**Breaking News** — 12 August 2016
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Water Slide and Ferris Wheel Accidents are Hoaxes – Cover for Failed Nice Attack Hoax

With revelations from one of our posters

Regarding the phony death of a 10 year-old at a Kansas water park one minute he was decapitated, another minute it was merely a neck injury ‘or something like that.’ Now, how could a real injury or death be represented in such a way? Too, what are the odds for two amusement park accidents to occur virtually simultaneously; these are relatively rare. Surely, this is a sign of an arch-hoax.

Yet, it is said:

Witnesses have described the horrific moment a 10-year-old boy was ‘decapitated‘ on the world’s biggest water slide.

Is it decapitation, really? If so, where is the head? Where is the body? That would be horrific beyond belief.

Who is going to act so casual in the midst of an event, if real? Yet, every effort is made to make this appear as if it truly is an actual horrific event. Nothing could be more frightening to the human mind than the thought of falling from such heights or suffering such a sudden, horrific accident, as described. It would gain the world’s attention, and this was the plot.

Thus, it is said:

They saw Caleb Schwab flung from the Kansas City water park ride known as the Verruckt – which means “insane” in German.

He was flung to where? It is also said:

One witness – who saw the ride streaked in blood – said she saw Caleb’s distraught brother scream at a park worker: “I just saw my little brother die because of one of your attractions!”

Who in God’s name speaks like that, especially the brother? He’s going to call him his “little brother?” He’s going to say he “died” and it was “because of one of your attractions?” No one believes such nonsense.

The person, who is not authorized to speak about the boy’s death, told The Associated Press that Caleb Schwab was decapitated Sunday on the “Verruckt” raft ride at the Schlitterbahn WaterPark in Kansas City, Kansas.

If he was not authorized to speak, why did he do so?

Schwab boarded the raft with two women who were not related to him. They both suffered minor cuts and scrapes on their face in the incident.

The women sustained minor facial injuries and were treated at area hospitals.



Here are two women who claim to be witnesses. Regardless, where are the parents? Do they look like they have any evidences of minor cuts or abrasions? (minor error corrected). Where were the parents? It is said that the boy was allowed to climb up way high on those steps all by himself. Does anyone really believe, while there, they would allow the boy to do so and to go on the ride with two complete strangers? That would be child abuse and neglect to say the least, that is to put the child in such immense danger without any consideration for his safety.

In one interview with these women the one on the right is seen prompting the other woman, pushing at her with her shoulder.

Hoax confirmed by use of fake water soluble blood applied to water slide

It is clearly a fake. See the staging, here, with the fake blood poured on. This is clearly water-soluble paint, applied artificially. It can’t be anything else. By the way there is no way this represents the blood splatter from a neck injury or decapitation. What is there, regardless, that could decapitate anyone? This is a fake: no other possibility.


There is no blood splatter anywhere. There is no evidence of a head, corpse, dead body, grieving relatives, or anything else. Where is the mother? Wasn’t she running about, screaming?



What are they doing over there? Why aren’t they inspecting the site? Why is the fence/barrier raised only on one side?


That boat was clearly put there as a staged element. It’s a movie prop, like the rest of these elements.


Yet, it is said:


So, then, was this the decapitated corpse they could do nothing about, or was it the one with the neck injury with the head still attached? Then, where is the corpse, now? What happened to the mother and father? Why don’t they want to be “bothered?”

Here, the pastor is caught during the break asking if he did a good job with the interview and if it went alright. Who does so in a real emotionally charged event? Regardless, the man is clearly an actor. Who can demonstrate otherwise? Watch, below, when he was caught off-camera speaking about the staging and this was uploaded, regardless:

Sure he was, right. It’s great copy to solicit donations on that terminally wretched corruption element, GoMeFund:




What in the world is going on here? In the video the woman clearly breaks out in a big smile and smirk. Why aren’t the cops doing anything crucial?


If it looks like a drill, acts like a drill, and stinks like a drill, it is a drill until proven otherwise.


The Zionists have the power to do this, just like they did with the fake alligator attack in Orlando in the aftermath of the failed Orlando shooting hoax. They are paranoid to the level of being psychotic.




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  1. Zionist Run NBC Pushing the Zionist Trans-Fag Agenda onto kids! With hideous Ziotrash Tranny Fag Jacob Tobia!

