Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 10 June 2017
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Is the Weiss Supermarket Store Shooting a Hoax?

With revelations from one of our posters, updated, June 11, 2017

It is not plausible that the Weiss Supermarket shooting plus suicide is a real event. It is perfect timing as a cover-up for real terrorist attacks occurring, for instance, in Islamic Iran and also Iraq, among other regions in the Middle East. In the case of the Weiss issue evidence of staging and falsification can readily be seen. In contrast, this is not seen in real attacks and actual bombings. There is no fake crying seen in actual fatal events. To actually fake tears and to falsify crying for purposes of media elements is major evidence that the event in question was fabricated.

It is said that the purported shooter spent some “90 minutes” preparing for the crime through moving skids about with a pallet jack and doing all other sorts of aberrant behavior. Wouldn’t the others who are stated to have been there have noticed and been alert to his actions?

Moreover, the Weiss issue is being leveraged to create fear by the media, also to create a ground swell in regard to gun rights and the safety of open availability of guns. For instance, media elements are interviewing people asking them if they are, now, fearful of guns and also merely entering, for instance, a supermarket.

Yet, it is the staging of grief or crying which is usually the give-away. For instance, this woman is seen to be staging grief. Prior to this the women were seen in the following image, stated to be in relation to their going to work at 6:00 a.m.:

Then, it is said, they were given the news: just in time for media imagery. The woman with the baseball cap sort of catches and actually pulls down the woman in grey downward towards her, as is seen in the video.

Moreover, she does all this while holding a cigarette:

This particular element is definitely staged, specifically for the camera-shoot.

It seems, now, that the new pattern is to stage the standard ‘disgruntled worker and colleague’ mass shooting events. It should be expected that more of these will be staged. Regardless, this scene is clearly done for the camera-shoot and has no element of reality.

Here is another example of this, occurring at the vigil. Now, this is a grand distraction. There are real hostilities and attacks being committed against the common people, primarily against Islamic people in the Middle East, while these facts draw much attention: as well as much funding from the bamboozled general public.

This scene occurs after the hugging. Notice the furtive glance of the blonde woman. Why is the young woman on the left faking it as if she is wiping away tears? Why are these people so happy at the thought of four people, friends and colleagues, shot to death. As well, where are the actual loved ones? Why are there no relatives to be found on-site during the vigil?


It is said that the bomb squad came in the morning after the ‘event.’ That makes no sense. If there was a risk, it would have been there right away. Yet, this propane tank, placed against the brick wall, is offered as evidence, which makes no sense to any degree. It is also said that the shot up propane tanks inside. Then, what is this one doing on the outside next to the car?

Even so, why would he leave it there if the intent was to blow up people in the supermarket?

The only part of the of the official story that makes sense is the following statement, a Freudian slip, perhaps, by one of the officers in-charge:

It makes no sense that this individual could upload all these images and threats: without consequence. Actual murderers and terrorists rarely if ever flag what they are about to do, usually doing so through stealth, as occurred in Tehran where the terrorists came upon their victims by surprise, also possibly dressed as women. If they would have made themselves more obvious, these criminal elements would not have been so ‘successful’ in their murder spree.

Regardless, if it would have happened as advertised, there would have surely been a blood-bath, and if he would have turned that gun upon himself and blown himself up at close range, the situation would not have been pretty. That would necessitate the presence of forensics and HAZMAT. No HAZMAT elements have been observed on the scene.

If there were four dead and a gunman lying dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, why are these men, at the onset of the investigation, having nothing to do but to mill about and stand outside the scene?


As well, consider the absolute lack of any emergency response, in this case relative to the ambulance, which is setting at considerable distance from the entrance:

Someone was there very early on, as well, shooting the following image, just as the vehicles pulled up:

It is also said by the newschannels that the following reporter was there on-site as the police rolled in:

State police: bomb squad on way to check out car at Weis on Route 29 in Eaton Township, Wyoming County. Heavy police presence

Now, it is said, there was an actual surviving witness inside the store. According to local news journals this is the kind of elements that revolve around such a purported surviving witness:

DALLAS — The sole survivor of Thursday’s supermarket shootings said alleged gunman Randy Robert Stair glared at her at one point during his rampage, but for some reason decided to spare her, court records show.

