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Sandy Hook Child Loan Closet Proven – Ben Wheeler is Owen Wright

Updated with new chorus pictures

Thanks to one of our posters the Sandy Hook case has been busted wide open. This is through the confirmation of a kind of child loan system for the hoax.

Now, numerous people have proven it. Children from certain parents were actually ‘loaned’ to fake parents to perpetrate this hoax.

It is now known that the majority of the once thought dead Sandy Hook children are in much better condition than was previously believed, that is they are not suffering in rigor mortis. In fact, it is better than anyone could have fathomed, as these children were not harmed or injured in any way, nor slaughtered in a school-yard massacre and are, rather, alive and well.


One family of the families that claims to have lost a child, in this case a son, is the Wheeler family. It has never been believed by careful investigators that this is the case, one of  the main reasons the detection of extensive photoshopping in the Wheeler picture album as well as the bizarre behavior of these individuals regarding the supposed grief or mourning process.

Nodisinfo.com was alerted to the mechanism of the Wheeler component of the hoax by this posting received on the Website:


It is certain that the Wheelers have at least one son, Nate, Yet, is this former co-worker correct that it is just this one and that any other claim is a ruse (‘not to be believed for a second’)? Nate Wheeler is seen here with his mother at the 2013 Super Bowl:

If she really had another son, why wasn’t he there with them?

It is believed that a person resembling the dead son is also at the Super Bowl, as seen here:


In fact, this boy does resemble the youth pictured in the heavily Photoshop altered pictures offered for public consumption.

Here are the Wheelers. The likeness to this other now-found presumed son is not high, especially regarding the mother.

What about Nate Wheeler? Are there any similarities with the parents?

Any resemblance to the other Super Bowl boy in the chorus, deemed “Boy Unknown?”


There is no clear resemblance, here, virtually none with the mother. Then, who is this child if he isn’t Ben Wheeler?

In fact, there is a similarity to Nate Wheeler that is very evident, as this is their real son.


Surely, that is their real son, while the other boy, known to the general public as Benjamin, bears virtually no resemblance – at least not to the parents.

Could, then, this boy be the son of different parents in Sandy Hook? Could he, like Jesse Lewis, James Mattioli, and Avielle Richman, have also been loaned out as part of this gun control plot? As shown by PC Geek both Mattioli, as, actually, Jack Wellman, and Avielle Richman, are,  in fact, Lenie Urbina loan-closet children. It will be now proven that Benjamin Wheeler is yet another loaned-out child for this scam.

In this interview a woman named Rebecca Jennifer Wright speaks all sorts of lies about Sandy Hook and solicits her son, Owen Wright, to do the same.

Then, this is the real answer. It is this woman who is a previously unknown part of this scam, who did the incredible. She loaned her son Owen to the hoax. Therefore, the boy pictured as Benjamin Wheeler in this grand hoax is none other than Owen Wright. It is absolute and undeniable. The Wheelers, along with Rebecca Wright, are fabricators. All that they claim are vile lies.


Look at the nose, the tiny nature of the nostril. Look at the eyes and the eyebrows, even the nose. This woman is the real parent of the “Boy Unknown” at the Super Bowl correctly identified as the Benjamin Wheeler of the fake photos.


Yet, are those photos really fake? Aren’t they really brothers? Could anyone really do this? Would people be so wretched and wicked to abuse children’s memories in this way? Actually, they are not real ones. Rather, they are only Photoshop brothers. This has to be the case. The Wheelers weren’t even in Sandy Hook at this time, that is the time represented by the Wright boys pictures, which would have been about 2009, since Owen was in the 4th grade at the time of this hoax. The claim of the scam as that these were 1st graders, or 6 year-olds, who were gunned down.

What about the other boy pictured, here, with Nate? It’s supposed to be his real brother, Benjamin, right? Is it?


Is this real? Was that head was merely cut-and-pasted into the frame?  Look at the bizarre facies; it’s the standard expression in such hoaxes.


