Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 30 July 2014
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Cowards of the Zionist Military Revealed

The cowardly, vile Zionist Jews are revealed for what they are: useless in the battlefield. By no means is the Israeli Army a legitimate force.


They break down and cry like babies when losing their fellows to death and injuries. Impotent to the most extreme degree their cowardice is made evident by their facial expressions and their actions.

Look at these cowards. Eternally corrupt, they could never win even the most modest battle. Contrast these criminal minds to real bravery and heroism, the bravery of a middle-aged woman risking her life in the line of fire:

Palestinian woman rescues boyPalestinian woman rescues boy

The smoke from the bombs is still in the air; the live fire is continuously coming in. Yet, she risks her life to help this man, helping to move him out of danger. If there are tears to be shed, it is the tears arising from the depths of the heart at the sight of her incredible heroism.

Then, as this woman is so heroic, so brave, so fearless, what, then, about these men?

How can the hedonistic, wretched Zionist Jews, mere bullies, stand up against such a fighting force?

The feeble Zionists can never withstand a pitched battle and are blown away to smithereens.

Hamas fighters kill 5 Israeli troopers in cross-border attack

A few rarely if ever fatal missiles cause these weaklings to cower in fear:

Why don’t they go out and face the enemy, like the Palestinian woman did, instead of hiding, mortified, under picnic tables?

Could anyone be more cowardly, more useless, than these? Look at this cowardly fool. Is it not incredible?


Or, is it all a mere show, to gain sympathy from the world? In either case it is eternally corrupt for a soldier to be caught in such a pose. No wonder they assassinated Gen. Patton. He would have purged their wretched souls from their hide-outs and enclaves. It was Patton that had it right, not Hitler, whom they let live.

Knowing that they were under fire from resistance fighters, what do the Zionists do? They use human shields in the form of blindfolded youths. This never happens with the resistance: never. There is no a single comparative picture in existence showing Palestinian people doing this to their fellows:

In this most current aggression the Zionists have been caught doing the same, which is using ‘captured’ people as shields so they will not be engaged by the resistance.

This arch-Zionist coward is one of the terrorists who was subdued on the Mavi Marmara. Could there be anyone more evidently in fear, more cowardly and useless, as this supposed IDF soldier?

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.43.19 AM

“All I saw in Israel was cowards with guns.” These are the words of Ken O’Keefe, a former US Marine who was just deported from Israel after surviving the Mavi Marmara massacre.

It was the brave ex-Marien O’Keefe who subdued him.

Clearly, then, there is no such thing as a Jewish soldier. They do not have the capacity to fight. A mere street gang with guns, all they can do is attack and destroy people who have no means of defense. Unless they can operate through treachery the Zionists simply do not have the backbone to fight their own battles. By nature Jews are cowards and in his regard completely spineless, as is clearly demonstrated by the photography.

This is what the Jew can do, which is to attack and brutalize women:

Real tough-guys, aren’t they, as the  put strangleholds on women, pull on their hair, and push them to the ground. This is the real nature of the so-called Israeli Army. Too,. they do known how to rape the women of Palestine while also attacking pregnant women, even cutting open their wombs and murdering their fetuses.

The Jew cowards come in all forms and ages, like this little skull-capped Jewish bully boy and the filthy arch-Zionist woman.




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  1. If all Hamas’s tunnels are blown up and all the crossing borders of Gaza are sealed, it is not rocket science (pardon the unfortunate metaphor in these circumstances)to estimate that all 1.6 million of Gaza’s citizens will be sitting ducks… it should not be called not a ‘war’ or even a ‘battle’, but in fact a turkey shoot with Gaza’s brave but imprisoned people being the turkeys being shot at and shelled and skinned alive….

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