Paul Walker Hoax — 18 February 2014
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The Fake Corpses of the Paul Walker Hoax Revisited

Why in the world is there still conversation about whether or not the deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas are real or fake? There simply is no conversation or study. This is an obvious fake. What more evidence does anyone need?

It was gossip site TMZ which was the exclusive source of the hoax photos. This alone is cause for great suspicion regarding any legitimacy for the deaths. Even so, any visual inspection proves the fraud. Look at those images. How are they human? The fake corpse(s) have no resemblance to real bodies.


There they are, the dapper cadaver dummies, just lying on the heap. They are not mangled within the wreckage. Rather, they are simply lying on the top. Note, too, that there is only one of these crisis cadavers which is essentially a full body. The other represents only a ‘body’ part: a thigh and calf, possibly a foot. How does a car wreck lead to the complete dismemberment of a leg? This surely is unknown.


Does anyone believe this is a real leg? The flesh tone is not human and, what’s more, is uniform throughout. What about the red matter? It looks just like the typical tempura paint/fake blood used in the various hoaxes perpetrated over the past several months.


A close-up shows a man-made pattern of the red material applied to the dapper cadaver.


Does this look to any degree like Paul Walker and/or Roger Rodas? In fact, there is no resemblance to any degree. Too, part of the right arm appears to be missing.  What about the face of the dummy? That is no burn but is, rather, charcoal applied by the moulage mole.

The leg, too, the one acclaimed as a Paul Walker leg, is not realistic. It is not attached to anything. It is just lying there. He was supposed to have suffered nearly 100% burns to the point that he was unrecognizable. Yet, clearly, there are flesh tones showing. Moreover, what is that dark aspect around the toes? The foot doesn’t look even human? Was this leg added by PhotoShop? More likely, it is a fake limb from the dapper cadaver people or some similar Hollywood stunt material group.



Coroner moles are surely hard evidence of the fabrication with their gleaming smiles after the fact, after the set-up and photography of the fake corpses.


It is clear that these images do not represent real people. Moreover, there is no basis for the laughing, smirking coroner moles other than the fact that this was a Hollywood fake. Who in the world can justify those gleaming smiles with real deaths. This is a fake, no other possibility.






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  1. everything you sick effs talk about is fake. Insane idiot alert here.

    • Hey Mike Bowie if you think this then why the F**K do you get on here then. This is for people who actually have lives and know that this is all a fake. I forgot you want to get on here so you can mouth off to Dr. K cause you think your big SH*T. Like I said before stop reading this and get off the site if all you want to do is act cool. Dr. K you are doing great with the research and I think you hit the nail on the head with al the things you have posted. Most of of believe this is a fake.

      • Mike Bowie is a hypocrite… And has a language barrier..

      • Paul walker fans I am at big fan of him and for good or bad Paul and Rodas are alive so dr k he is right

    • The only items here I’ve looked at are the Paul Walker and Lee Rigby cases. I checked Lee’s out, out of curiosity, but in particular, for personal reasons, and yes, it’s BS. Unfortunately, what people don’t know, they make up. As for Paul Walker’s case, I do believe the crash scene was a hoax. There’s lots of information out there that leads me to believe this, even on this site. If you review commentors input on various sites, it would certainly make you think. I don’t believe everything everyone has said about the case, but a lot of stuff makes sense.

      • I agree.. I don’t agree with everything that people are spreading about this Paul Walker’s case (like the drone theory) but anyone with a brain cannot ignore the information with facts supporting them leaning this towards a hoax. I’ve reviewed many celebrity autopsies and no other Autopsy contradicts itself as much as Paul’s does. There’s soooo many errors and mistakes made during this case that it’s just not normal.

      • Motley you post on anuts? I cant seem to sign up with them but I have 2 kinks for you to look at. Any chance you can repost them plz

        • Pat, the address has changed. You can go here:

          • Yeah I know ive bookmarked it but I cant seem to post links on there or click on their links either. Ive posted 2 on this thread any chance you can take a look see wot you think and maybe share on anuts plz matey.

          • The only thing I can suggest is that you email her using the email link.

    • You better go yell at your dad for stealing that out of your closet.

    • Of course everything is fake. This site is about hoaxes… What did you expect…. Really!

    • So ur a believer in that he is alive!! Great!!

  2. The only thing I do not like is what Drk said “why in the world are we still have this conversation” you may need to choose words carefully as if it wasn’t for us people on this site you won’t have this. This conversation needs to continue as you or we have not found 100% proof. I will not agree to your proof till shown all information/proof There will be footage showing the before and after somewhere or someone will slip but till then this conversation needs to continue.

    Sorry if I have upset anyone with this.

    • You’ve got a nerve, speaking to the site owner like that. Further down, you try to make out you’re ‘goody two shoes’. Lol!

      • Motley2014

        Goodness sake give it up and grow up.

  3. Is the third picture from the bottom suppose to be Roger’s body? It looks closer to the driver’s side than Paul’s body looked in the other picture..

  4. Try to use some program for photos,everything is really bad quality…BenVista PhotoZoom or something like that..

    Anyway,is there any of you,who can answer on this:this photo is running over Twitter,who the f is the guy behind Tyrese??!!The one who’s standing and watching the phone,with glass of drink….The photo is made for New Year…

    • OMG,i forgot the link!Hahahaha here

      • Oh….elizabeth! Yet again another lookalike of paul walker.
        I stick to wot I said on another thread….does it seem like to many clues almost as if pw wans to be found out?

        • @pat…i don’t know what to think…i just don’t…one day one,the second that something other…

          • I know wot you mean. Its [email protected] crazy. Keep digging tho

      • Elizabeth, I see what you mean, and yes, at first glance it looks like it could be him, but when you look closely, the man’s hair in the photo is receding more than Paul’s, and his face is longer. Plus, I don’t think Tyrese would be so blatant as to post a photo with Paul in the background.

        • I was so sure that is Paul that i didn’t sleep all night .For me,he really looks like him when he smiled…;) but as u said,is not normal that Tyrese is so nuts!

      • It’s him. And it’s him right here too. They’re fucking with everyone and everyone is just too stupid to realize they’re making fun of them by doing this shit out in the open.

        • Unless Paul’s hairline suddenly receded in the month since the ‘accident’ and when that Tyrese photo was taken, it’s not him. And who do you think is him in that link you provided?

          • I’m thinking if Paul faked it, then he would change his look up a little.

          • Motley, Like I said in the post with these pics right here…that looks like the same hairline he has in FF7 to me.


            Janet, you gotta remember, they were all in the middle of filming at that time. He couldn’t change his look or the film continuity would look jacked up and be bitched about on the FF7 Imdb goof page. People love pointing stuff like that out.

      • Here. These 2 pics are him in FF7 at Han’s funeral. Same hairline. And same patch under the mouth.

        Think about it…has it occurred to anyone that they’re doing these things so he IS found and doesn’t have to hide anymore? If I were him I’d be doing it. It must suck.

  5. Look at this, TMZ AGAIN!
    Paul Walker’s dad : I’m the money man.

    TMZ is the only first source of informations for this case or what? Always the first one…

    • I’m normally not one to defend TMZ…ever…but in this case, it isn’t something they were given exclusive info about. Wills and estate court dates are required to be published so not only the people in the will are notified to show up, but so anyone if they wish to contest something in the will knows when and where. Everyone had access to the date/time/location…not just them.

      • What I’m trying to saying to say… that correct me if I’m wrong, but TMZ was the first one to obtain informations , about Paul’ s will. According to them” his dad is now officially the executor of his estate “. The decision was made thursday morning.

        I’m talking about the official decision. It wasn’t legally confirmed until now.

        Guess who delivered that information first? TMZ of course. Look at the articles on the net, they mention TMZ as the source.

        When I say they are “the only source of informations for this case” was sarcarsm, because they obtain evererything before everyone concerning Paul Walker…. A little bit odd in my opinion, but Dr.K Already pointed that out if I remember.

        • Oooooh I mean what I’m trying to say. Sorry.

          • I knew what you were saying. That’s why I said I’m usually never one to defend TMZ…except for this one instance. I know they have had a lot to do with this. I’m the one that discovered and said something about them having the death certificate on the 30th and faking it. I guess was just trying to play devil’s advocate and say TMZ in this case weren’t the only ones with the info to know they’d be there.

  6. I have been watching some behind the scene of F&F 7. Watch this video, the explosion seems to be the same as PW.

  7. So I couldn’t leave a comment, had to reply. But if you look at the video at mark .26, you will see that the ‘figure’ people believed to be Paul is really just fire. Exactly at that point, it blends in.
    This video is old but I never saw this particular one. Almost like there are parts of this video in edited versions .

    • Say What,

      Watch the car park behind when the car is driving up to the scene. You will see 2 people in the car park going going away from the scene.

      • Hi R, any chance you could give me the time of where you want me to watch plz ? Thx

        • Hi Say What,

          Watch between :08 to :10 you will one person far right closer to the garden in a white t-shirt then you will see two other people middle of the lot heading away in white t-shirts.

          Good luck hope you see it. If not let me know and maybe I can guide you some what more.

          • Sorry I meant you will see one person…der

          • Thx R, I do see them. But I can’t make out if they are running away or trying to be at the accident scene. but good eye!

    • Say What,

      When I watch the video I’m thinking how can a small car make a cement light pole fall down. If and I mean if the car hit that cement pole the car would have been with the pole not with the tree. With the other tree that has fallen down that was from the pole because if they are saying from car it is in the wrong direction.

      When we really think about it remembering the pole is bolted with 4 large bolts into a concrete walk way, it really sound impossible for that car maybe a semitrailer but not this car and then keep moving on to other objects. I highly doubt that.

      Remember PW saying “Dude I almost had you”

      • Hi R, I will try to explain the answer in less confusing way as I myself feel it’s confusing. So plz excuse me if I confuse you and I apologize in advance.

        Have you ever played pool?? Or try this with a light weight ball. When we hit the ball on a pool table, the force makes it go hit other balls correct? Now when it hits another ball, it not only moves it but sometimes the angel it hits the other ball, it itself also changes direction. Ever noticed that??

        Now yes I understand the weights of the 2 balls are same as compared to different wights of the car and the pole but using the same logic, think about it. It was speeding and going sideways so chances are
        a- it did not hit the pole head-on
        b- it hit the pole in an angel
        c- the point of impact and the highest speed probably did maximum damage to the pole and the car and coz it was hit in a angel, it spun further and finally crashed into the tree.

        People wonder why did that little tree not get up-rooted. To explain this I will use another example. If you look at waves, they are more powerful when they touch the land.. By the time they go further on the beach, they lose all the power. Similarly, the Porsche had already had its point of impact and had its maximum damage. You can clearly see the debris in the last video I posted. So now it’s just spinning further, losing its momentum as also coz the driver at this point had unfortunately passed away as per autopsy reports- so no more acceleration. It crashed into that tree but with less force and was able to just bend it. The tree basically stopped the car. I do believe the first impact was where the car probably almost split and when it spun further it wrapped the back part up the tree.

        Which also makes me thing if it split, the bodies naturally wouldn’t have been mixed with all the metal. The seats fell backwards coz there was no back support to it- which is why you see the body of Paul walker almost like he was sitting and then fell backwards. That also shows why we can see Roger’s foot on his chest. His body was lifeless when the car finally rested and he fell backwards so his legs fell on top- something that happens if you are sitting on a chair and it falls backwards (it has happened to me several times on the dining table when I was growing up).

        If you look at the accident pic in the link below (first photo on the article) you can clearly see what looks like parts of the driver’s seat but no legs which further shows I might be on the right track with my thoughts. This is why we can’t see Roger’s full body in the pic with dead bodies..

        Please know I am not trying to prove you or anyone wrong but trying see if anything can be explained.

        • Say What,

          Well said. I totally get what you are saying and has made see things from another angle. Thank you…

          I really enjoy reading all your comments…

          • Thank you

        • Say what,

          I agree and understand where you are coming from with all of your comments. (I enjoyed the conversation between you and R) but I do have to ask. didn’t it say on the autopsy that Roger’s feet were found on the floor? I remember the coroner saying that Roger’s foot was found on the gas pedal or near it. I always thought that was weird, maybe I remember wrong?

          • Yeah. It did. Actually…I think it said the foot was pushing down on the pedal if I remember correctly.

          • No. I was wrong. It says both legs were bent at the knees with the right foot on the pedal and left on the floorboard. Hmm. I could’ve sworn I read the pushing on the pedal on the original one I saw.

        • Roger’s foot was never on Paul’s chest. The car was firmly wrapped around most of that tree so the impact must have been heavy; still suspicious as to why it wasn’t knocked over. Someone either on this site or Adorz explained very precisely why the car should have rolled over and the curb effect along with that…it was interesting, you should look it up.

      • I’m smiling at what you said. I agree. That guy seems to be is a hudge player. Ha ha. I like it.

        • Again… I mean that guy seems to a….. I’m a little bit tired.

          • @ R

  8. Here’s the actual F&F7

    It does feel like the actor towards the end talking to Paul is doubts that scene separately (Without Paul being there). Many times scenes are shot like that if an actor has to be somewhere else. A speech by Tina Fey on the Sag awards (plz google it) describes it where she talks about her team and shooting separately and then making it look like they are all in one room. And I feel scenes like the very end could have used a look alike. SoI am guessing Brian just retired 🙂
    Paul where ever you are , I miss you 🙁

    • Damnit…. I cried when I saw him. I haven’t seen any of his movies since his death. I feel emotionally off right now. I totally agree with you though, Say what

      • Thanks Ann! I teared up to watching it

    • Say What

      I’m not sure if you are aware and please don’t feel i am trying to argue or anything but that isn’t the actual trailer for F&F7 most of those scenes like 2.02 and where paul is wearing the white jumpsuit and where the guy is talking at the end were scenes from a movie PW done a few years ago called the lazarus project an the clips at 2.32 is from the death and life of bobby z

      • Really?? Dang it! Thanks littleme. It so looks like the story line from F&F7 though.

      • Oops. Someone hasn’t done their homework. Again. You got in there before me, littleme.

        • sorry MOTLEY2014

    • so many people are saying paul and jasmine were no longer together that they broke up in 2011 because that was when they were last photographed together but i dont think that is true the movie vehicle 19 was one of his latest movies that was realised last year i noticed while watching that movie where there is a scene where they show a picture of paul character and a girl who is supposed to be his wife in the movie in water however when you look closely you can actually tell that it is an actual picture of paul and jasmine i’ll provide the links so you can you see the first link is the picture of pw and jpg in the water

      now in the link below is kinda a behind the scenes look at the movie vehicle 19 at 1.02 you will see the same picture that is in the picture in the link above and i do promise you that the actual picture is shown in the movie itself

      • Littleme

        I notice at 3:10 Paul has a wedding band on. Do you and anyone know why?

        • Hi, all. The real-life picture of Paul and Jasmine being in the background is interesting, but I’m thinking they needed a background picture and he offered that one as an inside joke. I don’t think he’d be out and about with her until 2011 then begin to hide the relationship. Then again, Paul was so closed-mouth about his private life so who knows? Regarding the wedding band, he’s dressed as his movie character who is married in Hours. BTW, they really made him look bad which makes sense, but that’s the worse I’ve ever seen Paul look, it’s almost a crime to make a guy that beautiful look like that.