    “The Cool kids just say trans” says ziofreakshow fag Jacob Tobia..No the cool kids say get away from me you perverted tranny deviant! And they knock his punk @$$ out if this pervert tries to enter the girls room!


    Ofcourse this piece of ziotrash you’d have to watch entering the boys room even more! Gabriel fraudster fag may fall in tranny love this deviant!

  2. Schlitterbahn KC, Kansas Water Park Bored Hoax SpokesLiar of the Park Spins her lies. Trying not to laugh or fall asleep, apparently..!


  3. Ex1)Water Park Hoax boy Killed by Decapitation

    Why are so many stories giving two different ages of the boy 10 & 12 years old??? The Crisis actor is probably 12 & actual old fashion research done by some reporter found he was 12 & it got out that way…But saying he is 10 in the official script they can just use younger pictures & say the living crisis actor is an older brother or older different boy when peolle see him, especually in KC area or where ever he lives.

    The cache on this story said 12 year old boy, but it was changed later to 10 yr old on the website.

    • So that means they made an error in the original report (which happens frequently) and then corrected it. Big deal. No hoax here.

  4. Ex2b) Schlitterbahn Water Parks Hoax SpokesIiar Winter Prosapio (ZioJew) of TX was a film director & writer before this, so DHS probably paid her to write the script & help hire the Crisis Actoes for this hoax!


  5. Ex2c) Schlitterbahn Hoax SpokesLiar Still Identifies herself as writer on Twitter..& She is! She wrote this DHS “Kid Killed by Losing Head on Waterslide” Hoax you can be sure!

    Another lying sayanim Zionist jew from Hollywood serving the zionist agendas for $$$ & DHS Contracts $$$ & reward$ later like having her movie scripts funded into movies & letting her direct bigger movies than she has before! Zionist & Marrano Jew too 100%!

    • The only thing we can be sure of is that you are quite, quite mad.

  6. Ex2d) Schlitterbahn HoaxSpokesLiar /Movie Director/Writer Winter Prosapio Has Some Amazing Aliases she uses for all her zioScams! LMAO!

    Check it out:

    Roger W Nash, ~48
    Berea, KY
    Known as: Roger Wallace Nash · Michael Rnash · Michael R Leavi · Michael R Nash · Mike Nash · Patrica Leavitt Nash · Patricia L Nash · Winter Prosapio · Leavi Michael Nash

    Has lived in: Berea, KY · Tooele, UT · Canyon Lake, TX · Riverton, UT · Salt Lake City, UT · South Jordan, UT

    Related to: Brittany Turnbow ~40 · Jason Reimschussel ~44 · Ernest Reimschussel ~74 · Cherie Nash ~45 · Michael Nash ~48

    (1) What’s her real name? How the hell should I know! These ZioChange Agent fraudsters have so many aliases & identities!! lol! No scrupples! No morals! Anything goes!

    My bet would be this zio jew was born either Patricia Leavitt or Michael and/or Wallace and/or Roger Leavitt???

    2) What sex is this zio fraudster??? How the heck should I know!.. get Junger Surfer to do a transvestigation! Or get Crockodile Dundee to do an old fashion, hands-on Instant Transvestigation! She seems to be going mostly as woman..well atleast in this Hoax PsyOp operation maybe she/he did a hoax as Roger Nash Last month!!!

    Oh what a tangled freaky, faggy, tranny infested, ziotwisted web we try to unweave when we look into these zio DHS Hoaxes!

    • You are so full of shit Cowturd. Unsubscribed Radaris data doesn’t prove a thing.

  7. Mr Cowboy-

    I knew in 340 BC that the earth was shaped like a sphere and nobody of intelligence ever disputed that since.

    I’m told you think the earth is flat?

    I’m told you don’t believe that satellites (an industry involving hundreds of billions of dollars, employing tens of thousands of people, and operated by most countries on the planet) don’t exist?

    Why then, in the face of such utter stupidity, should anyone take ANYTHING you say seriously?

    • Show us a real picture or live filmed footage of a satellite in space world’s oldest zioJew Gabriel Cabbage head Aristotle buffoon! Satellites are totally fake!:

      • If you know anything about the stars, on a good night you can see satellites with the naked eye. Are stars fake too?

        • I’ll let him answer but yes- cowboy believes that stars are imbedded in a dome and are not shining due to nuclear fusion but something else… Let’s await his answer.

