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Wax Dummies, Vaseline, and Wigs Used in Fake Funeral of Gay Bar Shooting Hoax

What an absolute arch-phony it is, this supposed shooting of Puerto Rico ‘gay bar’ victim Angel Candelario-Padro, who, in the imagery, is nothing other than a wax dummy. This is phony to the extreme, all carefully staged by the Mossad and its FBI/CIA collaborators.

Watch these phonies in action, here, as they work on behalf of the cabal. There can be no doubt about the fact that they are faking it. It’s a gun control hoax, make no mistake about it.

Watch the fake crying, here, as the woman clearly takes a cue from her male cohort; she is staring directly at him while he gives that cure:


Now, she begins her arch-phony crying routine. How could it get more fabricated than this?


She barely brushes her eye, there are no tears, yet she feigns as if she is wiping them away.


Like the Sandy Hoaxers and Boston smoke bombing frauds, she pulls down on the outer corner of the eye with the fake hand wipe technique, dragging down the tissues. The same kind of phony was used in the Malaysian crash hoax.


Here she is, far left screen, after the fact. No one can see tears to any degree but, rather, mere acting, fabricating. See what also appears to be Vaseline or some similar substance marking the man’s left under-eye region. This could confuse the viewing audience to hold this as a real event with real grieving relatives.

Yet, the ultimate proof is in the fake corpse. There could be no more fake corpse than this. It is a mere dummy, wax museum style: no other possibility.


The stethoscope is a mere prop. Why dress a mere ophthalmology assistant in a white gown with a stethoscope? It makes no sense to any degree.

See in the video how the man presses down on the chest, compressing it as if no ribs exist. That is no rib cage but is, rather, merely a Hollywood-style dapper cadaver fake prop. The prop was constructed to give the appearance of Padro, just as was the one used in the Charleston, SC, shooting hoax. Just as in the latter, it is likely that the Zionist criminal minds of Hollywood participated in this scam by creating the wax/latex likenesses.


Yet, the ultimate evidence is in the stethoscope. Watch the woman in action. Watch her belittle the entire process. Watch her as she makes light of the scam by actually moving the head of the stethoscope, as if she is checking the heart rate (though on the wrong side of the chest!!).


It is a fake human, after all: a Zionist-orchestrated, arch-fake wax head. Nothing about it is real. The head is covered by a wig, the beard merely painted on the silicone/wax. Hoax index: countless trillions to one.


It cannot be anything other than a fake. Regardless, anyone can see that that beard is a phony: and that the ears are made of latex/wax, not real human flesh.


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  1. Exhibit 17) Orlando DHS Fake Shooting Fake Dead Victim/VicSim Akyra Murray Crisis Actor Is 18 Supposedly & This Fraudster & Her Basketball Coach from Philly have already raised over $18,500 based on her fake murder! And at 18 How was she in a drinking *** bar/club at past 2:00 am? Beulah Osueke is one of her fellow criminal zioscam coconspirators is this criminal zionist treasonous PsyOp Hoax to disarm & destroy Americas’ w freedoms & way of life for our enemy the zionist psychopaths!

  2. Exhibit 18) Orlando Hoax! Original Dr Lube Orlando Surgeon!! This is a completely Different guy than his Orlando *** Shooting Lube Job Replacement Crisis Actor!!! Real Matthew Lube was Replaced with zioJew Crisis Actor New Lube Job ConArtist using his name & credentials! Did they offer him a massive retirement bonus & DHS $$ & move him to a head surgeon position in Paris or NYC or somewhere???

  3. Exhibit 18 -b) Orlando Hoax Homo Shooting New Zio Jew Fake Dr Lube Orlando Surgeon!! Clearly this Jewish Guy Crisis Actor/mossad agent replace the real Dr Lube! Compare the pictures it is a totally different guy! This guy looks totally like Cohen stereotypical jew! His hair is darker, thicker and all his looks are different! The clearly replaced this doctor prior to this PsyOp Operation!

  4. Ex 18-c) Orlando Hoax Homo Shooting Massacre– Another picture & webpage of the Fake zioJew Replacement Crisis Actor version of Orlando Surgeon Dr Lube! No question they replaced the real Dr Lube prior to this Hoax event/operation! They are clearly two different men & this one is clearly Jewish & they have the same phone number for both version of Dr Lube!

  5. Exhibit 18-d) Olando Hoax Busted Dr Matthew Lube replaced by Fake New ZioJew Dr Lube Crisis Actor! They pulled the picture from his linkedin account!

  6. Exhibit 18-f) Orlando Homo Shooting Hoax Replacement Fake Dr Lube Is a Jewish Musician Hired Crisis Actor!

  7. Exhibit 18-e -lost original (e) Orlando Dr Lube Job Hoax Surgeon Fake Replacement- Busted Bass Player in Orlando! Zionist Jew DHS Crisis Actor Mossad Agent Traitor!