          As much as it hurts, I’m beginning to think he is gone, but continue to hope and want to be proven wrong. As out there as this website is, there has been a lot of good discussion here and points made that I never even considered. Paul smiled a lot, but said himself that he had a lot of darkness in him, talked many times about leaving Hollyweird, so it’s possible that he did fake his death. If it is a hoax, Roger’s part in it is definitely more difficult to explain. I can’t explain my obsession with Paul and it’s not just because of his good looks – there’s just so many strange things about his death, that it seems the more I know, the deeper the mystery gets.

          • Just read what I posted – ” BTW, they really made him look bad which makes sense, but that’s the worse I’ve ever seen Paul look, it’s almost a crime to make a guy that beautiful look like that.”

            OMG, can’t believe I said that. I forgot about how bad he looked as a meth head in Pawn Shop Chronicles, LOL!!

          • even though it was reported that they began dating in 2006 paul and jasmine weren’t photographed in public until 2009 and than they weren’t photographed in public again until 2011 makes me think that they were still dating but because of how private he was when it came to his relationships he just told people he was single though i could be wrong didn’t he say he was single even after the pictures of them together came out

            btw i just wanna say sorry i realised after i made some spelling mistakes and put realised instead of released sorry about that

          • Hi, Littleme. It’s hard to know what to believe and in the end, although it’s none of my business, I just want to know, dammit!! ; ) Anyway, I think people were (and still are) fascinated about who he was dating maybe because he was so private and so good-looking. She was no beauty, but as they say beauty is skin-deep and she probably has a wonderful personality.

        • i think he was wearing the wedding ring because the interview was done during the making of hours in that movie his character is married and i think in the movie vehicle 19 his character was also married

      • You are absolutely right because when I saw the picture in the movie (Vehicle 19) Paul’s character takes out his phone the wallpaper on the phone is Jasmine and Him at the beach when I saw that scene in the movie I even pointed out to my dad that the picture was of his real girlfriend with him at the beach a few years back. The picture was suppose to be the girl that plays his girlfriend in the movie and him! But I guess he wanted to use the picture of him and jasmine

        • Yes the wedding ring was on for the movie Hour’s. He came off set, as you can clearly tell from his clothing & face looking terrible!

          As far as the ex gf. She was an ex when he passed! They did meet in 2006 however it is said they didn’t start dating till 2008. She would then be of legal age. Whether that is true or not is still unconfirmed. Pictures of the two did not start surfacing till 2008 forward. They dated for 3 years, 2008-2011. Those 3 yrs were rocky & they were off & on all of it! You can count on one hand the times they were photographed during that time, swimming, shopping & taking photos, two or re times at a restaurant, an AE event, and a parking lot! Not really a significant amount if you ask me. Yes Paul was private but they captured them prior I’m sure there would be at least one photo from 2011 up to his passing but nothing. Why because they weren’t together! He has tried to shield Meadow since she moved in in 2011 & they still have photographed her. There has been sighting of them together a few months before he passed. They had a meal together. No pics. Just a sighting. A meal doesn’t constitute a relationship. Paul is friend with pretty much all of his exs if you research it. They all remained friendly. People say she went to his house after grieving. I think most people would go to someone’s house or their families if ones ex & current friend passed away! Grieving is normal but it doesn’t make you a gf. & in all ose pics did you see one other person talking to her but he older gentleman & Brandon who initially greeted her! Was she ever invites in the house with the rest of the family. No! There are reasons why she was outside conversing with only two people! It’s reported she attended the funeral. Yet not one pic. No matter how private other people were photographed. She was not. Paul’s father did plenty of interviews after & not once did he mention her a gf nothing! There’s a reason. He did make a point to mention that Paul’s last thoughts were of his daughter he had no doubt! Paul was raising Meadow. Stated in several interviews he was single. He was not with his ex!

          • Sorry for all my typos long day!

            Also to address the picture of his ex in Vehicle 19! That was a picture of her. The one of them swimming in the water. Anyhow you gotta understand that pic was taken well before they broke up &’the film was released. Vehicle 19 began filming 2010-2011, they were still together. So I’m sure he’d add a photo why not! The film may have been released in 2013 but it was finished, cut, edited, & shelved for release prob in 2012. After they broke up. Not many studios would say hey let’s go back & refilm this section because PW threw a pic in a 5 sec scene of his ex gf! Not hardly!

          • Thanks Alex for the information although i knew Paul remained friends with his ex’s i just assumed vehicle 19 was filmed sometime in 2012 not before then i know so many people are saying Jasmine wasn’t invited inside the house but i had wondered if she did actually go inside when those who were filming weren’t filming I know that Paul’s dad never mention JPG but i had wondered if it was because he was never asked about Jasmine during the interviews and i know PW had been saying in interviews he was single but i just assumed it was because he didn’t wanna disappoint his fans unless i am seeing things when looking at the pictures of the funeral there is a blonde girl wearing sunglasses sitting next to Paul’s nephew who looks like Jasmine

          • You’re right they weren’t together, and hadn’t been for a while. But Jasmine did go into the house and she was at the funeral.

        • They broke up in 2011 and Jasmine wasn’t at the funeral, but she was at the memorial on the beach.

          Aubrianna was the only ex-girlfriend of Paul’s who was at the funeral.

          • I know it’s said everyone has a double, so this must be Jasmine’s in the second row wearing glasses. I’m not sure where Aubrianna is, although I would be surprised if she wasn’t there given they were still friends.

          • Motley,

            I swear, every time I see the guy standing there on the right, the one alone. I swear he’s this guy talking to the dad here. He has the same scar looking thing. There are other pictures where it’s more visible. But it looks like the exact same scar or whatever is going on with his head right there. You can even see the line where it would be shaved like the guy in the uniform. I honestly think it’s the same guy.


          • I heard that girl in the second row is one of Paul’s cousins.

          • @A, there is definitely a similarity. The guy at the funeral’s hair seems a bit longer underneath the ‘scar’, but then it had been a couple of weeks since the tent photo so it would have grown. Is he a cop or a security guard? If he’s a security guard – provided by whom – Universal?…And hired for a funeral by them?

            @Janet, to me, the photo speaks for itself.

      • I found a site where that picture was uploaded in 2009 so therefore they are old photos before they broke up. As for the movie, i cant find a date when they first started production but that couldve been before they broke up in 2011.

  9. In the below video, you can see the damage to the tree with the point if impact at .06 and the debri from when the car probably hit the curb at 1.15

  10. Why is there an extra leg in that car?

    • Thanks Ann! I teared up too when I watched this

  11. Ok but we’re is paul walker I know he is not death were he’s ????

    • That’s the million dollar question.

      Maybe we will never know or maybe in time.

  12. Also I will try to show 1 more thing, hoping you guys try to look at it with an open mind. I don’t mean any disrespect to you guys or the ‘deceased’ but trying to share what I feel may show it was them in that car.

    So look at pic number 11 and 18 on these links-

    Note Paul’s face esp his nose and cheeks in photo 11 and Roger’s cheeks in photo 18

    Now, look at the photo with bodies (first photo)

    I know we see what we want to and even the emergency crew said the bodies were unidentifiable. But look at what looks like Paul’s face on that body. Is there absolutely no resemblance to his face in pic 11 above?? If I tells, the actual ‘face’ on the body is like it’s looking at the cop’s legs or feet.
    Follow his left arm to where it should end, you will see another burnt face (almost the same size as the first face) by Pail’s left elbow. Can you seriously not see the cheek part and see no resemblance to the cheeks in photo 18 above??

    I showed this photo to people who don’t follow this ‘hoax’ at all and as soon as they saw the ‘bodies’ they were like that’s him no doubt- I am not kidding you.

    The only thing that I can’t understand is why Paul’s legs look so large, as I had earlier pointed out in some comments. It looks like he is wearing pants. I am meeting my science professor tomorrow and see if there could be an explanation about that. I will post what he says.

    • Say What, for the last three months all I could see was Paul’s body and one leg. People have stated they can see Rogers body but for the life of me I couldn’t see anything else but the leg.

      For the first time with you explaining where his face is I now can see it.

      Now looking at the body’s after three months and the shock of the accident. With fresher eyes their face shapes have no resemblance. Looking at Paul’s face above it seems to be square shape but he did have high cheek bone and narrows to the chin. With that in mind they say the body shrinks when burnt so why hasn’t his face, the cheek bones should be more pronounced to my understanding.

      Looking forward to hearing what you find out with the science professor. Waiting patiently…..

      • I definitely think that the one larger body looks like that of Paul’s. However I don’t see anything resembling or recognizable in the head / face area. You can clearly see how his body is positioned, legs going down the front of the seat & such. He is definitely a big guy. Height & build. He was definitely huge in that little car. I think the pictures of him in the front seat leaving the event clearly show that. But… His body does seem fairly larger than life even considering what I noted above.

        As far as Roger. You can’t see the lower half of his body. In one picture when they’re still covered you can see what looks like the knee. The picture of what is supposedly him in the aftermath of the car looks pretty mangled. I can see a face on this body. It’s not clear but I do see a nose & an eye. There’s no leg up on his chest. That’s clearly his arm. Bent at the elbow laying on his chest. His fist is clenched. In a certain picture you can actually see the right arm up, so I assume it’s bent at the elbow but rather than it being on the chest it’s at his side. You can’t see the humerus portion of his arm. So I assume it is at his side. The radius and ulna portion are what I believe to be upright with again a clenched fist. This is hard to see but you can if you adjust coloring settings and such! It’s almost like it blends into to what they’re saying is Paul’s body.

        I’m on the fence here!

    • Are you for real? You think you can actually determine Paul’s face by his burnt cheeks? Perhaps you can ‘chalk’ up Roger’s face because myself and others just aren’t seeing his body at all. Speaking of chalking…
      …Now turn that second image around a bit and what do you get?

      • Well Motely, you don’t own this page. You post what you find or see and I will post what I find and see. The general rule has been we post what we see and people discuss. No body forces anyone to agree with them.

        • No, I don’t own this page and neither do you or your pseudonyms. As soon as someone challenges your stories you get defensive or change what’s been challenged.

          • Looks who’s talking ! Lol anyway this is about enough attention you will get from me. I am not obliged to answer your curiosity about what I post. I will reply to others for sure. Oh and you can bad mouth me all you want as it Seems like it’s your nature as many have said that about you on other pages, I don’t care. Good day!

          • Yes, you and your pseudonyms have bad-mouthed me on other pages here, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that you were bad-mouthed by a heavy amount of people and called a know-all on other pages here, either.

  13. Maybe they needed a plan to delay F&F7 as it was to close with the release date with “need for speed” so they may have come up with this plan with PW, as he is the star which would give a massive impact with the media and to move the release date forward. Plus he would be the first one to put up his hand for private free time.

    “Racing cars movies fans are in for a treat with the upcoming “Need for Speed” and “Fast and Furious” 7 movies. Both the movies have a great number of fan following but the movies will be avoiding a head to head competition at the box office.

    “Fast and Furious” 7 already has established itself as a one of the top grossing movies when it comes to car racing movies. “Need for Speed” will be an experiment for the popular gaming franchise to make the transition to a blockbuster Hollywood movie. The game however is widely recognised and popular.

    With the sad passing of star actor Paul Walker of “Fast and Furious” 7, fans would want to see the actor perform one last time in the popular movie series. The upcoming movie is expected to be a hit at the box office.

    Both the movies will avoid direct competition at the box office. An early launch of “Need for Speed” could help position the movie for better results at the box office as racing enthusiasts and fans of “Fast and Furious” 7 may be drawn to the theatres.

    “Need for Speed” will be released on 14 March 2014, almost a year before the “Fast and Furious” 7, which will be released on 10 April 2015. Fans who can’t wait to see the Paul Walker movie may have to settle for “Need for Speed.”

  14. Thank you guys! I am glad I didn’t confuse you. To me it appears it could have happened, although there are things That can’t be explained. But last night I was driving home and saw a minivan fallen on its side in a ditch next to the road. It didn’t look too bad but there were people who had stopped and the emergency crew had just got there. A baby seat was ver visible and I say that coz being 1 lane car , my side was close to the site and traffic was crawling if not stopped. People kept asking the lady what happened, are you ok etc. apparently her baby was still in there but ok- just crying. Thank god !
    So my point in sharing this- I kept thinking what happened, all that during make sense. No snow in the road, no collision etc and I am sure no mom would want to get in an accident with her baby in the car. So it went back to accident don’t make sense. They just happen, mostly due to carelessness and so no one does it on purpose. Then why isn’t Paul’s accident be possible ?
    This is how I reacted to the news- I heard about it and I was no way, went online and saw the car burning and at that point, mind was almost in a shock. First reaction- no not Paul. So maybe I am here to prove my brain, my understanding wrong or try to make sense of it all. His is why I respect both side opinions.

    • OMG ! I posted the above comment in a hurry and wow @ my mistakes. Sorry guys. I couldn’t proofread

    • Hi Say What,

      Once again you have me thinking. I’m starting to sway to the other side again thinking yes this could be true. I have seen accidents that just don’t explain themselves and I can not see how they could have happen. The hardest thing for me is not seeing the before with PW, so I can’t get my head around how the hell it happen with all the objects involved.

      Then you see all the mistakes reported and peoples behaviour and then you start questioning things again.

      If things could be more clearer then we could lay this to rest. My guts is telling me their is more to this whole thing with PW accident.

      I have notice watching most of the behind scenes with F&F7 in the making they are doing a lot of filming on public streets.

    • What the fuck kind of person gets out of a wrecked car and leaves a baby in it. Someone needs to take that kid away from her selfish ass.

      • Lol A, I should have taken a pic, but unfortunately the seat was on the center of the car and 2 guys were in the process of climbing the flipped car to get him out. I didn’t see the van door open. I don’t know the rest coz I passed the scene at that point. Me and the person behind me pulled over to offer help. But from our side the ambulance guys and 2 cops started blocking the road so I couldn’t get there to see what happened next. I am just thankful it was not something major.

        • Hold up. She left the kid in an upside down car?! That makes it a billion times worse. I don’t have children, but that kind of worry about yourself before helping a child mentality is so disgusting to me. Apparently I care more about her child than she does.

        • How’d you know the baby was a boy? Who the hell pulls over at an accident to butt in on the emergency services?!

          • Motley2014

            Do you have to be rude to people all the time. You seem to always have venom coming out of your mouth. I get it if someone attacks you on a positive post, go hell for leather on them.

            Sorry if this has upset you but that was down right mean.

          • Motley reminds me of a car lady who lives by herself and is always yelling randomly. She is a hobo in downtown here in my city and everyone knows about her for her lunatic behavior. Why is there always 1 person who kills the good vibes at a discussion site like this. If people have attitude problems, stay in your basement and off your computer. All the poster above talks about is why that accident did not make sense but you found a need to attack. Shows your basic nature why someone like you would not stop and help others. Not sure where you are from Motley but people generally in America stop to help.
            Read this article and see how people stopped to help a dying baby. Some even crossed a highway to help. But I think someone like you won’t understand.
            @ Say what, I agree with many posters here, I enjoy reading your comments and I do see logic in them. However I am sorry I do not see the resemblance you talk about in that death photo.

          • People? All the time? Please tell of who and all these times. If you want to describe challenges to made up stories, venom, then fine, but please make sure your stories make sense and not contradicted. Thank you.

