London Hoax Other Hoaxes — 26 May 2013
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There are two key fake witnesses for the London Decapitation hoax. Both are spewing nothing but lies. Watch them in action, here, and the fraud will be made clearly evident. Both of these witnesses are part of the scam and are, essentially, staging individuals.  Commentary and screenshots to follow:

The victim killed in a cleaver attack on May 22 was identified as Drummer Lee Rigby of 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. The brutal killing of Rigby shocked the United Kingdom, with Prime Minister David Cameron saying the act appears to have been a terrorist attack.

(CNN) — Wednesday afternoon, former teacher Ingrid Loyau-Kennett was just a passenger on a bus passing through southeast London.

Thursday she was being hailed as one incredibly brave woman who confronted a man seconds after he hacked a British soldier to death in broad daylight.

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett
Ingrid Loyau-Kennett

It began when Loyau-Kennett, a Cub Scout leader, peered out of her window on the Number 53 bus, according to London’s Guardian newspaper. She saw a car that looked like it had crashed and a man on the sidewalk. “I thought it was a bit bizarre,” she said.

Thinking she could help, she got off the bus and hurried toward the bloody man.

“When I approached the body, there was a lady cradling him,” Loyau-Kennett said on ITV’s “Daybreak” Thursday morning.

Caption: Adebolaga mentioned Cameron by name. Does she also know him personally?

She took stock of who was around. There were two men with weapons, including a butcher knife and a meat cleaver. She earlier told the London Daily Telegraph one had a revolver.

One man’s arm and hand were soaked in blood.

“The guy who was the most excited of the two said, ‘Don’t go too close to the body,'” she recalled.

Her eyes zeroed in on the man’s weapon and the blood.

In a few seconds, Loyau-Kennett’s mind tried to process what she was seeing.

“I thought, ‘What the heck, what happened there?’ And I thought, ‘OK, obviously he’s a bit excited.'”

And then Loyau-Kennett did something that most people probably cannot imagine. She started talking to him.

“I thought I had better start talking to him before he starts attacking somebody else,” she told the Daily Telegraph. “I thought these people usually have a message, so I said, ‘what do you want?'”

Indeed the men had a message.

Editor’s note: this message of radical Muslim extremists comes at perfect timing to take the pressure off the real scam artists, the Zionist powerful ones who committed both the Sandy Hook fraud and the Boston bombing hoax.

“The only reasons we killed this man … is because Muslims are dying daily,” he said in video aired by CNN affiliate ITN.

“This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth,” the man said in the video. “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone.”

Loyau-Kennett kept trying to engage the man.

Who are London terror suspects?

“I asked him if he did it and he said yes and I said why? And he said because (the victim) has killed Muslim people in Muslim countries. He said he was a British soldier, and I said really, and he said, ‘I killed him because he killed Muslims, and I am fed up with people killing Muslims in Afghanistan. They have nothing to do there,” Loyau-Kennett said, according to the Telegraph.

As she recalled the ordeal to “Daybreak,” incredulous journalists asked her how she found the courage to continue to talk to a man holding a knife who had clearly just murdered someone steps away.

Editor’s note: watch her bizarre facial expression she exhibits when asked a key question by the journalist:

“Are you trained in any way to do this?” a journalist asked her.
ingrid-0 ingrid-76 ingrid-er
No, Loyau-Kennett responded, laughing a little. “I used to be a teacher and (that) can be stressful at times.”

“I know it’s big to die but, for me, it was just a regular guy … just a bit upset,” she explained. “He was not on drugs, he was not drunk.”

But she did get nervous.

At some point, Loyau-Kennett took a moment to look around and realized that many people were snapping photos and taking videos.

“There is so many people around,” she said on “Daybreak.” “I mean … I just look(ed) one, two second(s) around, (and it was) so daunting, so many people watching like this.”

She worried that the man might react to the attention and try to hurt her or someone else.

But, she said, “I said to myself, ‘Just carry on.'” So she kept engaging him.

Fears of backlash in London

A “Daybreak” journalist asked: “Were you scared for yourself?”

“No,” Loyau-Kennett replied.

“Why not?”

