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White Supremacist Shooting at Black Pool Party is a Hoax and an Arch-Fake

With thanks to our posters for posting video imagery

In what is a most inane hoax the arch-phony so-called shooting up of a black people gathering at a pool party, San Diego, is easy proven to be a fake to the extreme. There is all manner of fabrication, here. Nothing about it is real. It’s merely a Mayday ritualistic shooting hoax, a fake of the most immensely sophomoric degree conceivable: not even worthy of a thorough analysis.

Image result for black pool party; pictures; images; shooting; san diego

There is nothing here to see of significance. It’s not even worth the review of the taking up of Internet space. Even so, because it is presented as true, because it is mere additional lying and cheating, it will be reviewed.

For instance, there are the fake wounded, although images of these are relatively limited in this scam:

That’s fake blood. It’s merely dressed along the edge of that skirt. There are no wounds visible, and there are certainly no obvious bullet wounds.

Why are these people so happy about some 8 black people shot up by a white man? Whenever such story lines are claimed, it is certain to be an arch-scam and terminally corrupt hoax.

The key draw for the hoax is the Queen (or king or whatever), the man with the crown, and his suspect associates, including the man with the right-sided earring. They do a duo hugging routine, followed by a trio, where the man in black swings around to add to the hugging huddle.

Here is the Queen, again. By no means is there any evidence in this individual or anyone else of any real shock, any adrenalin flowing: any evidence of the existence of a real shooting where there were wounded and purportedly a person who was shot dead.

Here he is, again. What is he doing directing traffic? Then, too, why in the following image is he surrounded by cops, an incredible density of them, some sixteen altogether. No finds this plausible as a real event to any degree. Moreover, what is this man doing wearing such a supercilious crown? What does it have to do with bloodshed at a poolside?

The cameras are rolling in-full, capturing sunbathers, scantily clad women and more, as they pass from scene to scene:

If there was a bloodbath, what are the little children doing there? Again, it’s not worth the space to cover this, it is so supercilious and absolutely inane.

In this regard it is irrelevant what people say, what witnesses say, what the police claim, what city and state officials imply. It’s a fake. No one is telling the truth. No one died, and no one was injured: same pattern, same story.


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  1. Ex13a) Kirkersville Ohio Jerks Hoax This little faggy Ziotrash Jew Jason Soland is the Crisis Actwhore playing the Police Chief Eric Dicario!

    And only hired him April 13 & he’s been on the hoax job only 3 weeks! No experience as a police chief or assistant at all! lmao!

  2. Ex14) Kirkersville Gun Confiscation Ziotrash Hoax! As Always Crypto Zio Jew Gov. Kasich Gun Grabber RINO immediately joins the Hoax!

    Watch video & notice ridiculous title!

    Why a massive response to a tiny Crime free lilly white town?? Even the few blacks in a quiet little town like this aren’t committing crimes or they’d stick out like a sore thumb!

    • ‘Even the blacks don’t commit crimes’ ???- you are one racist PoS Cowboy.

      Don’t EVER try and claim that the Jews are trying to start a race war when you’re doing such a good job on your own.

  3. Ex16) Kirkersville Jerks Hoax Shooting Another Idiotic Staged Pictured behind the Nursing Home!

  4. Ex15) Kirkersville Zio Jerkers Hoax Watch this idiotic Buffoon do crazy face contortions to stop from laughing behind the Licking County Sheriff Hoax SpokesLiar!

    The Sheriff lies & lies as the Hoax Script changes!

    The buffon behind the lying Sheriff looks like he just escaped the Psych Ward in Columbus! It would have been funny if he attempted to strangle the Sheriff in the middle of doing his scripted lines! Now that would have been a funny hoax within a hoax!

  5. Ex17) Kirkersville ZioJerkers Hoax! Watch this Buffoon Crisis Actwhore SWAT COP as dumb as ActWhore David Wheeler playing A Sandy Hook Cop! Watch him at 35 seconds as he plays with his Automatic rifle haphazardly aiming at his fellow fake cop clown! What bunch of jerks!

    Sandy Hook ZioJew Mossadomite Buffoon Treason Actwhore David Wheeler! The ziotrash idiot Hollywood reject Israeli agent who held his rifle by the Ammo clip!

  6. Ex18) Kirkersville Ziotrash Circle Jerkers Hoax Tribute to Brand New Hoax Dead Crisis Actwhore ZioJew Fraudster Fake Police Chief Eric Dicario alias busted by me as Joshua Jason Soland of Reynoldsburg, Ohio!