          • Mike?…I seriously doubt that. That’s funny – you talk about how attacking people is bad, yet you seem to think it’s not bad to attack me…and, may I add, personally, which I never did. You’re one mixed up person. Of course, it’s natural to want to help and stop when you come across an accident or someone in distress, and instinctively one would. But come on, whenever have you seen someone in a one-lane traffic stopping mid-stream, holding up the traffic behind them, when the emergency services are already there?!

            …And still no answer as to how the baby was known to be a boy when it wasn’t seen!

          • @R, er, pot – kettle – black — 13th comment down (yours). Rude much.

          • Firstly Motley2014 it is 14th comments down which is directed to DrK not a person commenting on this post. With this said I feel bad I said that now. When I first saw the way the post was written I was a bit piss.

          • @R, lol, of course you feel bad, your true nature’s been busted. …Wondered if you’d pick up on the comment number.

  15. This message is for Motely. Sorry couldn’t ‘reply’ to it straight for some reason.

    Hi Motely, I never said it was on Paul’s chest you can see the leg on his own chest (Roger’s chest). Which according to the photo I posted, you can def not see any legs from the side. Here is the photo again-

    Or try
    ***It’s the first photo

    And you may ask anyone who you feel would be the expertise about this but normally a large and high vehicle has more chances to flip or roll over such as an SUV or a bus. A close to the ground or flatter sports car such as that Porsche doesn’t necessary have to flip. I am not making this up but ask any one around your place who is into cars or even into science if you feel in convinced.. I understand we may all see things differently and in no way I am trying to say you or someone else is wrong but we can try to explain things logically too 🙂 just my 2 cents as I never say that’s how it all went down for sure.

    • at the .20 second mark it shows the picture of Roger’s burned knee. It’s the only thing about this accident that sounds right supporting what the coroner said.

      • Kelis,

        Yes this is the only thing that matches the autopsy. With seeing the burnt knee to me it looks shiny which I would have thought it would me mat and different shape due to the autopsy reports –

        “Charring of entire body with full thickness skin burns deep into mussels soft tissue, and bones.”

        After reading the autopsy report again they state one foot is on a pedal and the other on the floor. The leg that is clearly seen which is not contact to a body near Paul’s leg who does this belong too. Like Ann said above this would mean a extra leg is in this car.

        Does anyone have answers to this as I’m very confused.

        • R,

          Someone said it was an arm but I can clearly see a leg. It does appear to be shiny and it kinda looks small doesn’t it? (the foot) Maybe just me. I always thought the size of the foot and where it’s bend (at the knee area) looked a bit off.

          • And to be clear I’m talking about the picture that shows Paul’s body. When you look at the leg next to him, it looks small. Roger was a tallish guy being around 5-10/6 ft. Can’t remember what people decided on lol

            Say what,

            I know, I’ve been looking at the accident scenes and I didn’t see it either. Some people are saying they see an extra head in the metal of the car but.. I REALLY don’t see an extra head. Just the leg.

        • There’s no extra leg.

          You can clearly see what they’re saying is Paul’s legs. How they bend & go down.

          As far as RR if it’s him that’s not his leg. His leg can be seen well his knee in other pictures when the bodies were covered. That’s his left arm on his chest! Left arm bent at elbow & lying on his chest or off to the side of it with fist clenched. His right arm I am assuming is bent as well to the side. Not going down his side but after bing bent at the elbow it’s straight up in the air. Fist clenched again! This could look like an extra limb I guess or that it’s blended with Paul’s body. It’s just very close in proximity. But it’s defiantly his right arm up. His hands are just clenched & the picture not being clear make them look odd.

      • That’s so weird! Coz if out look at this pic, you can’t see anything from the side view even though you can see the steering wheel.

        Also, R, my professor asked me to email him the picture since he couldn’t see it clearly in my phone and he will look at it and try. I just emailed it to him. Will def post what he says 🙂

    • Did my comment get deleted??

    • Sorry, I fail to see how Roger’s foot/leg could be on his own chest, either. I could ask all the car enthusiasts I know that are into the same cars as P&R, but I doubt they would be able to explain in such detail what this person did in his explanation (with diagrams) regarding the rolling of cars in accidents. If I have time, I will search for the info and post it for you.

      • Mötley you are right it’s not a leg!

        I think what they are seeing is the two arms & fists blended because of poor picture quality!

        You got left arm laying on chest. Fist clenched tightly so it doesn’t look like a hand. Sorry this is kind of bad but more like a balled up nub.

        Then you have his right arm laying next to his side which you can’t see obviously. Bent at the elbow. & then that portion of th arm is sticking straight up. Hope that makes sense! So in certain picture you can differentiate between the two limbs. In other they blend so I guess you think that’s a leg bent backwards & the left fist blending with he right arm & fist is a leg! But I see the two arms & fists!

        • Alex, I’ve tried and tried and tried to see Roger’s ‘body’, but no matter who describes it or how in-depth they go, I’m just not seeing it. What has been described as his head, looks more like a child’s head against what is supposed to be Paul. Also, Paul’s legs were skinny; those are almost twice as thick as his. So I’m not convinced either of them were in that car. Even more so after seeing this:

    • The problem for me is that, people keep saying Roger’s legs are on his chest. I don’t say that’s not true, but on this picture, I see one body and one leg. No chest. I must be blind, but I don’t see it. Somebody can show me that chest please.Where is it?

      • Lilaah

        I’m with you, I have been trying to find Rogers chest but for the life of me I can not see it.

        • Yeap.

        • Hi R, Kelis and Lilaah, I think where I see a chest is, if you saw the second face by Paul’s elbow, follow its neck and then the shoulder on left.

      • This isn’t the clearest but it might help some

  16. I saw this on Adorably Nuts site and gave me goose bumps….

    8 years ago, my daughter was in an accident – suffered a traumatic brain injury, died 3 times and came back. Ever since, she ‘knows’ things. She does not pay attention to the news or world events and only briefly heard about Paul’s accident. She told me yesterday in no uncertain terms, he’s not dead. o_O

  17. My name is Samantha, When I was 8 years old. My family got into an accident and in result of that tragic accident. My sister died. As I was in a coma, I kept redreaming the same dream that I saw months before this all happened. I kept seeing this little girl half way through a windshield of a van but with no face. As I kept repeating the dream in my coma, The little girl picked up her head and it was my sister..She whispered the words “Mommy…? as a stranger walked up to her.

    When I woke up, I was told she died on impact but I kept telling my mom that she was alive but shortly died after. The coroner said it was possible that she was alive for a short few minutes but doubtful. Two years later I dreamed of a lady in the hospital room, no hair, looing at a clock. I heard a long beep as I saw her heartbeat grow weaker. A week after I had that dream, My mother called me to say her sister died 10 minutes before she arrived at the hospital. She died of cancer and the nurse said she was waiting for my mom the whole morning.

    After 4 years of my sister’s death, I ran into an old lady who asked me if I was Samantha Runnels. I asked why. She then told me that she was the stranger who owned the old brisk barn which our van ran into. We talked for a few minutes and I had to as her a difficult question before she walked away. I asked “Please, Diane, Was my sister alive when you first saw the car” She started to cry a little and said “Yes, She asked for her mom and I told her mommy is coming but don’t be afraid. God is with you” It freaked me out but I just thought all of these dreams were a coincidence.

    A few months after a met Paul, I had a dream of a fire with paul talking in the background. saying ” I just want to be normal, I want my life back before it’s over” I couldn’t see a car.. Just trees burning up, people running with fire fighters scattering. Then very fast glimpse of news channels talking about Paul being in a crash. People crying. Right before the dream ended, I saw Paul get into a black car with a weir symbol on the license plate. So when I heard about Paul’s crash.. I remembered the dream. I really hope this is a hoax, I have confidence that it is one.

    I also had a dream just a few days ago of Cody Walker. Something happens with him where there’s a lot of news press on it. So if that does happen in the near future. I’m convinced it’s not real.

    This is the symbol that was on the license plate. It says “Saints” I’m thinking a team or something..

    I know how weird or fake this might sound, None of my friends believe me until they heard about the accident and deaths of my mom’s sister and my own sister. I was known as a “freak” so I won’t be disappointed if none of you believe me. I just thought I just put my two cents in.

    • My words were changed and I didn’t notice until now.. I’m sorry for all the errors.
      I meant “Brick” not Brisk wall

      Plus with the news about Cody, I believe it’s about ROWW.

      • I’m not there for judging you.You have the right to express yourself 😉 There are a lot things we can’t explain in this world…. I personally think that He’s not dead, and wish him all the best.

    • Sorry about your loss Samantha and although as you put it, that is hard to believe, I know what premonitions are.
      Actually one of really good universities ‘Northwestern’ is doing a study on them so tell that to the people who call you freak from now on.
      Going back to Paul, I hope that’s true coz everything that some of my friends and I have heard and researched tell us that it was very plausible which is why I keep coming back to this site to read comments for some good factual news. So far, it has only been ‘it is a hoax coz family and friends should have done this’ or ‘it is a hoax coz will should have been like this’ or ‘this is a hoax coz the car should have done this’. Just saying 🙂
      But except for a few exceptions, I am sure posters on this site will not judge you.

    • Samantha,

      I’m so sorry for your lost and what you have been though. You are not a freak, you have a gift that has been given to you from above. I can relate to you with the dreams as for many years I have dreams of events happening and dreams of people that have passed. I would go into it some more but as like you people that don’t understand seems to make fun of it. Just remember Samantha that it is a special gift.

    • Hi Samantha,

      I’m sorry I am about your loss. I read your comment and wanted to reply to you because I have been researching the symbol on the black car you mentioned in your post by Googling it. I looked at google and the link you also posted and it matches. The symbol is a NFL football club by the name of the New Orleans Saints. Didn’t someone mention he was seen in New Orleans in a post. I think that your dream has given a hint to where Paul Walker may be hiding. Do you remember the model of the car?

  18. sorry say what for my reply to you about paul and jasmine above that wasnt meant to happen

    dont get me wrong i was a fan i was just never a big fan of paul’s never really followed his career but that day i heard the news he died along with his friend roger i actually cried i accepted his death for some reason i found myself crying everyday and not wanting to get out of bed that was until i found that many things about the accident didn’t make sense and still dont and while there are some things that lead me to believe that this is all a hoax i just feel that there is way too many people in on it for it to be hoax his whole family, the fast crew his closet friends he had a lot of close friends from those he grew up with like newt to those he met over the years and remained close with from brendan, jesse , bliss and aubrianna to name a few i get the more people in on it the more convincing it will be but it had me thinking about the people who have actually faked their deaths and been caught months or years later you often find out when the person has been caught that very few people knew about what the person was gunna do because the more people you told or who knew the more you risked having someone slip up and reveal your secret while i do honestly hope paul and roger deaths were a hoax i think until i see actual pictures or videos of either of them alive i’m just gonna accept that both men who were young did pass away in the accident

    • I hear ya littleme and no worries. I have had technical issues while posting comments myself. You know I am leaning more towards ‘he passed away’ but only because even though things don’t add up, they can happen logically. But most posters here present really good facts that are more than ‘this is not how people act when someone passes’ kind of reasons so it keeps me from believing 100%. But in the end we are all here for 1 reason- we all love him so I respect everyone’s opinion (except the negative person’s) I don’t think we will ever get a solid proof of the hoax unless the movie next yr does something magical. But atleast we are in it together. So keep coming back and posting whatever you think of. Most of the posters are not judgmental.. 🙂 that’s why I keep coming to this site hun

  19. This message is for R.
    Thank you for your reply to Motely’s mean comment. I could answer her but I tend to just ignore negativity most of the time coz answering it with more negativity is how it spreads. But thank you to you and many other posters who come here for a healthy discussion. This is about Paul not us 🙂

    • But you did answer. I’m still waiting for your answer on how you knew that baby that you couldn’t see in that car accident was a boy. And you’re right, it is about Paul (and Roger, btw), but you have a tendency to make it about yourself.

    • Hi Say What,

      Thanks sweetie I agree. Motley2014 likes to put people down when she doesn’t agree on a comment. It is not worth responding to her mean comments.

      I’m having a bit of a laugh to myself, if you go to adorably nuts site she is a completely different person there. I know E from that site come here to read comments and others. When they come here they will see the true person she really is.

      • You really don’t like people challenging you, do you. There are many FACTS across this site regarding Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, but when it comes to someone wanting attention so bad that they make up stories that don’t add up, yes, I will point that out. On the other site, people actually provide facts/evidence without these made-up stories or attention-grabbing.

        • Motley2014,

          Firstly everything you are saying is way of base and twisted. I have never on this site challenges anyone. So please get your informing correct.

          I’m on the other site which is called Adorably Nuts…

          You state I make up story’s for attention so bad, show me one of my comments that I have done that.

          You don’t point out things that don’t add up, you degrade people, you are a very abusive person.

          You came on here yesterday and turn this whole post upside down. You have upset another people here so I hope you are proud of yourself.

          • Yes, I know you are on AN.

            I’m still waiting for the answer on how that baby was known to be a boy even though it wasn’t seen in an upside down vehicle? Why is that so hard to answer? Obviously not being able to follow through with a story makes that/other stories from that person seem less credible. After all, wasn’t it said that stories are here to be discussed, yet this particular story, when questioned about it, is to be avoided and not discussed. People can’t have it both ways.

      • High-give at ya R! Watch her/his next comment will be we are one person! Anyway, I just got home and I am watching some Paul Walker home videos- well that’s what I searched on youtube! That man makes you drool!!! ‘Sigh’

      • That high-five comment below was meant to be here. This site can sometimes have technical issues
        I’ll copy paste here again..
        High-give at ya R! Watch her/his next comment will be we are one person! Anyway, I just got home and I am watching some Paul Walker home videos- well that’s what I searched on youtube! That man makes you drool!!! ‘Sigh’

        • Hey Say What,

          Now that would make me laugh. I would never get sleep if I was you as well.

          • Haha. Actually I really do have sleeping problems.. These days I think about our Mr. Walker a lot. But honestly, I kinda feel bad for judging Motely though. Maybe he/she has reasons to be such a negative person. We don’t know each other and def our backgrounds so I’d give her one more chance . For Paul !
            Be the better person, R 🙂

          • One doth protest too much. Lol!

          • Say What,

            I agree with be the better person. My makeup which seems to be my down fall is give person lots of chances. What has happen is now in the pass. Hopefully we all can just have a health negative and positive conversation on the matter at hand.

            Now let me get to you and Kelis about who has Paul. When I was reading your other comments I started laughing my ass off. My husband looked over at me with a strange look.

          • @R, yeah, you be the better people. 13th comment down (just one instance)…abusive and rude, much? Lol!

          • @Motley2014


          • @Motley2014
            Shut the fuck up! You have already been labeled a troll by drk because of your nasty comments. BTW if you have not figured out how @say what knew it was a boy then that’s your own problem. Let me give you a hint:@say what had no idea if the baby was a boy or a girl. He/she picked a gender and told the story. Besides, how do you know @say what was not able to talk to someone “in the know” at the wreck site.

            @E No one hijacked her log in. She would be given the benefit of the doubt if she/he didn’t do this everytime someone disagrees with her/him.

          • Oh dear, someone’s upset that they’ve been caught out. Me the troll?! Lol! So why the anon…name? We all know who you really are. The baby thing was a simple question so why get so upset? And now you’re befriending DrK when you’ve been sagging him off. Geez, you’re mixed up.