“Better me than the child,” she answered, explaining that she realized there were mothers and children walking nearby. The scene was not far from a school.

“It was more and more important that I talk to him,” she said.

Loyau-Kennett kept asking the man, “What would you like?”

“I tried to make him talk about what he felt,” she told journalists.

He told her that he was tired of bombs being dropped in Muslim countries and Muslim women and children being blindly killed.

As this went on, Loyau-Kennett thought: When are the police coming?

But, still, she asked the man, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“He said, ‘If the police come, I just shoot them.'”

Out of the corner of her eye, Loyau-Kennett said, she saw the bus start moving. It was going to leave without her and she had to go.

She figured the police were going to get there any second.

So Loyau-Kennett got on the bus and left.

It took armed officers 14 minutes to arrive, according to London Metropolitan Police.

Two suspected attackers were shot by police at the scene and are being treated in London hospitals. Authorities have not released their names.


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  1. It just gets more incredulous by the moment. Why do all of these events include two or three average citizens that go from zero to hero in a matter of minutes by doing something that is 180 degrees opposite of what human nature dictates? I’m not saying that average people don’t do amazingly brave things to help others because they do. But the nonchalant actions of everyone in this scene defy logic. When people witness gruesome murders like we are made to believe this was, they immediately run away and call in an emergency. I would even dare to say that the normal reaction would be to do that when a dead body is discovered, not to mention when the killer is still there holding a knife! To me the entire incident appears to be a staged event with all phony actors playing a part or possibly two different scenes filmed independently of each other, and then blended together and doctored up to achieve maximum reaction. I love how the star witness, Ms. Loyau-Kennett, said she asked the man…a deranged killer, no less…….if there was anything she could do for him. But then she noticed that her bus was moving and she would miss it if she didn’t go. Really? Who writes this stuff???

    • People who think we are very stupid write this stuff… and for the most part they are right. Whatever secret network is responsible for this string of fake incidents, starting with Sandy Hook and possibly even further back than that, is extremely arrogant. With their wealth and the head starts they receive in life they view the rest of us as pitiful cattle.

      The thing is that generation by generation, they have become weak and coddled. Many of the common folk are foolish and indoctrinated, but many of us are also anti-establishment, hardened by struggle and trained to used weapons of war. We are not part of their future plans. They want to separate their loyal, indoctrinated and highly dependent subjects from any potential thought rebels while they pursue their wars for profit abroad and ultimately disarm the last remaining bastion of legal civilian firearm ownership in the world.

  2. ITN is not an affiliate of CNN. The initials stand for Independent Television News. It is owned by ITV plc (40%) (Britain’s main independent TV channel since the 1950s), Daily Mail and General Trust (20%), Thomson Reuters (20%) and UBM plc (20%).

  3. It seems Loyau-Kennett is on the electorial role in Cornwall but she was on the 53 bus in Woolwich at that particular time. Was she on a cub meeting there by chance?

  4. your all [email protected]#$d in the head if u think this is HOAX idiots

    • Louise, dumbass, prove it wasnt a hoax, u coward

      • Prove it wasn’t a hoax? You fucking disrespectful piece of scum. Get a life.

        • Certified troll.

  5. Alleged attack, alleged killers and an alleged Lee Rigby. Who or what was in that coffin last week?

  6. Well, it would appear it was not Lee Rigby..or maybe it was him finally being buried after being killed in Afghanistan or wherever. It all reminds me of the Sicily invasion in the WWII where a previously dead British soldier was throw to sea near Spain with a briefcase of false documents to cause deception to the Germans. It would be very interesting to exhume the body and examine the real cause of death and whether it is really Lee Rigby..crumbs I am getting like Quincy here.

  7. ‘I did it for God. I wish the bullets had killed me’: Suspect ‘thanked’ police for shooting him after Lee Rigby’s death

  8. “He was not bleeding, he did not have any injuries. It seems bizarre he was dead really” Ingrid Loyau-Kennett 22 May 2014 She also states “I was there two minutes after really the accident and everything happened” but it didn’t stop her describing how the accident happened in this video although she tells us “the body fell” about 20-30 feet from where the trail of blood was seen.

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