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Zionist Agent Gloria Allred Uses Convicted Prostitute to Frame Bill Cosby

Demonstrating nothing other than the pursuit of corruption arch-Zionist agent Gloria Allred has solicited a known prostitute, Chelan Lasha, in order to frame Bill Cosby. There can be no doubt about the real nature of Lasha; she is wretched, make no mistake about it. Her involvement is hard proof that this is a plot and a scam in order to extort the wealthy comedian of money while also destroying his reputation.

At the beginning of the interview this is the facial expression of prostitute Lasha before she gets into the act, that is gets into character in order to fabricate crying and anguish:


For Lasha this would be the biggest act in her vile career, a final chance at ultimate wealth, goldbrick that she is.


Now, she begins the process of getting into character, the biggest fake of all: a fraudster to the extreme. It is she virtually alone who will produce fake tears. A dramatist at heart she lost her calling for her acts of theft, thuggery, and sexual solicitation:


Chelan Lasha (Booking Photo)

Chelan Lasha (Booking Photo)


Lasha was arrested on October 18, 2014 in California and was charged with possession of a billy club. She was also arrested in 2008 in Arizona for assault, disorderly conduct — fighting and trespassing, and pled guilty to disorderly conduct…”

Lasha pled guilty following a 2008 arrest in Arizona for prostitution, which was her second prostitution charge, according to available public records. Lasha failed to complete a mandatory diversion program stemming from her prostitution arrest. A warrant was issued for her arrest.

Yet, it is said by the Zionist-controlled New York Magazine that rather than a mere prostitute and petty thief Lasha is a “former model” and a dietician. The sensationalist entity also reported:

Lasha met Cosby in Las Vegas in 1986. The 17-year-old high-school student worked at the Hilton Las Vegas but wanted to pursue a modeling career, so her stepmother sent a letter and a photo of Lasha to the comedian. Cosby called Lasha’s family, inviting her and her grandmother to his show, also at the Hilton. Cosby asked Lasha up to his suite, where…in his room Cosby handed Lasha a blue pill — he said it was an antihistamine for her cold — and a double shot of Amaretto. Cosby asked her to put on a hotel robe and wet her hair to prepare for the modeling agent’s arrival.

Lasha says someone came to the room and snapped a few photos, but quickly left. Alone again with Cosby, Lasha says the comedian led her to the bedroom and gave her another shot of Amaretto. She lay down, and then he climbed in bed beside her. She remembers him humping her leg, grunting. Then she blacked out. She woke up more than 13 hours later. Cosby stood above her and clapped his hands, shouting, “Daddy says wake up.” He handed her $1,500 and told her to buy something nice for herself and for her grandmother. She came forward in December 2014. “I used to fear for my life because of the type of influence that he had. And I would cry all the time, all the time. After that, I didn’t know who to trust and who not to trust. I have nightmares. I wouldn’t let my children watch The Cosby Show because I would cry.


Ah, the drama of it all. Absolutely, Lasha is lying. Regardless, she took money for sex? Is that anything other than the solicitation of prostitution? Did she report the cash on her tax returns?

How much was she paid for her role in the anti-Cosby plot? Surely, it was in the tens of thousands. No wonder at first her last name was not given out.


Smiles and smirks, laughing in glee, duping delight, and furtive glances; it’s all the combination of an arch-fake and terminally corrupt fraud.


She is a real pro at causing the flowing of fake tears, one of the few of these false accusers capable of doing so.


Even so, for this particular press conference it is clear that she is staging the crying, timing it for certain story-lines, while there is no evidence that she is tearing to the degree of the act.



As soon as she halts her routine now comes arch-lesbian mole Helen Hayes, now joining the attempt to sway the world with fake anguish.


As soon as Allred brings up the money in this regard Lasha puts on a heavy attempt at her routine, acting as if she is filled with grief and anguish when it is simply not true. It is all an act. This is hard proof that the entire litany of claims against Mr. Cosby is fabricated.


There can be no doubt that she is acting. Who can demonstrate otherwise? Allred is using her, because she is an ideal drama queen and likely feels such pity for her self that she can spontaneously descend into fabricated tears, a real talent relatively rare amount the deceivers and false accusers.

She has poured tears in interviews. In this case, though, she was not successfully. It can be clearly seen that in the above image that she is faking it and that she is not crying in the least:


Nor are her eyes red and swollen. This woman was paid secretly in cash to spread lies about Mr. Cosby. There can be no other conclusion. She is a fraud and a fake, spreading great lies for her own financial gain.


Lasha, at the behest of arch-Lesbian and anti-family antagonist Gloria Allred, is a fabricator to the extreme. Relative to her life and/or to the events surrounding Mr. Cosby, nothing that she claims can be regarded as real. She has a history of great treachery, including specifically lying in order to achieve personal gain through fraud.

Once a fraud always a fraud. She proves her nature through her own actions and there can be no exception, here. Her nature and actions lead to only one conclusion; she was paid significant sums to commit this treachery.

This demonstrates the depth of the plot by the Zionists against Mr. Cosby and the degree of the corruption to which they will descend in order to achieve their aims. Obviously, in regard to the issue of Chelan Lasha it is Cosby who is the victim and who would be potentially the victim of a kind of rape, that is rapine and debauchery against his resources, along with being victimized by having his name and reputation slandered through false claims.