Kristin Newell told troopers Stair chose to walk away instead of shoot her.

Meanwhile, an actress who voiced a cartoon character created by Stair said he revealed his plans to her in an email he sent less than an hour before the killings.

Laura Faverty, however, didn’t see that email until hours later because her phone wasn’t charged, the Associated Press reports. She found out what happened later while watching news reports.


So, there are at least two actors involved, the purported shooter himself and also Ms. Faverty.

There is also the issue of the fake dead. Now, how does the following commentary make any sense?

There was all sorts of communication, so it is claimed, just minutes before the shooting.

Who is Ms. Brong? The mother of a six year-old, so it is reported, this is one of the few images available.

Image result for victoria brong; weiss market; shooting;

Of note, at the vigil no one is making any commentary about her tiny child. For instance, her landlady mentions the purported death but nothing about the child’s status:

CRANTON — “Please tell me you are ok”

Bonnie Burridge sent the text at 6:43 a.m. after hearing about a shooting at the Weis Market in Eaton Twp., Wyoming County, where her tenant of two years, Victoria Todd Brong, worked.

She waited for a response. It never came.

When she saw Brong’s car was not in the driveway, she knew: The 26-year-old mother was dead.

NOTE: how did she know this for that, for instance, if this was a real shooting, that she wasn’t merely injured or, perhaps, escaped? Who is taking care of the child?

It was all witnessed, so it is claimed, by a survivor, Kristin Newell. She got out, it is said. Yet, how did she do so? It was all supposed to be barricaded:

Newell managed to escape the store, even though Stair barricaded the exits.

Another purportedly dead individual is Mr. Brian Hayes. Why isn’t his family at the vigil? Moreover, according to a former girlfriend he is a man who likes to play jokes:

Hayes was a “prankster,” who took great delight in embarrassing her daughter from a prior relationship, she said.

Photo: N/A, License: N/A

Here is another type of prank he would commonly commit:

He also loved to rile her in public, loudly asking which product she wanted as they stood in the feminine hygiene section of a store.

Why is no one crying and in shock? Where are the children and babies? Then, it would seem that the shooting itself is a prank.

As well, there was no HAZMAT on scene. The police tape was taken down by the next day. There was no forensic investigation.






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  1. Quran (17:33) “And do not kill anyone which Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause.”

    An important verse that is used by martyrdom bombers to not only justify their own deaths, but that of other bystanders who might be believers as well.

    The end justifies the means, with the goal being the defeat of the kafir and the establishment of Islamic rule.

    Each week, there are about ten attempted suicide bombings – all by Muslims. The reason why these Muslims are prone to self-detonation has nothing to do with genetics, desperation or suicide.

    It is the ideology that promotes martyrdom by promising paradise to those who lose their lives for the cause of Allah.

    A suicide bombing is really an act of homicide. When apologists in the West say that Islam is against suicide bombings by pointing to hadith that oppose killing oneself (such as Bukhari (23:446)), they are being disingenuous.

    Many Muslims in the Arab world, who are less concerned about public relations, celebrate and revere suicide bombers, knowing that martyrdom in battle is glorified by their religion.

    As the Ayatollah Khomeini put it, “The purest joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah.”

  2. The people on top did look sad to me, keep focusing on more important stuff, not saying u wrong but that not best piece of evidence this time like how bored people were in boston etc.

    • You have a good point. Under review.

  3. “Tulsa (Hoax) Time” Super Stop Shooting Double Knife Welding Black Killed By Cops RaceWar PsyOp! Proof No Bullets, no broke glass, no Holes! 300 Instant-Protesters!

