**Breaking News** — 14 October 2017
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Zionist Agents and the Las Vegas Mass Murder Hoax

Just who is Stephen Paddock, the lead agent for the Las Vegas shooting hoax? He is, no doubt, an embedded Las Vegas agent, one operating for world Zionism. It was in all likelihood Jewish powerful ones who solicited him for this scam, providing him with an untold amount of funds for his cooperation.

This makes much sense, since, no doubt, this arch-fake is an attack against guns rights. After all, it is criminal Zionist minds who are, routinely, fully responsible for any such acts, like the Dunblane, Scotland, shooting hoax and that terminally phony fake shooting, Port Arthur in Tasmania.

Like other phonies, who participated in this fraud, Paddock is a paid mole. As well, clearly, for his role in this scam he has taken a major bribe.

The Zionist Jew brother of Stephen Paddock, Patrick, seems to hold him in high regard. In fact, he said his brother has made him very rich, turning around and pointing to his new-appearing home. He also states, categorically, that the faux shooter has made his mother rich, sating that “He (that is the phony shooter) is the reason she has substantial funds, right now, and is comfortable.”

The brother Paddock is also a Jew. Through marriage, this Zionist agent is related to Ruth Bader Ginzburg. See the Kenite Jew spew his venom, here. See his hideous antics. He is a treacherous one, just like his lying, thieving brother.

He was just told his brother had killed himself. Does he behave like a person who is suffering in consequence of this revelation? In fact, he acts as if he is alive and well. Even so, Paddock makes it clear from his performance that this is all a fraud and that it was a money-grubbing act, that cash alone was the motive for the family’s participation.

See this suspect, in fact, revealing behavior of Paddock in the video. See, too, how in the initiation of the video he, like Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook fame, ‘gets into the act’ by attempting to alter his emotional state, for which he fails miserably:

It is stated that regarding Stephen Paddock some $100,000 was sent to the Philippines, presumably for the purpose of the building of a new home for his girlfriend’s family. Yet, it is certain that the FBI will not enter into an investigation of such a massive offshore funding.

Was it is brother or, more likely, the fully compromised, bamboozled US taxpayer which was responsible?

Sure, he did, right. Or, was it actually George Soros and Sheldon Adelson who did so?

Now, does anyone, after hearing this, still believe this to be real? It couldn’t get more inane, more supercilious, than this. Las Vegas is a filthy lie orchestrated by Zionist moles and their collaborators.

Stephen Craig Paddock.jpg

Paddock was supposed to have shot himself in the mouth. If so, why is there no evidence of a gunshot wound? Notice how fake this appears. There is no deformation. Even his upper lip is intact without the slightest degree of deformation (fake graphic image follows).

Notice, too, the color of the red matter, mere water soluble paint.

Where did the fake red matter arise from that is all over his mouth and that has dried up on his lower lip? Upon looking carefully another element is evident: brush strokes.By no means is this a blood-flow pattern. Paddock was dressed up for this.

A fully Jewish family was selected as the main agency of this scam. No wonder no one, including the SPLC, is deeming Paddock a terrorist. In fact, terrorist lingo is categorically absent from the media jargon.

People say this was a death photo. This is not so. There is no evidence of any gunshot wound. That means that the image was staged.

Who can deny it? Jewry does fully seek to spread corruption in the land. Through Zionist criminal agents there has been a constant attempt to undermine individual rights, including the right to self-defense? Who, then, is behind this other than those treacherous ones in the Jewish-controlled media? It is this media, after all, that claims that this is not only real but that, incredibly, it is the greatest mass killing in American history, even continuously calling this lie a massacre.

Can anyone fathom it? There is no end to the inanity. Real people are being murdered, by the hundreds, and not a word is said of it. While the Zionists and their proxies slaughter countless people all over the world, they set up fakes as the means of distraction. In particular, the goal is to demonize the American individual, with emphasis on the white Anglo Saxon, ‘those gun-loving American crazies. Take their guns away before the destroy the whole world.’