    • You mean there’s a REAL Dr Lube? Get outta here! That’s horse twaddle!

  8. Exhibit 18-g) Orlando Fake Surgeon Dr Lube Job PsyOp Hired Mossad ZioJew Musician-Bass Player Actor!

  9. Exhibit 19) Orlando Fake Fraud Dr Lube & Other Orlando $ellout Fraud ZioPuppet Doctors!

    & See Captain Obvious’ Other Excellent Videos In NASA Fakery & The Stationary Level Plane Called Earth Which Is Not A Spinning Ball, Hurling Throw Space 666,OOO mph! Lol

  10. Exhibit 20) Orlando Fake *** Massacre DHS PsyOp Ridiculous Crisis Actors & Treasonous Happy Hoax Sellout Cops!

  11. Exhibit 21) Orlando Homo Shooting Hoax Hero Chris Hansen Is Movie Director-Actor- Professor-Head of Baylor University Film & Digital Media Department & Mossad Spook-DHS Crisis Actor-Change Agent! Same voice, Same Face minus lightened frosted hair & silly Palm Beach Hat, listen, yes, same voice! Same fat body, same fat gut and thighs. Chris Hansen of Baylor Univ Film School Texas & Hollywood, CA is Hoax Homo Hero Chris Hansen of Orlando. His Arkansas fake identity links him back to Texas also. Hansen is a big fat fraud. Hollywood zionists will now let him be assistant director on some big budget movies & let him be Art Director, etc… Maybe let him direct a mid budget Hollywood movie himself. Plus his film company will get DHS Contracts for hoaxes & tv commercials, etc. Treason gets rewarded by the zionist enemy of America & the world! But hanging is what it deserves!

    This was the first Crisis Actor identity I exposed in this PsyOp but not in video, only by pictures & his Baylor & Hollywood positions, etc.

    • Are you saying there’s a REAL person called Chris Hanson (Hands-on)!! GET OUT! All this horse twaddle is toooo much!!

  12. Exhibit 22) Orlando Hoax Zionist Jew Actor Christopher Hansen Says This (Fake Human) Sacrifice (To Bephemet- Moloche) will bring a lot of change for the advantage of Homos & Trannies in (Against the hated normal goyim straight, Christian Society) Aka HOMOS & Trannies to be looked at as wonderful innocent victims of big mean Society, Christians & Muslims & everyone like the Fake Holocausted -Holohoax Jews..Another fake sacrifice to Moloch aka Baphemet aka Satan The secret god of the insane Babylonian Evil Talmud & Kabbala!

  13. Exhibit 23) Orlando Hoax Homo Shooting- Notice the longer Hair piece in the front and side used here of Fraudster Chris Hansen. And notice his thicker Eyebrows in these pictures. This was because some of the filming & staging & photo opts were done in weeks prior at other drill & filming related to this. And Hansen was free from his job at Baylor weeks ago due to long summer college recess. He likely was used as an assistant director for this entire event or event the main direct. He is also a set & art director so if they decide to create some graphic gore scenes to later release he’ll have his gand in that. Look for him in DHS Treasonous Hoax shootings all summer. He is off from college so he’ll be committing treason all summer long. Also notice how the zioPuppet scum reporter said his fight was just beginning so you know his new character will be an ongoing PsyOp Star perpetrating Ft Quantico-CIA-Mossad Psychological Warfare against Americans!

    Traitors like this upon conviction should be hung!

  14. Exhibit 24) Orlando Crisis Actor Chris Hansen made this typical zionist Talmudic hateful Jew mockumentary film to make fun of Christians & the Messiah Jesus. The psychopathic hatred of Jews by these Synagogue if Satan hate filled freak is hard to fathom. Their insane hatred has been called: “The Longest Hatred”.

    Traitors like this upon conviction should be hung! These freaks spent hundreds of years committing every evil trick Imaginable to have unarmed Christians murder by lions and wild beast and Roman Gladiators in Roman Circuses where the jews would hand pick the Christians to be barbarically & ritually murdered. And the Jews ran the slave trade all during the Roman empire since Romans & Greeks all others were too sickened by it to take part. But the Babylonian Talmud bloodthirsty jews loved it. Everytime the Jews Rebelled or went on a killing spree the did not attack Roman soldiers, no they would surprise attack & mass murder innocent sleeping people in the middle of the night. And they would rape boys & girls & woman and butcher them in front of their families. The great Greek & Roman & other historians all recording & compiled their mass murdering outburst. No other group in history has even been like then multigenerationally over & over! You have you give them credit they are truly a unique people! And their danger to the world is greater today than ever! Their insane evil books
    being taught especially to their leaders, but so the young, over & over create the ever increasing evil, hatred & danger to everyone! The often get a genocidal demonic orgasmic lust when they go off on their insane murderous rants about Jesus & Christians. I know a old guy who told me back in the sixties at an office Christmas party at a Government building which was not religious at all a Jewish Guy out of nowhere started screaming f#ck Jesus & F all you F-ing Christians & went off on how all you Christians should be raped & tortured and murdered for like 20 minutes & then he left and came back a little later & did the same thing again except worse he pointed at woman & called them Christian whores & said they all should be raped, & mixed in Yiddish curse words, etc. And yet he was never fired or even repremanded ..his Jewish boss just laughed & said he must have been drunk & mentioned how he would have loved to have seen it!

