Paul Walker Hoax — 18 February 2014
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The Fake Corpses of the Paul Walker Hoax Revisited

Why in the world is there still conversation about whether or not the deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas are real or fake? There simply is no conversation or study. This is an obvious fake. What more evidence does anyone need?

It was gossip site TMZ which was the exclusive source of the hoax photos. This alone is cause for great suspicion regarding any legitimacy for the deaths. Even so, any visual inspection proves the fraud. Look at those images. How are they human? The fake corpse(s) have no resemblance to real bodies.


There they are, the dapper cadaver dummies, just lying on the heap. They are not mangled within the wreckage. Rather, they are simply lying on the top. Note, too, that there is only one of these crisis cadavers which is essentially a full body. The other represents only a ‘body’ part: a thigh and calf, possibly a foot. How does a car wreck lead to the complete dismemberment of a leg? This surely is unknown.


Does anyone believe this is a real leg? The flesh tone is not human and, what’s more, is uniform throughout. What about the red matter? It looks just like the typical tempura paint/fake blood used in the various hoaxes perpetrated over the past several months.


A close-up shows a man-made pattern of the red material applied to the dapper cadaver.


Does this look to any degree like Paul Walker and/or Roger Rodas? In fact, there is no resemblance to any degree. Too, part of the right arm appears to be missing.  What about the face of the dummy? That is no burn but is, rather, charcoal applied by the moulage mole.

The leg, too, the one acclaimed as a Paul Walker leg, is not realistic. It is not attached to anything. It is just lying there. He was supposed to have suffered nearly 100% burns to the point that he was unrecognizable. Yet, clearly, there are flesh tones showing. Moreover, what is that dark aspect around the toes? The foot doesn’t look even human? Was this leg added by PhotoShop? More likely, it is a fake limb from the dapper cadaver people or some similar Hollywood stunt material group.



Coroner moles are surely hard evidence of the fabrication with their gleaming smiles after the fact, after the set-up and photography of the fake corpses.


It is clear that these images do not represent real people. Moreover, there is no basis for the laughing, smirking coroner moles other than the fact that this was a Hollywood fake. Who in the world can justify those gleaming smiles with real deaths. This is a fake, no other possibility.






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  1. Ya’ll are crazy bat-shits. Had to come n see for ma-self to chk how much exactly. To all the the mofos who think he or Roger couldn’t speed,
    Watch this video.
    Whole video is good but at 6.21, watch Paul drive away FAST just for fun. Wutz there to not believe an accident could happen? You loserz can’t see **** and keep talkin about things over and over. To the author of this site, see a pattern mate?! All the smart ones them who thought sense have left your crazy *** site. Ya’ll ladies need a hobby . He is dead and let him rest in peace.
    Don’t bother attackin me, I ain’t returning to this ****. And before you go there – I will type however I effin want. Bite me

    • J NEIL

      if you look closely at the video you will see that it was Vin who was driving not Paul even the guy who is filming says to Vin at 7.26 because you drove if you pause the video at 6.13 and look through the windscreen you will see Vin’s left hand on the steering wheel but i have no doubt Paul would have been someone who would speed Paul even admitted he had sped and that he had speeding tickets you can even hear Paul at 6.12 say lets go already and than again 6.15 i even watched an interview he did i think it was his last interview with ET where the lady asked him what would he do if Meadow was driving his car and was caught speeding his answer was i think she’ll be one hell of a driver as long as she can pull it off clean and doesn’t get caught i guess she’ll be alright

      • You read that whole thing? I had to stop after I read that moron say “ma-self” because I started to get a headache trying to figure out what the hell they were trying to say.

        • I stopped at Ya’ll…. I don’t speak the best english, but at least I have excuses.

    • J Neil, I doubt that’s the real name, more like the other one who insists it’s not a hoax who hasn’t used her other name in a few days. I mean who slates everyone for believing it was a hoax by not reading all the articles pointing to a hoax? …And then goes and researches a one and only speeding video to try and prove their point. They’ll be back…narcissism speaks volumes.