    300 Blacks Protesting Same Day! Right! Watch Him Flop! The door is shut by him before he flops to the ground! A bullet would have to go thru the heavy tempered glass door & shatter it, or mak a hole, etc! No bullet hit it at all! Were evil cops waiting from infide to shoot him??? No!! LMAO! No one shot him! And he obvious was unshot as he entered the door and shut it! Total hoax! Race war Hoax with BLM zioDHS & ADL paid activists & Crisis Actors were preplanned & organized to protest & quickly call up other Unknowing naive BLM & church members to protest this (hoax) injustice!


    Ex1b) Tulsa Super Stop DHS RACEWAR Agenda Hoax Shooting Instantly Released 911 Calls

    You know it is a hoax when they instantly release the 911 calls!


    Ex2) Tulsa, OK, Staged Protests for Staged Zio RaceWar Agenda PsyOp Cop Vs Black Shooting (& Not Suppose “300” Protesters 6 maybe!) & 50 plus Cop Cars!

    300 Protesters!!! Maybe 300 Cops!…But..
    Not Even 1/2 Dozen Protesters!


    Ex3)Tulsa Super Stop Shooting 77 Order out of Chaos Coded ( Super Stop is 149 in Simple Gematria &1+4+9 is 14 aka 77)

    Ex4) Tulsa Double Knife Welding Black Hoax Killed By Cops Joshua Barre 777 Coded Name! & ZioMedia Story…

    In jewish Gematria Joshua Barre is 1117 & 111×7 is 777 long version of Order Out Of Chaos Code!

    ZioMedia Story


    Tulsa Hoax Time Theme Song!

    Don Williams “Living on Tulsa Time” aka Living Tulsa Hoax Time!


    Eric Clapton 1983 Tulsa Time with Steve Windwood Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page & others:


  4. Tulsa Hoax Time ZioJew Code Clues! Every Number in Order in this Scripted (Zio Jew PsyOp)->Blues Lives Matter story is Zio Talmudic coded! 33, 66, dual 33, etc

    Yes Every number is scripted & ordered in this hoax story by BLUELIVESMATTER go give multiple ziotrash judaec/masonic Occultic numbers!

    Here is the story & the breakdown:

    Tulsa Shooting Of Joshua Barre

    Tulsa, OK – The shooting of Joshua Barre, a mentally-ill man armed with two knives, prompted a near-riot in Tulsa on Friday. Video of the shooting has now been released (below.)

    Before the incident, a judge signed a mental health pick-up order on May 31 for Joshua Barre. The judge believed that the 29-year-old man posed a danger to himself or others and needed to be involuntarily taken into custody so that he could be taken to a mental health treatment facility, according to NewsOn6.

    Deputies in the specially-trained Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Mental Health Unit made multiple attempts to locate Joshua Barre. The deputies first found him on June 1 when he armed himself with a hammer and barricaded himself inside of his residence.

    The risk to the lives of Barre and the deputies outweighed the risk to the public, so the deputies left him in order to pick him up at a future date.

    On June 5, deputies received a report from a neighbor that Barre was up at night scaring her children. Deputies responded and were unable to locate him.

    On June 7, Deputies contacted Joshua Barre alone in his residence and he threatened to kill officers. Again, he was barricaded in his residence and the deputies left him.

    On June 9 at around 9:48 AM, Tulsa PD received four separate calls that Joshua Barre was in the street, armed with two “butcher knives,” or “machetes.”

    Deputies contacted Barre at 300 West 50th Ct N and ordered him to drop the knives. Barre threatened to kill the deputies and continued walking. The deputies followed him and continued to give him orders, which he ignored.

    Finally, Joshua Barre started walking to a convenience store at 4449 North MLK Blvd. Fearing that Barre would kill people in the store, a deputy risked his life to get close enough to Taser Barre; the Taser had no effect.

    Fearing for the lives of people within the store, deputies shot Barre as he opened the door to the convenience store and began to go inside. The incident was captured on surveillance video.

    After the shooting, around 300 protesters gathered near the scene shouting, “Fuck the police.” Some of the people in the crowd began to throw rocks and chunks of concrete at the officers, prompting them to put on protective gear.

