Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 07 July 2013
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Why Mohammed Morsi Should be Reinstated

Despite any flaws, which are well-published and widely recognized, Mohammed Morsi should be urgently and immediately reinstated as President of Egypt. He is the elected President. No one ever disputed that. Furthermore, the Constitution that was ratified was done so by 62% of the Egyptian population. If there are any flaws in it, that can be changed in civil way–at the ballot box or other. Moreover, if there are any issues with Morsi and his actions, that, too, will have to be dealt with in a civil manner, both during his rule and through changing that rule in a Democratic, non-violent way, that is by voting him out of office.

Mr. Morsi was deposed not merely by anyone but, in fact, by the Zionist-endorsed Egyptian military. Moreover, his replacement, Adly Mansour, rather than representative of the people, mainly Muslims but also Coptic Christians is most incredibly something else: a Zionist Jew. The name “Adly” is decisively Hebrew, while Mansour is most usually used for North Africans by Jews.

What was done instead of allowing Mr. Morsi to continue is stint as a legitimate ruler was truly barbaric. In the Untied States regarding their leadership the people have witnessed gross malfeasance and injustice, that is by sitting Presidents. Bill Clinton, along with collaborator Janet Reno, presided over the senseless murder of Seventh Day Adventists in Waco, even burning to death children: even shooting people in the back as they tried to escape the flames. Gas was pumped into the building, a fire was started, and the people were roasted alive. Was he deposed? Not in the least. This corrupt one completed two full terms, never being held accountable. Nor was he held accountable for the murder of innocents, including dozens of children, when the military he controlled downed an Iran Air airliner, shooting it down with a ship-borne missile. Bush was kept in power despite dragging Americans into two major wars, while causing countless thousands of American solders to be killed and wounded–while facilitating the slaughter of some one to two million Middle Easterners.

Then, too, what about Barack Obama? It was this hostile one who maliciously and purposely ordered the assassination of U.S. citizens in Yemen, including a teenager, while gloating in the murder of countless other innocents through drone strikes. Simultaneously, under his rule, still, Americans are dying and being maimed in senseless wars. Has he been held to account for such crimes?

So, then, how does this compare to Mohammed Morsi? True, he has blundered in numerous areas, his greatest debacle being the call for Egyptian citizens to join the fake jihaad in Syria. Yet, who else has done so? Nearly the entire Saudi apparatus is doing this, much more massively: including the supplying of powerful weapons and massive infusions of cash. Yemen, Qatar, the UAE are all involved heavily in this murderous scam. Yet, did the U.S. government depose any of the leaders of these countries? Did Zionist moles get on the streets of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, and more, inciting protests, even riots, sending forth teams of thugs, to undermine those governments? Why would they do so? They are not even elected leaders but are mere dictators, which is precisely the plot put in place by global Zionism.

No matter what Morsi has done, he cannot be deposed in this manner. The people elected him (or manipulations in the machine did, but that election as if real has never been disputed!) and, thus, he is theirs until he is voted out of office. So, let’s do a comparison. Let us see how Egypt faired with Morsi and, now, post-Morsi:

What are Morsi’s greatest blunders?

  • listening to misguided sheikhs or others claiming that the war against the Syrian people is just and, therefore, worthy of his support
  • allowing himself to become a U.S. stooge as well as the ultimate fall-guy for further US-Israeli machinations
  • pandering to the American power brokers
  • not being fully aware that he would be fully betrayed at any moment by these power brokers
  • being completely inexperienced in the political scene and not compensating for that, strategically, by putting in sound advisors, who could help guide his decisions
  • really believing that, somehow, the Americans would stand behind him even to the slightest degree
  • not standing up against the destruction of the GAZA to Egypt tunnels, a life-line for the endlessly suffering, starving, and oppressed Gazans
  • not being wise enough to play key strategic politics such as building relationships with existing Middle Eastern states such as Islamic Iran and the Syrian Arab Republic; instead, alienating them
  • being involved even to the slightest degree in that Zionist-US plot, “Shia vs. Sunni”

What are the greatest blunders NOT done by Morsi?

  • shooting demonstrators in the head at close range
  • allowing Israelis to foment strife on the streets, as well as American-born Zionists, such as Andrew Pochter
  • creating fake signs, funded by U.S. and Israeli agents, fabricating protests and even stating that the security of the Israeli entity is the issue
  • bombing public buildings with fire bombs and destroying private materials and private property
  • cutting down demonstrators with live bullets, killing dozens and wounding thousands
  • creating the environment of mere thuggery and wanton terror, where some 40 people have been brutally murder, where blood is let all over the streets, where over 1000 have been severely wounded, and where some dozens of women have been raped, some even gang-raped
  • heaping misery upon the people by beating, shooting, murdering, and even raping their sons and daughters
  • causing great agony upon the people by down-rating Egypt’s economy from BBB to C-minus (Standard & Poors Index, a Zionist operation)
  • doing all that is possible to attempt to block his own presidency and disrupt his ability to upgrade and improve the Egyptian economy (a Zionist plot directed against him)
  • committing wanton slaughter of the innocent, true debauchery, mowing people down with gunfire and beating them into oblivion, killing not only men but also women, children, and even suckling infants (horrific but, apparently, true – the July 8th Dawn Massacre)
  • murdering people while they are bowing down in prayer