  2. Hi, I’ve just been going over these comments and thought I would respond to this one about homeless people. When the accident first happened and I suspected it wasn’t P&R in the car, I too, thought a couple of dead homeless people could have been placed there. I was more convinced of this after reading the A-Reports and saw the numerous mistakes – the main one sticking out for me being no mention of Paul’s dental records (this could have been changed after the reports were first released?). Anyway, getting back to the homeless people, I suggested this to one of the forensic doctors where I work, and he was horrified. He said that would never happen as it would be illegal. He also said that homeless people are never used for during the training that he and everyone else in his field complete because only people who have donated their bodies to research can be used. Just thought I’d let you know this information as it came from an ‘expert’ in the field and not myself.

  3. That’s wird, I clicked the ‘Reply’ button to respond but it came out at the very end. Also, can’t understand why my profile ID pic isn’t showing up, as I signed in as usual?

  4. Why are there stories they are resuming filming for the movie in April when they’ve obviously been filming for months? I honestly think they’ve wrapped the entire thing. I think Abu Dhabi was their last thing on the list to film and they’ve already left.

  5. I guess since nobody has figured out anything new lately, I’ll give ya something I figured out a while ago…after I first brought it up. Follow the rabbit. On both of the plates. You won’t get exactly what I found ’cause someone deleted a few things after I found them. And no I won’t say exactly what but I assume someone around him must read these pages because they were deleted shortly after I brought up Montana… But hopefully it’ll get you closer to an answer about him than what you were 5 minutes ago. Have fun digging.×394/Dec2013/61430998.jpg

    • Aaah yes, I see it, the car’s license plate has the Montana state on it, hmm..

    • makes you think…since I believe Cody is/was living in Oregon…right? His last FB update said

      Cody Walker
      February 28
      “Spent my last week in Oregon preparing for my move down to California to join ROWW! The last day was well spent on the ranch with Pacific Rogue Wagyu”

      • Ding. You’re getting closer. Do a little research on Montana Plates and their numbers and you’ll be much much closer. 😉

        • A,

          Stupid question.. do you believe this is a hoax? lol I think it is but then something will give me second thoughts. I’m not a theorist so I guess I’m not use to thinking someone would fake a death.. especially Paul.

          • That’s not a stupid question at all. I at one point didn’t know what to think and questioned the same thing. But honestly? I believe he is alive somewhere right now. I think it was a PR stunt originally for the the DVD release.

            Here’s a recent example of a stunt to get press. George Lopez and his passing out drunk on a casino floor arrest a couple days ago. He has a show premiering this week on FX. And in order for it to be picked up by the network, he has to have a certain number of people tune into the show in the first 10 episodes. If he doesn’t, the show doesn’t get picked up. He was arrested to get his name in the news and get the word out about the show…so people know to tune in and watch it. People don’t realize that they’re being played when they are. At least Lopez didn’t “accidentally” tweet pictures of his privates. When you finally realize what they’re doing, it starts to become obvious when it happens every week with all these different celebrities and that what they’re doing is just for press. It’s kinda sad. But it’s become the norm to get things sold.

          • I do want to point out something funny that I just noticed about George Lopez’s thing. The first photo of him passed out on the casino floor and the first report of the incident were on TMZ. Wonder how they got that first. And apparently he wasn’t even arrested. The picture just appeared on TMZ with a story of arrest. But he never was actually formally arrested. Maybe he thought the casino floor was a prostitute.

          • It’s a hoax.

          • @A, lol at the prostitute comment!

        • Anaconda-Deer Lodge Anaconda … this what you mean?

          • Yep. And the plate on the Ford truck the 3 were standing in front of on the girlfriend video will lead you to another county. Do some cross checks with the family and the locations. That’s all I’ll say about this particular subject. The rest is up to you and your searching.

        • A,

          Do you have hatred for Paul for some reason? Just seems like it..

          The Oscars pushed me into thinking this accident is quite real.. I don’t think they would put walker in their busy schedule if this was a hoax..

