Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 26 October 2014
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The Fake Grievers of the Marysville Shooting Hoax

What an absolute fabrication it is, yet another terminal hoax, that is this claim of a real schoolyard shooting in Marysville, Washington. In this arch-treacherous hoax there are fraudsters and fabricators at every turn. It is a ludicrous fake, and this is impossible to refute by even a cursory review of the evidence.

How in the world can it be real when the individuals involved themselves, the people surrounding the scene—the purported parents, friends, associates,. and others—are faking their grief? It is no doubt all an orchestrated stage with a vast litany of crisis actors, all of whom received pay from the Zionist-controlled taxpayer largess for their arch-fabricated roles. Here they are, like in all the other fakes, associated with a staging area, while being given to their needs, especially the need for fluids. Free DHS-supplied bottled water is seen in numerous images.

The hoax was hatched by pro-Zionist DHS moles, including agents of the State Police, local police, and FBI. The shooter is also a Zionist agent, known as Jaylen Fryberg. The name Fryberg is exclusively Jewish:

Surnames in Book

Frumkin, Frummer, Fryberg, Fryda, Frydma

Pay no attention to crisis actor shooter and arch-Zionist mole Fryberg. By no means did he shoot anyone, let alone himself. Why would he do so? He knows how to handle a gun. In no way would he kill himself regardless of any trying or distressing circumstances.

Chief of the fakes is an individual known as Haley Simonsen, along with her male associate, the man in the green-shouldered sports hoodie. No doubt, Simonsen was the actress-in-chief, and why not? Is she herself working as a Zionist agent?

Simonis, Simons, Simonsen, Simonson, Simonssohn

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.54.32 PM

Seen here, the arch-fradusters are attempting to act as if they are in a state of grief, yet, like all other crisis actors in this hoax they do so only before the cameras. She is definitely falsifying the grief with the fingers-to-the-eyes expression. Off camera, an entirely different behavior is seen, as will be demonstrated, here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.31.11 PM

‘It just didn’t seem real, actually.’ Note the staging center in the background. What an arch-falsification it is.

Here she is with yet another hoaxer, the lady in the striped shirt. Somehow, the Zionists regarded Simonsen as a key element of the scam:


It can be seen that, clearly, Simonsen was extensively utilized as a crisis actor; note the patrol car in the background.

Her fabricating associate is also seen with a variety of crisis actors, demonstrating that he is also a chief agent:


It’s all an act. By no means was there a shooting, where anyone was hurt or killed, and the crisis fraudster clique clearly demonstrates it.


In this image it can be seen that Mr. Blue and Green Jersey is hugging two cheerleaders simultaneously:

Here are yet another group of phony grievers. Note the smiling woman on the far left screen:

There is no panic or shock, here, to any degree. Notice how casual are the people in the background. It is only the people who are in the direct view of the camera lenses that are putting on the act.

The FBI and State Police control room – Where the hoax was staged

Could it be any more evident than this? Look at the degree of staging evident through this control room.


How did the FBI get there so quickly to set up such a sophisticated control room? How did they get the water and other elements in place so quickly? It is a physical impossibility.


There is plenty of taxpayer supplied water to go around, plenty of people with their instructional note pads: plenty of controllers, chiefs, and coordinators. Moreover, do they really need police tape at the control room?

Great fraud was committed from that control entity, including hoaxing by the police spokesman, along with various other arch-Masonic fabricators.Smirks and supercilious looks abound everywhere.


Here is another proof of great staging, which is the casual interviews being conducted at the staging area by the Zionist-controlled media of a variety of students.


Simonsen is virtually everywhere; ‘It didn’t seem very real; seemed like a drill.’ The treacherous Zionist spews nothing but lies, never acting in dire distress on camera, but showing off a kind of distress in still imagery.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.27.51 PM

As they walk away with the interviews finalized the nature of the fraud can be seen:

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.26.50 PM

marysvillehoax88s marysvillehoax88s1

They are off camera now, right? It is clear, regardless, that everyone is casual and that no one is evidence to the slightest degree of any crisis, stress, shock, and, of course, grief.