          • @Motley
            Get a life for GOD sake! This page was fine until you had to start ripping on @say what and then R
            Simple question? Nope. You were rude for no reason and to keep asking the same question over and over….wow.
            I don’t care who you think I am. I do not think anyone knows who you keep alluding to.
            Sagging dark? Really? Lol.
            You are one messed up and sick puppy.

          • @anonyobdns – very mature. And you think YOU’RE the nice person; I’d hate to see your nasty side. Get over yourself. Not understanding your comment, “Sagging dark?”…care to explain? And fyi I have been on this site since the beginning of the PW hoax. …But I suspect you already know that. At least I’ve got the decency to put up a profile graphic which doesn’t allow me to hide under the cover of numerous names when making comments. Now be brave, people, use profile pic/graphics to distinguish who you really are.

        • Oh Say What, that man just keeps improving with age, so yummy.

          • For everyone who is drooling over Paul, He’s mine O.o Just making that clear.. 😛

          • I swear R, those eyes could melt anyone in their shoes !!! Kelis, I believe you have some decent competition here lol. I am already planning to go back in time, asking him out and then taking him away from everyone :p can the scientists plz invent time machine and cure for cancer already plzzzz 🙂

          • Lol Kelis…..every-time I read it again I crank up laughing again.

          • Say What & Kelis,

            You guys have me laughing so much I can’t type this. While you both go at it I will sneak in and steal him. Mahahahahaha

          • R,

  ! I’m going to start traveling the world and try to find him. If he is alive, I’ll keep him in my secret Cabin by the Lake. He’s already reported to be gone… this is the perfect time to steal him for myself ^_^ How are close family and friends going to report a dead man going missing?? Muaha All mine I say!

            Oh, I’m scaring myself… and pretty sure Paul’s scared too if he see’s this. lol

          • say what,

            I’ll make a deal with you. If you find a time machine. We can both go back, get him, and share custody of him haha He’ll stay with me on weekends 😉

      • @R
        Hello, this is probably going to be the only time I comment here, but yes I do read the comments here to see if anyone has any insights we haven’t covered on the other site. I’m not going to comment on any other users here because maybe someone hijacked someone else’s username and is impersonating them, idk. I’m just going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Anyways to whoever wants to join our conversations on the other site is more than welcome to if you have anything to add in a respectful and peaceful manner. We like to bounce ideas off of each other.
        “R” if you haven’t already joined the other site then you are more than welcome to, as well as any others who would like to join in. I’m sure there are people here who are new and I am just letting them know they are welcome. Thanks!

        • Thank you E,

          I’m truly thinking of not coming here anymore as it seems some people seem to like to abuse and degrade other people. I will probably get attact on this comment as well. See you E over at AN.

          • @R
            Please don’t leave because of 1 person that no one gets along with. I like reading what you post.

          • Thank you so much Anonyobdns,

            It’s very hard to continue the conversation of PW when you have someone being abusive and degrading. Thank you for your support

          • Hi Say What & Kelis,

            Thanks guys, you both are just wonderful people. You both have me laughing so much. I just hope Drk can control this bad behaviour as it is really getting out of hand.

            Seems our time machine is getting extremely full, we have ME, Kelis, Say What and anonyodbs. Gee our Paul is going to be a very busy man 🙂

          • @R, what DrK needs to do is sort out his log-in system. He should put a stop to allowing people to change the name everytime they make a comment. And he should also enforce different profile graphic IDs with each log-in email address.

  20. Oh dear, it would seem someone is having discussions with herself again as a way of seeming to get praise or followers to her comments, only this time using different names from the first nodisinfo Paul Walker pages. Sad.

    • Do you think so ? Loooool. If that’s true. Lord help us.

    • Motley,

      Who are you talking about when you say “having discussions with herself”? I’m confused O.o

      • It’s not that hard to identify, if you look closely enough and know about human nature. Plus, there’s another way, which I can’t reveal.

      • Kelis,

        Maybe it me because I love talking to myself as I ALWAYS
        get the right answers and I ALWAYS agree with myself.. Lol

        • LOL!!

    • Motley2014

      i often change my name because i get bored sometimes using the same name but i personally don’t do it as a way of having discussions with myself or as a way to get praise or followers to my comments so please don’t feel if you meant me that that is what i am doing

      • Wait! You are littleme aaand?

        • Jesus wept, now you’ve got to be kidding?! How many more names are YOU going to be using?!!!

          • MOTLEY2014

            i was using one name and than someone else came to this site and starting using it so i stopped using that one anyway until i posted comments under littleme i hadn’t posted here in weeks and why does it matter how many names i use like i said it’s not like i post comments to have discussions with myself or as a way to get praise or followers to my comments if you have a problem with me or with me using different names than go report me to DrK

          • @littleme, sweetheart, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. It wasn’t me that accused you of being someone else, it was the ‘Lilaah’ (see post above mine).

          • MOTLEY2014

            couldn’t reply to your comment below mine but didn’t you write Jesus wept, now you’ve got to be kidding?! How many more names are YOU going to be using?!!! it’s why i replied to your comment Lilaah was just asking what were my other names truth i’ve only used 3 names i don’t wanna argue i really didn’t come here to argue and i;m sorry if my comment came across like i was accusing you of saying i was someone else

  21. Whatever Motley! Anyways, moving on..
    Did anyone see this??

    I think this guy MIGHT be talking about Nute crying towards the end?
    What do you guys think?

    • I believe you are right Say what, Videos like this make me think it’s real but then again of course people will have video of the accident in person. Someone was saying “They were racing, they were all together and then we heard a big boom” or something like that. I viewed the second link to his second video. That’s where I heard that. We already know they were NOT racing on that day, maybe Torp when he first started to talk? wouldn’t surprise me.

      • That’s not normal. No CCTV cameras filming the crash , not ONE! Near a business park,not far from a charity event, organized by a hollywood star…. Sorry but noooope!

      • Thanks Kelis, I just had a thought when I read your comment and you mentioned Torp.

        Going with if the accident really happened, could it be that they were all racing and the accident happened?

        That would explain the following:
        1- you can see another car leaving in one of the pics that came out when Paul and Roger were leaving- think it was black
        2- the car speeding
        3- the car spinning out of control
        4- the cars that came to the scene right away coz they were actually around
        5- they heard an ‘explosion’ even though if you look at Google map, you can see the AE building is on the opposite side of the crash site
        6- Torp making stories up – to cover the truth, since his own son apparently was one the first to get there/was part of race?
        7- no other surveillance videos. I know we can’t see other cars before the impact in the videos that were made public, but they could be edited?
        8- no other witnesses were interviewed
        9- maybe when the crew and family got together at the crash site, they were celebrating his life and the legacy he left behind. They knew he died doing what he loved
        10- in the video where you see Paul by the Porsche, people behind him seem to be standing as if they are an audience, standing on the side
        11- the car drive by all the car enthusiasts as tribute coz they lost 2 of their own kind while street racing

        Yes I know the cops rules that out already but we don’t have the official investigation report. Lets not forget cops go by the scene and witnesses before to make their report. People were already saying they weren’t racing as a cover-up by then. Also, yes the autopsy reports don’t make sense and I am unable to think for any explanation for those. I also know that TMZ maybe faked the document but to me that shows they maybe faked them to be first to post them as they are known to be the first in posting stuff. More interestingly, If you contact the social security administration, you can find out that not all deaths are recoded on the death index. Doesn’t mean those folks with missing death record are alive. If you call the Carfax folks, they will tell you, they collect information from different sources. If someone hasn’t contacted anyone about any accident or work on their cars, no body will know about them and hence the Carfax reports won’t have them

        Maybe this was a coverup to not let his reputation tarnish? Maybe since it was known that people street raced on that loop, they didn’t want to bring light to the fact the city could have done something more serious to prevent street racing?

        Just a thought! I love and miss Paul 🙁

        • Say what,

          It could be possible that everyone who were there could be covering up for them but people in near by businesses said they didn’t hear anything until the Carrera started to lose control and I also heard that the Carrera was sold at this event. I wouldn’t think Roger and Paul would take a car out if it’s not theirs in the first place to race? I’ve seen pictures of A&E garage and it doesn’t make sense on why he would take someone else’s car instead of racing one of his own cars? Maybe I’m not a dare devil like Paul is/was but I’d save the racing for another day if The event was for charity..

          This whole thing is giving me a headache lol

          And yeah… I miss Paul too.. and not being able to completely decide on what I believe kills it even more..

          • Guess you are right Kellis! I am glad I bring up stuff here and I get proven wrong. I am more towards on the ‘he has passed’ side but when I hear your thoughts on mine, it helps.

          • @Say what, SAY WHAT?! LOL!

        • Say what,

          I’ve also been proven wrong and that’s why I like this site. I don’t mind being proved wrong. I’m on the fence about this, one day I’m on the “It’s a hoax” and on the next day I think “Oh, Lord…He’s gone..” I want to be proven right or proven wrong. Hate this middle crap. :/

          A lot of people who are on the Adorably Nuts blog thinks he may have pulled this off to end his career and for his last F&F movie but I think that would be a little extreme to do all of this for a movie? but then again, do we really know the real Paul? I just hope he’s happy.. In heaven or on this crazy world with us. Roger too!

          • Yes Kelis, in the end of it all, I hope he’s happy in either world too 🙂 you know ever since this has happened, I have felt a change in me – to be nice to others as much as I can – although I admit I am no way close to being perfect ! But Paul is the only actor who’s that influence on me. Even my 5 best friends think I am changing. I asked them to call me Mrs. Walker once lol

          • SAY WHAT?! You’ve lost the plot! We’ve gone from discussing whether this was a hoax to you walking him down the aisle! I’ve heard it all, now! Loll!

  22. There was supposedly a sighting of him in New Orleans riding a bike. It was a post on the forum for a website called It said that he winked at the two girls who saw him and kept riding or something like that.

    • Samantha, that comment was for you but it didn’t let me reply under your comment for some reason. Anyway that’s interesting you saw that symbol. Check out that post.

      • SER0327,

        Thank you for that! I am glad there’s something that relates to my dream. I really hope he is alive and well. I know everyone based on their comments are split in the middle on whether or not they believe this accident is real. I know accidents don’t always make sense, I’ve been in one myself as I explained earlier on this post.

        I saw Kelis’s post and I forgot all about Paul selling the Porsche on that day. I have heard mixed stories saying Paul sold it to someone during an auction before leaving and the other story says Roger bought and resold it? Don’t know which is true. I don’t believe Roger would take a car out if he didn’t own it, especially if the person who bought it was not a close friend of his.

        I’m not able to get on here til late at night but I loved reading everyone’s opinions and facts that they have found. I’ve learned more about Paul after all of this searching. Look forward to more discussions with you guys!

    • Hi ser0327, I respect your emotions hun but try not tidal for those till you have a proof coz it would hurt you if you found out they made it up. They might be right but just saying for your sake as I know like me you also want it to be true. I read this article where a psychic saw and talked to Paul and Roger and mentioned stuff like Roger told her it was not his fault, it happened suddenly, something was wrong with the brakes. Even for someone like me who doesn’t believe 50% it could be hoax it was hard to believe.
      Here is the link to that article

      • I agree with not believing anything until there’s some kind of proof.. some people say “He told me he’s passed on in my dreams” then others say “I saw him… he’s alive” either they mean seeing him in person or visualizing it through some super power way. BTW I am not directing this at Sam or anyone else. I’m saying this in general. I know a few stories about this stuff going around online but I doubt all of those people are actually telling the truth. Some stories are believable.. I just rather stick to facts and opinions.. Something that came to mind when I read that story (the one Say what posted) I thought, Why does Paul and Roger talk to so many people about this? I’d think they’d want to be left alone.

        I can relate a little to Sam sense my little nephew seems to think he saw Paul getting into a black car but Like I said, I don’t know. I don’t mind reading these stories sense I think it’d be pretty cool to be able to connect with Paul and talk to him 🙂 I’d feel like crap if Paul’s watching me now saying “No, how could you think I would do this. It was an accident” So if you are gone Paul, I’m sorry for thinking this:/

        • Kelis, if this psychic did talk to Paul and Roger, she should have approached their families instead of putting it online. Even if it is to guess she did, it is hard to believe they have her permission to post it on the internet. Just a though!

  23. Who da troll this Motley? Dude chill you livin in your ma’s basement? I read comments here man dis ain’t right. Let da 2 guy rest in peace. My gal lives in the area and she say people talked for days over beer dey went racing man.

    • Steve-o, U da troll! Lol!

    • Steve,

      No one can really believe what anyone says until you provide proof and yes, it’s very easy to say “Oh, they were racing” but is there proof? There’s very little video of what happened on that day and no cars were racing pass them as it happened and businesses around the area (the ones who were open that day) didn’t hear any car until the Carrera crashed/tried to stop. I see photo’s of cars leaving in front of them but the event was slowing down with only 40mins left to it. People could have started to leave to go home or had other plans that day.

  24. Again this site goes over the crash scene!!!!!! How many times you gonna revisited and actually show us after did you know that paul and roger not on the forest lawn site but there is a Pauline buried 2013 at Hollywood hills. Is there any links of pictures paul spotted after death?? I’m posting on here because I for some reason can’t post on anuts. So hoping some1 from there will see this and realise there’s a prob with posting anon on there as I ain’t joined up to the other sign ins. You need to look after the crash because your posts are getting boring and going over the same stuff again and again

    • @anon14

      You need to have an OpenID or a google account to comment over on Adorably Nuts. Just sign up ( it takes like 2 seconds) for a fake account..they just want to avoid everyone just saying their name is “anon” ..that makes it hard when you are trying to have a conversation!

      • Cheers done that now. I don’t really like or visit this site a lot now coz if u put your views across and they don’t like it or it’s not their version I find you get a lot of abuse and at anuts they take all views on board no offence dr k

  25. R and Kelis, I do hope Paul didn’t read our comments about who owns him hahha, he’d make sure he is never found then. But yes Keli’s, it’s a deal.. I am just waiting for that machine! And R you can always visit us 😉 I bet your husband thinks we are loonies about Paul haha.
    Paul if you are alive and reading this, can you plz just come out already or atleast give us a sign secretly? We can come to you without any problems 🙂
    Thx for this guys!

    • @Say What you seem a bit obsessed with PW being dead and btw PSYCHICS ARE NOT to be trusted..look what sylvia brown predicted and abt the abductions of the 3 girls abt one of them being dead abducted by Angel Castro

      • Hi theTruth- You got half part correct. I am obsessed about him but not about his death. Infact we all are here coz we want him to be alive. Oh and trust me I don’t buy what psychics say. No offense to any psychics but just not my cup of tea. Did you know Sylvia also once predicted her own death but she passed away before that. It was in the news. So yeah I am with you on that.
        And yes I don’t mind being a freak about a handsome guy as Paul. Guilty as charged 😉

    • @Say What youre a bit obsessed with PW u freak being dead and PSychics are not to be trusted!Google Sylvia Brown and her false productions

    • The husband’s not the only one! Lol!

      Paul, stay put. As you can see, it’s not safe for you to surface just yet. 🙂

    • I’m a bit obsessed with Paul (not sure if Obsessed if the word but seems to fit me lately lol) because you know how just about every women have a “dream” man? Well, Paul fit my dream man in just about every way possible. Handsome, humble, smart and the list goes on.

      Say what,

      I’ve been searching for the same thing ( a sign that he’s okay) I keep thinking Tyrese might be a good one to follow. Maybe he’ll have some clues or hints on his media pages.

