Boston Bombing — 17 May 2013
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Where’s Jeff Bauman? Is he in the stands, on the sidewalk, in a store? 

There are three entirely different pictures which appear to be Jeff Bauman at the Boston fake bombing Marathon site, that is before the smoke bombing. He’s there, somewhere. Some people have surmised that he was secreted away in one of the buildings, a reasonable presumption. However, there are two pictures which place him among the spectators. He’s a double amputee. So, he can’t be in both places. Furthermore, he can’t be both an amputee and not an amputee, both standing in one frame, while sitting or on his back in all the other frames seen after the smoke bomb detonation.

The Zionist controlled media offers the following image as proof that he was right there, right before the bomb-blast. Yet, is it a real image? Or, is the other image the real one, which shows a man with a narrow head, just like Bauman’s, apparently seated or, perhaps, propped-up on his prostheses? It’s one or the other:

Why is Mr. Bauman looking in one direction, while all others are looking in another? Why is his head in a completely different plane–why is it so huge? That head is far larger than that of the women in the front of the image. Regardless, upon initial assessment it does appear anomalous, as if it was installed in the frame. Moreover, what is he looking at, so far in the distance? Additionally, is the flag pole real or painted in?


Caption: that head is huge. It has to have been put in artificially

While admittedly poor in resolution, there is evidence merely in the comparative side of his head and the opposite visual plane, the opposite plane of view (sideways versus all other heads at an angle) that this is fake.

Notice the dark edge under his neck and the necks of two others, the one to his left and the partial head, above. Then, look at the neck of the woman with the sunglasses. That hard, dark shadow is anomalous. Those dark edges, thus, represent evidence of the cutting and pasting of those heads into the frame.

There is another issue, which violates the senses. The images of these heads looks sterile, contrived, just like so many of the Sandy Hook fake pictures. Yet, more crucially is yet another finding. Look carefully at Bauman’s head? Is it attached to anything? In fact, it is only attached to the dark shadow.

Yet, the biggest finding of Photoshop  installation is evidence of the use of the blur tool. Note the left cheek and under the chin.Hard to define, but this could be blur too residue.

Regardless, he has no legs. How could he be standing there unassisted, jammed among those people?

Published in the Rothschild-orchestrated DailyMail there is also this:

Talk about grainy, this is clearly a fabrication, again, to create the impression of a real person with real legs that would subsequently be blown off. A gross example of Photoshop corruption, the numerous cut lines are still evident, notably on the neck and face, angling upward at about a 30-degree angle to the left. The mail exclusively places him in the center of a crowd.

So, where was he, in the midst of strangers or with best friends–or, rather, fellow conspirators?


Here he is, hunkered down, and as would be expected rather than being isolated, fully in the open among strangers, he is being hidden, disguised among the other operatives. Plenty of people to trransport him into position: in mere seconds.


Caption: Narrow head, grey and charcoal undershirt; well-cropped hair at nape of neck

This photo makes more sense as the real Jeff Bauman. Continuously, he was kept hidden from any scrutiny or discovery, as has been proven, here, in various posts. Smoke bombs were detonated, pyrotechnic displays unleashed, additional smoke bombs dropped; smoke machines facilitated: why put him in full view if such an intensive disguise was the modus operandi?

His shirt, a combination of black and grey, fits. The hoodie doesn’t fit, but that could have been removed for the operation. Note the height; the person isn’t seemingly squatting, like a person with legs who might be hiding, that is one of the other operatives? Why would other prop stars be hiding? All the other agents are in full view, facing the street. However, Bauman: he was being hidden all along.

What fits more than anything is the narrowness of the head and also the well-cropped hair on the nape of the neck. Who else could it be, this man seemingly without legs, surrounded by the key prop starts of this event: the peach lady, the woman in purple, the blood drizzler, the make-up/gore artist, and the lady in pink: all arch fraudsters to the most extreme degree?

So, where is he? It’s either one or the other. Our vote is that he is with all the other fakes and phonies, in perfect position for the upcoming buffoonery, true smoke and mirrors: the Boston bombing hoax.







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  1. This just in.

    Proof the race was over when the fireworks started:

  2. This just in 2:

    Clear video of how the fake bomb(s) worked:

  3. Random thought. If I was running the “show” I would have searched the world for identical twins, one with amputation(s). Covers all the bases.

  4. Nice catch on the head size and the head not being attached to the shoulders. It’s almost as if they needed to get that blue and grey shirt in there no matter what.

