Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 16 April 2017
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US-Israeli Financed Terrorists Murder 70 Syrian Civilians Including Children in Car Bomb Attack

UPDATE: The death toll from this murderous terrorist bombing has no reach some 120, nearly 60 of which are children, including numerous babies.

Mr. Trump is worried about the children? Then, why did he give tacit support to the US- and Israeli-sponsored terrorists, those Takfiri dogs, who maliciously murdered Syrian innocents attempt to escape the horrors of warfare? Moreover, why, too, did he slaughter other children through his own act, the five which were killed by the cruise missile strike?

Per al-Manar:

Al-Manar correspondent: US coalitions strikes kill 8 civilians, including children, in a strike that hit their house in Al-Bou Kamal city, north of Deir Ezzor

Despite the works of the great books, the Qur’an and the Old Testament, these terrorists pay no heed. They have ordained that it is an appreciable act to murder people based upon religious affiliation: as long as it isn’t Zionist Jews.

Their escape was nothing other than an attempt to gain stability from precisely that war imposed upon them by malicious terrorists, all of whom are US- and Zionist-proxies.

“The number of victims [in the explosion] between martyrs and injured is at least 220,” Al-Manar correspondent said, adding that the stranded residents of Kefraya and Foua at the scene of the explosion are suffering from a very critical humanitarian conditions.

State-owned Arabic daily Tishreen said the explosion took place as children were collecting food being distributed at the stop point. 

It’s even worse than this. The so-called moderate foreign-invading Takfiri terrorists committed a ruse. According to eyewitnesses:

“the moderate (US-Israeli-installed) terrorists” came with a big truck and started throwing food “biscuits & potatoes”... the children came running , started gathering to take the stuff and then they blew it up

However, another version claims that the food throwers were not attempting to bait the people and that, among the evacuees actual rebels were also killed.

Even so, it is possible that there was no ‘suicide’ bomber. It could well have been that the bomb was pre-installed and was detonated for the maximum destructive effect: revenge against these people for the Takfiri losses. Yet, the revenge was not merely against adults; some 39 children were blown to smithereens by these filthy cowards. As well, the Mossad was well aware of the evacuation and could itself have set the bomb.

Here appears to be the epicenter of the bombing. No doubt, it was detonated by the Takfiris and their collaborators:

The entire Middle Eastern population is caught between plots of the US government on behalf of the Zionist strip, in collaboration with arch-Devilish European Zionists.

Where is Mr. Trump and arch-Zionist moles Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, now? Are they basking in the loss of Muslim blood with their master, Bibi Netanyahu?

Only the terrorists, along with their Israeli- and US-based masters, knew about the evacuation, in this case village people from the predominately Shiite villages of Foua and Kefraya. Only the Zionists and their US/European lackeys could provide such a degree of deadly high explosive. Regardless, these are Syrian nationals who were slaughtered, all of them Islamic people, may the killers and coordinators roast forever in Hell.

Here is one of the arch-hideous Takfiri crimnials, so-called leader of the former al-Nusra front, pro-Israeli mole and fake Islamic Sheikh, Abdullah al-Muhaysini

This treacherous one is feigning injury, here:

How is this arch-corrupt one injured to any degree? If anyone wants to see injuries, it is the following which proves real horrific injuries, courtesy of the Great Satan of all Satans, the United States of America:

These are the dead Muslim civilians, killed by Zionist intrigue, including what appears to be a youth, far left. Then, what is this wretched Saudi terrorist doing acting as if he is the center of attention, as if he is a real bomb-blast victim? On behalf of his Israeli masters this hypocrite is soliciting sympathy, in order to recruit more and more Islamic people into this false jihad fold.

Why in the world would he be going about doing interviews with screw-rods bore into his arm bones? No one finds this plausible. Compare this criminal mind to the consequences of real terrorist attacks, real horror: real destructive and murderous damage –

This is the consequence of Saudi terror, fully inspired by the spy services of Zionist Israel. Then, people are to even begin to believe that the arch-dramatist and well-fed, and paid, murder cohort al-Muhaysini was injured to any degree?

Here is another terrorist leader, Mohammed al-Jolani. Do these murderous ones and Zionist collaborators have any idea what the actual holy book says, that is to wrongly take a life of another is the worst of all acts, never forgivable?

Nusra Front leader Mohammed al-Jolani undated photo released online on Thursday, July 28, 2016 to announce a video message that the militant group is changing name, and claims it will have no more ties with al-Qaida.

What happened to al-Baghdadi, that is Simon Elliot? Did he go underground after being found out as a paid Mossad/CIA mole?

Image result for Mohammed al-Jolani; israel; jews;

The United States and its European collaborators in France and the UK, along with their rabid, extremist Zionist masters, are hereby held responsible for the slaughter of Shiite Syrian innocents. They were martyred as a result of Zionist intrigue. Will Trump say even a word on their behalf?

Will he way anything, too, regarding how the terrorists facilitated death by not allowing the wounded to be transported in a timely fashion?

Make no mistake it is an extreme plot by the Zionists and their lackeys, funded by Western governments. The so-called rebels were in complete control, as demonstrated by the following video, where the Takfiri criminals even made a blockade against the life-saving ambulances and also relief workers:

In the above video eyewitnesses confirmed that these filthy ones did this as a part of a plot, that they had set the peole up at the perfect time for maximum carnage, God be with all who were killed and wounded.

So, once again, what will the criminal minds of the US government say to this? Will they demonstrate even the slightest outcry for souls such as these?

Moreover, how many orphans were created? It is not even known.

Let us see, then, if the US government, and/or the previously adamant Israeli Zionists say even a word about this horror. Let’s us wait and see: remember how vocal were the Zionists after the so-called ‘gas strike.’ If not, it not only proves the degree of their hypocrisy but also the extremity of their depravity.




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  1. Watch as I take my first field trip and personally expose Jade Helm and FEMA! Busted you ziotrash traitors! Lol!


    • Thanks for covering these terroristic murders of Syrians, financed by Israel. “Is Armageddon Over the Horizon?” asks Paul Craig Roberts, in Commentary I found in this month’s The Nationalist Times.

  2. According to this site, you bigots are pointing out how you are losing to the Zionists in every which way, every single day.

    All your lies and smears have done nothing and haven’t changed a single thing. Score: Zionist 100, Nodisinfo numbskulls 0.

    If only Cowboy would post more often, maybe you’d have a chance. Giddyup, Cowboy!

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  4. Virginia Tech & Ziotrash Celebrating 10 Years Since 33 Fake Died At Gun Confiscation Agenda Hoax Shooting in 2007!



    The whole shooting was a treasonous Israeli/ Zionist Jew Perpetrated Fake PsyOp Gun Confiscation Agenda Hoax to steal American’s rights thru Psychological Terrorism!


  5. Who is cowboy putting on this lunatic performance for?

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