The smirks and supercilious facial expressions, as well as the sophomoric behavior, tell all, especially when people believe they are off camera. ‘Hey, we got away with it.’


The National Guard was there. How could they get orders to descend on the area of a mere spontaneous school shooting? In fact, the presence of the Guard is hard proof of the degree of the scam and hoax. There is no possibility that Guard members could have received order for their presence just on the announcement of a schoolyard shooting.


Who is really sad? Who in the entire group is in shock, reactionary, to an actual gunning down of school youths?


Try as they might it is clear that they are all acting, merely putting on a show before the cameras with plenty of coordinators and DHS-style moles in tow. sss

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.29.38 PM

Hoax index: about as high as it can get, despite protestations otherwise.





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  1. They deleted Craig Spenser’s listing to cover the ebola fraud, but it still exists in Google.


    • The wealthy klan of Fryberg Jewish Zionist family has basically taken over the tribe and it’s finances it appears and and many of this Fryberg family of Tulalip & Marysville have mansions and large estates in wealthy largely zionist Jewish towns in California like Moorsville, Thousands Oaks, and North Hollywood and in Arizona probably paid for with misappriopated funds from the Tulalip Tribe’s Casino!
      These are some evil people living high on the hog as many Tulalip Tribe members live in poverty.
      On another note of thus Hoax PsOps Event…
      Listen at the 50 second mark to this Crisis actor selling out his soul, tribe and Country to the zionist enemy!
      He studders trying to get his lines right in this zionist DHS SCREENPLAY..
      ..and says: “she just.. did..just did her role”…
      ….Yes the false hero did her role and False Witness Erick Cervantes did his role in this zionist PsyOp event for their GUN CONFISCATION AGENDA!
      Zionist & their DHS are the Greatest Threat to America!


  2. Fake doctor in Ebola, Craig Spenser, is actually Brian Mauriello (or not) who did a fundraiser for Sandy Hook. He has a Facebook page, but he was also fundraising for Sandy Hook.


    • Just keep in mind, still over a week to go before the I-594 vote. I’m expecting them to attempt to pull another gun-related hoax. One thing that they did right this time was having this false event take place well away from major population centers. Even the Highschool is fairly well isolated. They learned from all the mistakes they made at the Seattle Pacific University “shooting” many months earlier. Too many eyes equals too many loose ends. Ever notice how the “victims” are airlifted to Harborview Hospital? For the SPU incident, I can see why, but all the way up in Marysville, with other emergency services much, much closer? Gates serve on the board of administration at Harborview? Strong Juden contributors? Call it my need to know….

  3. Ottawa Citizen news did not just report only one time about this shooting a day early. Google them specifically, and there are about five articles that read that they were posted four days ago instead of three. Here is one example. Note October 23 instead of 24. They messed up big time. I guess they were too busy with the fakery at the Parliament to pay attention to the release date.


    Popular homecoming prince kills one, injures four others before turning gun on himself in Seattle-area high school shooting

    Doug Esser, The Associated Press 10.23.2014

    There are other links on Google.

    Official says newly hired teacher tried to stop gunman at Seattle-area high school

    Martha Bellisle And Nigel Duara, The Associated Press 10.23.2014

    Seattle-area school student kills 1, wounds 4 before shooting himself (with video)

    Martha Bellisle And Nigel Duara, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 10.23.2014

    • It’s as if the powers that be are deliberately leaving evidence for us to backtrail. I definitely sense some- noses being thumbed in our collective direction. They want us to feel helpless to change any of these mis-directions….

      • I’m from the area and my daughter knows on of victims that died 30 min ago. The girl was only 14. this is real not fake. You are stupid fuckheads for thinking its staged.

        • How do you “know on” a victim? And who is this ‘on’ of the victims she knows?

        • So Theresa dear, ure just another “truther”…. Maybe u can convince others, even dr. K, but u cant convince me, sorry. A hoax is a hoax, end of story. There have been countless like this, there will be more like this, so go figure….

        • Sorry again, the link proves nothing

          • That’s right, the link proves nothing other than the fact that it is a hoax.

    • Great find! Will look into this further.