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  1. Great work, doc!

  2. Miles and Josh score again! The Golden **** goes to M&J. Thanks fellas….


  3. Thanks.

  4. I found two alias I found for this slimeball zionist jew one is Adcock. I forget the other one. But his sleazy serial con artist zionist zioscammer jew father had a whole assortment of Aliases so you can bet his sons do as well!

  5. Also, Stephan Paddock, though he does have brother or two, I believe this Same Actor going as fake dead super sniper Stephan Paddock is playing both his fake dead self & his brother! All recent pictures of him are photoshopped & crappy as can be. Yet the hairline, hair coloring, hook nose, ears, beard, facial structure, tall height, all match. They are probably just borrowing his brother’s name & identity & he is in Boca Raton or Palm Springs or where ever under another identity or variation of his name. No one recognizes this not being the brother since he hasn’t used the identity in years & they looked similar anyway.

    • The ”Agenda” Being .. Destroy all that is Normal, Good. . . Destroy Male and Female .. ‘Natural’ Genders. The ‘Brachycephalic’ skulls of Khazar-Ashkenasi-”zioNazi’s AND Swiss, Swiss /Templars is ABNORMAL. If these demons Make Fake Events = Reprehensible, Vile, You think ”they/them/’it’ ” .. Could not be Abnormal, Sexual Deviants ? I smell Shill.

  6. ExV3-t34) Vegas Super Sniper Ridiculous Hoax Massacre – Addresses of Crisis Actor Stephen Paddock since 1993:

    Current Address
    16407 Greenlake Ln
    Cerritos, CA 90703
    Current Address
    12531 Fallcreek Ln
    Cerritos, CA 90703
    (Jan 2004 – Aug 2016)
    16407 Greenlake Ln
    Artesia, CA 90703
    (Jul 2011 – Feb 2013)
    12906 Doty Ave #D
    Hawthorne, CA 90250
    (Jan 2005 – Aug 2010)
    4804 Via Ventura #OFC
    Mesquite, TX 75150
    (May 2010)
    12576 Havelock Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90066
    (Apr 2010)
    13629 Kornblum Ave #5
    Hawthorne, CA 90250
    (Dec 1993 – Nov 2007)
    317 Keswick Ln
    Mesquite, TX 75150
    (Nov 2004 – Dec 2004)
    3031 Friendship Hill Cir
    Henderson, NV 89052
    (Feb 2004 – Apr 2004)
    2768 Thunder Bay Ave
    Henderson, NV 89052
    (Mar 2003)
    241 W Dryden St #D
    Glendale, CA 91202
    (Jul 2001)
    11421 186th St #133
    Artesia, CA 90701
    (Aug 1991 – Jul 2001)
    1060 El Paso Dr
    Los Angeles, CA 90042
    (Jul 2001)
    1256 W 29th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90007
    (May 2001)
    8648 Jacaranda Ave
    California City, CA 93505
    (Mar 2001)
    9362 Moonbeam Ave #10
    Panorama City, CA 91402
    (Jul 1993 – Nov 2000)
    PO Box 2004
    California City, CA 93504
    (Apr 1996 – Dec 1999)
    415 Washington Blvd
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
    (Mar 1992 – Nov 1998)
    PO Box 132014
    Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    (Jul 1993 – Jun 1997)
    6577 Holiday Ave
    Rosamond, CA 93560
    (Jan 1996 – Feb 1996)
    11421 186th St
    Cerritos, CA 90701
    (Oct 1995)
    9362 Moonbeam Ave #10
    Van Nuys, CA 91402
    (Jul 1993 – Dec 1993)

  7. ExV3-t35) Vegas Super Sniper Massacre Double Dumb Script: No clues: ‘He’s just a guy who lived in Mesquite who liked burritos,’ said Eric Paddock (above) of his brother (Fake Super Sniper Paddock!)