Wrist is cut and put on; the wrist and forearm anatomy is distorted. The is completely corrupt, wit bizarre, claw-like hand/fingers for Nate Wheeler.


Look at the area that is supposed be the thumb joint. That configuration does appear to be anomalous.

Here is another hoax photograph, where both of their head have been cut-and-pasted onto the bodies of other people. Notice the bizarre stretching of the muscles on Lobis-Wheeler’s neck and the sterile facial expression of the Wright boy. His claw-like hand is also evident. This could be an old c0lor-tinted black and white photo from decades ago.

Versus a real photograph without all these corruptions, featuring the entire and real Wheeler family, minus the fake son:

All of the issues surrounding Sandy Hook are a fraud, including this ludicrous naming of a street/place after a person who doesn’t even exist. It is typical of the wasteful schemes hatched by the Zionists.

Another corrupted photo. Notice the sawed-off fingers on Nate’s hand and the contrived facial expression of the loaned child.

This is yet another version of cutting heads and pasting them on other bodies, clearing evident with Owen Right, aka Benjamin Wheeler.


Is this the same restaurant where Veronique Pozner was photoshopped in to make it appear as if she was Noah’s mother?


Obvious cut-and-paste of both of these heads into the frame; fake mouth and expression in ‘Ben’ aka Owen.



Teaching children to lie. It even shows up in their faces as speaking from the corners of the mouth.



Same, exact child as seen in he Super Bowl. Look at the pattern of the upper lip: an exact match.

It is him, no doubt about it, as demonstrated by this comparison provided by PC Geek:

The ears and even the teeth are an exact match of the boy known only as Ben Wheeler, a child now proven to be, at least in the Newtown/Sandy Hook area, to be fictitious. The fact that the teeth of the toddler or older Wright boy match what was presumed to be an older Wheeler is truly astounding, considering the difference in age and the propensity of the teeth to change in that variation in age.




Clearly, the human body reveals it when a person tells a grand lie. It is more easily revealed than anyone could realize.

Happy New Year, Hoax Busters. Proud of you all. God bless you and give you huge success.


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  1. You need to add one more photo to this article so make a screen grab from this video to see how identical both boys look to each other meaning they are most likely the same boy. In this video freeze it to see the photos at 1:37 to 1:42


  2. If you travel to the Sandy Hook area Library or local Police Station seeking answers, this is what you are told by officials: ”No comment…please leave”.

    • You sick evil bastards. muslims or nazis or both? Go to riversong.wordpress.com/sandy-hook-the-real-story. All your evil sick distortions are answered. I hope satan takes you soon. You deserve to be in hell.

  3. I don’t think Photoshop was used here it was not necessary if Nate Wheeler and Owen Wright were friends from cub scouts or little league they would have posed for photos together as boyhood friends always do.

    The diner photo from the Huff Post article looks real but it does not prove Nate and “Ben” are brothers if “Ben” is really Owen then all the pics of them together prove are that Nate and Owen were friends. I have many photos of myself when I was a young boy with my best friend we went everywhere together but we were not brothers.

    The young boy in the diner photo looks exactly like a young Owen Wright. The other young boy in the posed family photo looks very different like a totally different boy.

    I think there were two younger boys and for some reason they decided to use pics of the young Owen Wright as the “young Ben Wheeler who was killed with all his classmates” for some crazy reason this is what they decided to do.

    Why would they choose such a crazy strategy? They must have had a reason. Perhaps young Ben Wheeler if he really existed as a younger brother to Nate was killed accidentally at some point. They might have been short a kid and they used old photos of Owen Wright as Ben.

    • I believe old photos were used for all of the kids. Many of names and families were changed. I agree, I don’t see evidence of photoshop. Maybe these photos were taken with friends of the boys, as you suggest. Yes, this is common.

      All of this was to done for the sole purpose to confuse and throw investigators false leads and false information. As we see here, Dr. K and others are slowly but surely exposing this fraud.