      Oh, Motley..We just want to talk to Paul and help him out… I promise 😉 lol

      • I agree Kelis, which is why I spend some of my free time watching his videos- didn’t Tyrese delete his videos on Facebook recently?

        • Say What,

          Yes, he did delete a few videos. I’m not sure why those specific ones but he deleted them after his manager said he wanted Tyrese to stop making videos and posting them. I don’t know why his manager would care about his facebook or what he posts.

    • @SAY What shut up already. You can believe PW dead but damn stop trying to be a Debbie Downer and shove it down peoples throat. Im no huge fan of PW but I sure Believe hes alive. ..major discrepencies…

      sorry for the spelling, Im from Brazil

      • Loll! You took the words right out of my mouth!

        • @Motley2014

          someone needs to tell @Say What that. Shes OBSESSED WITH pw BEING DEAD, Dr. K we have another Debbie Downer troll lol

          • Just a tad. 🙂 …I think somebody already has.

      • Someone had to say it. I don’t even get why this person keeps coming here when they believe he’s dead. Really annoying.

  26. This message is in response to
    anonyobdns on February 23, 2014 at 3:49 pm
    Thanks hun! You are absolutely right about me not knowing gender and I just selected one to tell the story. I just didn’t want to answer to Motely since she (do not know Motley’s gender but I choose –she’ coz if her attitude.
    I like it when people can admit we don’t know each other and are here for a single reason with million different thoughts. So there is no need to be rude. Thanks again 🙂
    Now for R, plz don’t leave. Ignore people who can’t be nice. It shouldn’t stop you from being who you are and remember you also have excellent points to share.. so don’t go. Kelis and I can’t share Paul with anyone else lol

    • @say what
      🙂 I was getting a kick out of yours, R and Kellis time travelling kidnapping plans. Count me in!

      • Hi Anonyobdns,

        Thank you for your posts above, I really appreciate your support.

        • @R
          I am so happy you are still here!

    • @say what
      I am sorry to ask you this question again (about the pics of the bodies). I wish there was a way to trace out RR. That might be the thing that sways me into believing he is gone 🙁

      • No worried hun, If you look at the second photo above, that is Roger’s face and shoulder. Almost towards the right bottom corner, you can see the forehead and then the pointy nose as if he is looking upwards. If you can see his nose, the cheek is where a cheek should be.
        Atleast that’s what I see, but we all see what we want to see so if you can’t, it’s ok, I’m not offended 🙂

        • @say what
          I guess I must be super slow. Hopefully someone will come along and offer us a clearer pic (I could only hope) but thank you for your help and letting us know what your professor said that has helped me tremendously 🙂

        • @ say what

          I think I have it now. I am just copy and pasting a section of Paul’s autopsy:

          The decedent was located lying
          supine in the passenger seat, The top of his head was facing west. His right arm was bent at
          the elbow with his right hand in the air, parallel with the central portion of his torso. His left arm
          was bent at the elbow with his left hand on the ground, just above the other decedent’s head.
          Both of his legs were bent at the knees with both of his feet resting on the passenger floorboard.

          So, you were definitely looking in the right place. I just wish that I could see Roger’s autopsy to compare.

          Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate your knowledge 🙂

          • Anonyobdns,

            Here is Roger Rodas autopsy report.


            With seeing Roger in the car this is what I’m seeing from what Say What explain.

            If you look in the curve of Paul’s armpit, you may need to enlarge slightly and stare like 3D and refocus, this I did a few time then pick this up. There is the forehead, eye sockets, nose and right cheek. Left cheek is almost lay covered my Paul’s inner arm.

            The size is what threw me as it looks small but if you cover a head and half of you face it my look this small.

            Let me no if you can find it. Even now I sometime hard to pick it up. I still can not find his body parts, only that spare leg that belongs to someone.

    • R,

      Don’t leave here. I’ve only seen one person who seems to be causing trouble with you and a few others. I don’t like confrontation, especially online. I enjoy being able to talk with you about my opinions and get a response without judging. I do go on Adorably’s blog but when it comes to the bodies or a few things about his personal life, they don’t like to discuss it. To me, talking about the bodies and keeping up with what his family is up to might give us a hint on what’s real.
      I’ll be checking the blog on a regular basis but Might not comment often. Either way I look forward to seeing more from you.

      Say what,

      If only Albert Einstein was able to build a time machine. All of these “What if'” kind of questions and thoughts wouldn’t exist.. 😉

      I’ll share Paul.. As long as he knows I’m his favorite :X

      • Posted this in the wrong area above —

        Hi Say What & Kelis,

        Thanks guys, you both are just wonderful people. You both have me laughing so much. I just hope Drk can control this bad behaviour as it is really getting out of hand.

        Seems our time machine is getting extremely full, we have ME, Kelis, Say What and anonyodbs. Gee our Paul is going to be a very busy man 🙂

        • @R
          Lol! All we need is 3 more and each one of us could have his undivided attention 24hours straight


          We could keep him at my house…I promise to share lol

          • Anonyobdns,

            Lol 🙂 🙂

            Oh that’s a no no, he can not go to your house. I see this trap your weaving.. I MUST bring him to my house in sunny Queensland Australia, we have lots of beaches and water sports and lots more which will please him no end.

            Say What said she likes Aussie accents so this maybe my advantage point with PW to be the favourite (sorry Kelis) but I will share, promise with no fingers crossed. I will even go the whole way with the Aussie slang “G’day Mate” and supply everyone with thongs (for your feet, not the other).

          • @R

            But.but.but….I promised 😉

      • Kelis, he will have my permission to call you his favorite 😉 :p

        • @Say what

          That time machine ready? I am dying to know what those strong arms feel like lol

    • @Say What its BECAUSE not coz lol sorry thats a pet peeve of mine, that word

      • Lol! You’re cracking me up! Anon14 uses “coz” as well. Weird that.

  27. Hi guys,

    Have a look at this photo far right, what is that person wearing?

    • R,

      That’s interesting. I’ve seen this photo so many times but didn’t notice that guy in the corner.. Looks like he’s wearing all white. Maybe a little baggy like a suit?

    • Actually, when I look at it closer, it looks like he’s wearing something darker underneath the white clothing? Maybe just the blurriness.

      • Kelis,

        I’m like you, I have see this many times too but have never pick up on this. I’m not sure but it looks like to me someone in a fire-suit but could be wrong.

        I can see the black on the back part, maybe it’s shadowing from something.

        I’ll keep looking and see if I can find any other pics that maybe a bit more clearer.

    • Hi R, glad you are back hun 🙂 I think this pic is from a video. I will try to find it and post. But you can see this guy in it. He is actually just a big guy wearing white shirt and light colored pants ..

  28. Ok guys, as mentioned earlier, I am posting what my professor said about the body pic. Plz note he is an expert on this subject with several decades of experience in biology and sciences and has done research work for ages in our university- has double PhD. He is well respected due to his seniority on the subject. So even though he is no coroner, I respect his educated opinion and the fact he took time to explain.
    So – to all of us who thought the bodies should have shrunk or atleast be all dark and charred, we really need to learn more about levels of a burn. I know I do! A body won’t automatically shrink, it has levels/degrees and guess what, in all levels, it will turn red and swollen. So although the red lights were on from the fire truck, it just made the red more visible.
    Chk this, the first degree burns are red and swollen and painful but there are no blisters. The second degree burns are red and swollen, and very painful. This is when body starts blistering. Third degree burns are where the skin becomes black and leathery, it could still be red. It is less painful because at this point the nerves have been destroyed. It’s beyond this level where we see the charred, dried out stick like figure which means the body was in fire for a long time.
    When he saw the pic, he said he could tell 2 things by looking at it.
    1- the bodies did not burn for a long time but that does not mean the fire was not intense
    2- different parts of the body have different degrees of burn
    He talked more about ‘Paul’s’ since it was visible. He said that he thinks the fire was more intense towards the face area. I didn’t show him any more accident pics so he doesn’t know the fire details but he said chances are the fire was an inferno on the side it started which he thinks was by the face and when it spread forward, emergency crew probably came and controlled it. So in other words, the faces or the upper part burnt for longer time than the lower part comparatively, if that makes sense. At no point did he say they looked fake but he explained the body def looked red and swollen as I asked him why the leg look like there were pants on it. According to him, that was normal.
    He does not know about the autopsy report so we didn’t talk about it and neither did we have time to discuss it as we talked before a review session for an exam tomorrow. But if you have more questions, you guys can also research online about burns or even talk to a local fireman- they are usually very friendly and helpful.
    By the way, I know many of you did not see Roger’s face or chest but surprisingly he did. No he didn’t say that was Roger but said there’s another body right there. So here’s another attempt to show what we see. If you look at the second photo on the link below, that is Roger’s face and shoulder. Almost towards the right bottom corner, you can see the forehead and then the pointy nose as if he is looking upwards. If you can see his nose, the cheek is where a cheek should be.
    No worries, if you cant see it, I just thought I’d try one last time.
    Anyways guys, for me, the way he explained all this to me was very convincing. Those are real bodies, if not Paul’s then atleast somebody’s.
    I am not enforcing this opinion upon you but it has made me almost fully convinced that the tragic accident happened and unfortunately they did pass away. Yes we don’t have more footage to prove it but think about it, have we ever seen any celebrity death footage in the past?? The city folks only release what they think is enough for us and I doubt the will release anything till the investigation is ongoing. Maybe my thought that I shared with Kelis about Paul and Roger street racing and everyone covering up is hitting close to home? I mean I am not sure how many of you are from the US but we really have pretty knit communities here where people would keep secrets about it. And the area where this happened is a tight knit Hispanic community. According to my friend who moved to Valencia from Bakersfield, they are really nice and live like families. The guys are like brothers to each other. So my point is, if they are all telling different stories like no one saw or heard anything, it could all be a cover-up to save their beloved Paul’s, Roger’s and their city’s reputation.
    As much as this hurts, I am almost coming to terms with it as I type. To me I think we did lose him and his friend regardless of how they went.
    I am sorry if this hurts anybody’s feelings and trust me I am not enforcing this opinion upon you but as I always say, lets think logically.
    Yes people have tried to fake stuff before, but to think about it why would he get out of earning a living when he knows it would fund all his other activities. You can only do so much charity if you have resources yourself- just saying! Besides, many people didn’t know about him till this accident so why would he have a hard time to retire or be less present in the movies if that’s what he wanted? I feel so sad!! 🙁

    • Say What,

      Thank you so much for all this information. It was very interesting and sad at the same time to read it. I’m starting to wonder that yes maybe they are covering up things to hind the real reason how this accident happen. Maybe this is why their are so many gaps and mistakes in the reporting. If this is the case why would they hide the facts with Roger driving, if it was Paul driving I would totally understand them coving up.

      Was Roger well known in this area, and to my understanding Paul was. Sorry I’m a Aussie so I have no clue of this area.

      • Say what,

        Thank you for posting.
        If this was a cover up because of racing, wouldn’t we see other racers going by them as they crashed? I found the original video of the crash and it took a minute and 12 seconds before anyone was spotted heading towards them. It’s hard to tell because Paul’s and Roger’s A&E building was only down the it’s hard to judge what happened by the time difference on if the cars were close because of racing or close because they were only down the road.

        I’m on the fence but again, I find it hard for Paul to be the type to fake his death.. Then something will pop out and make me believe he could/would.

        • Hi Kelis and your welcome. Here’s my assumption to your question (I can only assume since I wasn’t there right?:) )
          Maybe they were first so far?? Everyone else was kinda behind them?
          Maybe the video that was released was somewhat edited? Many people have claimed that they could tell the video if the impact was edited ??!
          I try to look at every point and see if it can be explained and so far everything except a few points can be explained logically. I still can’t explain myself the autopsy reports if it makes you feel any better??!

        • Hi Kelis, I had replied to you but can’t find it.. I hate tech problems on this site

          • Say what,

            I see your reply, lol I’m with you on the Autopsy… When I looked up the coroner’s name, supposedly he has a lo of experience as a coroner. I don’t understand how he managed to make so many mistakes. The only thing that seems to match up so far is the position of Roger’s legs and Paul’s position. Mainly the obvious facts lol

      • Your welcome R! I had replied to your comment but can’t see it 🙁 ugh!!’

    • Interesting thank you. But I still believe it was staged. Don’t forget the accident took place near Santa Clarita studios… plus all the nonsence surrounding that accident… Just a little bit too much for me.
      Hollywood have the power to make fake things, become “real”. It’s all about illusion and the way you perceive things.

      “How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?  Four.  Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.  ~Abraham Lincoln”

      Yeah that’s true.

      Well, it’s just my opinion. I respect yours.

      • Thank you Lilaah! I appreciate you respecting mine 🙂 I understand yours too

      • Lilaah,

        That is very true about Hollywood.

        I’m just so confused on what is facts and what is fiction.

      • I like that quote from Abraham Lincoln!

        • Yes, a very clever man…

        • Yes, a very clever man….

    • Like you said, if the bodies didn’t shrink, then it’s probably not them. PW made a documentary a few years ago about homeless people. So he’s well aware of the huge numbers of homeless in LA (it’s actually the homeless capital of the country). There are probably a couple that die every day. As fucked up as it sounds, that is probably what went down if those were real bodies in the fire.

      This came out a few days after the crash. Odds are…if they were real…they used one of these. They were going to be cremated anyway. Sorry to be blunt with that. Just being honest.

      • A,

        It does sound horrible.. but they also use (mostly homeless bodies) for science like Universities. So it could be possible to use real bodies for a hoax.


    I saw this on Adorably Nuts blog.. Some people believe that they see smoke bombs being set off with people calmly walking around. I forgot all about the fire extinguishers.. Why wasn’t there any white residue on the car or anything for that matter?

    • Kelis,

      The thing I can not get my head around is how calm they are walker around. I understand people react different ways but I really find that strange. The way it looks it does look like someone is setting of smoke bombs. I’m trying to think what would come of the car that would look like small smoke bombs.

  30. Thanks for reading R, I know it’s sad! 🙁

    In an effort to answer your question about Roger, actually he was the one who is from Santa Clarita, so I am guessing being a local and Hispanic, he probably had more friends from that area than Paul. Remember they both were co-owners on AE so people knew them both well.
    Oh and on a side note, it’s so awesome you’re an Aussie. I love the accent there 🙂

    And Kelis, good point hun! I tried to put some pictures together in order to show you my point. I don’t think that all fire extinguishers leave a cream-like residue. It can be white powdery substance if that’s what you meant?!
    So basically as per the story goes, the crash happened and friends came with extinguishers to help. This is before the emergency crew got to the scene right?
    Now look at these photos-

    1- This is how an aftermath of a fire extinguisher being used can look-
    aftermath of fire extinguisher
    *its under Causes if you expand it
    *its the 6th photo from the bottom

    2- this is how Paul and Roger’s car looked after the friends worked on it in order to help-
    * the second photo on this page, you can actually clearly see white powder on the hood and by the driver’s side
    *more clear pic

    3- Now remember this was all before the fire fighters got there and then when they did, we all have seen pictures of them putting water on the car through the hoses. Those pictures after the fact wouldn’t show much white stuff anyways coz it’s all watered on.
    *second pic in this page
    *you can still see some remnants of the white stuff

    • Say what,

      Thank you for your response. Yes, I can see how this could have happened.

      You are right, I still look through the autopsy and try to answer the mistakes that were made. So far i have no luck with it.