    Did I mention that the Sheriff [in the Previous video Ex15) I posted] claims he never met this clown New Police Chief (Fraudster!) How do you not meet a new police chief in you little county when you are the Sheriff???!!! Huh?? Their scripted lines are so outrageous & stupid!

  7. i have no idea what anynbody here is talking about. This article and this site is complete and utter ****.

  8. Well Looky Looky!! Give me a cookie!

    Ex19) Kirkersville ZioJew Circle Jerkers Put a 77 On Crisis Actwhore SWAT Cop Clown’s Helmet!! Bedtime for Bonzo in this Fake @$$Hoax!

    Somehow I missed the Double 7 aka 77 order out of Chaos code in this picture on the Bozo’s Head!

  9. Ex20) Licking ($h#t) County Sheriff Hoax SpokesLiar in Another Scripted Publicity Press Conference with his zio handler /Active Shooter Drill Evaluator Khazar Woody Allen Look-a-Like! What this dingbat old ziojew fed hoaxer Sheriff his lines for the ZioMedia Pressitutes!

    How many Kirkersville zio Circle jerkers press conferences will publicity seeking paid off $$ zioPuppet Lying Sheriff hold??? What a treasonous ******* $ellOut!
    He needs a good hot tar & feathering too!

  10. Ex21) Kirkersville Hoax Shooting Zio Circle Jerkers Hoax Huggers/ Crisis ActWhores & Cop Crown Vic Tag 33 Coded?

    Only a 45 Over Ohio State Shape can be scene on the tag.. 4& 5 is 9.. & 9 is like 3×3 for a 33° Mason Code!

    Also her shirt is some kind of Public Safety Propaganda giving shirt!

  11. Ex23) Kirkersville Zio Jew Circle Jerkers Hoax- In This Video See 2nd ActWhore Cop @ 27to28 sec mark With 77 on his Helmet! And it is 100% a white Actwhore where other one is a black Criis ActWhore!

    So most of their helmets are unmarked, un-numbered except the ZioMagic 77 helmets! And what kind of idiot would have two cops at same event with same numbered helmet??? Only the Talmudic Occultic Ziotrash A-holes & their freemasons! Totally scripted!

  12. Ex19) Trenton NJ Treason Hoax Shooting Standoff Laughing Happy Crisis Actwhore Buffoon Cops!

    Nothing Real about this event except the real treason & Fakery!

  13. I’m a racist! Lol!

  14. My friend:




    Ex 21d) The trannie infested U.S. government is telling us that we don’t fully understand the medical causes of mad cow disease — but alternative medicine does, and Trump’s zios in government are doing all they can to conceal the evidence to genocide the hated goyim and muslims!

    Sufferers of mad cow disease have, under rigorous amatuer testing, shown higher rates of mental telepathy than ordinary people. This is why the Mossadomite Feds recruit such people to their training programs at such high rates.

    Most members of the *** boy Feds claim to be ordinary country boys, but in reality, they come from Israel, but carry confiscated Palestinian birth certificates. They’ve tapped my telephone and follow me wherever I go, but don’t dare come too close, because they know I’ve got firearms, and not afraid to pump bullets into their faggot *****!

    Donald Trump secretly suffers from mad cow disease — a truth which would be heartbreaking and sympathetic, if Donald Trump had not used Ziotrash money to fund ISIS and take ordinary people’s places in clinical trials.

    Are you ready to see just how deep this rabbit-hole goes down? All the way to Syria and North Korea!! Take the red pill, brothers and sisters, but you should know better than to trust zio controlled Big Pharma’s pills, LOL!!!

  16. Richardson (Dallas TX Area) Road Rage Shooting Hoax ZioMasonic 777, 33, 666 & 66 Coded & Fake Bullet Holes! Busted!

    In the ZioNBC News Coded DHS Hoax PsyOp Story:

    “A man killed in…road rage shooting in Richardson Thursday morning has been identified as 27-year-old Robert Klikus….shooting took place on southbound U.S. 75… So we have a 2 & a 7& a 7& a 5…aka 7,7 & 2 +5 is another 7 for a 777.

    Also 27 is like 999 aka 666 upside down.