It becomes clear that there are nefarious–and wicked–forces at work in Egypt which are far more destructive–infinitely so–than anything Mr. Morsi could achieve. See the heinous crimes committed against the people of Egypt: the murders, the critically wounded, the rapes? All these crimes are post-Morsi, that tyranny and oppression occurring within a mere four days of his ouster. Are his blunders worth that degree of horrific oppression? Who can justify it no matter what he did, particularly considering the fact that his counterparts, such as former rulers Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and the current American Zionist puppet, Barack Obama, have done infinitely worse, rather, it is no comparison? While Morsi, through his American handlers, called for supporting the terrorist insurgency against Syria, Obama & Co., along with the Zionist-collaborating British and French, orchestrated it. Yet, no one in a million years could intercede in the American politic and purge Obama from office, even if he committed the most virulent high crimes against the American people themselves such as murdering them (which he already has done).

Thus, Morsi wins, hands down. Regardless, a Morsi rule is far superior to rapine and bloodshed and, more direly, an impending civil war. Moreover, if reinstalling Morsi, ideally with a more politically savvy cabinet,would prevent even a single fatality, a single bullet wound–a single case of violating a man or woman–then, it must be done immediately.

Zionist-inspired brutes now rule Egypt instead of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was infinitely better.

Even so, are people having second doubts about the return of autocratic rule? Apparently, even many people in the military are having second doubts. See this excellent article published by the MiddleEastMonitor:

Senior Brotherhood official claims armed forces are against coup

Saturday, 06 July 2013 17:35

Egyptian soldiers keeping gaurd

During the rally, one of the Republican Guard officers held up a protest banner, stating: ‘Our only enemy is Israel… Allah is great… Praise be to Allah… This army is our army… Al-Sisi betrayed our president… our president is Morsi’

A senior official of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has claimed that the armed forces are actually against the military coup which deposed President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday. Speaking at a rally in Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square on Friday Dr Abdul Rahman Al-Barr stressed that the protests in the streets will continue until Morsi’s reinstatement. He pointed out that the Commander-in-Chief and Minister of Defence, Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi, and his cohorts had deceived everyone, including President Morsi, by claiming regularly that the era of military coups had ended, the last occasion being just hours before they overthrew the elected head of state.

Al-Barr insisted that the will of the people will prevail, no matter how powerful the military is. “The soldiers must realise that the people on the streets are their brothers, their fathers, their families,” he said. “I am sure that many of them do not agree to the coup against democratic legitimacy.”

Fellow speaker Dr Nasr Abdel-Salam of the Building and Development Party said that the people will not leave the squares and streets until the “brutal” military coup is overturned. “The people on the streets,” he told the massive crowd, “will not rest, God-willing, until the Islamic project is fulfilled and democratic legitimacy is restored with the return of President Morsi.”

He warned Mohamed ElBaradei, Hamdeen Sabahi and their co-conspirators that Islam will never die in Egypt, citing historical references to prove his point, such as the invasions of the Crusaders and Tartars.

Editor’s note: ElBaradei has proven himself to be a criminal for inciting this violence. If he sets foot in Egypt, he should be arrested by the people in Egypt and appropriately dealt with, as should all of the so-called opposition leaders who have imposed this vile act upon the people.

The spirit and determination of the demonstrators was captured by Emad Al-Jazzar who said that the people will not be intimidated by the campaign of arrests and media censorship carried out by the army since the coup. The distribution of the Freedom and Justice newspaper in the square was welcomed with cheers from the protesters.

Around 10,000 people left the square and headed for the Republican Guard headquarters in support of the demonstration there. They were joined by marchers from other mosques in the city. In a humanitarian gesture, the Republican Guards distributed water to the supporters of the deposed president standing in front of the building. They also dismissed the police officers after they provoked the protesters.

Surprisingly, one of the Republican Guard officers held up one of the protest banners: “Our only enemy is Israel… Allah is great… Praise be to Allah… This army is our army… Al-Sisi betrayed our president… our president is Morsi.” That could be an example of the feeling noted by Dr Al-Barr in his speech.

– See more at: http://www.middleeastmonitor.com/news/africa/6491-senior-brotherhood-official-claims-armed-forces-are-against-coup#sthash.x9iHWCRp.dpuf

See also the brotherhood statement about their demands for restoration of the former legitimate government:



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