  15. I have already found another Fake Doctor Mossadomite from the Orlando PsyOp and I found a completely different name he uses in various CIA-mossad identities which I found through his “wife” & her aliases!

  16. Another Fraudulent Disinfo post by zionist Jew Troll A-hole Gabriel the tranny-loving ***:
    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of:)
    D MartinezJUNE 22, 2016 AT 5:45 PM
    Is it Dr K?

    Such a stupid horse twaddle name always gives these fake doctors away.

  17. Exhibit 26) Orlando Fake *** Massacre Fraudster *** Crisis Actor Mossad Magic Healing Huckster Angel Colon! This Faggy Fraud is so busted! Neither hand is damaged at all or has any wound on it! LMAO! This pathological liar claims he was shot six times! lol! He is wearing no hospital cloths and happy hoaxing running around all over the place do his script! He claims he was shot in the butt & his back! No pain & perfect movement! Treasonous ZioPuppet filth! Even his fellow buffoon Dr Lube Job the Bass Guitar player fake Surgeon couldn’t heal this clown up this fast! Not even with his magic Lube Florida Swamp Alligator Oil ointment! Give them both Gene Rosen Horrible Crisis Actor Awards!

  18. This is actor Christoph Loibl who is playing Non Existant & fake Grimmie Killer Kevin James Loibl- His supposed brother. He is not his brother. They are one & the same Chris Loibl. Christoph Loibl & his father Paul Loibl both live in Germany & sometimes in St Petersburg, Florida USA. He will just stay in Germany now for a while.
    Paul Loibl’s Germany Facebook is linked directly to his St Petes Florida FACEBOOK showing he is living in both countries. He is a specialist Engineer /designer of Municipal Water System an Independent Contractor so he can work where ever he wants & gets works. And obviously he uses this fact to work for DHS/mossad/CIA as well, with a cover.

  19. Rule #1 Never accept Any zionist Lie as truth.
    Rule #2 Never accept any false premise such as these hoax shootings being real!
    Rule #3 Never Accept any attempts by the Zionist Psychopaths to disarm you so they can murder you!
    Rule #4 Never accept any such thing called Gun Control as anything allowable, nor reasonable, nor as anything other than planned Gun Confiscation & treason. Never accept or allow any of it!
    Peace Activist & Virginia Militia leader Chris Dorsey understands & lives by these ideals! He obeys these “rules” & demands the government obey the Constitution & Bill of Rights! Bravo!
    & He knows the enemy is the zionist Jews! Learn & Know the same & be free!

  20. Watch the Rats scatter when an honest man with knowledge & wisdom & courage confronts them courage & truth!

  21. Another Fraudulent comment by zionist Jew deviant troll Gabriel under my name here Cowboy:

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of:)CowboyJUNE 23, 2016 AT 7:58 AM
    Testing Homeopathy – Part 1: Plausibility

  22. If this had been a REAL funeral, you would not have a lady moving the stethoscope on a real human body.

    First of all, they wouldn’t even have used it as a prop for display if it was a real funeral. So what if he was studying to become a medical tech? The body is fake because the funeral is FAKE.

    See video at 5:20 minutes and watch the lady make a mockery out of the entire thing, because she knows IT’S A SCAM!!!

  23. obviously
    you never saw people dead in true

  24. Accurate, precise, and succinct summary.

    Q — What’s the difference between a coupon and a Jew-pawn?
    A — A coupon is redeemable.

  25. A suggestion to those in the know….

    Let’s DROP the adjectives…e.g. Zionist, Israeli, Talmudic, etc. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. They make a liar of Jesus, who said that in Him, there is neither Jew nor Gentile, male nor female, etc.

    Therefore, DROP the adjectives! Refer to them as “JEWS”, a.k.a. the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN.

  26. Am I mistaken, or are there some SHILLS here that are STEALING usernames in order to FRAME mischief on the TRUE witnesses?

  27. Hey Dr.K, great stuff, I came on your radio shows years ago and we talked moon hoax.

    Keep fighting the bad guys!

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