  31. You may have seen this photo before but this is the first time for me.

    • R,

      I have never seen that photo before.. The only thing I can think of is they put that tent up on the night his family and fast family were showing up to show their respects to Paul but then again, there’s a picture of Paul with signatures on it. I don’t think they had that until the racer’s gathered in California which was days after his family went to the scene.

  32. I agree Kelis and it’s my first time checking it too, R

  33. @SayWhat, hun, in your own words, “Please know I am not trying to prove you or anyone wrong but trying see if anything can be explained”…

    It’s nice that you say you’re happy when people prove you wrong because for anyone new to this site, relying on that film clip you provided and insisted is “the actual F&F7” trailer could have been embarrassing, as, courtesy of another member, they pointed out is clearly a mixture of Paul’s work. (Sorry, that sounds worse than I actually meant.)

    Regarding that video of the fire (that you linked to) and the figure behind the flames that you stongly state isn’t a figure at all but is really just fire, can I ask why you think it can’t be a person? I have seen many fires of that strength, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen one in the shape of a human being before, moving around like that one.

    I was getting really excited that I may now be able to identify Roger in the car by the link you provided to a photo ( ) but unfortunately, it didn’t take me to a photo. I was so looking forward to seeing that, in particular because I’ve been looking high and low for it and especially after reading your comments:

    1) “If you look at the second photo on the link below that is Roger’s face and shoulder. Almost towards the right bottom corner, you can see the forehead and then the pointy nose as if he is looking upwards. If you can see his nose, the cheek is where a cheek should be.

    2) “…you see the body of Paul walker almost like he was sitting and then fell backwards. That also shows why we can see Roger’s foot on his chest. His body was lifeless when the car finally rested and he fell backwards so his legs fell on top”

    Sadly, I was taken back to the Autopsy Reports when kellis, and then A, reminded us that the Coroner commented that “both legs were bent at the knees with the right foot on the pedal and left on the floorboard”.

    3) “…you will see another burnt face (almost the same size as the first face) by Pail’s left elbow. Can you seriously not see the cheek part and see no resemblance to the cheeks in photo 18 above?? I showed this photo to people who don’t follow this ‘hoax’ at all and as soon as they saw the ‘bodies’ they were like that’s him no doubt- I am not kidding you.” Sorry, but if I was to believe they really did die and burnt in that crash, then my money’s on the experienced person here, and that’s the coroner.’”

    I applaud your friends in identifying “him” because I then remembered the A-Reports and all the inaccuracies surrounding them. This kind of proves to me that the Coroner wasn’t doing their job correctly as Paul and Roger were described as ‘unidentifiable – needing their dental records to identify them’.

    I have to say that I’m with kelis in that, ‘If this was a cover up because of racing, wouldn’t we see other racers going by them as they crashed?’ (She found the original video of the crash and it took a minute and 12 seconds before anyone was spotted heading towards them.) I also have a friend who used to live in Valencia (she’s since moved to Colorado) – she’s not Hispanic, though. She doesn’t buy into the ‘close-knit family’ theory. She says the place has around 150,000 people living there and says it would be impossible to have a tight-knit community that size where even the police would keep the authorities in the dark.

    So perhaps your thinking…

    “…thought that I shared with Kelis about Paul and Roger street racing and everyone covering up is hitting close to home because in the US but we really have pretty knit communities here where people would keep secrets about it. And the area where this happened is a tight knit Hispanic community. According to my friend who moved to Valencia from Bakersfield, they are really nice and live like families. The guys are like brothers to each other. So my point is, if they all telling different stories like no one saw or heard anything, it could all be a cover-up to save their beloved Paul’s, Roger’s and their city’s reputation”.

    ..could be a little bit redundant?

    Lilaah also pointed out something interesting…“But I still believe it was staged. Don’t forget the accident took place near Santa Clarita studios… plus all the nonsence surrounding that accident… Just a little bit too much for me. Hollywood have the power to make fake things, become “real”. It’s all about illusion and the way you perceive things.”
    …And then there was that gym that closed around noon and reopened late that afternoon, which was an unusual thing for them to do. All of the Nodisinfo stories that have gone before this one point out a ton of discrepancies/reasons that it could be a hoax. Trouble is, for some reason, the same stories keep getting dredged up but we get nowhere closer to finding out the real truth. Could we start looking at something new, perhaps?

    Apologies if this was a little long for some people.

    • Motley,

      I believe everyone who says they see Roger are referring to the 5th photo from the top of this post. Unless it’s a photo of Paul’s body again from a different angle? If that is the photo of roger’s body, I can make out what a few people see.

      I’m starting to think that DK was on to something after all… The smoke bombs, autopsy mistakes, family reaction (I now families react differently but some of their reactions were odd to me) and so on. I forgot about the weird hours of the gym and that Paul’s charity hours changed. Someone said it was suppose to start at 8am and end around noon but it was later scheduled to end around 4pm.

      The owner of the business next to the charity event said he saw the Carrera GT leave a minute or two before he heard a crash.

      A few facts that are being pointed out on this site makes me think they passed away but There’s just so many coincidences surrounding this accident. It’s unreal.

      • He was hardly 40, and was supposed to stop doing movies this year, then died in his favorite car , with a very good friend, at a charity event ( One important thing in their lives), surrounding by a lot of friends. Calculated?

        I read that Paul went with Roger because of the car problems, but also because he has never been in a C.GT. He was rich, it was his favorite car, and never had the opportunity to buy one? As a car nuts, I find it odd. I wonder if Paul was the owner of the C.GT. actually…

        • Lilaah,

          I read that the car stalled because the employee who tried backing it up was not able to handle the powerful car. Roger was backing it up into the garage when Paul asked to go out for a quick drive. I heard Paul was the one selling the Porsche, they never said Always Evolving.. Just Paul. Don’t know how true this is but thought I’d bring it up. This would explain why authorities say the Porsche had not malfunctions at the time.

          • I wonder too if that storie of the porsch already sold is true … They had no reasons to go so fast with a car already sold.

            Would you by an expensive car to someone who have the reputation to drive very fast, with a vehicle you have just bought?

            We’re talking about business after all.

            Wich credibility would they had?

      • @Motley2014 I agree!!! No offense, people are so ignorant, OPEN YOUR EYES , I think PW is out there

        • Very true! All I had to see was that lady pouring red liquid or fake blood onto the stretchers and then laying the white sheet over the bodies and watching it leak through! That was all I needed plus all the HAPPY faces. What a disgusting human being you would have to be to be a part of it.

          • Yes, Rona, that liquid episode was weird. It was said by someone on this site that it was put on the bodies because of the decomposing smell, but when I asked someone at work, they said they rub orange gel underneath their noses (across the top of their lip) to stop them from breathing in the scent.

        • For me PWBELIEVER, the discrepancies outweigh what are supposed to be the ‘facts’ in this case. …And it’s going to take a lot for someone to prove to me those discrepancies aren’t real. Does that make sense? Well it does in my head. Lol!

          • Yeah kind of lol

      • Sorry, kelis, I’m still not getting it. I think the big ‘body’ in the fifth picture down is a close up of what they said is Paul?

        Some people have also said that the charity event was moved from a different day. So many stories from so many people! Hard to know what or who to believe!

  34. Hi Guys
    Here video is of F&F7 shooting footage.

    • My first thought was “Damn. What a waste of gas.” Then I remembered it’s like $1.70/gallon over there. Dicks.

      • A,

        Funny how your was gas, my was tyres. That is some cheap gas over there. I had to convert as I speak in litres.

        • R,

          It looks like maybe a Ferrari? (I suck at identifying a car unless it’s a mustang) I think that’s the car everyone thought was a Carrera GT. On the other site, people believe he’s doing this for a movie, Wouldn’t it be funny if that’s Paul driving? 😛

          Good finding

          • Kelis,

            I have no clue what the car is but it looks fun. Yes it would be funny if that’s was Paul. I could see us now running around saying I told you so nuh nuh. 🙂

          • Yeah. It’s a Ferrari 458. The same car in the video I posted from Abu. There was something I didn’t put in my post but I found it the same day…check out this wreck that happened a week after they filmed there. Look at the time it happened. Same car they used in FF7. Same 3:30 crash time as PW.


          • Well. Look what happened today. Never thought I’d ever say this…but…that smart car fucked that Ferrari up.


          • @A, that was some crash; I’m surprised any of them got out alive! 3 people in a two-seated car, all of them young, in a high powered car, at that, hate to say it, but they were asking for trouble.

          • Motley,

            Yeah. I do find it super suspicious though why they won’t name the owner of the car…and why they were delivering it at 3:30 in the morning. But the same car from FF7 crashed at 3:30. So weird.What if it does have something to do with the movie. The director is from there. And I think they were on hiatus when it happened. They’re covering up something.

      • Lilaah,

        I’m finding it really have believe they where doing that speed. With the CCTV footage We really can’t take that as gospel.

  35. I’m sure they drove normally. I don’t believe the 100mph storie. This is why nobody heard anything.

    I read on a forum, don’t remember wich on, that the cctv footage has been cut.

    I tend to be agree with that assumption. I don’t trust videos. They can easely be cut.

    • Lilaah,

      I don’t either. I know Paul and Roger loved speed but I also know they were both smart family men. Surely two middle aged men would know that if you speed recklessly on a street road with an already known dangerous car, something will happen. I don’t know them personally but I’m 98% sure that they would leave racing for the tracks. Especially since Paul visits that track 3 or more times a week. Another thing that have me doubting this whole story about speeding is that this happened during his charity event. I’m sure having a car squealing (Carrera Gt’s are very loud cars) at 100+ mph is the last thing Paul was wanting to do while helping the needy.

      Only way I could believe that story is if this really is a hoax. They can’t say “Oh, they were going 45 and all of a sudden they lost control and destroyed so and so before blowing up. They have to make it sound extreme.

      I could be wrong. That’s just my opinion

      • Kelis,

        I could agree more. With my experience I have done lots of track with go-carting, cars and motor bikes. (I’m a little bit a rev head girl). Once you done track racing your mind gets set different and develops a lot of respect for public roads, as your biggest fear is the obstacles, condition, oil and people. Roger and Paul would have the understanding and respect for public and track as they have many years under there belt.

        No matter what once you have done track work you leave that stuff on the track.

        When it comes to there age and having children, your thinking and actions are very calculated as well your risks as you have always got in the back of your mind your kids.

        I find it really hard to believe they would do that kind of speed on a public road. I understand Paul has had a lot of speeding tickets but that was before Meadow came to live with him, to my understanding.

      • I don’t think he/they went that speed. I don’t know the exact amount the studio paid for insurance on just him. But they’re all given strict requirements in their contracts that they won’t do stupid shit like that when they’re not on the set. They probably gave him more super strict guidelines because he does like to race cars on his off time. If it was just a bad wreck and he couldn’t film for a few weeks…that’s millions he’s costing the studio each day with production delays. They’d be livid. And more than likely take the money out of his paycheck to compensate their loss because he breached the contract by being a dumbass because he was in a car going 100+ in the middle of the city. I know he wasn’t driving, so it can’t fully be blamed on him. But he’s a grown man, he can tell someone to slow down.

  36. Something interesting about AE. Rodas’ wife filed and put her name on the company profile. It used to be just Rodas. PW was never listed on the company, ever. But…AE’s address changed and she added her name last month. Here’s the odd thing. His name is still on the company too. Why would a dead person still be listed as part of a company. She should’ve had it be deleted when she had her name added. That just makes it look like he’s still alive.

    • A,

      That is so weird! I don’t know a lot about businesses but I am sure if Roger was dead, she would have had to remove his name. I wonder why all that time Paul never put his name on it? I thought I read somewhere that Paul paid for majority of it when it started up.

      • Hmm. He may have been a silent partner. But not having his name attached to the company is really smart now that I think about it. It’s like if you came to my house and somehow hurt yourself, you could sue me. But you wouldn’t get much. Now imagine going to Oprah’s house and getting hurt. You would probably sue her for a ridiculously larger amount than me because she has a lot more money. The US is so frivolous sue happy. It’s stupid. Like that one woman that sued McDonalds because her coffee was too hot and burned her. She won 3 million.

    • Also, There were articles everywhere right after Paul passed away saying Always Evolving was scheduled to close their doors permanently.. They must have changed their minds for some reason?

    • A,

      Very god find. Maybe this is another part of the puzzle.

      • R,

        thank you.

        I’m starting to lean on the fact that he faked his death for whatever reason. There’s just some reasoning to this accident that makes it look so real like the court dates, Roger’s grave, and Tyrese posting multiple statuses in regards of missing Paul. I know its Hollywood though.. They can do anything to make you believe what they want you to. I think he could have retired without an issue since many people didn’t know who he was until he died. He must have his reasons

  37. Can I point out something. I didnt realise this till a few days ago.
    The pic of pws foot has a id tag around the ankle(as seen on pic above) but it states on his A report he had a toe tag id.
    But on rr A report he has a ankle id tag due to the extent of burns I would imagine to feet.
    note foot above is not charred so should be pw so why have id tags wrongly stated on both A reports ???

    • I think it’s one of these. Actually it might even be the exact one. Even the fingers on the left hand are curled. Kinda weird how it looks like Eminem.

    • I’m wondering what makes them think they’ve identified the thigh and buttock. And what they say is the hand, seems to be in a weird position, compared to the buttock. Plus, the t&b are fleshy colour with no burns, yet the arm is covered in burns. And is the hand holding something?

      • Motley,

        I’m not sure if you’ll see it.. But I can see Paul’s left hand open on top of whoever leg it is next to paul’s body. In the picture of Paul’s body at the top, it’s lightened up where I can follow PW’s arm right to the leg. Not sure if I see fingers or not but that’s what I see..

        To me, that suppose body picture with the coroner. It looks really weird..

      • Hi motley. I cant get a real good look as im on my fone mostly. The hand and t&b dont realy go together for reasons you say. But isnt that person walking away from the car wreak pauls mate nuke? The one who tryed to pull pw out of the car? As hes seen in another pic being dragged away by firemen?

        • Kelis, I don’t really see what some others see in that photo, as hard as I’ve tried to. I think what some people think is Roger’s head is really small compared to Paul’s – almost child-size.

          Pat, I’m not sure if that’s Nute. If you zoom in, you’ll see that the guy has his back to the camera, and from the position of his legs/feet, it looks as though he is walking in the direction of/across the front of the car, talking on his mobile. I can’t see closely enough, but it looks like there is writing (?) on the back of his t-shirt…someone from the charity event?

          What I haven’t noticed before, is what looks like a car in the car park behind the crash in the direction of where this man is walking.

          • Oh yes I see the car. Needs more looking into to see if its on any other picture.
            Yes looks like hes walking towards the kurb. Again needs more looking into.

          • A little trick to help when you’re having trouble looking at the body pics…is open the picture and rotate it to make the body look like it’s standing there and not laying horizontal. It helps tremendously so your brain doesn’t have to do the extra work of mentally turning it. You’ll see everything much much clearer.

          • I think i’ve mentioned it before, but on that first video we all saw where the guy in the blue car pulls up to the fire. If you slow it down and watch it, you’ll see someone has tried to kind of hide what is going on in the parking lot. So when you slow it down as far as you can go(try windows movie maker or some other similar program that has the ability to do it), you’ll see specific points where the editor didn’t touch. The parking lot is full. I mean FULL of cars and people. That’s why I’ve been telling everyone it’s all for the movie. ‘Cause that’s what they were trying hide in the video. You can’t see it at normal speed, but the slowmo frames makes it impossible to hide everything someone would want to hide.