    Working with community leaders, law enforcement was able to de-escalate the scene and people went home.


    My Breakdown of the Ziotrash Talmudic Codes in this PsyOp’s Script here above:

    1st – we have 31 & 29 for 60 aka 6 aka 3+3 for 33 code!

    2nd- news6 for a 6 aka 33 again but also a 66 aka dual 33.

    3rd- June1 following 6 for a 16 code aka 4×4 aka 44 Death & Destruction Code!

    4th- June 1 is followed by a June 5 for another 33 code.

    5th- June 5 is followed by June 7 for 12 aka 66 (which is itself is like a short form 666 Beast #) but also dual 33.

    6th- June 1, June 5, June 7 give you 13 beloved occult #.

    7th- June 7 followed by June 9 for 16 aka 44 code again!

    8th- June 9 is followed by a 9 for 99 aka triple 33 & dual 33 since 99 looks like 66 upside down.

    9th- 9:48 aka 9+4+8=21 aka 777 Order out of Chaos Code used in most of these Hoax (News) scripts!

    10th- 48 is followed by word four & 4+4+8= 16 for 44 code again!

    11th- Four is followed by 2 for a six aka 33 code!

    12- Next a 300 & a 50 for 350 aka 35 aka 777 & 77…Short & long version Order Out of Chaos Code!

    13- Next we have 4449 for a 44 code & 49 aka 77 code! And again 4+4+4+9 is 35 for a 777& 77 again plus 35 & 35 gives a 70 aka 7. (Zeroes don’t count.)

    14- Also we have 300 again so we have another 33 code!

    Blue Lives Matter & Black Lives Matter are two sides of the same ZIOTRASH Coin! ADL & DHS & ZioMedia & & Zio NGO’s & Zio Run Govt Agencies run these groups in total unified treason against the people!

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    Orlando Horrible Homo
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    The Orlando ZioJew Run HomoHolohoax Continues!


  6. Chicagoland Murder Of Wife at DHS Govt Building by Crisis ActWhote Tony Juarez & ShootOut & Death with Cops Is Hoax! CrisisActWhote & MakeUp Artist Monet Worsham Used Proves It’s 100% Hoax!

    This fake deas wife Lidia works at DHS Dept Human Services, but ofcourse as Crisis Actor Victim she actually also is working for other DHS Dept Homand Security the Zionist Enemy of America Israel Treason Operation!


  7. Ex2a) Chicagoland Wife Murder & Cop ShootOut Death of Antonio Juarez 60mi Away & Crisis Actor MakeUp Artist Monet Worsham Proves ZioWhore-Sham & Hoax!


  8. Ex2b) Chicagoland Wife Murder & Cop ShootOut Death of Antonio Juarez 60mi Away & Crisis Actor MakeUp Artist Monet Worsham Proves ZioWhore-Sham & Hoax!


    I’m just calling it Chicagoland because I don’t know how far these towns Sycamore & Lyons are from Chicago.

  9. Ex3) Chicago ShootOut Hoax Laughing, Lying Zio Jewish Cop @ Lyons Shooting(Filming) Scene, DHS PsyOp Script In Hand Gives It All Away!

    & Yes this little ziotrash maggot mossadomite flunky of Israelis like Rahm Emmanual literally has the film shooting script in his hands!! LMAO!

    Watch after 16 secs & by 20sec mark his $h#t-eating Grin ear to ear & Duping delight is out of control!!!


    He’s laughing at how easy it is too fool the dumb ziomedia programmed, brainwashed goyim masses!

    This one even amazed me!

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  11. Ex5a) Tattoo Chicago Lyons Cop Vs Killer ShootOut Liar Brian McPherson DHS Crisis Actwhore is Vice President of HUB International Human Resources!


    Watch McPherson here at 1:02 mark after fellow Crisis Actwhore Monet Worsham who I already busted as a wanna’ be’ actress & makeup artist on Youtube. 100% same guy, same zionist jew & or freemason. I guarantee there are training & human resources & other corporate videos with this guy speaking in a suit & certainly he has Crisis Acted in other PsyOp News Stories as in Super Corrupt ZioMob run Chicago & probably elsewhere nearby like Milwaukee!