        • Your are an amazingly ridiculous stupid buffoon of a liar ziotrash Gabriel (troll post as Wretched Nuisance) You cannot see anything identifiable as a satellite with the naked eye nor otherwise you lying buffoon Wretch Gabriel fag! What a stupid liar you are! lol Even with the strongest amateur telescope no amateur Astronomer can see, nor phograph an identitifiable satellite! Only a few select NASA connected so called amateur /photographers who happen to all also be graphic artist who presented identifiable images they claim to be real photoscof Satellites in orbit. All under inspection are clearly just more CGI & graphic artists high quality cartoon pictures they created with art & CGI! Actual amateur astromoners only manage to see moving, unidentifiable lights at given times of night.

          This is in reply to ziotrash Gabriel’s ridiculous lying troll comment as “Wretched Nuisance” claiming he can see satellites with his naked superman eyes:

          Wretched NuisanceAUGUST 13, 2016 AT 5:25 AM
          If you know anything about the stars, on a good night you can see satellites with the naked eye. Are stars fake too?

          As always no lie is too great or ridiculous for zionist jew fraudster Gabriel to spew! Bull$h#t spews freely from his open sewer like mouth– a fountain of liquid sewage of lies! lol

          • You should be banned from this site on the basis of stupidity, cowboy


            You should be euthanized to put the rest us of us out of our misery.

          • There are even some great smart phone apps that let you know what satellite you are seeing as it whizzes by..

            Why am I bothering talking science to a fundie cretin? What a useless venture…


          • Good idea buddy! As a special favor to my friend I’ll take the blood and let you take the butt per your penchant.

      • Show us an actual picture of your brain, cowboy.
        I am of the firm belief that you don’t possess one.
        Who can prove otherwise?

    • Aristototile once said the nerves in human body originate from the heart.

      Do satellites originate from your butt gaybriel?

      They oughtta stink.

      (Suggested by Rudolf)

      • Aristototile?


        Get an encyclopedia and a dictionary Dolt!

        • Or did you just forget that you can’t read and write?

  8. Exhibit 1)Trayvon Fake Father Tracy Martin is played by FAKE Dead Isaac Hayes!! Identical Match!

    Same voice, Same speech pattern & Isaac worked with Trey Parker for years on South Park(er)! Trey Parker & maybe his writer partner probably wrote the entire script for DHS! Trayvon is a inside joke (Talmudic Hex) telling you Trayvon is a Trey Parker creation! Just like South Park included his name. Parker means keeper of the woods or Park of Forrest.


  9. Ex2) Trayvon Fake Father is played by Fake Dead Actor- Singer Isaac Hayes! Identical Match!

    Hayes had a son in 2006 with a new trophy wife young enough to be his Grand daughter. So ziopuppet Trey Parker must have been hired back some time around that to write DHS RaceWar & Gun Confiscation scripts & presented Hayes with the idea of faking his death & coming back as Race war star Tracy Martin with fictitious son Trayvon Martin named after Trey Parker as an inside joke & occultic subliminal revealing of Trayvon being his character!

    ISAAC Hayes pushing the zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda, Race War Agenda & antiself defense rights as Tracy Martin!


  10. Exhibit 3) Trayvon Fake Creator Trey Parker with Isaac Hayes before his fake death & rebirth as Tracy Martin doing perverted skit & song: “Suck My Salty Chocolate Balls!”


    • Pavlov dog, sore gaybob youll end up with a deep sob.

      Always suggested by Rudolf

  11. Your reporting standards on this occasion Dr, are almost as bad as Cowboy’s. This article is such drivel, so wrong in so many ways it’s barely worth wasting time on. But first and foremost, that image of the two women you claim were on the ride with the little boy when he was ejected, is actually of a couple of teens who witnessed the incident from the ground. CNN says: “Sanford and Gocke, both teenagers, had just ridden the slide earlier that same day” Nowhere, except here, is the claim made that these are the same women who received facial injuries.

    According to a report by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio about 4000 children are injured every year in amusement park accidents in the US, so two incidents occurring at around the same time is hardly remarkable. Last week alone there were four incidents in five days.

    Also, no one has claimed anywhere that it was ‘merely a neck injury or something like that’. Neck injury yes, which may well be a euphemistic description of a severe neck injury – which would include decapitation/partial decapitation. Aren’t you supposed to be a qualified medical doctor?

