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Zionist-Controlled Ukrainian Government Collapses Amid Crash Hoax

Government of Ukraine Collapses

Government of Ukraine Collapses

Today the Ukrainian government resigned. The prime minister Yatsenyuk, or “Yat” as
affectionately called by Victoria Nuland who put Yat into office, resigned along with the entire Cabinet.

Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, Kiev, 10 December

Victoria Nuland in happier days; Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, who she installed.

Nuland is a Zionist extremist to the most rabid degree. Her plot in the Ukraine has failed but has cost countless lives. The bombastic fabricator is, in fact, a murderess-in-chief:

As the wife of arch-Zionist agent Robert Kagan she participates in endless plots against the American people, including the murderous Zionist-orchestrated wars in the Middle East. Back to the PCR article:

The parliament refused to vote the harsh conditions demanded by the IMF. I am not sure what this means. Perhaps it is just a tactic to force the parliament to do as the IMF says. Or perhaps Yat, Washington’s stooge, has realized that IMF or no IMF, Ukraine’s economy is imploding and wants to get out of the blame.

The point for now is that I checked the BBC, the New York Times, and CNN and there is not one word about the collapse of the government of Ukraine.

I did notice that the BBC, now a reliable element of Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda, reported, as if it were true, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf’s claim that the Russian military is shelling Ukrainian forces. When Harf tried this out today on a roomful of journalists, they laughed her out of the room. Evidence, evidence! they demanded. Why, Harf was asked, do you think something is made true by you saying it!?

So, as usual, real news is missing from the Western press, but fake news is reported.

Professor Michael Chossudovsky has provided an account of the collapse of the Ukrainian government on Global Research. http://www.globalresearch.ca/collapse-of-ukraine-government-prime-minister-yatsenyuk-resigns-amidst-pressures-exerted-by-the-imf/5393168


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  1. Sorry about the missing link in the last post.

    See “Cancer is Curable Now” at


    Like the Zionist-controlled (former) Ukraine government, let’s “collapse” the Zionist owned medical and psychiatirc distatorships !

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent

  2. Our Sovereign CT AMERICA crew will summarize and expose http://www.NoDisinfo.com ‘s latest revelations, on upcoming CT AMERICA WORLDWIDE BROADCAST PRESENTATIONS.

    Our guy BILL STOLLER has exposed the BLACKWATER SECURITY / http://www.ACADEMI.com and “The Craft” / http://TheCraft.com private terrorist training camps and armies, as well as the USA, Inc. Corporate Shadow Dictatorship.

    Here’s STOLLER slamming out the gut-wrenching TRUTH at


    As stated, we put our money and skills / experience where our mouths are, and expect you to do the same.

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent

  3. Church in Gaza City.overflowed with people whose homes were destroyed by Israel’s murderous & genocidal bombings of innocent people’s homes.


  4. Amazing list of evil atrocities done by Israel against innocent people in one day alone!!! This is on the 24th of July 2014. It includes bombing a large house where 40 people live to murder them. These monsters bombed a school murdering 7 children and 4 adults-3 women. Words cannot express the level of evil from the depths of hell of these zionists. No evil too great. 500 and some homes completely destroyed by military rockets and bombs. And who knows how many were murdered inside these homes. But as of Yesterday Israel has murdered over 865 people since July 8th 2014, when the second phase of these genocide, mass murder operation began. As Nelson Mandela said South Africa was never as evil and genocical as Israel.


  5. Poroshenko believes that when sanctions are not working, there are grounds for appeal to the United States Congress to grant Ukraine the special status of a major ally outside NATO (like Israel, Australia, and the Philippines) to enable it to solve its security problems. (Ukrainian News, July 24, 2014, emphasis added)

    The granting of the “status of ally outside NATO” would set the stage for the possible deployment of US and NATO forces inside Ukraine in the context of joint military operations with the Ukraine Armed Forces and National Guard.

    WW3 anyone? Note the leading role of “special ally” Australia in this MH17 hoax.

  6. I’m beginning to wonder if this is all b.s. I was looking at the photos from CNN.com dated July 23, 2014 and the pics look very familiar – and like so many other psy-ops. I see a lot of easily staged photographs of fallen buildings, smoke, tanks, grieving people – photos that could have been taken at any time in the past or been manipulated. Is this another false event meant to have Kerry go in and negotiate a peace treaty – to make Obama look good? The CNN article -written by a member of the Council on Foreign Relations – speculates that Kerry may save the day. The normally pro-Israel press is giving this way too much attention – which usually indicates another scam. And if the USA wanted to stop Israel, they could stop giving it hundreds of millions of dollars each year….Something just doesn’t ring true to me. JMHO

    • James you might find something of interest here. With all the deception going on worldwide, it would not surprise me either if this was ALL deception.

    • James I just noticed the link did not show up. Hope it does this time.


      • Thanks, ELFMOM55 – interesting that others are asking the same questions. It is mind boggling how controlled, scripted, and corrupt the media has become. It’s getting to the point where one can just assume that they are lying about everything.

        • Yea, “Wag The Dog” movie anyone? I’ve seen videos on riots, war, police brutality that are scripted and directed just like a movie. They do exist and do happen but some of them are fake.

  7. Phosphorus’ reports: Ukraine military ‘dropped incendiary bombs’ on Slavyansk



  8. Here’s a real good one on Malasian “crash” by Livingonplanetz. Lots more good evidence of fakery.


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