For almost thirty years Tamils dominated BBC News, and suddenly disappeared when the LTTE was decimated by His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa. India, so it seems has not learned a lesson of “going-to-bed” with LTTE, even after LTTE terrorists blew-up Rajiv Gandhi during his visit to Tamil Nadu. The latest reaction from another Prime Minister of India demonstrates the Indian politics being subservient to the Voice of Terrorists. Having exerted pressure on the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, the Tamils managed to control the Head of India. Looks like when the (Tamil Terrorist) Tiger wags the tail, the turban nods its head!”

  18. The Dalai C.I.A. Lama

    Revolutionary Worker #985, December 6, 1998

    “For 30 years, Maoist revolutionaries have claimed that the Dalai Lama and his family worked with the CIA, and directed an exiled mercenary army that carried out sabotage, espionage and assassination in Tibet from bases in neighboring Bhutan and Nepal.

    Over the same period, the Dalai Lama has promoted himself as a man of peace and a fighter for justice. Many people in the West have been taken in by this, and have even been influenced by Tibetan Lamaism’s extremely conservative form of Buddhism. A movement has developed in the West supporting him–often believing that he represents the cause of self-determination and justice in Tibet. Meanwhile, after capitalism was restored in China following Mao Tsetung’s death in 1976, the focus of the Dalai Lama’s work has been to seek an accommodation with the new revisionist rulers in Beijing that would secure a position within their power structure for himself and his followers.

    Now the Dalai Lama’s own organization has confirmed that in the 1960s he was involved in the covert CIA military operations that were fighting to extend U.S. domination in Asia. The only defense raised by the recent October 1 statement is that the Dalai Lama did not personally enrich himself from those CIA funds. The statement claims that he used his CIA salary to finance offices in New York and Geneva to promote the Lamaists’ feudal cause. In other words, they admit that the Dalai Lama was a paid CIA agent, but deny he was a corrupt CIA agent.”

  19. Dalai Lama Group Says It Got Money From C.I.A.

    The Dalai Lama’s administration acknowledged today that it received $1.7 million a year in the 1960’s from the Central Intelligence Agency, but denied reports that the Tibetan leader benefited personally from an annual subsidy of $180,000.

    The money allocated for the resistance movement was spent on training volunteers and paying for guerrilla operations against the Chinese, the Tibetan government-in-exile said in a statement. It added that the subsidy earmarked for the Dalai Lama was spent on setting up offices in Geneva and New York and on international lobbying.
    The Dalai Lama, 63, a revered spiritual leader both in his Himalayan homeland and in Western nations, fled Tibet in 1959 after a failed uprising against a Chinese military occupation, which began in 1950.

    The decade-long covert program to support the Tibetan independence movement was part of the C.I.A.’s worldwide effort to undermine Communist governments, particularly in the Soviet Union and China.

  20. Michael Parenti – Dalai Lama is not all he’s cracked up to be?

  21. The truth of Tibet under Dalai Lama’s Control

  22. Dalai Lama was a CIA agent

    According to this document released by the US government, Dalai Lama and his supporters were funded by the CIA during the 60s. He had received $ 1,735,000 in the Fiscal Year of 1964 alone.

  23. The Dalai Lama: A CIA Agent

    September 1, 2013

    The Dalai Lama is an example of how the CIA has moved from overt to covert means of subversion and control.

    – See more at:

  24. Dalai Lama: “It is difficult to deal with terrorism through non-violence”

    “Is that an implicit approval of Israel’s operations in Gaza — where non-violence has, to date, not dealt with Hamas’ terrorism? At any rate, the Lama must have been in a “special” mood, as he “left the audience stunned when he said ‘I love President George W Bush.'” Be careful, Dalai, lest all this talk earn you the label of “Zionist-Crusader-Neocon” — or some such variant.”

    “Non-violence can’t tackle terror: Dalai,” from the Times of India, January 18:

    NEW DELHI: The Dalai Lama, a lifelong champion of non-violence on Saturday candidly stated that terrorism cannot be tackled by applying the principle of ahimsa because the minds of terrorists are closed.

    “It is difficult to deal with terrorism through non-violence,” the Tibetan spiritual leader said delivering the Madhavrao Scindia Memorial Lecture here.