    ‘Is it decapitation, really? If so, where is the head? Where is the body? That would be horrific beyond belief’
    Haven’t you answered your own question there? Even if there was an image of the little boy’s body, you would say it was fake, a mere dapper cadaver smeared with tempura moulage.

    And just because some carny who isn’t the official park spokesperson says something to a reporter doesn’t make it a hoax either.

    You should have drawn more on your sole source, which poses some very good questions about how such a thing could have happened.

    “I just saw my little brother die because of one of your attractions!”

    Hearsay. You’ve been involved in enough lawsuits to know that statement could never be used as evidence so why are you even bothering with it here?

    Finally, while everyone understands that you are a demented anti-semite, it would behove you to refrain from demonizing children, even if you think it’s a hoax, because it doesn’t get any lower than that.

    Paranoid to the level of being psychotic – quite an apt description of yourself. Who can prove otherwise?

    Thus, it is said.

    • Ant $emite ant $emite, youll never be as walter cronkyte

  12. ExD-3) SandyHook Crook PsyOp School ReOpens & Israel Agent Duel Citizen Traitor, Fraudster & Gun Confiscation Advocate Lenny E-LIE-zer Posner Buys A Gun -Hipocrite Sleaze Zionist Jew Enemy of America!

    Like sheep at a slaughterhouse!
    Stay Armed & Stay Free! Never let these zionist criminals disarm you Americans or anyone who has a firearm! If they come for your guns, give them your bullets at high speed!


  13. Thats why shemale gaybee go there. To party.

  14. Gayboy what saves you is sis

    • Cowball Investigations Inc

      Do you know someone who never existed?
      Know a person who was involved in a major event and mysteriously disappeared?
      Weren’t satisfied with a funeral where there was no open casket?
      Weren’t satisfied with a funeral where there was an open casket?
      Do you know a famous person who recently ‘died’?
      Suspect your partner or loved one of being a crisis actor?


      We have more than 30 years experience with hoax/gun control reporting and for a small fee, will use state of the art desktop technology to track down your person of interest. You will be provided with a detailed report of Exhibits including comparative photographs, fully timestamped Twitter and Facebook feeds and a list of everyone with the same or similar name who currently lives in the United States.

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      *Terms & Conditions: The user accepts that Cowball Inc has no recognized qualifications or experience. Cowball Investigation Inc takes no responsibility for incorrect or misleading results. No guarantee of success. User accepts that no further investigation required if your POI appears to have moved offshore. No money back. LOL!

  15. Gaybriel gayborting as a trota

    Rebloggin Rudolf

  16. Ex 4) Trayvon Fake Dad Tracy Martin (Fake Dead Isaac Hayes character) has been making big speaking fee$$$ since 2012 RaceWar-Blacks Vs Police PsyOp…

    Plus Hayes- Martin gets double paid as by Homeland Security. I also suspect he is teaching both music and Drama at both Florida State & also at some university near Orlando like maybe Central Florida State or Florida Atlantic, etc.

    Notice his very small ears as Tracy Martin ..same as Isaac Hayes, ofcourse.
    He probably makes between 10 & 25,000 at each speaking engagement. But if he speaks at a big corporation like Apple or Microsoft or GE, etc he probably gets 50 grand or more. If he averages 20 grand at 100 speaches a year than that is 200 grand. And lets say he gets 50 grand each time at 4 engagements like a DNC convention, NCAAP, etc..That’s 100 grand more for 300 grand. (& He can still write songs & produce artists albums at his leisure. Isaac Hayes wrote many big hits for people like James Brown, but he us also a very good arranger-re-arranger & producer of songs.)

  17. Ex5) Trayvon Fake Dad Tracy Martin aka Fake Dead Isaac Hayes character in 2007 before fake death

    Notice his very small ears just like his character Tracy Martin & notice how healthy & realatively young he looked in 2007. He could easily pass for 45 or 50 in this picture! And it’s just a live performance picture not a photo set studio picture!

  18. Hand in Hand for Propaganda? The BBC’s “Saving Syria’s Children” Documentary





  20. Check out the latest Muzzie news (tomorrow’s nodisinfo “zio hoaxes”):


  21. Ex 2) Giant Trees & The Flat Earth PsyOp- The “Little Grand Canyon”…

    …near Mount St Helens formed rapidly & Amazingly in the 1980’s in complete Contradiction of modern Science Orthodoxy-scientism & Modern Geology proves how fast nature & God can create Canyons & Mountains & rock formations rapidly nover over millions of imaginary years!