  4. Theresa Collins, u think this is just a “coincidence”? Still sustaining this was all real?

    Washington school shooting coincides with ballot initiatives on guns


  5. GIA SORIANO’s parents Twitter statement. U know, engrieved as they are, they still have time and heart for Twitter…. Meanwhile they, together with Gia, were given a new identity and so on….


  6. Washington State Shooting Victim: Family Statement


    • But, I know the shooters second cousins neighbors garbagemans uncles dog-groomer! It has to be all real! Miss Collins, if you were indeed “greiveing” over the in your face hoax that is the Marysville Highschool shooting, why would lower yourself by leaving a statement on this website that is doubtlessly ran and visited by sick psychopaths? Your statements lack conviction, dear.
      Besides, we had the one and only Gabby Giffords here in the great state of WA, lobbying against the legal, guaranteed rights of gun owners….and who is more honest and forthcoming that ol Gabs? Lets be honest here, seeing Gabby Gifford in your local neighborhood is a bit like seeing a Phoenix rising from the hoax ashes……as she is the only person I know that can take a bullet point-blank to her head, without leaving even the tiniest of scars or cranial distortion. Of course, her acting mentally disabled leaves something to be desired. ….

  7. Your all fucking dumb it really happend I live in marysville.

    • You’re right! It really happened! I saw everything, even though I don’t live in Marysville. My cousins mothers butchers librarians dogwalkers ex-girlfriend knows all of the victims! All of the outlets posting about the swat drill that took place here at the school, are all lying! The closed circuit television system was broken that day. All of the pictures of the victims and perpetrator are current, and not at least 3-4 years old. There is not a new initiative (594) that would restrict gun sales, coming up on the mid-term vote. And 98% of people posting that “this is real, it actually happened, I live in Marysville,” are not paid shills….

      • you sir are an ignorant asshole. A vapid human being. It did in fact happen and I do in fact live in Marysville. Down the road from Jennings Park if you care to validate you fucking jerkoff. This tragedy impacted the community. Destroyed lives and sense of security. You think you have all the answers with some bullshit propaganda you read on a **** house wall in the gay neo nazi nightclub you frequent with your continuous ranting of Zionist Jews and conspiracy theory ? What a jack ***. Go buy another copy of Catcher in the Rye you chickenshit. You need proof ? Get off your *** and leave that sweaty little shed you inhabit in your mommas backyard- come on over to Marysville. Me and some of my (U.S. Veteran) homies would love to show you around. Dicksack.

        • And we’re supposed to take your word for it? So, tell us. Tell us just how he blew people’s brains out without there being a legitimate crime scene. And explain: why were NO corpses removed from the facility, including the phony shooter?

        • And the first sign that the hoax is getting very close to being exposed is the name calling. And thanks for not “full-on” threatening me, but instead offering to “show me around.” Thank you no, as I’ve been there many times. Did I touch some nerves in my post above? It seems that I have. That’s the point. To make people think about all of these coincidences, and not rely on government (and Zionist) controlled media. You go ahead and keep up the name calling though. Just remember, SOME people always know better. ..

          • “And the first sign that the hoax is getting very close to being exposed is the name calling.”

            Yes, a sure sign of a Mossad troll. It’s the same whenever this site exposes a hoax. The paid shills simply attack using foul language, instead of trying to provide a valid argument to convince any reasonable, logical thinking person as to why it was NOT a hoax.

            Anyone who cares to spend 5 minutes of research via the mainstream media clips will come to the same conclusion as prior hoaxes: fake shooter, fake victim, and crisis actors. It worked in Sandy Hoax, it worked in Santa Barbara, and it will work in Marysville, etc.

  8. The FBI got there so fast because they have an office in Everett WA which is right next to Marysville. The water bottle proves nothing. The so called national guard is actually the Navy. There is a Naval base in Everett.

  9. I just want to say this is not a hoax, I was there at that school as well as my cousins. My friends died before you go shooting your mouth off investigate it. The people smiling are happy that they are okay and that their child is safe

    • U dont even believe what ure saying, mate, go somewhere else and tell this aberrations….

  10. How do we read? Gun control for sheeple:

    Father of Washington state teen gunman slipped through system


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