Allred is a key culprit, who knowingly is using this agent of great drama for pursuing this plot, fully knowing her record as a liar and a cheat. Despite this, she upholds her as a real victim. Thus, it is Allred herself who is the greatest fraud and deceiver of all:

For this lesbian mole this is a common scene, where she is portrayed as consoling the purported rape victims. It is Mr. Cosby who is being figuratively raped by these women, not otherwise. Let us summarize the evidence against Lasha as a deceiver, falsifier, and false accuser:

  • she has a history of giving false witness to law enforcement
  • she has a history of soliciting sex for money
  • she claims she was actually paid considerable money for a sex act with Mr. Cosby
  • she can be seen acting out fake grief and tears
  • there is no one who support her claims or has witnessed whatever she says
  • she has a history of disorderly conduct and of being in possession of instruments for fighting
  • she has been arrested for theft
  • she has taken money previously for hedonistic acts, in this case the use of her body in sexual acts for a fee

By no means can such a person be trusted as a realistic source for the claims as described. As stated by Ms. Camile Cosby, there is no “vetting” of the accusers before their stories are launched in the media realm. The actions of Lasha represent hard proof that the Zionists are using their powers in every way conceivable to destroy Mr. Cosby and put an end to his potential and/or the potential of his heirs.

The list of the false accusers has grown considerably. That list includes the following:

  • Chelan Lasha
  • Sammie Mays
  • Janice Dickinson
  • Beth Ferrier
  • Helen Hayes
  • Lili Bernard
  • Jewell Allison
  • Lise Lotte-Lublin
  • Linda Brown
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Cloe Goins

..among others. Eleven are fake. Does anyone really believe the other 34 are real? This brings into question the entire claim that any woman was forcibly accosted or raped by Mr. Cosby and that, thus, all such claims are fabrications.



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  1. The Great Courageous Historian Tony Marty & The Jewish Role in The Slave Trade who alone withstood a viscious onslaught of dishonest & depicable attacks & death threats by zionist & Jews for telling the historical truth of the sickening, genocidal slave trade perpetrated almost entirely by racist supremist Jews. It was far more evil & genocidal than the actual slavery itself of which 70% or more of the slaves in America where owned by Jews who owned many of the large plantations in the South. And no Jewish or zionist group ever supported the abolition of slavery in America or elsewhere.

    • Thank you for telling the truth about Jews running the American slave trade.

  2. Jewish sayanim Chloe Goins an admitted repeatedly arrested prostitute since a teenager & current lap dancer has accused Bill Cosby of licking her toes at the playboy mansion which his lawyer has proven to be impossible & a lie since he was proveably somewhere else at the time. And how would it offend or traumitize a prostitute (who is willing to sleep with anyone for money) to have her toes licked or to be mastaurbated on? Mossad agent, sleazebag, lesbian predator Allred is trolling everywhere to hire zionist extremist Jewish woman & prostitutes and has-been models & actresses for mossad & the zionist to destroy Cosby & his legacy & extract all of his wealth. I can almost guarantee depraved, lecherous old Allred used bleach blonde Goins’ services herself! Lol

  3. Prostitute Chloe Goins makes a run at the wallet ( Cosby’s $$$) – Deep House Page

  4. Apparent Mossad Agent & Old Lecherous Bull Dike Gloria Allred’s own hired liar to takedown Cosby (who’s supposedly 24 yr old) a Vegas prostitute & stripper, possibly actually 29 to 36 yrs old & an obvious plastic surgery & botox addict– Chloe Goins alias Chloe Jardine. Look at her ridiculous cheeks & lips & she even has a blonde lesbian lover she calls her love bug. Lol
    She also recently managed to buy her on home suddenly in Las Vegas. So mossad scum Allred must have secured zionist Mob money $$$ to pay her off & get her a home & reward this sayanim frivolous, vain, Jewess bleach blonde high leaving stripper & prostitute for agreeing to perjure herself to take down Cosby & get his wealth. And remember degenerate old lecher, impotent pervert zionist Jew Hugh Hefner is a zioMobster & Mossad agent himself. Cosby better stay away from that old zombie-like freakshow!

  5. Mossad Hitwoman Tamara Green, zionist Jew fraudster, is a DISBARRED LAWYER just like sleazy fraudster Louisa Mortiz. This fraudster, zio criminal Green sleazebag is so despicable that she stole $20,000 in needed medical expenses money from a suffering client! This zionist Jew sleazebags have no moral bounds!
    Cosby accuser Tamara Green has filed a defamation suit alleging that Cosby sullied Green’s “good name and reputation” by denying Green’s sexual assault allegations against him.
    Several years ago, Green was suspended from practicing law by the State Bar of California and was placed on probation.
    The State Bar Court of California recommended on Dec. 27, 2005 that Green be “suspended from the practice of law in the State of California for a period of two years” and that she “be placed on probation for a period of five years.”
    The court found that Green “has a mental health problem, and the court found that there is sufficient evidence of a nexus between that mental health issue and respondent’s misconduct in this proceeding.”
    Green also failed disburse a $20,000 medical settlement to a client and instead pocketed the settlement for herself. Green also accepted a $1,000 retainer from a client that she did not contact or represent, and disconnected her telephone and changed office addresses without even informing a client that had retained her services in a civil case.

  6. Cowboy on December 13, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    This Fraudster & Extortionist & Zionist Change Agent /Mossad Agent Crisis Actor
    Barbara Bowman alias Barbara Hubbard
    & 4 of this Zio Mobster’s Proven Aliases
    I believe she is older than her listed 47 years she may well be past 65. I bet many of these liar mossadomites them selves have drugged/ poisoned & blackedmailed & even murdered powerful men themselves. It was probably hard to do with Cosby since he never drank!
    Intelius Indentity search results for this slimebag fraudster:
    Barbara Bowman
    Address History
    Hollywood, FL
    Beverly Hills, CA
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Cave Creek, AZ 
    Deerfield, FL

    Barbara A Bowman
    Barbara C Bowman
    Barbara A Hubbard
    Barbara H Barron

    Christopher Bowman
    Worked at
    B H Bowman Studios

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