    See Ex5b) for video—-!!!

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    His Facebook Confirms it’s him and his that his Tattoes as a Crisis Actor (in the fake PsyOp ShootOut & Murder) are fake! (So he can deny it’s him.) It also shows his Vice Prez’ job at this HUB is PR aka Public Relations aka ActWhore $$$ aka ConMan aka paid liar!


    His Daughter In Law Ashley Wenzell McPherson Actress, Piano teacher & Director of Musical Me Theater in Gainsville Florida. She likely has a paid position at University of Florida also probably as Ashley Wenzell, Wenzel, Ashley Scott or as Ashley McPherson or under another spook DHS alias. He calls her his daughter on FB.


    Again here he is same Brian McPherson Crisis Actor in the Wife Killing & Cop ShootOut PsyOp Tricks Zio Theatrics!


    Watch McPherson here at 1:02 mark after fellow Crisis Actwhore Monet Worsham who I already busted as a wanna’ be’ actress & makeup artist on Youtube. 100% same guy, same zionist jew & or freemason. I guarantee there are training & human resources & other corporate videos with this guy speaking in a suit & certainly he has Crisis Acted in other PsyOp News Stories as in Super Corrupt ZioMob run Chicago & probably elsewhere nearby like Milwaukee!


    Scott McPherson–Her husband & the real son of Crisis ActWhore PR/ConMan Brian J McPherson..have not researched him much..


    His Sister is a Dean & athletic Director at a middle School in Illinois. Why does a public middle school need an overpaid Dean??? They have a principal! At a private School you need to raise money & such but at a public school you have the public trough! So why a Dean?? Just a high paid shell job for ziotrash manipulation & zioScamming! And a way to make sure all Freemasons & Cryptos & zioJews only are in all key positions & maximum ziotrash trannyfaggotry PsyOp-Tricks programming of the young goyim children!


    Also his wife is a teacher (atleast as a paid shell job):


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    Jean L Passanante~63
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    Commuter Rail Ridiculously closed
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    And this perfectly clean Lying Buffoon Let them burn alive without even trying to save them! He’s as perfectly clean as all the Fake Firemen who obviously never went in & never saved anyone! And Clearly the building was already mostly empty & cleared prior to this Jewish Lightening Insurance Scam & PsyOp when it it was set a blaze! Probably preset with Pyrotechnics & fuel to put on a massive blaze & ZioHollywood Theatrics show aka PsyOpTricks!


    And why is this bum lying ActWhore wearing rubber gloves??? He did no rescue! No more than he cried, and no more than his Aunt & Cousins died!

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    (Alex has well earned his Judeized Name Jonestein!)



    You know you are low as the sewer when you are doing the same ziotrash hit-jobs as Slimey cartoon buffoon character psychopath zionist jew Werewolf Blitzer! But yes Alex has reached such depths of servitude & deprevity for the genocidal tribe, even as their henchman do hitpieces on him!…He slavishly, disgracefully Serves them like the dumbest of goyim buttboys!

  24. ZioJew PsyOp To TakeDown of Bill Cosby Fails! In Mistrial & Angry ZioJew Media Blames Dumb Black Goyim Conspiracy Theorists & White Truthers…

    & Other Truthers & Conspiracy Theorists for their PsyOp Failing Despite Total ZioMedia Orchestrated Multipronged, All-Out Attack on Cosby with 50 to 60 mostly “has-been” Jewish Sayanim Actresses & a few black woman sayanim married to sayanim jews or with jewish fathers..
    (Anyway Replace White Racism with Jewish Racist Genocidal Zionist Supremists & Then You’ve got It Right!) & It’s a reality not theory! The Zionist Jews & Talmudists want Blacks & Whites poor & overtaxed & in debt to ZioBanksters paying for ZioWars & buying foreign slave labor goods from zioOwned plants in China & Government Jobs & contracts benefitting mostly zioJews & Blk’s & W’s at each others throats & To soon be in a Zio Orchestrated RaceWar! Cosby is just Public Black Enemy Number 1!– To be destroyed & all his wealth extracted through zioPsyOpTricks & zioTheatrics! The Kosher zioPigs ain’t done yet with Cosby & will try to salvage this massive PsyOp takedown of Cosby… Only the don’t want it to backfire & most blacks to see the old wretched bloodthirsty Tamuduc Jew hiding behind the boulder ready to push it down the hill onto the heads of the blacks!


