Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 18 May 2015
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Waco Texas Biker Brawl and Shooting is a Hoax – Totally Ridiculous

Make no mistake about it the claim of an actual bloody brawl by biker gangs in Waco, Texas, is a total fake. Nothing of any sort happened. It’s all staged, readily proven. It is easy to see that this is a real hoax. Supposedly, nine people died and 18 were injured. Nine and eighteen: interesting numbers.

There is nothing real about it. The whole scene looks like a decided fake. Nothing is happening. There is no emergency. All the people are merely milling around.

In the middle of the day 192 people were injured. Who believes such nonsense?

Does the Sergeant look like a reliable cohort? Does he seem to be upset about any real event where people were slaughtered in a bloodbath?

Is his interview to the least degree believable? Who in the world thinks that he is representing a real event? He says there were bullets flying around everywhere and that even police vehicles were shot out, that it was a shoot-out between gang members and the police. Clearly, he is merely acting. Is acting his second profession? He says there was “blood everywhere.” Does anyone see any blood in the following scene?


He said you can still see the bodies laying around. What’s more, this is all the police and the local media have to offer? He was setting people up for such staged imagery. There is no evidence that these are dead bodies, particularly victims of a bloody beating and also shooting. Moreover, if this was the case, why are they left there unattended?

Do these images represent even the slightest degree of reality for a scene were “192 were arrested?” Where are the handcuffs, then, if these men are such dangerous characters who were responsible for a deadly public brawl?

Do these men look any more believable than the previous photo? Where are those handcuffed and arrested 192 violent, brawling bikers?

For the Israelis all it takes is two smirking Zionists. What about in regard to the bikers? Are not two smirking biker ‘gang member’ smirkers and smilers not sufficient to confirm the arch-scam?

It’s all roped off for the biker cohorts of the federal criminal system, and in this image there are three smirking bikers – the one in the far background is also smiling.


Once again, what about this is anything other than an arch-fake? These bikers are making a joke about the entire issue. What a most gratifying use of the taxpayer largess for the arch-Zionist DHS elements to put these bikers on the payroll.


What are they doing standing around like that? Why aren’t they being arrested like the other ‘192?’

It is, after all, a focus point for arch-federal goons such as the gun-grubbing, anti-Constitution moles of the arch-antagonistic, anti-general public ATF.

Where are the 9 dead and 18 wounded? Moreover, where in the world are all these men who were supposedly arrested? No real arrests were made. Nor was anyone put in handcuffs for cause.

There is plenty of weaponry to go around, but it is all in the hands of militarized federal agents, not in the possession of any of the bikers.

Yet, the bikers are willing cohorts, as they have always, apparently, been, mere collaborators with the arch-Zionist federal system. There is no possibility that this was a real event, not in a million years.


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  1. Sources: S. Arabia Hires Israeli Experts to Supervise War against Yemen


    • DHS Hoax Dead Biker DHS Crisis Actor Wayne Campbell of the Biker Mass Murder Mayhem PsyOp
      Typical Zionist Jewish Change Agent. Does he & his son & family not look jewish? I found tons of similiar named & aged aliases of this goon, with many, many addresses in different states including near military bases. DHS military embeded goon & He is a Federal agent, a zio change agent, a crisis actor, a happy hoaxer.

    • Hoax Dead Hoax Biker Gang Member Wayne Campbell’s ZioPuppet FB Buddy & fellow Cossack Kosher Biker Mark Anthony Beckowitz. This is a real ADL approved Hollywood hoax goyim biker gang!

  2. President Putin is a clever person who is well experienced in playing the political game (which he has to) in order to achieve definitive results to emerge victorious – which is not an easy thing because he is being surrounded by many Zionist Jews in his government – a nightmare most leaders have to face in many countries.

    It is easy to criticize him but what’s more important is to understand the precarious situation he is in and be pleased that he is not a corrupt man – although attempts have been made to corrupt him which is one of the things Zionists do to people who are not corrupt and who have no evil in their hearts.

