Boston Bombing — 25 April 2013
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Were Fake Blood Packets Used in the Boston Bombing?

What’s the difference? It is virtually equally evil to fake a massacre as to commit one. Was the Boston bombing faked to such a degree that there weren’t any injuries: and the injuries that do appear to have occurred were fake?

There is considerable evidence of actors on the scene at the Boston bombing event. Could they have been professional actors familiar with the use of fake blood?

Researchers do recognize this individual, who we are told is Carlos Arrendondo.


A key player in this event, he is directly responsible for the most iconic photo of all, demonstrating the various scenarios around the fake amputee, Jim Bauman. Regardless, where are the EMTs? Why is it mere common citizens who are tying tourniquets and shuttling the wounded? Most people would be sheepish about getting involved, particularly since there is a heavy presence in the Boston Marathon of emergency care professionals.

Leave it to the health professionals in all instances, except in a Hollywood skit.

A finding by YouTube’s Morph314  (many thanks to his thorough work) we cut Arrendondo in half, so his antics could be identified.

First, he can be seen ensuring his DHS tag is in place, so he won’t be hounded out of the arena of operations:


Now, what does he have tucked under his belt? It isn’t a cell phone, which is in his rear pocket. Instead, it would appear, it is a blood-red packet. Could this be a packet of fake blood?


Fake blood comes in a variety of administrations, and this was used during the Boston Marathon scam:



A dried disc form, below, mixed with water:

Eternal Zombie Dried Blood

Company literature helps define the types, characteristics, and application:






There is a plethora of evidence for the use of various types of fake blood packets, residues being strewn throughout the site of the event:

fakebloodpacks3 fakebloodpacket

Spent fake blood packet, seen above, with residue of fabricated blood drops.



Regardless, no one can say the behavior of Arrendondo is anything but suspicious:


There is no blood on the flag, there. His wrists were free of blood in all previous frames, particularly the right wrist.

Puff, magic:


Military escort? DHS mole Carlos Arrendondo is an operative, an actor, not a hero.


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  1. I don’t understand how hospitals and Boston doctors tolerate and PARTICIPATE with this fake nonsense. Have they no ethics or morals as professionals? Since when did our trusted doctors become political actors? I suspect that these licensed doctors have actually committed a felony crime by being a part of these fake drills.

    • Why on earth fo you believe this unsubstantiated crap ?

  2. here is the link /photos that convinced me. Note there is also a bottle of ‘blood’i n one of the photos:

    Interestingly, I read that this “wheelchair victim” (BTW, since when do they use wheelchairs in emegency ambulances rather than stretchers?) got $680,000. in 5 days from a face-book donation page. Also, it appears that in frame 11 there is a woman (in black long sleeve sweater) taking a photo of “wheelchair victim” (who is reportedly a double amputee from Afghanistan war named Voigt). She is taking a photo amidst an emegency “bombing with people bleeding to death”, etc.?? I didn’t want to believe that the govt fraud and deceptions would get this pathetic/low………….But, heck they kill people in wars for oil and money , so what’s wrong with my thinking?! And who the heck are these other people who willingly participated in this and therefore are partially responsible for the frame-up /murder of two patsies as well as more unconstitutional freedom-robbing “laws”?

    • Not only is the amputee in a wheelchair, but they took other people who were barely injured away on STRETCHERS before anyone paid attention to this man. Royan Rosche and Havf8 made several videos on Youtube analyzing the order in which people were removed from the scene. I suggest watching them.

  3. I also have concluded that DEFINITELY, fake blood packets were used. As for the medical profession, some observers are saying that the administrator of the israel-occupied hospital chosen for brother#2 was giving hand signals during a press conference about Tsarnaev.

    Some doctors, Jennifer Daniels and Rebecca Carley, have been advising people about reasons to be wary of the medical establishment in the US. Both of them have websites, and on the first two Sundays this month, at “What’s Ailing America” RBN, accused MD’s of being medical assassins, and of engaging in medical assault on our immune systems by bioweapon vaccines.

    I hope all have a chance to listen to” Rick Adams Uncensored broadcast” from last night. For what it is worth, http://www.Wayne Madsen this week and last, has been issuing detailed reports at his website linking members of the Tsarnaev families to government security forces.

    • Link: terrorism, chechen terrorism, more terrorism: Mr. Madsen is given full access to the major and alternative media as a kind of intelligence guru? Is he?

  4. This one is a classic! A guy that pours a bag of dust on one of the victims:


    • He yells at them and pours the dust on the whole scene.

      • The video of him throwing the dust didn’t show up! I’ll try again. If it does not show up got o Havf8 Youtube channel. Title of vid is “This is the Most Powerful smoking Evidence…”

        • None of Havf8 videos will play on Youtube! They are all just blank. Yesterday he told us on his latest vid that he’s been getting death threats. Now his channel won’t play. I have never seen this happen on Yt before… I’ve seen channels taken down, but not blank videos.

  5. Salaam Alaik, Dr. K!

    were there another man and a WOMAN planting the bomb in the brown bag?

    check out the pics in the link below!!!

    …and none of the injured in the immediate vicinity of the bomb blast appeared to be the woman or women who helped plant the bomb!

    Also, don’t forget that JEWISH WOMEN can be violent terrorists…

  6. Hola… he descubierto una foto donde sale una mujer vieja dando una botella de sangre falsa a otra mujer, esta claro que todo esto es fake, todo esta echo por USA, nada es real, no hay muertos, todos son actores.

    Foto de botella de sangre falsaaaaa !! :

    • Wow!! I wish I could read what you wrote, but the picture you provided is fantastic. This shows Pink vest lady handing a blood packet to an actor. It also shows the best view we have seen of Krystle – in the bottom right corner.

      We can clearly see there is hardly a drop of blood under her body! Her leg was amputated to the torso and it’s almost dry under her horrific injury! Pink lady didn’t do her job right. No one remembered to put massive blood spill under Krystle. There is no dead woman named Krystle in the Boston event. This is it! Undeniable. Thank you for this picture.

  7. Maybe the red in his pocket is the American flag, and the one bottle looks like life water or something like that too light in color, there are some things not adding up.

  8. upgrade:
    Hi i’a Muslim:
    I found a photo of an old woman taking out a bottle of fake blood to another woman, it is clear that this is fake, everything is cast by USA, nothing is real, no dead people are all actors.

    Old woman throwing fake blood:

    old woman, without blood:

    blood now?:

    USA government lies !!!!!!!!

    • Invaluable information. Post is now being created with all images.

      • gracias mi hermano, yo soy español musulman, estoy investigando las fotos de la explossion boston, si encuentro mas informacion lo publico en tu post

      • thank you my brother, I’m Spanish Muslim, I am investigating explossion photos boston, if I find more information I publish on your post

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