    Arapaho & going East on West Arapaho is mentioned representing doing things backwards & duality Going East on West Arapaho…

    Arapaho in jewish gematria 210 aka 21 aka 777
    Arapaho in English Gematria Equals: 360 aka 36 aka 66 aka dual 666 & 666
    Arapaho in Simple Gematria Equals: 60 aka 6 aka 33

    This picture shows the staged fakery Supposed a man was killed with these supposed shoots to the driver side window…Problem is the created holes (damage) do not even go thru the window! These were created either with two strikes by a pointed hammer or other steel tool or a pellet gun & then maybe smaller licks to cause more cracking! But there are no holes going through the glass! No bullets entered this window & no one was killed! These is just another zioHollywood scripted Road Rage Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp by DHS & Local corrupt/$ellout police & govt’ & Zio owned treasonous media!

    Also fake dead VicSim Crisis ActWhore Robert Klilkus is 966 in English gematria like 33 & 66 or 666 or 3 sets of 33 etc…

  17. Ex3) Richardson/Dallas Texas Road Rage Shooting Hoax Today- Here is an actual Bullet Hole through a Safety Glass Car Window! Key Word Hole!

    (Compare to my first posted picture of car window from this hoax from the media.)

    …Not a white area where a hammer or “bb” struck & bounced off and left a white cracked area. But a high powered bullet goes through the window!×600/car-window-shot-out-bullet-hole-cracked-glass_130430.jpg

  18. Ex2) Amtrak Crazy Train Murder Hoax Killer ZioJew Crisis Actwhore Ed Klein: “The Anger Built Up & I just blew him Away!” with my 38!

  19. Ex3) Crazy Train Hoax Murder Johnny Cash Explains why old ziotrash jew Ed Klein killed the train Conductor the other day:

    “Just To watch him die!

  20. Ex4) Amtrak Crazy Train Hoax Shooting Victim Conductor Michael Case Comedy Crisis Actwhore with Monkeys!

  21. Ex5) Amtrak Crazy Train Shooting Hoax All Zio Jew Crew Cast: Conductor Michael Case, wife Sara Case & Shooter Ed Klein, 79, DHS sayanim Crisis Actors!

    Commenting treason thru PsyOps for the Zionist jew/ Israeli Agenda to DisArm the hated American Goyim!

  22. Ex 8) Crazy Train Hoax Shooting Conductor Fake Victim ZioJew Michael Case Crisis Actor Has Brand New GoFundMe with $50 K Goal!

    Be the next sucker to send this fraudster money!

  23. Ex1) Times Sq NYC Hoax Car Attack Boogeyman Kills Actress 666 Coded & It’s Navy Vet DHS Crisis Actwhore Again like Crazy Train Hoax Shooting

    Ex2)Times Square Car Attacker Eeevile Boogeyman!×433.png

    Ex2b) KC & his Sunshine Band Sings Official Boogeyman Times Sq Car Attacker Theme Song!

    Get down & funky KC with your brothers & sisters & your awesome Roy Rogers Cowboy shirt! & KC may have bedded a lot more actresses than this Time Sq Car Killer Crisis Actwhore but he killed the same # aka Zero!!!


    Ex3)Times Square Car Attack Pretty Little Crisis Actor Hoax Killed VicSim

    Ex4) Times Square Car Attack Killer Boogeyman Hoax Helped By Alex Jonestein’s InfoWhore Paul Zio-Jewseph Watson

    Ex5) Eeevile Times Sq Car Crash Attacker Eeevile Killer Taken Away by Heerrrrro NYC Hoaxer Cops!

  24. ZioPuppet Hoax Prez Trumpowicz signs $110 Billon & $350 B Deal To help Wahabists Crypto Jew Run Saudi Exterminate Yemen, Syria, Iran & Lebanon for Bloodthirsty Israel!

  25. ZioPuppet Trumpowicz with the Ziotrash Kosher Israeli Puppets running Saudi Arabia

  26. Ex6) Times Square Car Attack Boogeyman Ridiculous Crisis Actwhores

  27. Ex7) Times Square Car Attacker Boogeyman Hoax Injured Script ZioMagically goes from 10 to 22 & 1 dead..For 33° Code!

    Ziotrash & their freemason puppets always have to code the Scripts of the Hoaxes, PsyOps & even Real msssacres they perpetrate against the hated goyim!

  28. Ex8) 2017 Times Sq Car Attacker CGI Fakery Used In Video & overlaying used.

    Also most likely they did the stunt on scene previously & overlayed it with Crisis atcors at same scene with added CGI actors shown under the car…etc…

    • Cowboy, you are one sick ****. Real people got killed and maimed you heartless asshole. It’s time for the men in the white jackets to come take you away.

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