  22. Exhibit 4) Kansas Water Slide Hoax Death-Sleazebag Crypto Jew Millionaire Salesman Fake Christian & State Representative Scott Schwab ZioScams $35,000 off the Fake death of his variable aged son 10 & 12 years old!

    What a sleazy Ziotrash bag of $h#t!

    • I am pleased that that post was restored.
      It was accidentally deleted a few days ago by my brother and co-editor, Archie.
      He is an arch fool.
      How could it be otherwise?

  23. Exhibit 4) Kansas Water Slide Hoax Death-Sleazebag Crypto Jew Millionaire Salesman Fake Christian & State Representative Scott Schwab ZioScams $35,000 off the Fake death!

    Proof this clown is a top salesman since tge 1990’s & millionaire! Yet this fraudster & fake Christian Crypto jew Politician sleaze collects over $34,000 from 1 Go Fund me account alone! How many more thousands of dollars did this criminal zioscam from the dumb goyim Christians of his Crime buddy fellow Crypto Jew megachurch operator Clint Spragues megaJudeo fake church??? huh??
    Exhibit 4) Kansas Water Slide Hoax Death-Sleazebag Crypto Jew Millionaire Salesman Fake Christian & State Representative Scott Schwab ZioScams $35,000 off the Fake death of his variable aged son 10 & 12 years old!

    What a sleazy Ziotrash bag of $h#t!


    • Please explain your exhibit numbering system as it is inconsistent with the contents.

  24. UK Romanians beat the crap out of Muslims after they tried to stop them from drinking.


    • Mice fighting rats. Lol!
      The Romanians and Italians were the worst soldiers of WW2 and are responsible for Hitler losing the war against the Jewish Bolsheviks. Anyone with Romanian or Italian blood are cowards.

      • Another Fraudulent disinfo racist comment made by goyim hating zionist jew ziotrash troll Gabriel the fag under my name here to confuse & disgust new readers & posters here..

        (Brokeback fag Gabriel ziotrash troll fake version of) Cowboy AUGUST 14, 2016 AT 4:13 AM
        Mice fighting rats. Lol!
        The Romanians and Italians were the worst soldiers of WW2 and are responsible for Hitler losing the war against the Jewish Bolsheviks. Anyone with Romanian or Italian blood are cowards.

        • How ziotrash Echobuttbugger Gabriel is Black Ninjas condescending to black people?
          Where do people look down kn Ninjas?? You are a dumber than a bucket of doorknobs, knob licker Gaybriel fag! lol

        • The only people who think I’m racist are the black, brown and yellow ones. The green ones tried to make that accusation but I proved they don’t exist, you lying scumbag homo gibberist smell dumping jew of middle eastern tranny descent Gabriel! LOL.

        • Gabriel, low life mongrel use your name.

          WDesperate cuckster, zionist supremacist, all know about you more than you can guess.

          Milwaukee: Black Mob ‘Beat Up Every White Person’


    • To (Supposedly) Christinne:

      Lying Zionist Jew claiming in this to be Romanian dishoestly identifies Roma Gypsies as Romanians who violently & cowardly attack Muslims with baseball bats for telling them to stop drinking & raising helk in front of their barbor shop: This lying ziofreak in promoting hate & racewar with his disinfo & lies & unbelieveable rationalization claims it is okay for the Roman Gypsies (who hechates also as he mockinglybdefends them) to go home & get base bats & comeback because they were provoked sinnce tge Muslims told them repeatedly to stop drinking & raising hell in front of their business!

      (supposedly) Christinne AUGUST 13, 2016 AT 9:17 PM
      UK Romanians beat the crap out of Muslims after they tried to stop them from drinking.


      • Cowboy u imbecile u r blind to what we see here in Europe.

  25. I used to be here all the time until I realised what an uncompromising fraud Dr K proved to be. Cowboy pull your head out of your ass.

  26. Another fraudulent disinfo comment posted by ziotrash fag zionist jew troll Gabriel posted under real truther & poster Elfmom55’s name!
    Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of) elfmom55AUGUST 14, 2016 AT 3:18 AM
    I used to be here all the time until I realised what an uncompromising fraud Dr K proved to be. Cowboy pull your head out of your ass.