    Another thing is the wheelchair guy’s hair cut and and color. Look for a close-up. It’s clear he has curled hair, lighter in color than what we see of bauman pictured in crowd (and at sporting event, playing guitar, etc). We are to believe he grew his hair and got a perm in between watching the marathon and the explosion?

    I wouldn’t argue the man sitting there is or isn’t anyone. Certainly an oddity.

    • They could of at least photoshopped in his current hairstyle, or maybe the the pink woman had a blow dryer and hair spray in her bag with her fake blood packets and quickly restyled his hair for his wheel chair ride?

    • The back half of his head looks like it is looking more to the left then the front half of his head.

  5. That light blue thing doesn’t look like a hoodie to me, it looks more like the woman in purple is holding it (whatever it is) and looking down at it.

    • Chimpazilla, you are correct – that light gray material behind “short Bauman’s” neck is not a hoodie. It’s being held by the “scissors mole” in purple, and she’s looking at it, as is the “earphone mole” in peach. Notice that the infamous “pink vest lady” mole is right there, too – with her head turned away from the camera, making eye contact with one of two young burly-looking guys facing “short Bauman” – those two guys are likely the ones who carried amputee Bauman into position under cover of the smoke bomb. That light gray material held by the purple “scissors mole” Is probably a pre-shredded light gray shirt or pants to be quickly installed on one of the “victims” under cover of the smoke bomb. It might be useful to search for a shredded light gray shirt or pants on one of the “victims” in the immediate vicinity of the purple scissors mole, in photos taken immediately after the smoke bomb went off. That photo of the hunched-over Israeli-looking guy with the completely shredded pants but no leg injuries – wasn’t he wearing a light gray shirt?

      The photo above of “short Bauman” facing away from the crowd seals it for me. Wow – good catch, whoever found this! So, they really did use an amputee for the Bauman hoax. There are still many questions, however, such as:

      1) Is Jeff Bauman even this guy’s real name? If not, who is he?

      2) I read an article which said that Bauman worked in a Nashua, MA Costco prior to the bombing. An enterprising private investigator would go there and interview some of his fellow employees to see if he really worked there, and if so, was he already an amputee? Not that they would tell the truth if they were in on this hoax.

      3) What about all those pre-bombing photos of Bauman with legs? Were they all Photoshopped? Since Bauman was obviously meant to be the centerpiece of this hoax, the organizers certainly would have ensured that he had a believable back-story, complete with photos.

      4) What about that wheelchair with the abnormally thick seat that Bauman was seen in at the hockey game? His leg stumps also look very fake in this video – they sit way too high on his torso – at the same level as his stomach, and they don’t even seem to be attached to his body. There are also some good comments to this video:

      Is it possible that the Bauman seen in this hockey game video still has his legs, which are folded up inside a false seat? If so, then the amputee Bauman partially seen in the photo above and fully seen in the iconic wheelchair photo is not the same guy as the hockey game Bauman. Here’s another photo of wheelchair Bauman in which he looks very different from hockey game Bauman:

      Then look at these photos – is it even the same guy?

      Also, why does he look so different in every photo?

      Now here’s something really interesting – from other articles, I learned that Jeff Bauman is 27 years old and lives in Chelmsford, MA. So, I did an search on Jeff Bauman, MA:

      His father’s name is also Jeff Bauman, and his entry is the first one in the above list – he’s 53 and lives in North Chelmsford, MA. But notice that he has no relatives named Jeff – only Patricia, Christopher, and Csilla. Jeff Bauman, Jr. is apparently the last entry in the above link – but notice that he has no date of birth or age, and no relatives listed. This is very odd, because Intelius uses public records, and they have this basic information on everyone – do a search on your own name (you need cookies enabled) or someone you know, and you’ll see that it always brings up the person’s age and at least one relative. So, from this, I propose that Jeff Bauman, Jr. is not even the guy’s real name, and that he isn’t even related to Jeff Bauman, Sr.

      Jeff Bauman is the key to this whole Boston Bombing hoax – expose him, and you’ve exposed the entire thing. Incidentally, I think the whole Nick Vogt thing is a red herring and disinformation designed to discredit the investigation of this fraud.