          • Whoa. Hatred? Definitely not. I apologize if it came off that way ever. I don’t personally know him, so I could never hate him. Like I said with my Oscars post, no disrespect. I only said it because let’s be honest, with just his past work, he wasn’t ever competing with Hoffman for some hard hitting Oscar worthy roles. He looked like he did a good job with Hours. Maybe now people might see him in a non-surferboy jokester light and this could make people think he can actually do serious roles now. Never would I hate the man. I do semi hate what he’s done when I see people say they’ve actually cried over his death. Because they, to me, were honestly wasted unneeded tears. So yes, maybe when I’ve come across hurtful towards him when trying to say in my heart of hearts I believe the man is alive, I may have seemed mean towards him, but in honesty, that’s why I’ve been trying to do it, because hearing some of the people on here say they’ve cried is personally somewhat sad for me to hear…to feel like they did this, that he’s actually alive and some people have shed wasted and unneeded tears and had any form of sadness for their personal gain. I do applaud them. It was a genius genius move on his, the studio’s…everyone’s part. It was amazingly genius. But still a huge **** move, to mess with emotions like that.

            Plus, with the Oscars you gotta remember who the host was. Weren’t they friends and she donated money to his charity on her show after his death? They didn’t put the Glee kid on there, right? I think I read that in the story. I doubt producers probably even wanted to put him in the show but she probably wanted it in there because they were friends.

  6. Wait. I didn’t see it on TV, but I just saw a picture, did they really put Walker in some smoke on his Oscar memorial?

    He died in a fire and the put his picture in some smoke. ****. Haha. Wow. That’s horrible. I wonder how many actors there saw his picture and had no idea who he was. Seriously, no disrespect, but that’s probably the only time he would’ve been at the Oscars. I’m just being honest. Just going by his past work. Hoffman won an oscar for “Capote.” They had to put “Fast and the Furious serious” on his. Aww. Hours looks good though. I need to watch it. They put him in some smoke. Ha. Wow.

  7. It’s not smoke from a fire, it’s just a visual effect that was on all of the slide images of everyone who passed!! That didn’t even cross my mind – didn’t look like smoke!

    • He’s not saying it’s smoke from a fire. It’s the irony of the fact that it looks like smoke and the car Paul was in was on fire and also had smoke.

      • Thanks, Janet. 😉 You always get my drift.

  8. Why is this site (DrK) censoring people? My comments and information, links etc. have been removed. Best just to suspend commentary altogether if you are going to do that!

  9. Question…does anyone know how strong those hose things are, the water blast that is? I’m just wondering cus they seem to be pointing those things very close to the wreckage and the “body”… did it not spray away potential evidence? Or harm the “body”? Ok harm isn’t the word I’m looking for but even with a blanket (which doesn’t look wet) covering the body wouldn’t the blast or if no blast, wouldn’t the water still find it’s way to the body and get it wet and maybe pull skin of or something? What about the blanket itself? It doesn’t look wet, how did it not catch on fire or be blown up from the force of the water hose or get stuck to the burnt flesh and pull some off? Even a dead body that has a clear reason for death still needs to be handled with complete care…doesn’t it? Why did they keep the “body” in the same spot for so many hours anyways? Uncovered, in the hot heat of the day, etc!? If they were so interested on who it was and making sure they collected all evidence needed….why the water or blanket or leaving it out to rot?

    • Rona mine hve been removed aswell its weired I left alot of comments and observations all were removed!!

  10. Paul Walker is ALIVE and WELL, and he is in hiding somewhere with ugly old Jasmine as his human mattress. That is why she was smirking and outright laughing in that video in front of his home. Watch and see if she does not turn up pregnant soon….

  11. Seriously!! They tragically died goofing off, end of story.

    • **** paul walker he is a satanist,liar,fraud,piece of ****,to fake his death,lowlife not human,illuminati puppet(look also at the devil’s face from paul walker”s daddy,he’s got a very,very,very evil look!!!)**** these liars,frauds,freemasons,illuminati puppets/slaves,pieces of ****!!!!

      • Pls stop coming here and opening ur **** hole! No one cares if u don’t believe or what u think about Paul!

      • WOW

      • God=love….so what ur saying is u believe Paul is alive!!! I’m so glad to find someone else who does!! Bless u

  12. This whole story was a hoax. Suckered into looking at sucky pics of nothing

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