Asiana Hoax Other Hoaxes — 12 August 2013
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What happened to the three Chinese Asiana crash victims who died?

If people really died on Asiana Airlines Flight 214, it shouldn’t be too complicated. There should be a consistent story regarding how and where they died.There should be some substantial evidence for that. With the ubiquitous nature of iPhones and cell phones there might even be irrefutable documentation in the form of images.

Yet, it is complicated, there is no substantial evidence, and there are no photographs: none, zip, zero. Moreover, there is no consistent story for what happened and how they died, rather, only inconsistencies.

How can it be that complicated? How can there be great confusion over their deaths: multiple stories – stories that defy all logic? It should be relatively simple. There was a plane crash, and their bodies, mere soft tissue, were damaged by the shock of the crash, and they died: end of story.

Not so with the Zionists. There are multiple stories regarding what happened to these individuals so much so that great doubt is created about their purported deaths.

Here are the women who reportedly died in the Asiana crash:

People gather to mourn for the two victims of the Asiana airline plane crash in San Francisco at a park in Jiangshan city in eastern China's Zhejiang province on Monday, July 8, 2013.Ye Mengyuan, left, and Wang Linjia, right, pose for photos with other classmates in the classroom in Jiangshan city in eastern China's Zhejiang province. The pair were identified as the two victims of Asiana Flight 214.

Ye Mengyuan, left, and Wang Linjia, right, pose for photos with other classmates in the classroom in Jiangshan city in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. The pair were identified as the two victims of Asiana Flight 21

Above: Liu Yipeng, age 15

The parents of Wang Linjia. Does this seem believable? Was the money worth exposure to the whole world of their scamming? They are fraudsters, let there be no doubt about it, and they were surely paid, each of them, for their participation.

APTOPIX China US San Francisco Airliner Crash

They don’t let us see anything, because it is all fake.


The parent/mother of Ye Mengyuan, persumably:

The two friends: Ye  Mengyuan Wang Linjia

Now, the fraud of this hoax will be readily demonstrated by the multiplicity of the stores about what happened to the deceased. Let us review this and make the comparison:

Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia, both 16, were students at Jiangshan Middle School in Zhejiang province bordering Shanghai, reported China Central Television, citing a fax from Asiana Airlines to the Jiangshan city government. Their bodies were found outside the wreckage.

Note: outside the wreckage means what it says; just outside the plane, somewhere around the plane: not 500 feet or a mile away.

On Thursday, Ye Mengyuan, whose personal name, Mengyuan, means “dreams come true”, made her final post — “444444.” The number four is considered unlucky in Chinese as it sounds similar to the character for “death.”

Note: some Satanism is expected to be involved in these hoaxes; who else but human devils would do so?

Both were found dead on the tarmac, their bodies at least a mile apart, after the Boeing 777 crashed short of the runway Saturday.

The Boeing 777 airplane lies burned on the runway after it crash landed at San Francisco International Airport.

Here is the reference: bodies found a mile apart, not in the proximity of the plane.


Dozens of versions, all sorts of scamming and hoaxing: Asiana is a fraud of the most immense proportions. A mile away from the crash: and no one from emergency services paid notice?

Yet, Zionist mole Elliot Stone has a different story. It was 500 yards, shy of a third of a mile, where those bodies were:



What’s Stone so happy about, that he got away with the scam and dirty lies?

However, once again, the ‘real authority’  the fire chief, says the two died near the plane: outside the damaged plane, not 500 yards away and certainly not a mile away.


NOT believable. People exiting the plane had iPhones. Someone would have shot a picture. Someone would have surely given lurid detail of seeing a corpse. That simply did not happen.

Here is the ‘Chief’, once again, defying Stone and other supposed eyewitnesses:

Two teenage girls who died when thrown clear of the plane as it landed have been identifed as Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia, both 16, from China’s eastern Zhejiang province.