      As anyone can see who has eyes, that many of the kids appeared at the Super Bowl as some sort of phony choir from Newtown. This was brazen but in the end…very ill advised. Many of the parents were photographed in the audience….a dead giveaway.

      • As for the Photoshop pictures. I will re-examine…there could be some. What we all should notice is that the parents have been using a lot of hair dye on these kids. All of this adds up to one thing….massive amounts of child abuse, which is a felony.

      • “I believe old photos were used for all of the kids”
        … certainly earlier photos of alleged older siblings was one, but I don’t think the only technique employed to conjure alleged victims out of thin air. Another method is revealed in the screw-up when the image of lily gaubert was presented in the media as Allison Wyatt. What I believe happened there was that the bungling perpe-traitors, having harvested images from the internet, to create composites (in the frankenstein vein)… this child’s eyes, that ones nose etc… accidentally released the image of the Gaubert child, who they had harvested for the creation of Wyatt (using her chin and jawline)

    • Look at the size of the hips in Lobis-Wheeler; also the size of the head in the boyscout pic. What would she be doing with a non-son at a boy scout event without the real son. That is not plausible. Crisper images are needed, though, none of the family pictures are without anomalies.

  4. Dr. K your next assignment is to show that Daniel Barden


    This video has very good evidence that “Daniel” Barden was really just old photos of his older brother Jamie Barden taken when Jamie was much younger the same age as “Daniel” was when “he was killed at the school.”

    If this is what the Bardens did, if they invented a younger son with photos of their only son, then it’s a new twist and instead of using “loaner kids” they created their own kid similar to how “Noah Pozner” was created: he was really a Greenberg Sexton spoiled brat there was no Noah Pozner.

    Here’s the Daniel Barden video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH953-a-V3Q

  5. Here is a photo of the entire kindergarten class most of the kids are there at this assembly but we don’t know what year this photo was taken? http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=31&u=18171496

  6. Here is a little Owen Wright- Ben Wheeler comp. note the ears they are exact and the teeth some are near identical which is quite stunning when you consider teeth change drastically in a few years time, even ears change drastically.


    Also note with Ethan’s link of the class pic that Ben Wheeler has darker eyebrows just like Owen Wright has. This literally proves that all the family pics of Ben Wheeler were likely photoshop altered to lighten/modify his eyebrows and likely a couple other mods to prevent anyone from figuring out that Owen Wright is the kids in all those pics.

    • Image now in the post with:

      The ears and even the teeth are an exact match of the boy known only as Ben Wheeler, a child now proven to be, at least in the Newtown/Sandy Hook area, to be fictitious. The fact that the teeth of the toddler or older Wright boy match what was presumed to be an older Wheeler is truly astounding, considering the difference in age and the propensity of the teeth to change in that variation in age.

      This part of the SH loan closet is busted.

  7. As much as anyplace, Newtown digs into its public rituals, celebrating Fourth of July and Labor Day and Halloween with gatherings in the tiny downtown. Earlier this month, the lighting of the grand Christmas tree seemed to bring out nearly every person under age 12 for miles around. The roads were lined with lighted candles in paper bags.

    “With Christmas-tree shapes cut into the bags,” Lenie Urbina, 9, noted.

    Is it the same Lenie?


    I got more!

    Lenie Urbina, 9 ans, élève à Sandy Hook, a entendu via les hauts-parleurs quelqu ‘un dire “les mains en l’air”, et bang bang, bang (NYT)

    Lenie Urbina, 9, a student at Sandy Hook, heard through the speakers somebody say “hands in the air”, and bang bang, bang

    11:48 AM – 15 Dec 12

    This tweet puts Lenie Urbina in the school on the day of the hoax!

    • Tweet now in the post. Keep digging.

  8. Your a fucking asshole
    How’s that for a reply

  9. I am a relative of Benjamin Wheeler and can tell you he was a real boy. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Get a life, how would you feel if that was your dead child people were talking about, I hope you never have to know that type of pain

  10. Please shoot yourself in the head, I will then find a picture of someone that looks sort of like you and make a website based off of this.

    Eat shit psychopath

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