    If he or any other politician or a citizen who has a desire to do big things for humanity – they need to be able to resist the temptation Zionists throw at them in a variety of ways aimed at taking them away from their higher goal.

    They need to refuse the interview/date with the journalist Zionists have chosen to send their way, refuse to date (the beauty queen, Rhodes Scholar, talented pianist, musician, Olympic Gymnast) etc.


    • http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rDIDr8MJTbc

      Aerial footage of
      WACO Hoax Biker Gang Shooting PsyOp
      Fakest Zionist DHS Hoax Gun Confiscation Agent Shooting Ever!
      Empty Parking Lot Except for Cop Vehicles & Bikes! Calm Complient Butt-Boy Hoax Biker Crisis Actors!!!

    • U should stop dreaming about Putin and rather start informing about him. Welcome to reality.

  3. Zionist Jew Radio Talk Show Kosher Biker Charles Campbell plays Hoax Dead Biker
    Wayne Campbell same law enforcement DHS CONNECTED zioPuppet. ….In this Waco DHS Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp Hoax Treasonous Event.
    His Wife as Charles Campbell is Kay Klamm Campbell alias
    Kay Klamm Deiter alias
    Kaylene Deiter alias
    Kaye Deiter alias
    Janice Kaye Deiter alias
    Janice Kay Night
    Janice J Knight
    Janice Kay Knight
    Janice Maki
    alias etc.. etc see Radaris & Intelius & USA PEOPLE SEARCH
    She is Zio DHS Air Force Embedded under different names with different supposed husbands.
    As Wayne Campbell’s “Biker Property Girl” she is Charla Harrigan. She fluctuates in weight so compare like pictures to like pictures, weigh wise.

  4. Waco Biker Gang Mayhem PsyOp Characters “Charla Harrigan” & Hoax Dead Boyfriend “Wayne Campbell”

  5. Charla Harrigan Hoax Dead Wayne Campbell’s Hoax Girlfriend
    aka Janice Kay Deiter
    aka Kay Klamm
    aka Kay Campbell
    aka Kay Mika
    aka Kay Fisher etc
    aka Janice Graham Knight hoax married to Curt Knight US army in Alabama using a chubby pictures as blonde.
    Embedded in US Air Force as Laura Campbell in shell job in North Dakota using a chubby picture as a brunette.
    In Texas & Overseas is UK she even has one as Levi Campbell.


  6. https://m.facebook.com/kay.knight.2013
    The lug head going as army dhs Crisis Actor Curtis Knight supposedly married to chubby face Kay Graham Knight (alias Kay Klamm Deiter Campbell) pictured in this FB account is also the same guy playing the best man at Charles Campbell’s wedding to Slim version Kay Klamm Deiter!!! LMAO He is pictured riding motorcyles with him at the wedding as well. Not sure his name as that character.

  7. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/charlie-campbell/11/179/864
    Zionist Jew/ Change Agent Radio Host, Biker DHS Crisis Actor Charlie Campbell who plays Hoax Dead Waco Mayhem PsyOp Biker Wayne Campbell

  8. For humanity to advance we need to move forward and we can only do that by restoring the natural order of life – part of which is to know the truth, write and speak the truth and help others to do the same.

    And time has come to expose all lies propagated by people throughout the centuries.

    Stew Webb, Professor James Fetzer, Gene (Chip) Tatum, Bruce Campbell, Dean Henderson, Robert O’Dowd have done it by leaving Veterans Today!

    These are very talented people who can make a huge difference in the world by spreading the truth.

    And they and others like [The Tap Blog and Nodisinfo] writers deserve our support!

    Good luck to them all!


  9. The Ugly Truth about Michael Collins Piper, Cass Sunstein and Sandy Hook By Professor James Fetzer


  10. ISIS, CIA, Saudi & Israel Connections with Wayne Madsen



  11. Michael Collins Piper proved himself to be a real zioPuppet butt boy punk after Sandy Hook & since. Victor Thorn certainly put him to shame in exposing Sandy Hook. The zionist Jews are destroying & taking over American Free Press just as they did it’s predecesser, the Liberty Lobby & it’s paper. They use every technique, every dirty trick imaginable, bare none.

