Boston Bombing — 23 April 2013
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Jeff Bauman: Victim or Actor?

Note: further analysis just not necessarily justify the likeness to the war vet, not yet fully determined, so this par has been removed.

Something is wrong with the pictures depicting purported bombing victim Jeff Bauman. It’s like the photos of the jets on 911: it just seems so surreal.

Photos of this man in the wheel chair with what appears to be blown-off legs lack any degree of realism. Is he truly a victim?  Was he truly injured? Were his legs, as is acclaimed, really blown off? The expected is not there, which is blood spurting everywhere. The femoral artery is powerful. Without powerful, tightly tied tourniquets there would be massive, unending bleeding, that is until the individual bled to death.

The tourniquet, a mere piece of thin cloth, was tied by the man in the cowboy hat. That means he is a part of the plot, since he has taken credit for stalling the bleeding and saving this man’s life.

There is another reason for raising suspicion against Bauman and all those who are associated with him, including his purported family members. This is in relation to a claim made by him as related by his brother, Chris Bauman. It was this man, as reported by the arch-Zionist mouthpiece, the Bloomberg Report, who made a specific effort to finger a man meeting the description of Tamerlan Tsarnaev for this crime, a man who is incapable of defending himself against the accusations, since he was murdered:


Here is another version, emphasizing the same plus additional claims:


Jeff and Chris Bauman are specifically and maliciously incriminating an innocent man. Why would they do so so quickly and precisely–and so erroneously–in the midst of a double amputation?

Did the Bauman’s really report this? If so, this raises a high degree of suspicions regarding any of their claims, even the claim to be a real bombing victim. The statements of Jeff Bauman through Chris Bauman have been proven fraudulent on this Website. If anyone can prove otherwise, they are challenged to do so. Let anyone produce any such proof, not just inflammatory comments, in the comment section, but actual information demonstrating that Bauman’s claims are correct.

If it is the Baumans who said this, then, they are lying. There is no evidence of any kind that the person who is implicated by Bauman, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, dropped his backpack anywhere in that area. This holds Jeff Bauman and Chris Bauman in high suspicion not as victims but, rather, as perpetrators of fraud.

It would mean that Bauman had advance knowledge of what the FBI had announced and pictured, which was a man fitting this description, as follows:


Note: mouth/lips of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev likely photoshopped to create a smirking appearance.

Then, too, who would remember this while among such a vast crowd?

  • A man wearing a cap
  • sunglasses
  • black jacket
  • over a hooded sweatshirt

The only thing he left out was the color of his pants, hat, and sweatshirt. Pretty good memory for being in the mass of a crowd.

It is also reported that Bauman said:

He looked me right in the eye. He put his bag down.”

This is a key statement attributed to this hospitalized man. He is essentially saying that Tsarnaev, filled with anger and hate, had targeted him specifically and knowingly. Tsarnaev, the man with the sunglasses:


Really? How can anyone tell who he is looking at?  Bauman would remember even the grey-colored sweatshirt under the jacket?

Fingering an innocent person, Bauman has revealed himself as an operative. Now, he cannot deny that he is a mere actor in a plot. Thus, he puts himself in the same category of all the other criminals of Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, including the liars and fabricators in the FBI, Justice Department, Obama White House, and major media.

On Wednesday, Bauman was photographed delivering a birthday present to 19-year-old victim Sydney Corcoran

Here is Mr. Bauman a week after the event in the hospital. Can he confirm before the whole world his claim of that, essentially, the man meeting the description of Tamerlan Tsarnaev looked him right in the eye?” That would be presumably Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Problem is Tamerlan was wearing sunglasses the whole time. He couldn’t look anyone in the eye.

Bauman, then, could not be a true victim. Instead, he must be a part of the plot. Why else would he spread such a lie? For this to occur he would need to be either be intimidated into saying this or be part of a more sinister operation, like a plot to blame the brothers for the bombing. 

If this is him, then, are even the injuries real. In other words, was he fitted with Hollywood props?


Now, the gore or, rather, fake gore up close:


Caption: this is a Hollywood-like prop made of synthetic materials. It is being held in place by the actors, notably Bauman and the fake EMT.

Regardless, trauma surgeons should well know: has any such surgeon seen anatomy like this before? And with that rapid movement and a lack of any medical tourniquet, why no pumping or splattering of blood anywhere?

Additionally, the holding of the artery by the Cowboy hat man is not believable; there would be presumably be blood spurting and dripping, major arterial blood flow being highly difficult to control without a tourniquet. The power of the heart would overpower his mere pinching. Regardless, arteries are slippery. How could he close it off with his fingers while rushing down with the wheelchair?

This man is apparently Carlos Arrendondo, seen, here:

Another issue: why risk transporting him in a seated posture? Would not the proper thing to do be to wait for an EMT vehicle to arrive on the scene?

It can be seen that it is all fake, teflon and putty. No skin in the universe is that thick. Notice the actor amputee, the position of his hands. What is he holding on to? It is the fake “gore” prosthetic, so it doesn’t slip off.

Look at the feeble tourniquet. It is useless

What about the flopping or loose flaps of ‘skin.’ Those flaps make no sense and have never before been seen in human anatomy.

The fake teflon skin/flaps can also be seen, here:


That’s Hollywood blood, not real blood, in other words, red paint poured underneath the prop. Clearly, it can be see that this is a kind of artificial feature rather than real skin and bone. Do not imagine it as gory, since it is not real blood.

A top expert agrees:

  • jofis morgan3 days ago

    Trauma surgeon here:

    These photos look a lot different than the mangled extremities I have seen.

    That looks like a de-gloving injury to the lower leg but where is the fibula?