      • Just a correction to my previous comment – Nashua is in Hew Hampshire (NH), not Massachusetts (MA). Here are the store details for the only Costco in Nashua, NH, where Jeff Bauman supposedly worked before the Boston Marathon bombing:

        I also did searches on Jeff Bauman and Jeffrey Bauman in New Hampshire (NH), but it only pulled up his father’s name (Jeff Bauman Sr.), so Jeff Bauman Jr., age 27, apparently still lives in Chelmsford, Massachusetts (MA). Then why is there no date of birth, age, or relatives listed for Jeff Bauman Jr., and why does Jeff Bauman Sr.’s Intelius profile not list Jeff Bauman Jr. as a relative? In my opinion, it’s because Jeff Bauman Jr. is not the guy’s real name, and he isn’t even related to Jeff Bauman Sr. Someone needs to seriously investigate this guy.

        Regarding “short Bauman’s” hair appearing different than in his iconic wheelchair photo, remember that they smeared a mixture of dust and oil into his hair to make it look like he had been in a real bombing. They did the same thing to the hair on that older guy in the wheelchair with the blue top – the one with his mouth open, the fake eye injury and fake blood on his face.

        That photo of “short Bauman” looking the wrong way is a smoking gun which proves that “Jeff Bauman” was already a double-amputee participating in a hoax. Why hasn’t someone made a video about the photos shown in this article??? It should go viral!

  6. forget about the circle and arrow in the pic… that bauman at the fence in front of peach lady and purple lady watching the race in the link below

    just came across the image dont know where it came from

    • Yes he’s just above the guy circled in red.

  7. By the way, there’s a second image of man-called-bauman here. It’s very blurry. He has the pre-explosion and post-explosion hair, but not wheelchair guy hair. Maybe the power of the explosion dyed his hair, curled it, and grew it longer.

    • thanks; image now reinstalled into the post. Actually, only the link is in there for now.

    • Several anomalies of man-called-bauman pictured in crowd

      1. So many people in crowd are wearing sweaters or jackets. Was is chilly? Man-called-bauman doesn’t think so.

      2. Where is Bauman in the crowd. Is he there alone. He appears to be, and to be in a few locations.

      3. man-called-bauman appears to have an unusually large head.

      4. man-called-bauman appears to have a giant adam’s apple (

      5. In one photograph, man-called-bauman’s head seems to be connected to his left shoulder blade (×351.png).

      6. How does one change his hair style in such a short time? There are only a few explanations for man-called-bauman having short, straight and dark brown hair while pictured in crowd, and having longer, lighter and curlier hair when first photographed (not bleeding) lying on the ground, already amputated. Most of these explanations bring to mind photo doctoring techniques made infamous by Joseph Stalin.


    ‘Yet, the biggest finding of Photoshop installation is evidence of the use of the blur tool. Note the left cheek and under the chin.Hard to define, but this could be blur too residue.’

    You’ve scaled it up so much you’ve blurred this image yourself you fool!!

    • http://funny -videos

      I’ve added 1 space after the word “funny” and 1 space after “videos”. Put this in address bar and take out the spaces to get to video.

    • The immediate post above this one seems to show that bauman is already a double amputee. I could not post it several days earlier but I sent this video link to Dr K about a week ago.

    • Also, I did not save it or archive it. I don’t know how to do that.

  9. Great work Guys, really appreciated !

  10. The small personn that the blond is looking downward at it a boy . he can be seen on the crow photo posted above , he is at the fence.

    so jeff bauman clearly seen and he is as high as everyone.
    the large head jeff bauman is a kid.

    • The Jeff Bauman seen high as everyone is photoshopped.

  11. Dr. Stan Monteith, a 35-year orthopedic surgeon on Jeff Bauman’s leg amputations: “I believe that this young man was an actor”

    “I wanted to just call to your attention the Boston bombing on April 15. What really happened? And I’ll tell you, I don’t know what happened. But I know that they’re lying to us.

    And basically, I know that they’re lying to us because of a picture that I saw on that very first day. It was a devastating picture. It was a fellow that had both legs blown off. A young man sitting in a wheelchair, being wheeled, certainly by a gentleman — a cowboy figure — who had a cowboy hat on and he was actually holding a tourniquet on the left leg, which was a below knee amputation, and there below, certainly, the stump of the below knee amputation, was the tibia — a bloody tibia — sitting and certainly, but the interesting thing is why the tourniquet wasn’t applied.

    The tourniquet was just sort of underneath the leg, holding it up, it wasn’t stopping any flow of blood because there wasn’t hardly flow of blood on that side. It looked like there was some blood on the right leg which was taken off above the knee. But why would they take somebody who had just had both legs blown off and put him into a wheelchair? He would’ve been in profound shock. And why weren’t the tourniquets on both legs, certainly clamping off the blood supply? And when I saw that, I knew something was wrong.