  12. It’s important that we provide sufficient information in order to inform people of the truth.

    It is not about taking or not taking sides but giving the truth a chance to shine – while allowing people to make up their own mind.

    With that in mind here is another article (a must read) from a different source:


  13. https://m.radaris.com/~Janice-Deiter/159158901
    These are 6 or 7 aliases of Janice K Deiter /Knight age 48, linked to West Palm Beach & Florida alone in one search.

    • Here are ten more aliases of Janice Kay Deiter, 48 – VERY DEVERSE ONES -which this Air Force/Army/DHS/Spook embedded zionist psychopath is using in a couple towns in PA & NY State!!! Can you imagine the criminal zio scams a zioPuppet agent mossadomite like this evil woman can perpetrate in a year against the American people–the dumb goyim with all these aliases!

  14. Thank you for supporting the website: SHOAH

    SHOAH: The Palestine Holocaust


  15. Do you work for the government? Are you a cop trying to spread lies, misinformation and propoganda? It sure seems that way. I personally knew 2 of the people murdered by Waco PD and I assure you that teir families are not “acting” out a script. I also personally know several of the people that were arrested. Their families have been through hell and are losing everything while Waco does the attaboys, patting each other on the back and just generally dragging their feet and trying to cover their tracks. You are entitles to your opinion but just remember, if they get away with this, there’s nothing to stop them from doing it to any group of people at any time. If you think it can’t happen to you, you better think again.

    • No cops, here. Who do you know that was murdered at the biker restaurant?

      • Lol right drk. Good question bro lol

    • Lol. Yeah you knew 2 who were killed and “several others involved in the shooting” You must be pretty famous in the city of Waco lol. Sounds like you have lived a more widespread life than Forest Gump himself! How big is Waco by the way? I live in a town of 2000 and I guarantee if a ” shooting happened” in my small town diner I wouldn’t know four of the people involved lol. Don’t believe this bullshit posted by “sheena York” who is obviously a government disinformation agent/ domestic terrorist. Try you bullshit on someone less savvy next time *** wipe. Or should I say Forest Gump. Lol

    • For those of you in here from small towns and big cities you will understand my comment/comments that are above/below on this chat page. Waco is around 125,000 -130,000 as far as its population. Now if you are from an area this size or have a good idea how big that actually is imagine running into “several” people you know at the same restaurant at the same time on the same day and having a “biker shootout” at that same restaurant on that same day and then on top of all the random people there at the restaurant ( who you don’t know) you just so happen to know “2 who are dead” and “several wounded ” out of that lone restaurant in a city of 120,000 plus people…. Yeah right. How Fucking stupid do you think we are? For real guys this is a disinformation tactic and a downright lie. And a piss poor one at that. Do you research guys there is a war going on in this country. #Jesus is Truth. Thank you for your time my friends

    • *several arrested* my apologies guys

      • I guess we have three “Waco Locals” in this little old conspiracy chat room. **** I guess the people from Waco make up **** near 1/3 of this entire chat room….wow what a coincidence guys…. lol. three people in this little old chat tied into this “biker shootout” either “directly” or “indirectly” … You guys picking up what I’m laying down ? Lol I think so. Do the math in your head guys… What’s the chances…? Watch out for people on payroll trying to disinform people who know the truth. Probably the same agent posing as all three people in here lol. I rest my case

  16. Hilarious.
    But sorry… What’s interesting about the numbers 9 and 18??

  17. Are you people really that fucking stupid? ??
    It was all just a big fucking hoax? Really?
    Waco P.D. doesn’t have the right resources or talent to undertake such a large scale of arrest and that’s why you see motorcycle club members sitting around in their phones and *** for them smiling and talking. .. that is a natural reaction that anybody would be having and going through. ..

    Y’all are total fucking idiots to think and say such garbage. …
    Good motherfucking luck making it through the rest of your pathetic lives. ..

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