          • @A
            Is there a specific place to see this with the parking lot being full? I just ran it through my Elements and slowed it as far as I could and didn’t catch this so I pulled it up on you tube and went frame by frame. Maybe if there is a specific place to look then this might blow wide open.

            Also, thank you for the tip on turning the photo so the body looks as if it were standing. It isn’t clear by any means but I can make out enough on the photo to know what I a looking at.

          • anonyobdns,

            I can’t give an exact time…I don’t have the video on this laptop i’m on right now…it’s on my desktop…and it’s been a while, did you stabilize the video before running it in slow motion? What was your speed rate? There are actually a couple different versions of that video out. I noticed that when I was in the middle of doing it the first time. But I do remember the things I spotted were between frames when I did a quick constant pause-play-pause-play frame by frame view. You get what I’m saying with that?

          • anonyobdns,

            Here ya go. Here’s a couple screengrabed and sharpened ones for ya.



          • @A, yes, at last someone (you) has been able to see what I’ve been talking about for ages, now! I don’t have the equipment to do what you can do with film clips, etc., and I always thought they were bushes, but then saw it’s the branches and leaves of a knocked down tree. Have you come across a youtube video of a car in the parking lot flashing it’s headlights towards the direction of the crash? I can’t find it anywhere, now.

          • Motley,

            I haven’t seen it. But flashing headlights is usually to warn about something like a cop ahead or for people to slow down because there’s an accident or something they would need to slow down for. Maybe that’s what they were doing. I do it all the time (for about a mile) if I pass a cop…kind of a courtesy heads up.

          • Yeah, I warn motorists like that too, but this was a parked car and flashed before it pulled out.

  38. This is the first time I’ve seen this photo of the full view from curb to rested crash. The boys seem to be looking at the screen as if to say “yah that’s lit well””

    • Every time I see this picture, I try to look in the red car right there where the camera person is standing and see who is in it ’cause it’s one of AE’s. I’ve seen other pics where I can see someone in the driver’s seat in a hat. I wonder who drove it there.

    • A,

      Wouldn’t someone get into trouble for taking in donations from so many companies and everyday people because of the suppose death of Paul Walker? To me it’d be considered a scam in a way.. if this is a hoax..

      • I think while it kinda looks like a scam from the outside, I haven’t really seen anything that legally speaking could get them in trouble. If all of the money donated goes to actually helping people in need and not to buy someone a house in the Caymen Islands, I can’t imagine how they could get in trouble with authorities. I haven’t seen anything that legitimately shows one of them is really dead. The death certificate was falsified. The accident hasn’t been reported to the DMV, otherwise the car would shown up as totaled (even on the autopsy/police report, it says the car was totaled and even gave the license plate number. The second the cop would’ve hit enter on the report he typed out, on a real report, it would’ve entered the nationwide system (and probably international since the car is so expensive) with the vehicle and the names of the people that died in the car) It isn’t in there. It’s been 3 months. That alone is a dead giveaway the accident isn’t real and nobody died. And I think those are the 2 biggest things that they could get in trouble with if they really did falsely file those. But it doesn’t look like they did, so they can’t get in trouble for faking a death if they didn’t file the things necessary to establish someone’s death. Usually when people fake a death they are trying to get life insurance money and stuff like that, I don’t think either one of them needs money.

        While it looks kinda messed up…what kind of person would honestly get mad and want their money back they gave to a charity. That looks worse to me than these guys faking a death and wanting donations to help needy people.

        • please don’t be mad cause i don’t know i’m just really wondering if the vin number given was wrong and that’s why we aren’t finding any information about the car being written off totaled

          • Nothing to get mad about. 🙂 This screengrab was the car’s advertisement on their website. I doubt a car dealer would put a wrong VIN on something they’re selling. So the reason it isn’t listed as wrecked is because this particular car, their car from AE is definitely not the car that was wrapped around the tree like they told everyone. The VIN and license plate are linked together at the DMV. When they enter the plate number on the report, the VIN will automatically pop up with it, and vice versa. It was never entered into the system. Because the car accident and police report aren’t real. That Porsche is thankfully somewhere out there still looking beautiful.


            After an accident one of the first things they do is cross check VIN and license plate to make sure they match. They do a plate search when you’re pulled over by a cop. That’s why they take so long to get out of their car. They want to make sure the plate matches the make of the car and who the plate is registered to before approaching.

            A couple more things that are questionable is the license plate number. I never saw the license plate on the wrecked car pictures. Has anyone seen it in the wrecked pics? How the hell did the cops know what the number was.

            Another super sketchy thing that has me calling BS on this thing is how they said the bodies were unidentifiable for days, yet on the autopsy report they said they notified the next of kin a couple hours after crash and told them they were dead.

    • @R, I zoomed in and it looks like they are looking at the car. There does seem to be an awful lot of burning going on BEHIND the car, though.

      @A, I’ve never thought about those cars before; what makes you think it’s one of AE’s?

      A while ago, someone said that the emergency vehicles were in place before the fire got started (I think around the time that girl was trying to stop people from taking photos). Does it look like that fire engine has just arrived (orange back light. – brake?) as the hose isn’t out yet?

      Also, although I’ve seen quite a few fires, I’m confused about the direction of the smoke – looks like it’s blowing towards the car park, yet when the fire really gets going, the flames are going right. Was there a wind that day? And was it blowing in two different directions? Perhaps an expert in fires could explain.

      • I’m fairly certain that that car, here is a better pic where they show more of it, is their Ferrari.

        Them working on it.

        • Haha. I didn’t notice the bush hiding the car on the left side of the first picture. There is no damn real bush there.

          And the more fire behind it is another car. I think I showed the other side of the parking lot where the tree next to it had the same burn marks on the trees and ground. I see enough parts for at least 1 other car. And almost see a 3rd under it. Look at this picture, over to the left side on the ground you can see the roll bar outline. And I think down towards the bushes I think there is another one they’re hiding.

          And here, you can see more parts like they just sat another car on top of that too.

          • Well there’s certainly a lot of ‘wreckage’ for one car. I’m not understanding the wheel position in that first photo, or the tree, that appears to be close up on the other side of the road (I thought it was a 4-lane street)? Vin Diesel sitting on the right enjoying the sun (first photo)?

          • My ‘kidding’ winky-smiley didn’t show up on the end of my comment above.

          • Not across the street, down in the parking lot next to the crash. Probably taken by this guy or whoever is sitting in that silver car.


            And that guy definitely can’t be Diesel, he isn’t looking at himself in a mirror or doing something to try to make everyone pay attention to him.

          • Loll at the V. Diesel comment! Yes, I knew it was taken from the car park, I just couldn’t work out why that tree towards the right of the photo, looked like it was opposite the carnage.

      • Here’s the weather that day. WSW. I think the wind would make the flames/smoke go towards the road not the parking lot.

      • Motley2014,

        When looking at the photo the body language of all the people doesn’t match loosing a friend or love one.

        Correct me if I’m wrong but in the photo isn’t that Cody Walker stand there looking at the fire as well.

        With the lots of fire behind the car it just seems large in width then what the size of the car is.

        • R,

          I think it’s safe to say that we won’t need our time machine.. I believe Paul’s still planted some where’s near an ocean enjoying life lol

          Isn’t that Nute staring at the car calmly by the curb? If it is.. I find it weird that he’d be standing there calm one minute and the next he’s fighting with fire fighters..

          • Keliss,

            The guy in the light blue shirt, I thought was Cody. The photo with the guy getting restrain I thought was Nute. I’m truly confusing myself.

            I agree I think the time machine maybe is out the window.

            Has anyone heard or seen Jasmine as of yet?

          • R,

            Okay, I thought he looked familiar but kept thinking Nute. That could be Cody.. Isn’t Cody a stuntman? I heard some say he is and others say it’s just a rumor.

            I haven’t heard anything about or from Jasmine except for a few articles saying she’s upset about not having any of paul’s money.. but that’s mainly it.

          • Keliss,

            Yes Cody is a stuntman. Not sure what movies he has been in doing it though.

            Last I read Jasmine was upset she wasn’t on the will and no money. A statement said that she now is thinking about doing modelling blah blah blah.

          • I read the stuntman thing somewhere too…but I don’t think it’s true. If it were, his name would pop up with something on IMDB as currently doing it or prior things he’s done. But it isn’t anywhere.

  39. I’ve never believed in theories nor have I cared about a celebrities death but I can clearly see someone in the fire towards the back of the Porsche as the BMW pulled up.. I was/is a huge fan of Paul’s and I’m finding it rather difficult to believe this accident is real.

    I see the people in the parking lot and it stuns me with the lack of reactions from these people. If this accident is real, these people need help. When My uncle burned alive during a race on the tracks 5 months ago, everyone were frantic and running around trying to get whatever they can to help pry the door open to get him out. Sadly we couldn’t get him out in time and I have yet been able to return to the tracks. I just keep comparing my experience of having someone you love trapped in a burning car to how these people handled their beloved paul’s accident.

    Also, wouldn’t the tree burn more than it did? it’s just a scrawny little thing in the first place.

    • Condolences, here, for your loss of your uncle in this untimely and tragic death. What horror he must have suffered. Surely, though, he is no longer suffering and must be in a peaceful, new world.

      It does truly hit home when anyone has lost a loved one suddenly, then, when viewing the Walker scam.

      Fire-related deaths when people are actually killed by being burned to death always create a degree of shock plus, as you mentioned, reactions to attempt to assist the victim. None of this is seen in this circumstance. This makes the hoax all the more diabolical, just like faking deaths at Sandy Hook.

      • DrK,

        I haven’t gone over to look at the pages so I don’t know if you’ve said anything about what I’m about to say…but it does have a semi-related thing to this because it kinda reminds of it. I might come off insane when when I say this, I’ve never said it out loud…but something struck me as a bit odd and a weird coincidence. It has to do with the Batman franchise. Hear me out, the the Aurora shooting happened on the day the movie was out in theaters. And Sandy Hook happened a week after the DVD release. I remember hearing people talk about that scene in the movie where the map said “Sandy Hook” in it. I’m not trying to make anyone’s death seem fake or like they don’t matter. I’m just simply stating how the 2 shootings happened to have a tiny bit to do with the franchise’s release dates. Just pointing it out, sorry if it offends anyone. Just throwing my thought out there ’cause you just mentioned it.

        I just don’t think a lot of people realize how sneaky these studios are with promotions. It’s like nude photo somehow “leaked” on the internet a week before someone’s movie is out, but on a way higher level. Keeping the movie in the news so people are reminded to go watch it or buy it.

        • I’ts all about money. If you have a lot of money , you get a lot of power. That’s the world we live in, unfortunately. It makes people go crazy. People can kill mother and father for that.
          All the music and movie industry is the perfect illustration. So what you’re saying doesn’t surprise me.

    • I agree. Some people keep saying that others react differently, but come on. Someone is burning up in a car. If I saw that, I would’ve been freaking out in trying to see what I can do, regardless if I knew the person or not. Finding out it was Paul would’ve been much worse. I wouldn’t have been standing there all calm and I don’t really know anyone else that would’ve either.

    • Jasmine,

      I’m sorry for your loss. Reading your comment there was a word that really stood out for me. FRANTIC that is exactly what they are missing in there behaviour. Well said..

  40. Look at this video, 0.08. A part is clearly MISSING! It’s like the smoke was created… Something happened during that time. I’ve already said it, but the video has been cut.

    • All of the videos released involving this are some of the shittiest editing jobs I’ve ever seen. Like they went to a middle school yearbook class and had them do it. It’s sad. And embarrassing. And a bit insulting that they actually tried to pass this shit off as being good enough to make me think it’s real. If you’re going to do something, do it right or don’t do it at all.

  41. AutopsyEd answered 6 years ago

    I was an autopsy technician for four years–two of which were spent in the military, so I’m speaking from personal experience. Decomp is the worst thing you could ever smell. There is no easy way to describe it, and, contrary to popular belief, rotten meat barely begins to approach the odor given off by a body. The same is true for rotten garbage or dumpsters at restaurants. Those smells are bad and somewhat similar, but the decomposed body is much worse. Often, reclusive individuals who have been dead for a few weeks are only found once neighbors begin calling the police to complain about the odor. If a body can reek strongly enough to bother folks inside other houses, you know it’s bad. The rotten meat stink is combined with a stench that is difficult to compare to anything else, but the comment by the individual who could still taste it a week later rings true.

    As for coping with the odor, it’s true that some individuals use Vicks or other compounds rubbed beneath the nose. In my experience, that trick is typically used by those who either work in low-volume morgues or have limited contact with bodies. The rest of us just grin and bear it. Personally, I found the Vicks to be more irritating than helpful. After facing all the other smells common in a morgue where 12 autopsies a day was a routine figure, disgusting became a relative matter of degrees. We didn’t have time for niceties. I would suit up completely, wear a breathing mask, face shield, hair net, the works. I would chew gum and breathe out into my mask, so that I had something fresh to inhale, or just breathe through my mouth most of the time. After breathing like that for 15-20 minutes, you would become used to the smell more or less. There was also a certain amount of bravado involved. Nobody wanted to look weak in front of the other guys–or ladies for that matter. I did the job, assisted the doctor, then split when he or she didn’t need any further help.

    To be honest, the smell never leaves you… not after you’ve worked in it for long enough. I mean, after a while, you stop stinking–a few hours or a couple of days at worst, even with multiple showers. Believe it or not, when you’re living in that environment long enough, you can leave and belch or fart later and whammo…. that odor comes out of you. Disgusting, but true. But what really gets you is that you never forget the smell. Even when you think you have, one day you’ll get a whiff and be right back in the morgue. You can always distinguish the newbs from the veterans in the morgue by how much a person focuses on the smell(s). There are much worse things to face, especially when dealing with decomposition–imagine putting your hand on green flesh only to have the topmost layer of skin slide off on you, watching maggots wriggle in and out of the pores on someone’s face, or putting your hands in brains that have the consistency of fondue. You’ve never had fun until you’ve scraped your gloved hands across the sawed edge of a dead man’s skull in an attempt to get his brains off.

    To be brutally honest, what bothered me more than decomp were the burn victims. Remember the last time you were at a cookout and smelled charred hot dogs or steak? Now, imagine never being able to smell that smell again without mentally picturing a charred skeleton with bits of flesh clinging to it here and there where something shielded it from the worst of the fire, because that’s what it smells like when you get cooked.

    Gross, sure, but I hope it really helps answer your questions.

    I can’t see my comment where I posted this but I found this on yahoo questions.

    • When Lady Gaga wore the meat dress, everyone thought she smelled rotten. But the smell wasn’t because of the meat…it was because she’d been dead inside for years.

    • He certainly described the worst it gets, didn’t he. I can’t imagine using Vicks, I hate that at the best of times. Orange gel is what’s used where I work. Maggots – yuk – and they’re being used to heal wounds now…not for me, I’d rather take the slower route to a wound recovery.

    • Keliss,

      Wow just reading your experience is surprising to a person who has never been in your field of work. I have never thought about the smell. That would be horrible. You would have to be a certain person to handle seeing and smelling all that. Me I’m just not cut out for it (bit of weak stomach person). I praise you on what you have done.

      I read on a blog site, this person said she was at the morgue and was the person that had to clean Paul up. People were asking question on how he looked. She said after removing the burnt skin he look good (something in those words) In your experience going on what has been said about how badly burnt his face was, would this be true.