    • The excerpt copied and pasted below is the reason why the poster elfmom55 quit this blog. Cowboy is lying to justify his obsession with Gabriel.

      elfmom55FEBRUARY 9, 2015 AT 12:28 PM
      Dougster, Dr. K has told us repeatedly to PROOVE it! So we try to prove to him it is a hoax then he tells us “ENOUGH” as if we’re children. I make a personal observation that the “city” and highways are eerily quiet and empty and he told me my nonsense will NOT be tolerated. He says all comments and opinions are welcome. Evidently they are not. This so called truth site does not welcome opinions or evidence other than what the Doc says is true. He says it happened and don’t you dare disagree with him or he’ll assault you.
      I’m reminded of when he called James a troll, fool and someone else called him a liar last year over that ridiculous hoax with the “dead” reporter and ambulances in Palestine and ran James off.
      I too am done here. After much thought I don’t want to be anywhere where my opinions, observations and posts are assaulted. Dr. K respects no one who disagrees with him.
      And it seems kind of odd that your posts seem so similar to things Dr. K would say.
      As far as my comments getting more and more bizarre and my comment about what I perceived to be an empty city is trying to be contrary? I hardly think I am the bizarre and contrary one here. Someone is full of ego and pride and I don’t believe it is me.
      I should have left when James did.

  27. Rawleigh NC Crabtree Valley Mall Hoax Shooting – is run by Plaza Associates, an all zioJew run operation ofcourse:

    Scroll down to see this zios running this mall! No way to find who owns it CVM holdings Crabtree Valley Mall Hokdings..but no names given. Maybe Plaza Associates owns CVM as well..And maybe Charles Lanier owns it all??? Very suspecious that no CEO or President is listed over either company!

    • yes! Those people all look like zios! Even their names are zio!


      • Yes especially that Mr Rudolph character. An instantly recognised Zionist name right there.

        • Dont be scared of a naZZi.

          Im good after all..

          All this boy wants….is to make sis happy.

          Can u forwardy new pics to her? Check my account……

  28. Yesterday Ive talked a lot with gaybees sis…

    Bah it was just a matter of physical posture….:shes a perfectionist….:))

  29. Who better than you, joo, can fart about the deviancy of your peers….?
    Talmud’s quite easy on the matter..you indeed show to adore….:)

  30. So, two blood soaked blankets (one for the body and one for his head) were thrown on the slide to make this “hoax” seem more realistic? What about the woman with the broken jaw… I suppose that is part of the hoax as well?

  31. Lord have mercy! This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen! I actually go to church with the Schwab family and have known that pastor for 30 years. The family is suffering horribly, no amount of money acquired in a gofundme could possibly mask the anguish of losing a child! Caleb was nearly decapitated, enough so to know he was already gone by the time he made it to the bottom. The coroner’s official cause of death was neck injury. I know nothing about the other amusement park accident, other than what’s been on the news. I hope the Schwab family never sees this ridiculously callous piece of junk, shame on you!

  32. Wow. 1st, there were photos showing his body. They can be googled. 2nd, there would be no blood splatter because the accident took place 100+ feet in the air & and splatter would have been washed down the slide with the water. 3rd, it was reported as a “neck injury” in the beginning because decapitation reports had not been confirmed, and even after they were, some continued to report it that way because every gory detail isn’t necessary, and because it was downplayed out of respect for the family. 4th, the photos of the slide were taken quite a while after the accident. By then, the area had been cleared and the park had been closed. 5th, why did they let him go on the ride with strangers? Because most people ended up on it with strangers. Riders were chosen by total weight. There is a minimum weight total to ride, and Caleb made the ride underweight. Also, being smallest, he was by rule, supposed to be seated in the middle, but instead was in the front. Both points of negligence on behalf of the park. 6th, he was “flung” into the air. 7th, what could cause decapitation? The metal bar he was hurled onto, striking his head/neck area. The force would be enough to decapitate a small child because of the height at which the raft drops. 8th, having been on the ride, I can assure you that not only is the raft in the pic real, but the straps don’t work properly. 9th, the parents couldn’t be reached for comment because they were devastated. Also, the case got extra attention because the boy’s father is a state legislator.
    10th, you’re disgusting and hateful.

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