    And then of course as you know, I was a trauma surgeon for many years, I was an orthopedic surgeon. And basically, I looked at that below knee amputation on the left side, and it was a well-healed below knee amputation stump, and certainly, the kind that I would’ve done. I did many, many times, so people could wear prostheses. And there was no tear in the skin, no blood, no nothing at all — just a bloody tibia sticking out of the end — and it looked like it had been attached to this stump. Why would they do something like that?

    And then of course, we’re told, this fellow’s name was Jeff Bauman. Some people said he was actually a lieutenant who had lost both legs in Afghanistan. He had a different name, but that gentleman had two above knee amputations, not below knee amputations, and this was definitely a below knee amputation, and I puzzled over this for some time.

    Until, until recently, and you can get this on the internet, you can see these pictures for yourself, until basically, Jeff Bauman, 19 days after losing both legs, why, he was let out of the rehab hospital. How could that happen?

    It takes a long time after you’ve lost both legs, you know, to get prostheses fitted, to get strong enough, and get the strength in your arms., but 19 days after the attack there in Boston, why this young man, Jeff Bauman, went to the Boston Bruins hockey game, and you can see pictures of him — go up on the internet.

    And you can see pictures of him — he’s waving a flag, and he has two above knee amputations. Above knee amputations. Now wait a minute, the Jeff Bauman we saw initially had a below knee amputation and this is an above knee amputation.

    I puzzled over that. How could that be, until I talked to a gentleman named Jim Fetzer who will be a guest in our programs and we said he was wearing a prosthesis, they put a prosthesis on him. There are even pictures where the prosthesis accidentally fell off, so they put the prosthesis on to give you the idea that it was a fresh amputation — it wasn’t, it was all contrived.

    Look at the pictures, ladies and gentlemen — ask yourself, how could he have possibly have had a BK amputation in the initial pictures and now he has two AK amputations? We’re being lied to at every turn.”

    “Of course I’ve tried to call the Spaulding Rehab Center on three occasions, and of course, I’ve tried to talk to the fellow there in charge of the press, and he always says if you’re from the media, and you certainly have a deadline, give us a call. We keep calling and leaving a number and we never get a call back. And the only reason I can think that that is because the last thing they want is for the media to know that this whole picture, this picture that was implanted in our minds, and there was articles in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about Jeff Bauman who lost both legs there, this is all fraudulent. And if that is fraudulent, then what else is fraudulent?

    And quite frankly, we don’t know, ladies and gentlemen, if they had this whole thing contrived. And I believe that this young man was an actor.“

  12. “It takes a long time after you’ve lost both legs, you know, to get prostheses fitted, to get strong enough, and get the strength in your arms., but 19 days after the attack there in Boston, why this young man, Jeff Bauman, went to the Boston Bruins hockey game, and you can see pictures of him — go up on the internet.”

    Exactly! There are thousands of maimed soldiers who want to know the secret(s)of this man’s miraculous recovery.


    Was this transcribed from one of Monteith’s shows? If you would please, what was the original air date? I would like to grab the archive from GCN.


  13. Seems that the secrets of Bauman’s recovery may no longer be secret. Two military hospitals are furloughing more than 3,500 civilian employees who care for the nation’s wounded warriors, nearly their entire civilian staffs.

    Walter Reed hospital workers receive furlough notices
    May 30, 2013

    The impacted employees are from departments across the board at both hospitals, including members of the trauma team, physical therapists and nurses. They will be forced to take 11 unpaid furlough days starting in July.

    Hospital officials say the furloughs affect 2,392 caregivers at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda. That’s 94% of the civilian staff there.

    Officials say 1,163 caregivers at Fort Belvoir’s hospital in Virginia are being furloughed, affecting 85% of its civilian staff.

    Officials promise patient care will not be compromised.

    Hospital officials refused ABC7’s repeated requests for an interview. But a staffer who spoke with ABC7 said employees were told not to speak with the media.

    • Everything in totality confirms this is a fake event, chock full of fraud, and an Israeli attack on America and all of its citizens. We need to vote Rand Paul or Ted Cruz in as our next President so either one of those guys can watch out for our best interests. We no longer can have people like bush, clinton, cheney, and obama watching out for us when they continually throw the american citizens under the bus. I can confirm with certainty that most, if not all, the N.E. states like NY, MA, and CT – including most, if not all, of its government people are corrupt and deceitful people. Would elected officials in TX, AZ, OK, WI, or IA do this to their citizens? Very, very likely not.

  14. That is not a real leg.the end is round like a pipe

  15. You are as crazy as a hit house rat. get off moms couch and get a fucking job!

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