      I will see if I can find it for you to have a read..

      • R,

        That was an answer off of yahoo answers. The only dead body I have ever seen is my aunt and brother (sadly) but if you do find it again, I’ve contacted a coroner who have done my brother’s autopsy. He said he’d be more than happy to look over anything on his free time. He’s retiring next year so everything is still fresh in his head to pick at lol

        As far as what he’s told me about Paul’s body and how bad the coroner’s report have mentioned. No, I doubt Paul would look any where’s close to “Looking good” The report said the skin was burned all the way down to the muscle and something about bruising or burning to the bone. Paul was unrecognizable. They”ll be barely if any facial detail left to his face. The coroner said a few weeks ago that he would imagine you’d see mainly muscle and little skin that survived the fire. Unless the women was talking about Paul’s butt. That’s the only place (and lower back) that survived untouched.

        I’m thinking the women is only online to gain some attention from people who are interested in knowing more graphic details about Paul’s body. If her real name is listed on that blog site, maybe there’s a way to look her name up on the coroner’s website?

      • He looked good…. He was beyond cooked. He was charred, but she found skin to remove! I want her to explain HOW, did she do to remove the skin?
        Internet is full of fucking(sorry for that) pathological liars. I haaaaate it.

        @ R You’re right, that’s not true. People believed her? The common sence ud dead….

        • Of course he looked good. It’s Paul Walker. His poop probably looks good.

  42. Hi everyone, for the past few days I have read all of your comments. Being a big big fan of Paul really made me distraught about his death and I just want to thank you all for really putting this whole ‘he is still alive’ into consideration. All of you have worked really hard to find out as much as you can, like me I have researched things before I came on to this site but found out nothing like you all have. You also all have very good eyes to notice these small things about photos/videos. I will continue to search for more stuff on the internet as you all do as well. I can’t say that I believe 100% that Paul has faked his death but I also don’t 100% believe he is dead. So many things don’t add up and I am in very high hopes he is alive, if one day, he comes out and tell us all he is alive, I wouldn’t be mad one bit but only happy to know he is alive and well. The thing that makes me most upset is how he was burned, some people say he burned to death because he was alive before the fire started and if this is the case, then that’s what I hate most. It really saddens me that a beautiful man like him burned to death, as for Roger, he didn’t deserve it either. I just hope they both are alive and well. I love Paul and I know we all hope that he is alive. Once again, you have all done a really good job, well done:)

  43. So all you people think this is fake? they were speeding. Nothing out of the ordinery for two racers sorry.

    • I’m open to believing they were speeding, but is there any way you can post your proof for us to see? Cheers.

      • Look at the car.. the car wont wrap around a tree or go through a cement pole going 45. they were going at least 80

  44. Hello. We have all heard there was a piece I car that flew and hit the window of that building at the crash site. And then we have seen photos of the part of window covered with wood. We also heard that someone broke in it to record with a camera. I just noticed in the video at .16, there is someone standing there.

  45. I found a website with more photo’s of Paul’s or roger’s body as they were placed on the stretchers.

  46. Has anyone ever figured out what’s up with what looks like 2 people in the background on fire running away?

  47. This post is too long now; we need a new thread.

    • Is there (or has anyone thought about) making a page/site or something that we can all add our own posts and pics to and create folders and such for pictures to make keeping everything together. I don’t get on here as much as I used to, but when I decide to check in, I have tons of stuff to search through…all interesting and all, but it takes me hours if not a good part of my day to do read everything and check links and such. With 4 small kids it’s near impossible…lol! I hate to mention the word, but facebook allows for Groups. I’m in a few for different things, but it allows each person to make their own posts and reply to everyones individual posts. It also would keep down on these people who may possibly be using more than one name on here. I just think it would be tons easier to keep up and continue on sharing what we all find. Just a though 🙂

      • *thought

        • T and everyone who might be interested. If you have a facebook, I just made a page for everyone to post. A few people said that this was getting a bit too long and someone should make a website. Facebook seems easier ^_^ Here’s the link. I just made it tonight. No rules, just be nice! ;D

          • I just “liked” the page! Hope you see everyone over there!

        • Awww, kelis, I got the impression T wanted to create the FB page themselves. Have you stolen their thunder. 🙁

          • Oh jeez, Motley.. I didn’t think of that O.o lol T can still make their page/website. I’m finding it hard to find new information about this accident because of my job and tests coming up.

            T, You can take control of the website/new page idea of yours if you wish. You might have more time or better ideas for it anyways. Either way, I just need new information to look at. I want to know the truth about this but all I see is old pictures/videos that I’ve seen hundreds of times.

          • No harm done…believe me I have no time to set up and run a page on FB…lol! I was just hoping to be able to access all info that was being shown pretty quickly instead of having to search through all the posts and comments. I don’t have that much spare time. I do think the Forum would be a great idea!

      • Like a forum? I will ask admin to create one if there is sufficient interest.

        • DR. K,

          I’d be interested. Might be easier to see everyone’s comments.

        • I think a Forum would probably work great! It would allow us to keep everything in pretty much one place instead of searching through different articles.

  48. Hello, I ve also noticed that someone is standing near the burning car without any motion. Only I could see is that he is with white trouser and bending toward window of car. What is his purpose? Is it just a part of car or is it really human being? Doesn’t look like he is trying to help. I think about the same thing ‘hoax plausible’ had already mentioned above with a footage. I had asked before about this here but no one paid attention. So what do you think is there a really guy just watching inside the car without any attempt for opening door? Or is it just an optical illusion?

  49. Ya’ll are crazy bat-shits. Had to come n see for ma-self to chk how much exactly. To all the the mofos who think he or Roger couldn’t speed,
    Watch this video.
    Whole video is good but at 6.21, watch Paul drive away FAST just for fun. Wutz there to not believe an accident could happen? You loserz can’t see shit and keep talkin about things over and over. To the author of this site, see a pattern mate?! All the smart ones them who thought sense have left your crazy ass site. Ya’ll ladies need a hobby . He is dead and let him rest in peace.
    Don’t bother attackin me, I ain’t returning to this shit. And before you go there – I will type however I effin want. Bite me

    • J NEIL

      if you look closely at the video you will see that it was Vin who was driving not Paul even the guy who is filming says to Vin at 7.26 because you drove if you pause the video at 6.13 and look through the windscreen you will see Vin’s left hand on the steering wheel but i have no doubt Paul would have been someone who would speed Paul even admitted he had sped and that he had speeding tickets you can even hear Paul at 6.12 say lets go already and than again 6.15 i even watched an interview he did i think it was his last interview with ET where the lady asked him what would he do if Meadow was driving his car and was caught speeding his answer was i think she’ll be one hell of a driver as long as she can pull it off clean and doesn’t get caught i guess she’ll be alright

      • You read that whole thing? I had to stop after I read that moron say “ma-self” because I started to get a headache trying to figure out what the hell they were trying to say.

        • I stopped at Ya’ll…. I don’t speak the best english, but at least I have excuses.

    • J Neil, I doubt that’s the real name, more like the other one who insists it’s not a hoax who hasn’t used her other name in a few days. I mean who slates everyone for believing it was a hoax by not reading all the articles pointing to a hoax? …And then goes and researches a one and only speeding video to try and prove their point. They’ll be back…narcissism speaks volumes.

  50. Hi, I’ve just been going over these comments and thought I would respond to this one about homeless people. When the accident first happened and I suspected it wasn’t P&R in the car, I too, thought a couple of dead homeless people could have been placed there. I was more convinced of this after reading the A-Reports and saw the numerous mistakes – the main one sticking out for me being no mention of Paul’s dental records (this could have been changed after the reports were first released?). Anyway, getting back to the homeless people, I suggested this to one of the forensic doctors where I work, and he was horrified. He said that would never happen as it would be illegal. He also said that homeless people are never used for during the training that he and everyone else in his field complete because only people who have donated their bodies to research can be used. Just thought I’d let you know this information as it came from an ‘expert’ in the field and not myself.

  51. That’s wird, I clicked the ‘Reply’ button to respond but it came out at the very end. Also, can’t understand why my profile ID pic isn’t showing up, as I signed in as usual?

  52. Why are there stories they are resuming filming for the movie in April when they’ve obviously been filming for months? I honestly think they’ve wrapped the entire thing. I think Abu Dhabi was their last thing on the list to film and they’ve already left.

  53. I guess since nobody has figured out anything new lately, I’ll give ya something I figured out a while ago…after I first brought it up. Follow the rabbit. On both of the plates. You won’t get exactly what I found ’cause someone deleted a few things after I found them. And no I won’t say exactly what but I assume someone around him must read these pages because they were deleted shortly after I brought up Montana… But hopefully it’ll get you closer to an answer about him than what you were 5 minutes ago. Have fun digging.×394/Dec2013/61430998.jpg

    • Aaah yes, I see it, the car’s license plate has the Montana state on it, hmm..

    • makes you think…since I believe Cody is/was living in Oregon…right? His last FB update said

      Cody Walker
      February 28
      “Spent my last week in Oregon preparing for my move down to California to join ROWW! The last day was well spent on the ranch with Pacific Rogue Wagyu”

      • Ding. You’re getting closer. Do a little research on Montana Plates and their numbers and you’ll be much much closer. 😉

        • A,

          Stupid question.. do you believe this is a hoax? lol I think it is but then something will give me second thoughts. I’m not a theorist so I guess I’m not use to thinking someone would fake a death.. especially Paul.

          • That’s not a stupid question at all. I at one point didn’t know what to think and questioned the same thing. But honestly? I believe he is alive somewhere right now. I think it was a PR stunt originally for the the DVD release.

            Here’s a recent example of a stunt to get press. George Lopez and his passing out drunk on a casino floor arrest a couple days ago. He has a show premiering this week on FX. And in order for it to be picked up by the network, he has to have a certain number of people tune into the show in the first 10 episodes. If he doesn’t, the show doesn’t get picked up. He was arrested to get his name in the news and get the word out about the show…so people know to tune in and watch it. People don’t realize that they’re being played when they are. At least Lopez didn’t “accidentally” tweet pictures of his privates. When you finally realize what they’re doing, it starts to become obvious when it happens every week with all these different celebrities and that what they’re doing is just for press. It’s kinda sad. But it’s become the norm to get things sold.

          • I do want to point out something funny that I just noticed about George Lopez’s thing. The first photo of him passed out on the casino floor and the first report of the incident were on TMZ. Wonder how they got that first. And apparently he wasn’t even arrested. The picture just appeared on TMZ with a story of arrest. But he never was actually formally arrested. Maybe he thought the casino floor was a prostitute.

          • It’s a hoax.

          • @A, lol at the prostitute comment!

        • Anaconda-Deer Lodge Anaconda … this what you mean?

          • Yep. And the plate on the Ford truck the 3 were standing in front of on the girlfriend video will lead you to another county. Do some cross checks with the family and the locations. That’s all I’ll say about this particular subject. The rest is up to you and your searching.

        • A,

          Do you have hatred for Paul for some reason? Just seems like it..

          The Oscars pushed me into thinking this accident is quite real.. I don’t think they would put walker in their busy schedule if this was a hoax..

          • Whoa. Hatred? Definitely not. I apologize if it came off that way ever. I don’t personally know him, so I could never hate him. Like I said with my Oscars post, no disrespect. I only said it because let’s be honest, with just his past work, he wasn’t ever competing with Hoffman for some hard hitting Oscar worthy roles. He looked like he did a good job with Hours. Maybe now people might see him in a non-surferboy jokester light and this could make people think he can actually do serious roles now. Never would I hate the man. I do semi hate what he’s done when I see people say they’ve actually cried over his death. Because they, to me, were honestly wasted unneeded tears. So yes, maybe when I’ve come across hurtful towards him when trying to say in my heart of hearts I believe the man is alive, I may have seemed mean towards him, but in honesty, that’s why I’ve been trying to do it, because hearing some of the people on here say they’ve cried is personally somewhat sad for me to hear…to feel like they did this, that he’s actually alive and some people have shed wasted and unneeded tears and had any form of sadness for their personal gain. I do applaud them. It was a genius genius move on his, the studio’s…everyone’s part. It was amazingly genius. But still a huge dick move, to mess with emotions like that.

            Plus, with the Oscars you gotta remember who the host was. Weren’t they friends and she donated money to his charity on her show after his death? They didn’t put the Glee kid on there, right? I think I read that in the story. I doubt producers probably even wanted to put him in the show but she probably wanted it in there because they were friends.

  54. Wait. I didn’t see it on TV, but I just saw a picture, did they really put Walker in some smoke on his Oscar memorial?

    He died in a fire and the put his picture in some smoke. Damn. Haha. Wow. That’s horrible. I wonder how many actors there saw his picture and had no idea who he was. Seriously, no disrespect, but that’s probably the only time he would’ve been at the Oscars. I’m just being honest. Just going by his past work. Hoffman won an oscar for “Capote.” They had to put “Fast and the Furious serious” on his. Aww. Hours looks good though. I need to watch it. They put him in some smoke. Ha. Wow.

  55. It’s not smoke from a fire, it’s just a visual effect that was on all of the slide images of everyone who passed!! That didn’t even cross my mind – didn’t look like smoke!

    • He’s not saying it’s smoke from a fire. It’s the irony of the fact that it looks like smoke and the car Paul was in was on fire and also had smoke.

      • Thanks, Janet. 😉 You always get my drift.

  56. Why is this site (DrK) censoring people? My comments and information, links etc. have been removed. Best just to suspend commentary altogether if you are going to do that!

  57. Question…does anyone know how strong those hose things are, the water blast that is? I’m just wondering cus they seem to be pointing those things very close to the wreckage and the “body”… did it not spray away potential evidence? Or harm the “body”? Ok harm isn’t the word I’m looking for but even with a blanket (which doesn’t look wet) covering the body wouldn’t the blast or if no blast, wouldn’t the water still find it’s way to the body and get it wet and maybe pull skin of or something? What about the blanket itself? It doesn’t look wet, how did it not catch on fire or be blown up from the force of the water hose or get stuck to the burnt flesh and pull some off? Even a dead body that has a clear reason for death still needs to be handled with complete care…doesn’t it? Why did they keep the “body” in the same spot for so many hours anyways? Uncovered, in the hot heat of the day, etc!? If they were so interested on who it was and making sure they collected all evidence needed….why the water or blanket or leaving it out to rot?

    • Rona mine hve been removed aswell its weired I left alot of comments and observations all were removed!!

  58. Paul Walker is ALIVE and WELL, and he is in hiding somewhere with ugly old Jasmine as his human mattress. That is why she was smirking and outright laughing in that video in front of his home. Watch and see if she does not turn up pregnant soon….

  59. Seriously!! They tragically died goofing off, end of story.

    • fuck paul walker he is a satanist,liar,fraud,piece of shit,to fake his death,lowlife not human,illuminati puppet(look also at the devil’s face from paul walker”s daddy,he’s got a very,very,very evil look!!!)fuck these liars,frauds,freemasons,illuminati puppets/slaves,pieces of shit!!!!

      • Pls stop coming here and opening ur shit hole! No one cares if u don’t believe or what u think about Paul!

      • WOW

      • God=love….so what ur saying is u believe Paul is alive!!! I’m so glad to find someone else who does!! Bless u

  60. This whole story was a hoax. Suckered into looking at sucky pics of nothing

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