    He also termed terrorism as the worst kind of violence which is not carried by a few mad people but by those who are very brilliant and educated.

    “They (terrorists) are very brilliant and educated…but a strong ill feeling is bred in them. Their minds are closed,” the Dalai Lama said.

    He said that the only way to tackle terrorism is through prevention. The head of the Tibetan government-in-exile left the audience stunned when he said “I love President George W Bush.” He went on to add how he and the US President instantly struck a chord in their first meeting unlike politicians who take a while to develop close ties.”

    Posted by Raymond on January 18, 2009 1:43 PM


    Dalai Lama is a criminal who is going around lying and agitating people inciting violence in order to help Zionists and Tamils.

    “Posted on 24 September 2013 by Emperor”

    Dalai Lama to Burmese monks : Enough anti- Rohingya violence

    Yangon ( AsiaNews / Agencies) – The Dalai Lama has appealed to Burmese Buddhist Monks asking them to act according to the principles of the Buddha, avoiding violence or targeted attacks against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar. “When resentment or anger towards your Muslim brothers and sisters emerge – said the Tibetan spiritual leader , during an annual peace conference held recently in Prague, Czech Republic – please , remember [ the principles ] of the Buddhist faith . ” He added, “to be sure” that in following the teachings of the Enlightened One, the Burmese monks will “protect their Muslim brothers and sisters who are increasingly victims.”

    The Burmese Buddhist monks became involved in a campaign against the Muslims, with protests and, in some cases, direct attacks against the community or individual groups. In particular, the anti- Rohingya violence in the western state of Rakhine erupted in June 2012 caused at least 200 deaths – especially among the Muslim minority – and more than 140 thousand displaced people.

    In recent days, the Burmese religious marked the sixth anniversary of the “Saffron Revolution” , which flared up between August and September of 2007 and was violently repressed by the junta , with more than 30 deaths and hundreds of monks arrested . For years, religious people rejected offers by the military and would not provide their functions and celebrations in protest against the brutal repression. Leaders of the Burmese Buddhist movement confirm that the ban will not be lifted “as long as there will be no official apology” from the authorities. Among the aims of this sixth anniversary of the massacre, the promotion “of nationality and religion , peace and national reconciliation and a significant progress on the democratic path of Myanmar.”

    Read more:

    • DL is a Zionist mole: a phony, like that fake Hamid Karzai, same as the Shah of Iran: a well-reimbursed fake.

  26. Here is a deceitful Zionist Jew lying about Sinhala Buddhists who are among the most loving people on earth

    Sri Lanka Tamil Eelam Interview With Bruce Fein Tamils Against Genacide

  27. Luxurious life of Pirabhaharan Family Exposed (English Version)

  28. The Tamil terrorists in action. The Tamil man is speaking in Tamil which is not a pleasant language like Sinhala: the language of the Sinhala majority or Urdu: the Indian language Dilip Kumar speaks or Hindi: the Indian language Sanjay Dutt speaks

    Tamil Commandos Attack in Mannar

  29. These are the Tamil terrorists who destroyed Sri Lanka for thirty years till they were defeated by Rajapakse Government and this Tamil tribe and Tamil terrorists are being supported by the criminal Zionist Jews and both groups behave in the same violent way and then spread lies that they are the victim.

    Tamil Sea Tigers Hunt Sri Lanka Navy Gun boats MUST SEE

  30. Why isn’t this BBC man not asking these questions from Israeli politicians and Israeli Government officials?

    BBC News | Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa: Sri Lanka north ‘not just for Tamils’ it is for Sinhala and Muslim people also

  31. See how arrogant this news reporter is. Why don’t these reporters question the Israeli criminals in this same way?

    Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, says

  32. Well said Mr Rajapakse! Ask these people to question Israeli officials about Jewish crimes on Palestinians and Muslima and Arabs.

    Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse on BBC : Feb 2, 2010

  33. Rogue US Government funding terrorists while lying about the Zionist hoax: the war on terror

    MSM Admits US Funding Al-Qaeda & Taliban Terror Attacks

  34. Zionist terrorism in America

    DoD Military Training For Martial Law Terrorizes Phoenix Residents

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