The girls, aged 16 and part of a school group from China,  were found on either side of the plane near the “front middle“, said San Francisco fire chief  Joanne Hayes-White.

Lies: see any evidence of a body anywhere “near the plane front middle?”

The claim that the body is under the yellow tarp has already been proven as nonsense through close-up imaging.

Here is another version, this time by the NYT:

…both bodies were found on the tarmac. One of the bodies, found on the ground to the left side of the plane, may have been run over by a fire truck or another emergency vehicle in addition to her injuries from the crash, Robert J. Foucrault, the San Mateo County coroner, said..

Above is the left side of the plane. it can be see that there is no body lying there.

Here is more inanity, in this case, regarding Ye Meng Yuan:

Yuan was sitting in the back of the plane and it is believed she may have been ejected onto the tarmac, where she was hit by the vehicle  Sources close to the investigation told the San Francisco Chronicle that 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan died of blunt force trauma as a result of being hit by a vehicle. She was sitting in the back of the plane and it is believed she may have been ejected from her seat onto the tarmac when it crashed upon landing at San Francisco International airport.

Her body was found near the left wing.

Note: we ask, “How, just how? How can a person be ejected from the seat when wearing a seat-belt? And how could such an ejection of a person from the back of the plane cause them to end up in front of the left wing? Pure lies, in fact, lies upon lies.

The coroner has yet another point of view, considerably different than the fire chief:

Foucrault said one of the bodies was found on the tarmac near where the plane’s tail broke off when it slammed into the runway. The other was found about 30 feet away from where the jetliner came to rest after it skidded down the runway.

If that isn’t sufficient to demonstrate the extreme nature of this hoax, there is an entirely different claim by the always fabricating DailyMail:


Lies: it can’t be all these ways – virtually dozens of versions. That inconsistency is proof of a simple fact, which is that the Asiana cash is a hoax and a scam of unprecidented proportions.

Liu Yipeng

The stories for Liu “Photoshop” Yipeng are somewhat more consistent:

A third fatality was reported July 12 when 15-year-old Liu Yipeng, who was found in the wreckage still strapped to her seat, died from her injuries.

San Francisco General Hospital reported Friday that a child passenger from Asiana Airlines Flight 214 has died, bringing the death toll from the July 6 crash-landing to three.

“The patient was a girl who had been in critical condition and died as the result of her injuries,” the hospital said in a statement.

Liu Yipeng’s identify was confirmed by San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault on Saturday. He said that she was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital with head injuries after the July 6 crash and died there Friday morning.

Furthermore, another Zionist agent, Cindy Stone, said it didn’t matter. Nobody cared. All the dead and dying were left to rot:

Cindy Stone, who was in that group, was recorded by emergency dispatchers calling in for help: “There are no ambulances here. We’ve been on the ground 20 minutes. There are people lying on the Tarmac with critical injuries, head injuries. We’re almost losing a woman here. We’re trying to keep her alive.”


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  1. Those medical bulletins have a Boston feel to them.

  2. “whoever triaged these patients at the airport did a a fabulous job” – San Francisco General Hospital’s Chief of Surgery Dr. Margaret Knudsen said that at least two people injured that were treated there are paralyzed and two others suffered road rash-type injuries suggesting they were dragged.

    a different pattern…pattenrs of large amounts of abdominal injuries, a huge amount of spine fractures, some of which involve parahylsis we have seen some head trauma and multiple types of orthopaedic injuries”

    …smacks of exercise…..

    “many many more surgeries to come.” “minor burns” “major burns …we didn’t see them” “patients awake enough to talk to us were in the back of the plane”

    large number of chest injuries with fractured strernum” “one patient has inhalation injuries”

    “any crew members?” “we have a suspicion that we might have a couple of stewardesses” [er, might they not, if they actually exist, be in uniform at the crash….] “but we are not, er they have not been identified yet so we’re not sure ” [ oh, obviously just in jeans and t-shirts then]

    That’s enough planted questions.


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