    It is very unusual to have this type of injury.

    And yes, the volume of blood loss would cause death within a minute.

     And another:

  • orsanjethro 

    orsanjethro 4 days ago

    The femoral artery blood flow is around 600ml/minute, an average person has 5000ml of blood.

    This guy has TWO severed femoral arteries, he’d be stone-dead in FOUR minutes if his femoral arteries were not clamped within ONE minute, he would need a large volume of saline to replace the lost blood to keep his blood pressure up to prevent cardiac arrest within TWO minutes.

    Any blood squirting with pressure out of his stumps?

    The people who can’t see this is a FAKE are dumb as 000.

    There are other bases for this fakery. Note in this case that same coarse hair, as if filthy from a major bomb-blast.



    Look carefully at this, everyone. How is that normal? It appears as if putty has been applied to his face. The blood spatter pattern appears applied, not real, especially about the cheek.

    Furthermore, where are the lacerations? There must be some somewhere that would account for that much blood. No dripping?

    Is this pattern in his eyes anything like this?



    Credit: David Scott, known as the “Bomb Girls.”

    It’s synthetic putty or Teflon or whatever is used formed about the upper eye. The material about the man above’s eyes is anomalous and surely added.

    Therefore, Jeff Bauman, among others, is an actor who is faking injury. That means that all the people around him, particularly the man in the cowboy hat, are a part of the fake scam.

    Thanks to all the brave people on the Internet who have revealed this. It is merely being reported, here, as an accumulation of all the in-depth freedom-fighting work.

    See also:


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(17) Readers Comments

  1. I cannot agree that the wheelchair guy is Nick Vogt, check the shape of his ears and the distinctive vein on his forehead.
    Otherwise I agree with almost the rest.
    If you have a specialist who can calculate the femur – tibia ratio it would help as well as the tibia appears too long.

    • Comparison removed upon further review. There is a video showing a split in the tibia after the initial injury, asking how this could possibly happen to hardened bone after the bomb-blast.

  2. Isn’t the name *Bauman* of Jewish lineage? I believe Baumann is German however. Sorry, this has nothing to do with the images….it was merely an afterthought.

    There is another photo floating out here on the net that shows Bauman (one week post bombing with grievous injuries, mind you) giving a fellow bomb injured gal a birthday gift in the hospital. I’ll have to find the photo..or at least the link. Now, seriously, would you not think that a person with his injuries would be tooling around the hospital delivering gifts ONE week after having his legs blown to smithereens? Here is the link:

    • Ther red star on the paper bag speaks for itself………

  3. Main stream media is about mind control, and all you info warriors are friends of God. Dan Bidondi is one of the bravest I know, and hopefully more will follow his and Dr. K’s lead, and be God-empowered citizen journalists, in the street and at press conferences, with tape recorders and cameras.

    From the get-go, I never trusted this eye witness account of Bauman for the reasons stated in this report, and have been given no reasons to change my mind. He sure needs to be investigated.

  4. If you think that he is actor, You need psychiatric examination immediately.


      Nevermind that Jeff Bauman’s entire left leg just looks fake as hell but @14:00 Bauman’s right hand that is tucked underneath his left leg is holding some kind of tubing. If you notice, the part of tubing that’s in his hand up against his leg, it is slightly opaque and the rest of the tubing that looks like it’s coming from the cloth sack underneath him, is completely dark. That’s the fake blood. And, look how he has the tube curled upward on the back of his thigh, that is why the blood is only on the back of his upper thigh and on the ground. There is also a cylindrical metallic object on the back of his left leg at the very top, it looks like a bolt or a spring type object.

  5. ‘Jeff Bauman’ in the wheelchair has thick curly golden hair. ‘Jeff Bauman’ in the hospital has smooth dark hair.

  6. Further evidence Bauman is a fraud:

    • Good site!

  7. This rant is unbelievable. We personally know Jeff. To make these ludicrous accusations without direct knowledge is insulting to all victims. I hope that you never have to experience what these families have had to endure.

  8. I’ve seen those injuries before, I was in combat, a kid stepped on a landmine, lost both his legs, the blast actually quaterised his wounds, he survived and we got him out of the jungle, he made it, sadly when he got home his girl left him and he blew his brains out…looking at that kid, he looks so similar I’ll never forget that day… changed my life, war is hell, terrorism is hell…

    • Such a waste for him, so preventable. Another fabricated war by wretched Zionists.This constant terror must stop. One more life wasted. Thank you for posting. However, Bauman’s wounds are not related to cautery. There was no actual concussive bomb, there. This was a smoke bomb, with pyrotechnics. He’s an actor: confirmed, here.

  9. I believe that Jeff Bauman would not be his real name, that his claimed family is phoney, that he had a stunt double for the bomb scene but for sure he was not a prior amputee. Every photo op looks highly manipulated to hide his real legs using post photoshop effects behind rigged tricks with false bottom wheel chairs, couches and hospital beds. I would also anticipate that while in America he hides his identity but lives in various places around the world with the ability to speak fluently a foreign language like french. I would also guess that his real family is well connected in fraternity circles like the Knights Templars or Knights of Columbus. This is one hell of a con job and I don’t think we will ever see the alleged Jeff Bauman in the public eye ever again. The stadium tours are over. Its all photoshop from hereon in .

  10. The deranged conspiracy liars smear a man maimed by a terrorist bombing. Of course, a low-rent private investigator could, for the price of a day’s pay, produce a photo of Bauman taken before the bombing and settle the bogus controversy definitively. The “truth-seekers” would not dream of parting with their fantasies.

    The liars want to pretend that Bauman’s book tour didn’t happen because none of them had the stones to confront the legless man.

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