  25. Ex2) Cosby Defeats ‘Zios & TakeDown PsyOp In Mistrial But Zionist Jew Puppet Persecutor Kevin Steele Immediately Says He Doesn’t Care! He’ll Try Cosby Again! That’s How you zioJew It- Do it! Lie-It Again!

    When you have the goyim in your grip & have all the advantages over him.. & he slips aways..Try Try Try Again! Lie Lie Lie Again! Be ruthless right??? Hire more jewish sayanim actWhores to lie??!! Pay them more! Have no mercy on the goyim when you have the power & advantages & when you are sure it cannot backfire on you!.. Are you that sure??? Huh ZioPsychos???

    But hear this jews, wretched zionist jews & your minions! You have spread this zio$h#t far wide all over the place! Like a manure spreader but the rain comes & washes it into the ground & the suns dries your crap & the stinch, it lessens the smell! And people can soon see it is only a thin layer of your crap that you spread with your lies, & your zioActWhores! Many Blacks may have much misplaced, zioMedia programmed distrust of whites & anger & even hatred, based on your media lies & your hollywood movies & slavery propaganda & lies & no mention of Jews owning most of the slaves!.. but they still have the human everyday experience where they see that most Whites are decent & just & kind with them! And they can see the lack of decency & contempt they get from many jews they see everyday in real life & on TV while trying to get Blacks & whites angry at each other & blacks angry at other blacks & so forth..

    You may just be about to overplay your hand, ziotrash, & have all this RaceWar Hate you aim at Whites from Black, properly redirected at you, the real enemy of blacks! And the real enemy of whites & of Mankind! & You non Ziotrash extremist jews better start saying something to your ziotrash extremists & warning them! The evil lies & tricks of these psychopaths may soon come down on your heads too, if you don’t! Act, act now, or just say nothing and see!


    Typical Ziotrash Media Using Their Racist TakeDown PsyOp Against Cosby To Incite Race Hate Against Whites!

    Whites have nothing to do with all the Jewish Sayanim Actwhores & ziotrash jews in media paid & trying to destroy him!

  26. In Reply to JDL aka Gabriel aka Jewish D#ck L#cker:

    I’m so scared of your death threats you little fag Ziotrash Jew troll Gabriel! Now go back to your tranny call boy, you little perverted Israeli mossadomite freak!

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  29. Great Interview of Eustace Mullins & How Federal Reserve Banksters Kept his Books in FED Res’ Library & Powerful ZioJews Tried To Sweet Talk & Trick Him

    He also tells little insights about Patriot Senator Joe McCarthy, & how he found amazing things in the Library of Congress by Continuously looking through books & documents. And how a woman at an early speech told him he was a terrible speaker & how he used it to become a great, interesting speaker. Also he tells how the FBI continuous followed & trailed & wiretapped him everywhere for 50 years plus.

    The sound is bad at certain points because of people in the background but it is well worth listening through the noise at points.


  30. TrannyFag-Lover JDL /Gabriel the ziotroll clown gets his cheap ziotrash jew @$$ kicked by a Tranny Fag Prostitute for trying to rip him off & not pay him!

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  31. there’s no need to that shit to be a hoax
    the shooter was a fag who was a trans and was obsessed with the danny phantom cartoon and the columbine massacre,also why da fuq the government want to take shitty(but powerful)pistol grip shotgun?
    that’s non sense as fuck

  32. This was no hoax. I knew the people involved. You are insane. Seriously. Get help.

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