    (Also in this insane Script he just happened to live in both Mesquite Texas & Mesquite Nevada!!!) If you believe that is not scripted zioHollywood **** than you are dumber than this stupid, treasonous hoax PsyOp perpetrated by the ziotrash enemy to push forward their Gun Confiscation agenda against the hated goyim Americans!!


  8. ExV3-t36) Las Vegas Fake Shooter’s Father Con Artist & Bank Robber & ZioJew Gambling Mobster, Psychopath according to FBI & SOME of his aliases:

    Perry Archer, Bruce Paddock, Bruce Hoskins, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, Benjamin Paddock, Benton Paddock, Leo Genstein, Benjamin Hodgens, Patrick Paddock, Patrick Hoskins, etc..etc!


  9. ExV3-t37) Vegas Fake Dead Fake Super Sniper Crisis Actor Stephen Paddock has a Hollywood & theater Actress as A Daughter I have discovered!! From his first Jewish wife Sharon Meyer… Aka

    This is 100% his daughter, though she is not in the script as his daughter! Also he has 2 daughters & both these daughters were born after he was supposedly separated from his first wife! & This demon was married to both Peggy & Sharon simultaneously! He apparently stayed married to both & none of this is in the fake script! This is why they never tell his first wife’s real maiden name was Meyer plus obviously because Meyer is Jewish!

    Sharon Meyer Brunoehler!

    Daughter Melissa Paddock & her
    Her 33 coded Facebook


    Some aliases of wife Sharon Meyer:

    Sharon Meyer Paddock
    Sharon K Meyer
    Sharon M Eyer
    Sharon Paddock
    Sharon Kay Paddock
    Sharon Kay Meyer
    Sharon Kay Warren
    Sharon Kay Brunoehler
    K Sharon Warren
    Warren K Sharon
    Sharron K Warren

  10. ExV3-t38) Vegas Fake Super Sniper Paddock’s Real Daughter with wife Sharon Meyer Named Alexis Paddock is A San Francisco & Washington DC Lawyer & now a Law Professor apparently at Georgetown Law School!


    (From Radaris is search)
    Alexis K Paddock ~33
    Salinas, CA
    Known as:
    Alexis Kay Paddock
    Related to:
    Sharon M Paddock, 63 Richard G Paddock, 70 Melissa Paddock, 66 Melissa M Paddock, 30

    Richard Paddock is an alias of Stephen Paddock aka Stephen W Paddock & Stephen R Paddock aka Stephen Richard Paddock.

  11. Cowboy,

    Thanks again for your important research. Now, I understand every word, but for the sakes of the dumb goyim readers here, can I respectfully ask you to explain just how, when the shooter is a fake and most likely never existed, his relatives are really real Zionist actwhores?

    And as a special favor to me, a longstanding fan, can you at this point nominate one of the 58 vicsims, who at the end of this, will turn out to have been the fake shooter?

    Would be happy to have a PD by DM or PM.

    Thanks again. Love ur wok.

  12. Memphis Newspaper Exec Eric Jannsen Fake Dies Falling 20 Stories In Chicago at LondonHouse Building @ 3:30 pm After 200 Building Urban Exploration

    Script is 220 Coded for 220 Stories of WTC Twin Towers, 33 from 3:30 & He was 44 for 44 Death & Destruction Code! He got killed at 85th & Wacker Drive.. LMAO So he got wacked on Wacker & 85 aka 8+5 is 13!!

    He works for Sandusky Publishing which is Zio Jew Owned!


  13. Though not as Hideously ugly this hoax dead Xrisis Actwhore Eric Janssen looks a lot like Perverted Ziotrash jew Predator Harvey Weinstein. Is he his son??


  14. Eric Janssen & Harvey Weinstein father & illegitimate son???? Or just a PsyOp of reinforcement programming???



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